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Marriage Correction

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   Damn, you were lonely, and that was saying something in MGC. Single monster girls were everywhere, and you mean EVERYWHERE. But for whatever reason you hadn't found the one yet. Dreamed about her practically every night (sadly no Nightmares in the area). Some gorgeous dommy-mommy, with wide hips, just the right amount of pudge on her belly, and huge tits. I mean massive milkers, gigantic boobas, humungous bahongaloos.

   Ahem, needless to say, you had a type. You just couldn't find her, and you had looked. Went to a new bar practically every week, checked out the local library's, hell, you even stopped by a few knitting clubs, where else do hags even hang out anymore? All the good ones were taken and the rest were shotacons. Starting to think you needed to find a Dark Mage who would be willing to perform some de-aging magic on you, but you weren't sure you were willing to commit to that lifestyle just yet.

   The day to day was boring. Get up, go to work, come home, go to sleep, repeat until the weekend. The life of an average salaryman. At least your boss liked you, ya lil kissass. Nah, he was alright, he was the reason you went to a new bar every week, he even paid. Probably the only guy you knew who bitched more about being lonely than you did. Misery loves company, right?

   Anyways, you were heading home one night from the bar after dropping your boss back at his place. On the way you passed by something that hadn't been there before; a Sabbath Lodge. Just there, on some street corner, pretty sure the place used to be a pawnshop.

   There was a girl standing out front, leaning against the building, sucking on a lollipop. Well, you knew better, this "little girl" was a baphomet, and therefore probably older than you were. Had to admit, she was kinda cute, but in the way little kids are cute, not sexy at all.

   One of her most prominent features that distinguished her from a human girl was, of course, her horns. They were dark brown, practically black in color, sprouting almost straight up from her small head, but with a slight curve backwards. The other things that set her apart were small goat ears and tail, paws as big as the hands of an adult male's, and cloven hooves. Both forelimbs were covered with a sandy blonde fur, the same color as her hair which was tied up in twin-tails. A pastel pink sleeveless dress framed her tiny body.

   She smiled when she noticed you walking her way. It wasn't a creepy or malicious look that you'd somewhat expect from a demon that pretends to be a little girl. On the contrary, the expression on her face was warm and welcoming, prompting you to return a polite smile.

   "Hey, Ojisan," she said cheerfully when you stepped closer, "wanna join our club? We got snacks! You like cookies?"

   Ojisan? That stung a little, you weren't that old. Politely told her you weren't interested, but thanked her anyway. Good thing you weren't completely wasted, or you might have taken her up on that offer. Definitely would've regretted that in the morning. You'd kept walking on past, so you didn't notice her continue to smile after you until you were long out of sight.


   That weekend you tried speed-dating. There were some nice girls there, but none of them interested you in the way you were hoping for. The banshee was too emo, the unicorn was too straight-laced, and the Shirohebi was too... much. And you weren't even going to get started on the human women that showed up, and all the baggage that came with them.

   Being far from your first time here, you're pretty sure the cupid who ran the whole shindig was starting to lose hope for you as well. You stayed after the event was over to ask some advice from the messenger of the goddess of love. Half joking, you went as far as to suggest she shoot you with one of her arrows.

   "It doesn't work like that, I'm afraid," the cupid began, not picking up on your humor, "my arrows only bring out the love that's already inside you. If you feel no romantic feelings towards any of these women, then the arrow will have no effect."


   The next week came and went too quickly, or maybe you just wanted to let work pass you by, and before you could blink it was Friday evening. Time to go drinking with the boss.

   "I jus' don' ge' it man, where've all the good women gone?"

   Said they all got snatched up in high school, some maybe earlier.

   "But, like, all of 'em? Really?"

   Appears so.

   "Hey," he said drunkenly putting a hand on your shoulder, "yer a good guy, would you alp for me?"

   You laughed and said no the fuck you wouldn't.

   "Daaamn, I'mma be alone fer the rest of my liiife."

   Yeah, join the club.

   On the way home you passed by the Sabbath lodge again. There was that same little baphomet sitting on the doorstep.

   "Hey again, Ojisan!" She smiled and waved at you, "come play with me, please!"

   This time she was wearing a crop top and short shorts, trying to expose more of her body. Did she think she was sexy? And did they really make revealing clothes like that in her size? Gross. Told her again you weren't interested, and continued on your commute.


