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A/N: In case this wasn't clear from the summary: this is explicit Loki/Thor PWP.


"I'm feeling bold, Thor." Sif grinned wide and threw her hair over her shoulder. "I challenge you. I call you out. For stakes, this time."

Thor dropped Mjolnir into the dust of the practice field and put his hands on his hips, matching her smile. "What sort of stakes?"

"Exactly the kind you're hoping for. If you beat me, you can have me. One night, any way you want. And if I beat you… I demand the same privilege."

Thor blinked. Laughed. "I would hardly consider that a forfeit…"

She smirked. "You haven't heard what I want. I'm not even sure you'd be able to give it to me."


"Yes or no?"

"A challenge has been made. Never let it be said that Thor Odinson did not answer."

"Yes, then." Her eyes glowed. "Swear it."

He swore.

Sif laughed, and shimmered, and faded away entirely, leaving Loki standing in her place. "Wonderful, brother. We're going to have a fantastic fight."


Thor raged and protested, but Loki had extracted a promise and would not release him from it. Thor asked why a hundred times, and Loki found a hundred different ways of telling him that he wanted to fight, truly fight for a change, learn how he matched up to Thor's best efforts.

"You always go easy, in the end," he complained. "But there's no fear of that this time."

"And when I win?"

"Then you can fuck me or let me go, as you choose." Loki shrugged. "It wouldn't be the first time I've been put on my belly for losing a fight."

Thor was horrified. But before he could demand to know what had happened, who had dared, whether he still lived (because he wouldn't for much longer!), Loki licked his lips and nodded towards the hammer. "Weapons, or none?"

Thor dropped it at once. "I will not fight you with that."

"Then I won't use any magic. Shall we wrestle like savages, or grab a pair of swords?"

"Staves," Thor said through gritted teeth. "I won't risk taking your head off."

"Very well. Staves." Loki flicked his wrist, and a staff materialized in his hand. It was light, small, the right size for a person of Loki's build…

So Thor found one among the practice weapons that was close to the same weight.

"Don't be ridiculous, that's a toothpick for you." Loki nodded to the pile. "Pick a real staff. You wouldn't want me to actually win, would you? I warn you: if I do, I will fuck you like a woman and I'll make you enjoy it, too." He grinned, with no mirth. "You had better fight like you mean it, brother."

Thor tried to, he truly did. But at first he pulled every blow, landing harmlessly against Loki's parries or sometimes against his braced shoulder. In return he took a savage beating, to the body, and the knees, and the head… and eventually Loki ducked under an ill-timed attack and slammed the staff end-first into his nose, breaking it immediately. "That was a warning," he said, breathless already. He was not a fighter! "The next one will knock you out, and I'll have my prize."

He sounded serious, and Thor guarded himself a little more carefully. But he still made no real efforts to answer Loki's fury. Neither did he answer Loki's words, which grew progressively more crude and disgusting until he could feel his face flame. "Are you sure you won't mind walking bowlegged for a week? And I hope there's no place you have to ride." "That's pathetic; are you losing on purpose? Perhaps you want an excuse to grab your ankles." "I promise it'll be a first time worth remembering." "I'll make you say my name and tell me you love it." "Thor, I'll come on your face, and I'll make you lick it up." Complete with pantomime.

Eventually Thor lashed out hard once, hoping to silence him, but though the blow clunked loudly off Loki's skull it didn't seem to make a dent in his madness. "That's more like it! Do that again; in a minute I'll start thinking you actually care about your virtue. Provided you still have it, of course. For all I know you make bets like this all the time."

Thor told himself that Loki's words were just wind and didn't matter, but it was hard not to mind hearing things like: "I'll make you suck me" and "Down your throat…"

They escalated past light defense-testing blows, and past blows that would bruise. Before long the blows they ducked would have cracked skulls; the ones they parried could break bones. After a time Thor realized that he was fighting full out, that he was giving no consideration to Loki's smaller size or lesser skill, and the thought gave him pause, mid-swing.

