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“Looking dapper today, why that?” Donella said and Paddy gave her a confused look:

“You saw me in a suit and now wearing a blazer is dapper?”

“And how often have I seen you in summer shirts and shorts and worn out T-Shirts – “

“I have to wear a suit all the time, I can’t always be fancy for you” he answered, putting his hands around her waist and kissing her.

“Hm, Heels?”

“Three whole inches, handsome.”

“You need to stop with this, one day you’ll be taller than me.”

“Oh yeah, I’ve seen those shoes and I would break my legs in them.”

Patrick laughed and looked down on her:

“You look quite lovely yourself today.”

“Eh, school year just begun and I like to impress the young kids before they only know me in a turtleneck 50% of the time.”

“No other reason?”

“So far not. Are you in a blazer because you want to give me one?”

“Well, only if you want to. I am free this weekend – I guess.”

“Then let me tell Hope that I am home a bit later today.”

“Tell her I said Hi.”

Donella was already halfway back into the building: “You will see her later anyways, tell her Hi yourself!”

He only grinned.