   For the next couple of months you'd run into that girl every Friday after drinks, and every time she had on a new outfit. Once it was a school swimsuit, her horns sticking through a little swim cap. She asked if you wanted to go to the pool. Another time it was a tiny maid outfit. She asked if you needed any cleaning done. Every time you politely refused. You knew her game.

   One Tuesday you were heading home immediately after work, passing by the Lodge when you heard the front door open.

   "Hey Ojisan, you're early today!"

   Oh brother, you turned to face her. She wasn't wearing a new outfit today, just the pink dress she was wearing the first night. Told her this was the time you normally got off work. You regretted that while you were saying it, and saw the excitement in her eyes.

   Sure enough, the next day there she was, waiting outside the Lodge, this time in a grade school uniform, complete with backpack.

   "Hey Ojisan, can you walk me home?"

   Great, is this what you had to look forward to every day now? Getting hit on by a loli? As if your life wasn't bad enough.

   Over time she stopped wearing new costumes, and her advances would gradually get more aggressive as well. Instead of asking, she started demanding you come with her. Went from "can you do this?" to "let's do that," to "do this for me." After a while you just ignored her. Apparently that was the wrong move, because then she started outright insulting you.

   "Hey, loser Ojisan, gimme some money to buy candy!"

   Yeah, you really fucking needed that.


   It all came to a conclusion on a particularly stressful Monday afternoon. It had been one of those days where nothing seemed to go right. Started the day off on the wrong side of the bed, the place you went to get your breakfast messed up your order, a colleague never received a time sensitive email you sent, etc.

   You briefly considered taking a different way home so you wouldn't have to pass by the little brat today. Considering how your day was going, an alternate route would likely just cause you more trouble, so you decided to put up with her harassment instead. Plus, it was the quickest way, and you just wanted to get home.

   "Hey, stupid Ojisan, what's eating you today?" The baphomet asked, noting your slumped shoulders, a smug expression on her childlike face.

   You mustered up what strength you could to put on a strained smile and asked the little miss if she please wouldn't do this today, you really weren't in the mood.

   "Aw, what'sa matter, got stood up by your date? Ha ha, what a loser! I bet no woman would even be interested! When's the last time you've been on a date? High school? What, like two decades ago? What a loser! Virgin lose-"

   Something in you snapped. You reached out a hand and grabbed the baphomet girl by the wrist, silencing her instantly. This cheeky little brat had been bothering you for months now, and your bad day coupled with her unnecessary comments had just pushed you over the edge. Without a word yourself, you dragged her around the corner and into an alleyway behind the lodge.

   There, behind a dumpster you swiftly unclasped you belt, and unzipped your pants, letting you dick fall out. The look of terror on the girls face at it's size was priceless, but she still didn't make a sound.

   After your penis was freed, you pushed the little demon against the wall, and hiked up her dress. Ha, the little slut wasn't even wearing panties, she was hoping this would happen. She remained silent, instead continuing to stare at your growing erection. Her face told you she was scared, but her eyes sparkled in excitement.

   You lifted her by her underarms, and unceremoniously impaled her all the way to the base. At that her eyes rolled into the back of her skull, and her teeth clenched behind a wide grin. Proceeded to use her as your own living onahole for the next few minutes, the silence only broken by the both of you panting.

   Fuck, she was tight. Better than any masturbation toy you'd ever used. Better than your hand. Maybe the rumors were true, and baphs really did have the best pussies. Or maybe it was just the size difference, you could see your head causing a slight bulge just under her ribcage every time you thrusted inwards. Either way, you were cumming in no time.

   And with that sense of euphoria of finally losing your virginity, and punishing a brat in the process, came the post nut clarity, and you felt your stomach sink. You dropped the girl on the ground, her eyes still pointed towards her horns, but her jaw had relaxed, and her tongue lolled to the side.

   Your brain wanted to run, to get as far from here as possible, get as far from her as possible. But already, you could feel a change within you, and your feet refused to move. A bond had just been formed between you two, a connection that couldn't be severed by distance or time. This little brat, this demon pretending to be a child, still twitching with ecstasy at your feet, was now your wife, and would be with you until the day you died.

   You backed up against the opposite wall and slumped to the ground, staring at your new partner. The desire to run was still there, but you knew you couldn't. Instead you waited for her to regain her senses.

