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Hero Worship part 2: Batfamily Addition

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Jason felt his wrists get pulled back by some wrist binding weapon before he could respond to the familiar presence of Nightwing.
“You need more training Jaybird.” Dick stated smartly using Roy’s nickname for him.
“You do realize he is watching.” Jason stated not angry as much as frustrated he didn’t react fast enough.
“Oh then he should be taking notes.” Grayson said as he leans into Jason’s prone body that was being held up against a nondescript empty warehouse wall. He kisses Jason’s helmet and Jason bites his lips trying to hold back a moan. He should have realized what time of the year it was.
“You do know I haven’t gone to his…”
“I know I’m here to convince you otherwise, Damien is…”
“He is eager to start?” Jason asked not totally surprised the young Wayne knew what his predecessors did together he just hadn't been allowed to join.
“Yes, you are invited.”
“He couldn’t cum…” Jason’s words drifted away into a moan as Dick’s hand grabbed his still protected but very interested cock.
“He is busy on league business.” Dick explained as he bent down and expertly opened his crotch letting Jason’s cock escape the confines of his suit.
“Dick you don’t…”
“We never resolved who would cum first Jay…”
“You would, always so eager to give him what he wants…”
“Tsk tsk…you were the one who always wanted to prove yourself to him.” Dick swallowed completely and held on as Jason bucked forward. If his hands were free he would have grabbed on to Dick’s head and pumped. As it was he had to allow Dick to control the pace. Dick pulled off and sucked on the tip licking along the bottom and sucking at Jason’s balls.
“Fuck, Dick…”
“First point Dick.” Dick mumbled into his balls and Jason couldn’t see the cheshire smile but he could feel it against his cock.
“You are cheating.” Jason stated as he pulled at the binds around his wrists that were preventing him from getting the upper hand or any hand for that matter on the older man.
“You should be able to get out of those bonds even distracted, didn’t he teach you?” Dick asked, he of course knew the answer, he had been their for some of these training practices. Where Jason would be ‘captured’ and ‘distracted’ and he had to escape his bonds. Usually it resulted in Dick fucking him into the exercise mat and Bruce standing over them cumming all over their exhausted bodies.
“Yes he did…” Jason pulled on his right wrist got free enough to extract the tools he needed to escape. He felt the mouth on him suck tighter he tried to resist pushing forward, tried to think only of escaping.
“Jason why haven’t you called in?” Roy’s voice startled him over his comm, he chided himself in being surprised and tried to make his voice calm.
“I met up with an…”
“Is it short pants? Cause I got some cryptic text from him a few hours ago about meeting him on a…
Rooftop.” Roy was heard behind them and in the comm.
Dick pulled off of his cock and turned smiling at Roy. “Hello care to join in.”
Dick didn’t wait to hear the answer he went back to distracting Jason. Jason’s mask was getting sweaty and he really wanted to take it off. He didn’t look at Harper he concentrated on getting his right hand out of the bind. Immediately he pulled off his mask and pulled Dick up for a very heated and suggestive kiss, his tongue delving into the familiar parts of Dick’s mouth.
“Uh, man if I had thought two birds were so hot together I would have joined you two earlier.” Roy stated stepping forward. Dick pulled back and winked at Jason and then turned to Roy. Jason worked on freeing his other hand as Dick and Roy got reacquainted. They hadn’t really met up since their Teen Titan days.
“You enjoying Jaybird?” Dick asked as he pulled at Roy’s many buckles on his suit. Slowly exposing his body, his quiver already forgotten and thrown aside.
“We have our moments.” Roy stated kneeling and exposing Dick’s cock to the night air.
“You two, I need to see this now.” Dick stated pulling at his cock.
Roy looked up unhappy he wanted to suck Dick’s dick but he also knew the older man initiated the meet up so in terms of the rules they had established many years before, he who started it controls it.
Jason was free and went to Roy who was kneeling still in front of Dick. He kneeled as well and smiled winking at Roy. “Lets show him what two sidekicks can do with a Batman’s cock…”
Roy smiled and knew what was happening. Dick tried to protest but if the moans were any indication he was giving up his control of the situation.
Roy kissed along Dick’s cock and at the tip found Jason’s mouth and kissed him around Dick’s cock. Roy pulled at Jason’s exposed dick as Jason made quick word of what Dick had started and pulled Roy’s heavy and hard cock out of his suit as well.
“Fuck…” Nightwing stated the two younger men were doing a fantastic job with his cock and if he didn’t continue to other things he would be out too early.
Roy’s fingers were making quick work of Jason’s suit and he had two finger’s in Jason’s ass before he knew it. Jason moaned onto Dick’s cock. He pulled off and turned around. Pulling at his ass indicating what he wanted either of the men to do.
“You get the honors tonight Roy.” Dick stated indicating Roy could have at Jason’s ass.
“Only if I can get that cock you denied me earlier” Roy stated.
Dick nodded and got in front of Jason. Roy pushed into Jason’s exposed and prepared ass, the man never left on patrol with out being prepared especially when he was working with Roy and Dick.
It began slow and steady Roy adjusting to the position and leaning over to suck on Dick. Then he began to move faster. Dick realized the position was hard for Roy so he kneeled and pulled Jason’s face up, Jason eagerly pulled Dick’s cock into his mouth. Roy was able to concentrate on giving Jason what he wanted. The pounding was intense pushing Jason onto Dick. He pulled back and pushed back as Roy pulled out. They were synchronized yet none of them wanted to cum first. Dick bent over and pulled Roy into a kiss biting at his lip.
“Cum for us Roy, come on give him what he wants. Don’t you feel his ass tighten around you.”
“Ah Fuck, I love when you talk dirt…” Roy came hard and long into Jason. Jason moaned around Dick’s cock.
Dick pulled out of Jason’s mouth and pulled him up his cock hard and needy. He pulled at it fast and rough just the way Jason liked.
“You do realize you will be expected to be in top condition when you come, he will expect nothing less from any of us.”
“I don’t need to…”
“Its his initiation you are his favorite.”
“Yes but I…”
“Your worried he wont…Jason he will fuck you deep and hard and make you cum so much you wont be able to fuck Roy for a week.” Jason whined and came all over Dick’s hand.
“Fuck, what are you guys whispering about?” Roy asked.
“A Batclan thing you wouldn’t understand.” Dick stated standing up and pushing his hard cock back into his suit.
“What about you?”
“I have other plans tonight.” Dick stated and left before the others could stop him.