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The Penguin Prince

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I wake up groggily, fumbling around in the dark for the light switch as my phone’s ringtone wakes me out of sleep. I rub my eyes as I reach for the iPhone, turning the screen on to see Sid’s name pop up on the screen. That is enough to wake me fully, swinging my legs up and over the bed to answer the call.


“Sid? What…”

“Geno!” Sidney cries, “Geno, listen to me because I don’t have much time. We’ve been cursed.”

“Sid, if this is joke…” I grumble.

“Evgeni, this isn’t a joke. Just, listen, please,” Sid pleads.

“Okay. What is happening?” I grumble.

“Okay, so there’s this curse that was laid on everyone back in Pittsburgh and basically we’re gonna turn into penguins and you probably won’t but you’re gonna forget about me and us and everyone and I need you to promise me you won’t forget okay? Please tell me you won’t forget me Geno…” He rambles.

“Sid,” I cut him off. “Sid, I would never forget you. Penguins forever, okay? You are best. I never forget best, Sid.”

“Geno… I,” The line goes dead in my hand. I look at my phone in confusion, feeling extremely tired at that same moment. I yawn, the memory of the conversation already fading from my mind as I lay back down. The lights go off and my eyes close quickly, settling me back to sleep in a soft, warm bed.