   She eventually pushed herself up into a sitting position, smiling at you that warm smile you'd seen when you first met. Without a word she crawled on paws and knees and plopped herself down in your lap, beaming up at you.

   "He he, I never got your name, Ojisan."

   In a monotone voice you introduced yourself.

   "That's a good name. I'm Azel, it's nice to meet you. Hubby."

   You walked back to your apartment, Azel clinging to your hand the whole way. You wanted to shake the little brat off, tell her forget this day ever happened. It was no use of course. Even if your minds could forget, your bodies wouldn't.

    First thing she did when you opened your door was to run around your apartment, familiarizing herself with the place. It was her new home now, after all. You, on the other hand, trudged your way to the bed, and fell down without even changing.

   "That's no good, Hubby," Azel climbed up next to you and began fiddling with your tie, "can't sleep in those smelly clothes."

   After months of teasing, now she was being sweet. It kind of annoyed you, but you let her complete her task, until finally you were in nought but your boxers.

   Azel cuddled up next to you when she was done, her head under one arm, a horn resting on your shoulder, a tiny arm draped over your bare chest. The fur on her paws and legs was soft and silky. She gave off a pleasant, relaxing smell. You knew it was your body working against you, and had you not become enraged earlier you probably wouldn't have found her touch and aroma this comforting. Still, would have been nice to have a massive pair of tits pressed up against you instead of a cutting board. But right now, despite the remaining protest in the back of your head, your body was as content as it'd been in a long time, and you drifted off to sleep with her clinging onto you.


   Next morning you awoke alone in your bed. Praying Azel had already left for her lodge, you made your way quietly to the kitchen. No such luck, you could smell the coffee brewing before you even got there.

   "Good morning, Hubby!" Azel beamed at you from the stove, "I found eggs in your fridge, I hope that's alright. Coffee should be done soon too."

   You thanked her but said that you usually just picked something up on the way to work.

   "Nuh uh, nope, not anymore you don't. I'mma make you breakfast from now on!" She said with confidence, putting her paws on her slender waist.

   You waited patiently, and a minute later Azel slid a plate of scrambled eggs and a mug in front of you. You picked up you fork, and was just about to dig in when she stopped you.

   "Hang on!" She did a little spin, then put her paws together, trying her best to form a heart before blowing through it at the eggs. "Become delicious!"

   Okay, had to admit, that was kinda cute. Even if it was done by a loli.

   You were surprised to find these were the best eggs you'd ever eaten. They were actually kind of... sweet? You asked Azel what her secret was.

   "He he, oh just my love," she said with a wink and a mischievous grin. When you took your plate to the sink you noticed a bottle of vanilla coffee creamer sitting next to the stove that she'd forgot to put back. Her love, uh huh.

   Azel walked with you on the way to the lodge. Well, it felt more like you were dropping your kid off at school, the way she skipped while holding your hand. Ugh, you just hoped you didn't run into anyone you knew.

   When you got there she tried to convince you to come in and meet the other members, but you said you didn't have time. In truth, you just didn't want to get swarmed by a bunch of lolis. She settled for pulling you down by the tie (yes, she was that strong) and pecking a kiss on your lips before disappearing inside.

   "You seem to be in a good mood today," your boss remarked when you got there.

   You did? Didn't feel like it. You still felt a deep sense of regret and disappointment in yourself about yesterday.

   "Yeah, you got this glow about you. Oh my gosh, you didn't!"

   Didn't what?

   "Get yourself a girlfriend! Have you been holding out on me?!"

   Oh fuck. How were you going to handle this? One of the reasons you were sure your boss liked you was because you were both bachelors, at least you had been prior to yesterday. To top it off, you shared your tastes in women, how the fuck were you going to explain Azel? Against your better judgement, you lied and said you were still single.

   "Good! Can't have you getting hitched before me, now can we?" He said it jokingly, but you knew he was partially serious.

   You managed to leave a little early, to make sure Azel didn't come to your office. Didn't want anyone seeing her. She was just stepping out the door of the lodge when you got there.

   "Oh, Hubby! You're early! Wanna come inside and meet my friends now?!"

   Yeah, what the hell. You needed to be in her good graces later when you were going to tell her not to visit your work.

   Stepping inside you found exactly what you were expecting. It looked like a daycare, a place for children. Paper streamers hung from the ceiling, colorful tables and chairs were placed in the center of the room, and pictures drawn in crayon hung from the walls, albeit very detailed ones clearly drawn by minds that were well beyond childhood.

