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Eye of the Beholder

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Waking up is your least favourite thing.

It requires a lot of effort, for one, and it also means you have to face your siblings, like your judgey sisters, the other occupants of Cabin 10. As children of Aphrodite, your siblings can all change their appearance, and are all absolutely drop dead gorgeous, among other abilities. You can manage the other abilities almost better than the others, but manipulation of your looks... you can't do. For some reason, your abilities there don't measure up, and at best you can make your hair slightly shinier. However, you did have one up on the others, as you had the ability of charmspeaking, which no one else in your cabin had. 

Groaning, you rolled over, the light coming in through the windows seemingly too bright for you to fall back asleep. You hated this cabin and its pink.. well its pink everything. Pink was your least favourite colour too. The heavy perfume scent of the cabin made you feel lightheaded already, so you pulled yourself up and out of bed, before pulling on a black tank top and some dark wash blue skinny jeans, throwing a knitted grey jumper over the top and shoving your feet into your black converse. the sun was just coming up, and the air was brisk as you pulled the pink door closed behind you and rubbed your arms, the carnations by the door greeting you alongside the early morning chill.

Walking through the camp grounds was peaceful at this time of day, only the early birds waving at you with small, tired smiles as you walked towards the dining pavilion. Sitting down, you grab some fresh bread and cheese, as well as an apple and a handful of grapes when a wood nymph offers them to you, you begin to munch on your small breakfast, silently begging for some pancakes because gods you missed them. You glanced up when someone entered, and your heart fluttered.

Percy Jackson.

He breezed into the room, heading over to sit down at his table. He grabbed his own food, and you tried to tear your eyes away from his muscular frame, but couldn't. Gods, did he even know how gorgeous he was? All the training over the last few years has filled out his body with muscles, and you could never stop staring at him. Ever since he got here, you always found him adorable, but as you both aged, you couldn't help your attraction to him growing, and the more of a hero he becomes, the more you realise how good he is. You had a feeling you were falling for him, the small conversations you'd had always had you blushing and your heart pounding, but you couldn't tell him how you felt.

You got up when you finished eating, intending to leave and try to get him out of your head, but as you walked out, not really knowing where to aim, you felt a hand on your elbow as someone said your name. Turning around, your (e/c) orbs met sea green ones, a small smile on his lips at your surprised face.

"Woah, sorry, Y/n, didn't mean to startle you." Percy said with a grin, his eyes soft. "No one else is up and when i saw you head out i wondered if you wanted to come for a walk around the camp with me? Just to pass the time, you know, i feel like i haven't spoken to you in forever."

You felt your cheeks heat up slightly, but scolded yourself mentally. He was just asking to be a nice friend, calm down heart! You looked back up at him and nodded with a smile. The two of you began to walk around, companionable silence with a few little chats here and there, always with happy giggles from you and adorable laughs from him. 

Eventually you wound up by the lake, you sitting down on a rock by the edge of the water and Percy sitting next to you. You looked out over the water and sighed, before glancing at him, and catching him watching you with a small grin. You give him a questioning look, and his smile gets bigger.

"Care for a swim?" He asks, a mischievous glint in his eye. It was still early, so hardly anyone was out, and Percy got up and gripped his shirt at the back of his neck, tugging it up and off his body. You swallowed at the sight of him shirtless, your cheeks reddening, but managed to control your breathing and voice enough to say, "I don't have a swimsuit with me."

"Neither do I." He states, wiggling his eyebrows as he takes off his jeans, leaving him in his boxers before he jumps into the lake. The splash hits you, and you burst into a fit of giggles before glaring at him playfully when he comes up for air. "C'mon, just swim in your underwear Y/n."