Loki capitalized, blocking and smashing Thor behind the knee, sending him down. He leapt on top, stomped Thor's hand under his boot, so that his fingers crunched and the staff rolled from his grip. Kicked him once in the face, swung his staff and stopped it just before it landed. The tip rested on Thor's throat. "Do you yield?"

"Never," he said, and shoved at Loki with his good hand. He would get up, retrieve his weapon, and fight on one-handed…

But Loki didn't let him. Before he could even get to his feet the staff smashed into his head, dazing him, he clunked against the ground and then a terrible pain shot up his arm that told him Loki had broken his other hand, too. He rolled to his side instinctively, to cradle it, but Loki rolled him back and dropped a knee down onto his chest.

"And now?" The staff was crushing his throat, Loki's full weight pressing down, choking.

The world was going dark, but still he shook his head. He tried to gather himself up to fight on…

"Don't be stupid, Thor. I'll hit you again if I have to."

He would, too. Thor closed his eyes. "I yield."


Thor appeared in Loki's room that night as directed, healed and bathed and stubbornly refusing to feel terror.

Loki was reading, and didn't even look up from his book. "Take your boots off and get into bed," he said. "I'll be there in a minute."

Thor still wasn't entirely certain he meant to go through with it. "I fought you hard today."

"Eventually." Loki finally put the book aside, and smiled at him. "But still I'm going to do all that I promised. That way, next time you'll fight hard from the start."

"I will, brother, I swear it. You don't have to… do this."

"Perhaps I want to." Loki rose and crossed over to the bed and sat down, still clothed. He looked away a moment, and it occurred to Thor that he actually looked nervous. "Is this your first time?"

"Yes. It's not yours?" He could hear the accusation in his own voice.

"No." Loki laughed a little. "So I do know what I'm doing, if that's what you were worried about. Lie back and spread your legs."

Thor was not going to beg. He lay back as requested, propping himself up on his elbows to watch. "I'll do everything you ask tonight, as I promised… but Loki, you must not tell anyone. This would be…"

"Calm down. Of course I won't tell anyone. Nobody else is allowed to know about this; I am the only one who gets to rub it in your face. In all senses of the word."

Thor looked away, cheeks heating up, and didn't say anything.

Eventually Loki sighed. "Look at me." He didn't. "Come on," he coaxed. "It's only me. It's Loki."

"Yes, I know." He still couldn't look. "Which is why I can't understand why you would…"

"Hush." Loki put a hand on his thigh – a possessive, masterful hand. It surprised him and he arched into it, then turned to glare. "Just listen," Loki said, petting him soothingly. "I am going to say awful, scandalous things to you. I'm going to say them for my own pleasure, because I want to, and because I like to see you blush." Thor felt his cheeks flame hotter as if on command. "You know that I love you," Loki continued, calm, "And that I esteem you highly. Don't let any of this give you doubts, do you understand?"

Thor didn't, really, but there was nothing malicious in Loki's face and he felt himself relaxing just a bit. At last he nodded.

"So… you're not going to hate me for this? Not going to hold a grudge and hammer me in my sleep?"

A promise was a promise. It would hardly be honorable to frighten Loki out of claiming his due. So Thor gave his permission by rolling his eyes. "Not in your sleep at least," he muttered, mutinous.

"And you'll behave, and let me fuck you?" Loki's voice dropped to a purr, and the hand on his thigh grew bolder, and Thor had to look away again. His face burned; he could feel red creeping down his neck, and it didn't help any when he felt fingers walking along his cod gently. "Hold still," Loki said, tap-tap-tapping with his fingertips. "This might tingle, but it shouldn't hurt."

That got Thor to look, all right. "What might ting- AH!" Loki had vanished his trousers all at once, leaving him naked below the waist.