   Three little girls in oversized witch hats sat at a table, coloring with their crayons and munching on cookies.

   "Hey everybody, this is him, the Ojisan I told you about! This is" Azel giggled, clinging to your sleeve, "my Hubby!"

   The three little girls crowded around you, oohing, awing, and poking you. Azel had an expression of smug pride on her face the whole time.

   "This is Emma, she's really good at magic, and those two are Winnie and Minnie, they're twins! Winnie is our artist, and Minnie is our promoter!"

   Looking around you said you could see that. Asked if this was everybody, it was a big place for just four little girls. Aw shit, you shouldn't have mentioned it. At those words Minnie started crying, and the others rushed to comfort her. You got the message, she wasn't that great of a promoter.

   "Hey Ojisan," Emma tugged on your sleeve, "are you gonna come to meetings?" She stuck the tip of her thumb in her mouth and did her best to make her eyes as wide as possible as she gazed up at you, "We could really use more members."

   Fucking brats knew how to act cute. You looked up to see Azel staring at you, hopefully awaiting your answer. Yeah, you said if they could hold their meetings after you got off work you wouldn't mind staying for a little while. But it had to be Monday through Thursday, Fridays you had other obligations. The girls cheered and hugged you. What the fuck were you getting yourself into?


   Azel was growing on you, at least all but physically. She took pride in taking care of her "Hubby," because "that's what a good wife does!" Found out she was in charge of baking the cookies at the Sabbath lodge every day, apparently she liked making food. On top of cooking you breakfast, she made dinner every night too, though she had a preference for sweet foods.

   The sex was, admittedly, lacking. Don't misunderstand, it felt good, about as good a cumming usually does, but it was kinda boring. Felt more like going through the motions than any kind of lovemaking. Most of the time you just laid back and let Azel ride you until you both finished. What you wouldn't give for a nursing handjob, but it was impossible with that little body, so you didn't even bother bringing it up. If she had wanted you to be aggressive she knew how to get you there. Kinda glad she didn't, you couldn't muster the mental strength to go through that every night.

   Friday evening rolled around and you found yourself in a heap of shit. You had completely forgotten to tell Azel not to come to the office. Just stepping out the front door, right behind your boss, when you noticed her standing there waiting for you.

   "Hubby!" She exclaimed when she saw you.

   Oh fuck.

   She tackled you in a hug, almost knocking you off your feet, or worse, stabbing you with those horns.

   "Hubby?" You boss turned an inquisitive eye toward you, "thought you said you were still single."

   Heh heh, yeah, funny story that.

   "Oh, are you my Hubby's boss?" Azel stuck out a paw to him, "nice to meetcha, Mister Boss-man-sir!"

   "The pleasure's all mine," your boss said giving her paw a shake. He was smiling, but at the same time his eyes were shooting daggers at you.

   "Well, I was just seeing your man out the door, little miss, I'm sure you two lovebirds have plans for tonight, have a good evening!" With that he turned on his heels and marched away.

   Fuck. There goes that relationship.

   "What's wrong, Hubby?" Azel asked when he was out of earshot. You groaned and explained your situation.

   "Did-did I do bad?" There were tears coming into her eyes. You kneeled so you could wrap her in a hug and told her no, it wasn't her fault, you shouldn't have lied to your boss. It was also your fault for losing your temper and practically raping the girl in the first place, but you left that part out. Now you just had to see if you still had a job come Monday. Dreaded that.


   Azel did her best to cheer you up that weekend. Well, insofar as she knew how. She convinced you to let her decorate your apartment in streamers and balloons, like you were having a birthday party. Then she baked you a cake, even asked what your favorite was.

   She really was a good girl. She was kind, at least now, and she made an effort to go out her way to please you. It's just a shame she had the body of a fucking loli.

   Monday came without incident, and you hesitantly made your way to the office. No pink slip, no security waiting outside to tell you you were barred from entering the building. Everything was going better than expected.

   Until you got to your desk. It was covered in sticky notes with "disgusting lolicon," "pervert," and "find a woman your own age" written on them. And there went your reputation. Now everybody you worked with thought you were a pedophile. Great.

