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“Are you still awake?”

“Shut the hell up bastardo.”

The Spaniard laughed at the response but poked the Italian in the front passenger seat once more. He pulled the small blanket away and turned around to shoot glares at him:

“What the fuck do you want Antonio.”

Antonio smiled and just pointed out the windshield: “Just look carino.”

Lovino bristled with anger before he turned to look forwards.

The sky was littered with stars and indeed amazing, but it had been like this since yesterday when they started to take the route through the Pyrenees. The Italian had no idea why he had agreed to this crazy vacation idea of the Spaniard – he was not really a man for road trips. Probably to make Antonio shut up about how great and cozy it would be.

“That’s what you woke me for? If you wanted to marvel at the stars together, you could have waited until tomorrow evening!” Lovino snapped at him, voice hoarse from sleeping and being used so loud.

But Antonio just kept smiling and got out of the car: “Don’t be like that, Lovi, but you’re right! You can see it better outside!”

“See what you fucking idiota?!” Lovino yelled and coughed, looking for the water bottle that had to be in the door of the car. After taking a sip he turned around to go back to sleep – the Spaniard could fall of the damn mountains out there, he didn’t care!

“Another one! Lovi, did you see this! Carino!” The overexcited tone was hard to ignore.

“Seen what?” he growled but didn’t get an answer.

“And yet again!”

Just as the Italian’s eyes flung open again, his door did as well and Antonio grabbed his arm, pulling him out of the car along with the blanket: “How can you just slumber away such a beautiful thing?!”

“How about you fuckboy tell me what you are so excited about!” he yelled again but Antonio only pointed at the sky. Now Lovino’s eyes widened in surprise.

One shooting star crossed the sky. Another one right after it and after waiting a few more seconds, the next came by.

“Wow” he whispered, sitting down on the front lid after wrapping the blanket around his shoulders.

Antonio sat down right next to him: “Amazing, isn’t it?”


The Spaniard grinned: “Are you glad now that you got up?”

“I would have been glad if you had fucking told me that there is a meteorite shower!”

“Aww, don’t be like that! Come on and make a wish instead, yeah? A lot of wishes!”

“I will wish for every single shooting star that you stop being such a pain in the ass.”

“They don’t come true once you say them out loud.”