"There! Now, where were we…?" Loki reached under his hips, kneading his buttocks, and Thor arched off the bed to allow it. It surprised him, the size and strength of Loki's hands. The women he bedded could never squeeze with such power. "Would you like my fingers first?" Loki murmured, and Thor frowned. Had Loki read his mind?

And anyway: "You're already… using your fingers," he said, squirming under the massage.

Loki looked puzzled a moment, then laughed. "My fingers, you fool. In your hole, to open you up with, before I take you in earnest." Loki's hands shifted, intruding in between his cheeks to rub and suddenly Thor had a very visceral understanding of his meaning. He twitched and gasped, and could not answer. "It will be more comfortable for you that way," Loki continued. "Or if you prefer, I could just enter straightaway with my cock, and claim you all at once."

Thor tried to swallow. He didn't know what to do in the face of such language. Such images. "All at once, brother," he said finally. "I do not need to be comfortable. Just… just take what is yours."

Loki's laugh was low and predatory. "Oh, I was hoping you'd say that." He ran a fist over his own erection – where had his pants gone? – and suddenly it was glistening wet. He crawled forwards, pulling Thor's hips up onto his lap, settling his cock against Thor's entrance. "Look at me. Breathe… and out... Good." Thor was hardly able to draw breath because of his sudden very unmanly terror, and he was grateful for the instruction. "Breathe… and out..." But this time, halfway through his exhalation Loki shoved forward, hard, splitting him so suddenly he shouted in shock.

The pain came a second later. "Sh-h-h-h," Loki soothed quickly, a hand on his chest as though to hold him down. "Look at me, Thor, you're all right, you're fine. Hush. And:" He pushed once more with his hips, ramming the burning in deeper. Thor kept his mouth closed but MMN escaped anyway. He felt their thighs touching and knew he was impaled all the way. "There. Shh, just breathe, there," Loki murmured. "There. How are you?"

How was he? He was speared, that's how, squirming and clenching around the painful intrusion, his body trying uselessly to expel it. He felt himself stuffed, stretched, burning. It was wedged too tight and nothing he did seemed to help.

"Ohh, you don't want to do that," Loki groaned. "The-… oh- no no, the squeezing, Thor, don't. It's good for me – so good – but it makes it harder for you. Hush, don't. Just relax. Relaxing helps."

He was right; squeezing hurt, cramping him, but Thor could not control himself. He heard harsh breathing, realized after far too long that it was his own. "Brother…"

"You're frightened, and hurting," Loki finished for him. "I know. I won't go on."

Well he wasn't so pathetic he needed to cry mercy! "No!" He grabbed at Loki's wrist, squeezing. "I will not deny you your prize for the sake of a little pain, brother. I will not."

Loki tugged his hand free and linked their fingers, chuckling softly. "I would not let you deny me my prize," he assured. "I meant only that I will wait. Until you get used to the feeling. And then I will fuck you into the mattress."

Thor swallowed. That language again. His cock twitched – a small and unconscious movement he dearly hoped Loki did not see. For his brother to think he enjoyed this…

"Relax for me. I will not move without warning."

After a few false starts, Thor finally got his body to unclench.

And then Loki, without even a hint of the warning he had promised, drew smoothly all the way out of him.

Thor yelped in surprise, but there was no pain. In fact the slide was oddly pleasurable, and it was a relief to have the staff gone from his bowels. Still he tried to protest: "You said that you would-"

"-Fuck you into the mattress?" Loki finished cheerfully, pushing in again.

Thor hissed, tense. This hurt… but not nearly as much as the first time.

Once again Loki waited, seated deep. "Can you take it now?" His hips began to pulse, small movements, just a little.

It was bearable. "Yes."

"Are you ready to be had, owned, all the way?" Thor looked away… and Loki began to have him. Firm steady strokes, powerful and deliberately deep. Thor grit his teeth and felt no pleasure. The thrusts were meant to own and to punish, and they did. "How does it feel?"