   Kept your head down for the time being. Your boss started treating you as just another employee. Even though you knew he was the one responsible for spreading the rumors, you didn't say shit. Kinda felt like you deserved it. You were going to miss the free booze though.

   Home life was getting better. Azel was adjusting to your tastes, and every afternoon you were looking forward to seeing her when you left work. Maybe you were just happy to be around someone who didn't hate your guts. Someone who loved you.

   The Sabbath meetings were... something. It always started off with a serious conversation about how best to get more people interested in joining.

   "I think we need to start dressing more scantily! Really show off the charm of our petite bodies!"

   "Well I think it's better to cover up! Be cutesy, wear frilly dresses!"

   "What do you think, Ojisan?"

   You really didn't have the heart to tell the poor girls most guys around here just weren't lolicons. Neither were you, for that matter, so your input was kinda wasted on this conversation.

   Meetings would slowly devolve into some kind of play, or talks about their respective interests. They just couldn't stay focused, and therefore never got anywhere. Kinda felt bad for the girls. They were eccentric to say the least, but they weren't bad people by any means. Just didn't really fit in in this time and place.


   One eventful Friday you were coming to pick Azel up from daycare- ahem, the Lodge. Boss still hadn't invited you to go drinking again. You'd heard he found another bachelor at the office to take under his wing. Oh well.

   You were surprised to find Azel wasn't there. Emma told you she'd gone home early, something about a surprise. Intrigued, you had to be careful not to trip over yourself as you power-walked home.

   You stepped through the door and called out Azel's name, but there was no response. There was, however, a note in crayon on the wall by the front door, "bedroom." Your mind raced with ideas, what was she up to? 

   Didn't have to wait long, you hurried for the bedroom, kicking off your shoes in the hallway. You opened your door to find... nothing. Nobody there, no rose petals, nada.

   Before you could move from the doorway you heard the "clack-clack-clack" of hooves from behind before a pair of big fluffy paws came down over your eyes.

   "Guess who," a sultry voice said from behind.

   No fucking way. You removed the paws from your face, and turned around. There before you stood a naked Azel, except she looked twenty years older. Older than you. Complete with the perfect, plump hag body.

   "He he, I found some interesting stuff on your computer," she said smiling, putting her arms up over your shoulders. You asked her how this was possible.

   "Oh come now, the Sabbath is famous for our age regression magic, you didn't honestly think we couldn't do the reverse, did you?" She said with a wry grin, before placing a paw to your lips, "but don't tell anyone about this, not even my fellow members. It's not exactly... sanctioned magic, and I could be excommunicated for using it too often.

   "Now," she sauntered past you towards the bed, full hips swaying, little tail swishing side to side above her generous hindquarters. When she got to the bed she sat down, and patted her thigh, "come lay your head on Momma's lap."

   Didn't need to be told twice.

   "There, Baby," she began stroking your head when you'd gotten yourself settled, "that's my good boy, feeling better?"

   You nodded. Her thighs were sooo soft. If you hadn't been so painfully erect you could have easily fallen asleep then and there. Looking up at Azel's now mature face peering down at you over her new glorious breasts, you half expected her to be wearing a mocking expression. But there was no malice or cruelty in her eyes, just the genuine warmth and love that you'd come to know from your Azel.

   That's when the thought hit you like a ton of bricks; you'd been a real shitty husband. Here was your wife bending over backwards to make you happy, risking what she and the Sabbath saw as heresy, all to please you. Meanwhile you'd been half-assing the whole relationship, distrusting her, even lied about her. You started to cry.

   "Aw, there there, Baby, it's alright. Momma's here, Momma's got you. Let it all out, it's okay, everything's going to be alright."

   She moved her paw under your head and lifted you to her nipple, letting you suckle there, while her other paw reached down and undid your pants.

   "Shh, shh, Baby. It's gonna be okay," she cooed as she stroked you off, "You're such a good boy. You work so hard, and put up with so much, Momma's very proud of you."

   She began humming a tune that matched the pace of her stokes. Fuck, it was too much. Azel felt you tense up.

   "That's right, Baby, give Momma her treat."

   She cupped the head of your dick right before you orgasmed, catching all of it in her paw.

   "Very good, Baby," your wife said, unable to keep the excitement from her voice, then proceeding to lick your semen off her paw, "hmm, delicious. That's my good boy."

   You released her nipple from your mouth, panting, eyes closed.