His only answer came in grunts, driven from him by Loki's rutting.

"This really is your first time, isn't it." Loki shifted, hauling Thor's knees up, pressing them to his chest. Thor didn't resist being bent in half, although he did cry out when the next thrust seem to go halfway through his stomach. "How does it feel? Is defeat as painful as you would have guessed?" Loki was breathless, but the rasp in his voice was unfamiliar – not anger, and not quite mocking either.

Thor looked him in the face at last, trying to understand, and saw that his eyes were dark and his teeth bared. His mouth fell open in surprise when he realized that Loki was aroused, visibly and completely aroused, made mad and greedy by passion. He had never seen his brother in the throes of pleasure before, and the sight sent an unexpected curl of heat through his groin. His own cock didn't rise; the pounding hurt far too much for that, but still, he pressed back against Loki with his hips instead of pulling away. It was an odd rush of power, to make the quiet one come so undone, and he chose to watch Loki's face instead of turning away again.

"Take what's yours, brother," he gasped, matching Loki's strokes with more force, driving Loki deeper. Never let it be said that Thor Odinson lay back meekly to be used. If he was to be had, let it at least be with-

"Mine. You're mine. I'll tear you apart," Loki snarled, pulling his hips still higher. Slamming into him now, so deep he felt the thrusts reverberate through his entire body. The slapping sounds every time they came together, Loki panting and growling above him…

Swept away by the moment, Thor goaded him on. "Then do it. Harder. Yes." As uncomfortable as it was, he was beginning to enjoy himself, glorying in the intensity of the experience.

"Say it." Loki's hand came to his face in a rough caress, almost a slap. "Say it: fuck me."

"Loki, please…" It was only bearable as long as he didn't think about what he was doing.

Loki ground his hips around, moving inside him with bruising force, as though trying to rearrange his organs. "Say it! Who beat you?"

"Ah-! You did, Loki." Loki was hungry for the praise, and in truth he deserved it. "You fought well… oh hard and honorably… mmn… and you defeated me." It was hard to talk around Loki's thrusting, but it was worth the effort as every word seemed to drive Loki to new heights. He realized it was almost over. "I congratulate you, brother," he gasped. He steeled himself, finally, and gave Loki what he seemed most to want. "And you may now fuck me to your heart's content."

"Yes say it." Loki hardly even managed that much. "Yes."

It was easier the second time. "You may fuck me."

"You'll take it."

"I'll take it. Oh-. As long and hard as you choose."

Loki let out a strangled cry as he spilled, and his powerful thrusting dissolved into a series of short stuttering jerks that almost seemed involuntary.

Thor had to bite down on a grin: how undignified – and Loki had been so impressive right up til then!

But the ache in his guts, and the burning down below, certainly felt impressive enough. He had to admit that he had been thoroughly had – well-fucked, in Loki parlance – and was in no position to be mocking Loki's manhood at the moment.

He hissed when Loki withdrew, and then stretched out his stiff legs. But when he started to roll over and sit up, Loki waved his hand and suddenly chains materialized in the air above him, writhing like snakes. "What are you- ah!"

His wrists were bound to the headboard. "Loki? Let me go."

"Mm. Not yet." Loki had puddled next to him, boneless and sleepy. "I'm not through with you yet."

"What?" Thor yanked at the chains, but they didn't budge. "What more could you…?"

"Hush. You'll see. But let's rest a while first." Loki threw an arm over his chest and dozed off almost immediately, and Thor just lay aching. He didn't mind the ache. He did mind the dirty and disagreeable feeling of spend oozing from his body, but as Loki was snoring and could not be woken, he had no choice but to lie still and wait for him.


Loki came awake slowly, stretching, yawning. "Thor? How long did I sleep?"

Thor tried not to find him endearing. He attempted to look put-upon. "Near half an hour. As I lay here and-"

"Oh, that's too bad," Loki said over him. "I need longer than half an hour."

"For what?"

Loki's hand tickled over his own groin, and Thor blushed immediately. For what, indeed. "Never mind, I follow."

"Mm. Well, don't think it means you're going to be spared; it just means I'm going to use my fingers on you instead of my cock."

Thor twisted against his chains. "Loki."

"Save your breath." He turned onto his side and slipped his hand under Thor's hips.

Thor hissed when the fingers found their target. He felt swollen and sore already.

"Relax," Loki said, and pushed in. "Don't pull away; it's not going to stop me. I am going to go on until you're loose, and wet, and open." Thor turned away, as far as his chains would allow, lying half on his side and hiding his face in the pillow. He wished he could cover his ears.

"Loose… and wet… and open." Loki said it again, giving with each word a twisting thrust that made Thor's hips jerk. Rolling to his side had been a mistake; Loki had much more freedom now to reach in deeper. "All for me, Thor. How does that feel? The slide…" He pushed in more slowly than ever, moaning, and Thor had to shut his mouth hard to keep himself from matching the sound. "The invasion…" He spread his fingers, curled them, and at that Thor did groan aloud, to feel something moving inside him. Loki withdrew almost all the way, a smooth stroke out, and that was good and Thor felt himself trembling. "The stretch…" It became painful then, more fingers, too many, forcing him wide. He squirmed and whimpered into the pillow, moving his hips.

Loki purred a laugh into his ear. "Oh, does it hurt when I open you up like that?" He continued for a while, slow thrusting and circling, while Thor shook and whined. "Well, what if you have a lover someday of prodigious girth, Thor? And you'll have to be spread so wide to let him in. Like this. Relax now, this is what it feels like to be stretched. Does it hurt? Tell me."

"Yes," he breathed at last. "It burns."

"Mm. Good. Is this better?" Abruptly Loki stopped stretching, less fingers, and the touching became much easier to handle. Sore as he was, the slide was comfortable. Almost soothing. He nodded into the pillow…

…And gasped at a sudden vicious twist. "Then tell me so, you ingrate," Loki ordered. Thor could hear a smile in his voice – a dark one.

"This is better," he said at once. "Just like this, gentle, not so big. This I can take. Thank you, brother."

"You're most welcome. And you're right, it is gentle. And will be." Loki's voice was velvet-soft, right in his ear, and before long he was squirming against the voice and the hand. "But you know, if we keep at it long enough, you'll be so sore that even this is unbearable."

"Loki," he groaned.

"Get comfortable, Thor. You're going to be here a while."


And he was. Loki worked on him patiently for what felt like hours, until eventually he was as loose and wet and open as his brother could have wished. He hurt, hurt steadily now, the constant ache of overuse and it did not get better because Loki would not stop.

The slow, gentle, frictionless slide was killing him by inches. He wondered if eventually he would have to beg. He resolved not to, and instead just lay still, moaning almost continuously, allowing his body to be used. And Loki continued to use it, strokes so steady they became lulling, until he no longer knew where he was or what was being done to him, or anything, anything at all besides fullness and that soft aching slide.

He didn't know how long it went on. What finally ended his stupor was when the hand stopped moving, paused deep in his worn-out body, and a low throaty whisper tickled his ear. "Thor."

He stirred, lethargic. "Mm?" he asked, just as throaty. He had groaned himself hoarse.

Loki's lips brushed against him, kissed at his earlobe. Then he purred. "Brother, I'm hard again." A subtle shift, a roll of hips, and Thor felt him against his back. Hard.

He shuddered. "Loki, no. Please, please no. Brother I beg you." Then the fingers slid smoothly from his body and he cried out, jerking hard against his bonds.