   "Uh uh, Baby, don't go to sleep yet," your wife gently picked you up and set you down again so your head was resting on a pillow, "now it's your turn to make Momma feel good. Can you do that for me, Baby?"

   Azel climbed on top of you, straddling you waist, she rubbed her nethers up and down your shaft. A verbal response from you was unnecessary, you both could feel yourself getting hard once more.

   "That's my good boy," she lifted herself just enough to position you right, before dropping herself down with a speed and force that betrayed her eagerness.

   "Mmm, my BIG boy!" Despite being twice her original size, she was as tight as when you first fucked her. On top of that you had the most wonderful view of her tits bouncing up and down as she rode on top of you. It encouraged you to be a little more proactive in your lovemaking. You placed your hands on your wife's waist so that every time you felt her falling you would pull her down even faster, desperate to keep your hips locked together as much as possible. Eventually you were pulling yourself upwards, into you wife.

   "Baby," she said in between pants, "Momma's close now."

   Azel took one of your hands from her waist, interlocking your fingers with hers.

   "Now baby, cum, cum for Momma, cum with me!"

   What hadn't left your balls earlier was now painting your wife's womb white. You came harder than you ever had before, and longer. Sadly you weren't given much time to bask in the afterglow.

   Azel's mouth hung open from the pleasure. Something strange was happening to her, she was shrinking. Her tits were being sucked back up into her body, her thighs were thinning, and her face was growing more childlike. In a few seconds she was back to being the Azel you remembered.

   She looked down at you with a sad smile, "I'm sorry, Baby," she said in her normal, higher pitched voice, "Momma couldn't... hold it... any longer," and with that she closed her eyes and fell forward. You caught her halfway, taking her in your arms and holding your beloved wife to your chest. Fell asleep with her passed out on top of you.


   Awoke the next morning to find Azel already out of bed and making breakfast. You snuck up behind, wrapped her in a big hug, and showered her cheek in kisses.

   "Ha ha, stop it, Hubby, that-that tickles!"

   You continued your assault until she started wheezing. Told her you had an amazing night last night.

   Your wife turned a red face to you, wiping a tear from her eye, "I-I'm glad. I can... do that for you every night. I-if that's what you want."

   Considered the tempting offer for a moment. Then you told her nah. She should save it for special occasions, or when you were having a bad day and needed that kind of treatment. But honestly you loved, and would make love to your wife in whatever form she felt most comfortable in.

   "You really mean it?"

   Yep, the sex last night was great, but what you liked most about it wasn't that you got to fuck a hag, or even the mommy play. What you liked most about last night was that for the first time you'd truly made love to your wife. 

   "Oooh, hubby!" It was her turn to hug you.


   A year later you'd quit your job. Got a new one as the janitor and handyman at Azel's Sabbath Lodge. It was more fun than it sounded. The girls were actually pretty considerate, at least compared to real children, so they were good about cleaning up their own messes. They were not as good at any kind of electrical work, most paperwork, or getting things down from hard to reach places. Plus, you got to fuck your wife whenever you wanted.

   "Hubby, can you help me carry the cookies to the table? The baby's being restless."

   Took the tray from her paws, and she put one on her stomach. You set the cookies down on the table, then rushed back to the kitchen to pick up your wife and unborn, princess carrying her into the main hall.

   "Thanks Hubby," she said, nuzzling your shoulder.

   Apparently Baph pregnancies were rare, so the girls were overly protective of Azel right now. It might have rubbed off on you, or maybe it was just your natural paternal instincts coming in. Either way, you were doting on your wife more than usual, and that was saying something.

   You had just set Azel down in her chair when you heard the front door open. In walked the last person you'd expected. It was your former boss.

   "Hey," he said, nervously rubbing the back of his neck, "fancy seeing you here."

   You were just about to ask where the fuck he thought he was, when Minnie and Winnie yelled in unison "Onii-chan!" before jumping up from their chairs and wrapping their arms around your boss's legs. Well, there was your answer. Guess you two really did have the same taste in women.

   Looking back at the table you noticed Emma with a sad look on her face. Walking over you slipped your hand under her hat and gave a good rub, telling her not to worry, it just meant she was next in line for a husband. She smiled up at you in appreciation.

   "Alright everybody," Azel chimed in, "let's all sit down and welcome our new member with cookies!"

   You took your seat beside your wife, and got ready to start the meeting.