"Look at me." Loki pushed him onto his back and knelt between his legs. He stroked him from knee to hip, steady soothing strokes, but by now Thor was so oversensitized that even that was too much. He shook as if Loki were burning him, and eventually Loki stilled. "I'm going to fuck you again," Loki said quietly. Almost sadly. "I'm going to fuck you again, and Thor, I know it will hurt. But I want you to remember." He was quiet but so intense. "I want you to remember what it feels like to be owned by me, brother. For me to take everything you have – and then some."

He crawled forward, and Thor allowed his hips to be raised. His chest hitched, but both of them pretended it had not been a sob. Loki reached underneath to set their position, gave a bracing smile, and pushed in.

Thor shouted, then groaned long and loud as Loki seated himself deep. He was lifted, bent almost double, but he allowed it because the impalement was so intense he felt paralyzed. "Loki," he gasped. Pleading.

"Shh. Don't worry; it won't be like last time." His hips moved, pumping slowly, not too far. "Just this. Can you take it?"

Thor groaned again. It was hurting his insides like a beating, but then, he had never been unable to take a beating. "By a hair. If you use force you'll kill me."

Loki laughed, still gentle. "No, I won't hurt you – I want to make you come. Do you think you can?"

Thor held his breath and listened to his body. There was a heaviness in his loins, a feeling that usually meant arousal was coming, but he was sore, so fiercely sore that he didn't think arousal would be possible at all. He frowned, shook his head.

"That's all right. Turn over." Loki withdrew, dissolved his chains with a gesture, and urged him onto his hands and knees.

He grit his teeth and braced up, hoping to stay silent as Loki invaded him again. He did. The angle was different here and not so painfully deep – Thor felt he was accommodating Loki's hardness now, rather than being stabbed by it. He ached, but ache he could manage. "Better?" Loki said, stroking in and out.

"Yes. Thank you. But Loki… I'll have no pleasure of this."

"Oh, I know." Loki shifted, moving one hand from Thor's hip. "I don't expect you to come because of being fucked, brother, but in spite of it. This is where the pleasure is. Hm?" And he took Thor's cock in his hand.

Thor sucked in his breath, and that was answer enough. Loki, settled fully into his body, did not move. Instead he sought Thor's hand with his free one. Thor balanced awkwardly on one elbow and allowed his fist to be closed over his brother's.

"You are the expert," Loki laughed into his ear. "Instruct me."

Thor squeezed, hard, and stroked. It was strange, the feeling of a hand not his own, pulling in his favorite rhythm. Before long he began to harden, and then, suddenly, breath on the back of his neck – so strange, and so intimate – had him fully erect. He sped up with his hand.

"You are rough with yourself," Loki laughed. "Let go – you're getting it more gently from me."

Thor did, with a growl of frustration because Loki's way was just not what he was used to. Loki skimmed an oil-slick hand up and down with excellent speed but almost no pressure at all. Thor whined and rocked into him in order to get more, forgetting that he was currently impaled and such an action would jar what was wedged inside him. He tried to still, to spare himself pain, but he wanted more of the hand. "Loki," he growled. The frustration was making him tremble.

"Oh, all right." At once Loki's strokes became firmer, nearly firm enough. "Is that better? Why don't you make it worth my while? Squeeze."

"What?" The grip was good now, so good it was distracting.

"Squeeze." Loki slapped him on the hip. "Squeeze around me, clench like you were doing when we began."

"Oh." He clenched up and Loki reciprocated, tightening his grip until it became exactly what Thor was looking for. Clenching made cramps, though, and distracted from the pleasure of Loki's fist, so before long he stopped doing it. When Loki's hand slackened in return, he reached down to cover it with his own…

"No," Loki laughed, breathlessly, struggling with him. Then suddenly Thor was flat on his face and shouting; Loki had pulled his elbow out from under him and plunged deep.

The pain stopped Thor's struggles, but it was not enough to quell his arousal, especially not now that his erection was rubbing against the sheets with every brutal thrust. "How's that, Thor," Loki panted in his ear. "Do you like that better?"

"Ah! No!"

Loki gentled immediately. "Thought not. So why don't you get up and cooperate with me? You'll get yours, I promise."

When Loki withdrew Thor pulled himself up to all fours, then changed his mind and slid forward towards the headboard, so that he could kneel up, thighs spread wide, and grip it with both hands. "Come then, brother. Come and have me."

Loki pressed close to him immediately, holding his hip. "This is new," he murmured as he eased back inside. "I like it. All right, relax for me, push against, don't pull away. How are you?"

"I am fine," Thor assured, because he mostly was. He grit his teeth against the now-familiar ache and settled down onto his brother's lap. His neglected erection was throbbing. "Will you touch me?"

"Of course." Loki took hold at once. "Will you move for me?"

"Move how?"

"Like you're fucking. Into my hand."

So Thor thrust his hips forward, which did indeed pleasure him, but it also pulled him partway off of Loki and when he rolled his hips back, he was impaled anew. He gasped.

"Yes, perfect. Again." This time Loki moved too, slowly, timing his hips to match Thor's. They found a rhythm. After a bit Loki laughed: "You have a talent for this, brother."

"Shut up."

"Never." He bit, lightly. "Now sit back and be still, Thor, I want you to come for me."

He settled back as ordered. Simply being filled was not as painful as moving had been, and when Loki began to stroke him hard and fast he knew he was going to find release after all.

"Go ahead," Loki murmured from behind him. "Good work, you've earned this. You take a fucking like a champion. Now tell me how you like to be touched. How can I help you? Would you like me to touch your balls too?"

"Loki." Did he have no shame?

"I'll take that as a yes," Loki purred, and brought his other hand around. He used both hands, skillfully, and Thor was groaning and arching – and then groaning harder, as arching stirred his insides. Loki laughed. "You must be so sore. But you're not going to let a little thing like that stop you, are you. Ah, I can feel you're almost there. Look how hard you've gotten, you could smash iron with this, a little faster for you, there. Almost there. That's it, Thor, come for me – come for me now."

A few last strokes and Thor did, roaring as pleasure broke over him like a wave. He jerked and arched back hard, crested, but then Loki's hand on the back of his neck bent him forwards and Loki pulled out and he crested again, still going, his whole body seizing up as his insides clenched. It lasted and lasted, he was thrashing hard enough almost to move the bed, and he could hear Loki laughing over him but had no control over his limbs or his moaning.

When it was finally, finally over, he summoned up all his strength and managed to roll onto his back. "Brother?" he croaked, opening an arm. He wanted to hug and hold and never let go.

Loki was grinning at him, looking so pleased, the cat that got all the cream that ever was. Thor smiled sleepily…

And then sputtered in horror. "Y-You're still hard."

A nod.

His mouth opened but he couldn't talk. He could not, could not bear even one more thrust.

Before he could think of some way to beg or bribe his way out of destruction, Loki heaved a sigh. "And I will be hard when I leave you tonight, and when I try to sleep, and I probably won't be able to sleep, and I'll lie awake half the night thinking of you and cursing you for it."


"In other words relax, brother. You're finished."

Thor sank back against the pillows, limp with relief. But after a moment curiosity took over. "Why not just…?" A quick hand motion was easier than finding words he could say without embarrassment.

Loki stretched out next to him and ran a finger over his ear. "I think you'll be feeling this for days and you won't forget it," he explained. "So, you'll be motivated, next time, to fight me properly. I want to be motivated too." He chuckled. "If I beat you again, I'll have you in all these ways and more. I want it, Thor, I want it so badly I can taste it." His voice was a growl, and Thor shivered. "And, a word of warning: the worse I want it, the harder it will be for you when I win."

Thor groaned. "I think I liked it better when you didn't care for fighting at all, and never came to practice."

"I think you're lying. I think I'll make you beg for it next time."

"That will never happen."

"We'll see."


The End.

This story was inspired by astolat's slashy, cracky, awesome story Hug Therapy.