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Maybe the sun will shine today

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Hoseok wakes up to the sun streaming through his bedroom window, bright and blazingly white. He squints his eyes and rolls over willing the sun to slide back down across the sky so he can have just one more hour of blissful sleep. Glancing at his clock the time is 7:34. Hoseok sighs disabling the alarm his set to go off at 8:00 while cursing his luck that he always woke before his alarm. It takes every muscle in Hoseok’s body to draw himself out of bed groaning as his warm feet hit the cold floor. Half stumbling to the window, he pulls back the thick curtains drowning the room in beautiful semi-darkness.

He could climb back into bed, with its warmth and happiness, but he needed to be up anyways. Fighting his want, he slides softly out of his small apartment bedroom towards the kitchen. There, he turns on his coffee pot letting the delicious, life-giving liquid drip slowly into his mug. While his coffee was filling the room with its delicious aroma, Hoseok scans his sunlit living room.

Many boxes were stacked one on top of the other, some tapped tightly shut others slipping their contents onto the floor. All of Hoseok’s possessions, well at least the easiest to move of his belongings were packed in large boxes to be moved forever out of his comfortable home. So many memories surrounding Hoseok’s mind happened in this place. He’s first true home was here in these walls.

Here he cooked his own meals, left for work at his first real job in the mornings. This home was his first safety base for his adult life. It was the first place Hoseok had met him, the first place Hoseok thought he could be truly happy forever. Hoseok shakes his head at the memory. That was a long time ago and that’s all it was now, a memory. Hoseok couldn’t believe that so much of his life fit into these boxes. Each box holding a part of his shortly lived adult life.

Grabbing his coffee mug and stepping around a box full of plates and bowls, Hoseok makes his way to his couch, pushed back against the wall. He thinks about how good things could come to an end so fast. His whole life was just one fast speeding train never staying to long in one place to taste its sweetness. Hoseok thought back to when he first came here over a year ago. On that day so much in his life changed never to be the same again. How would he have known that moving here would bring him so much joy and sadness, so much healing and pain?

Hoseok chuckles slightly at his dramatic thoughts. If only he had remembered at that time why his had come here, simply for his new teaching job, and not have gotten caught up in his emotions. How things would have been different.


“These the last of the boxes?” The moving man shouted over to Hoseok as he picked up the last of his boxes off the truck.
“Yeah, that’s it!” Hoseok smiled cheerfully at the burly, sweaty man shaking his hand in thanks. The moving van pulled out of the parking lot leaving Hoseok alone with his few worldly possessions lying out on the ground. And like that, Hoseok was by himself for the first time in his life, alone in a new town with its unfamiliar people and places. Hoseok tried to keep a joyful smile on his face around his friends and family. When asked, he’d reassure his worried loved ones that he would be just fine on his own. He’d find a new life for himself and they always believed him but deep down Hoseok was terrified.

With the unfamiliar always came the darkness in Hoseok’s life, the loneliness that ate at his insides till he couldn’t take in any longer, couldn’t cope. Hoseok pushed these thoughts aside for now. He would be fine he told himself. He would have work to fill his time. He wouldn’t have time to sit and think.

Grunting, Hoseok lifted the last stack of his boxes and quickly made his way to the stairs on the side of the building. This new job was the perfect fit for him, he told himself. Teaching was all that he ever wanted to do. Being with young students always cheered Hoseok up in a way he couldn’t explain and to see them grow in their knowledge of the world filled Hoseok’s heart with happiness. He was thinking about these sorts of things when suddenly a great force knocked the heavy boxes out of his arms, flinging them down the stairs behind him scattering clothes on every step.

“Ah shit!” came a loud exclamation from above him. Hoseok stumbled back a couple of steps almost tangling himself in a pair of his pants.

“Man, I’m sorry!” The man who had knocked into Hoseok so forcefully began to pick up the discarded clothes and stuff them back into an empty box. It took Hoseok a couple of seconds to regain his bearings. With wide eyes, he looked down at the man hastily cleaning up the stairs.

“Really man I should have been looking where I was going and all,” the man looked up at Hoseok with apologetic eyes. Hoseok heart stopped at the man’s round face too angel-like to be real.

“Oh, it's no big deal!” Hoseok flashed him a beaming smile and started to help pick up the mess. He stole a glance over at the attractive man. With his leather jacket and tight jeans, he looked out of place in this town full of old ladies and school children. However, his bright blonde hair stood out the most framing his face in a bright halo of gold. Hoseok coughed nervously when he realized he was staring openly at the stranger.

Finally, all the clothes were placed haphazardly into the boxes and the man look towards Hoseok again scratching the back of his neck uneasily. Before the man could apologize again, Hoseok spoke up loudly.

“Really don’t worry about it!” The man nodded his head in agreement at this idea and without a backward glance, turned to race down the rest of the stairwell and out of Hoseok’s sight.

Sighing down at his crumbled boxes, Hoseok ascended the rest of the steps to his new apartment door, entered his passcode, and stepped inside. Now he needed to unpack, the worst of all task. Luckily he had all day to start so now Hoseok thought a well-needed nap was in the works. Clearing off his couch of boxes, Hoseok stretched out his tired legs massaging his hurting knees. He tried to close his eyes and roll over to catch some sleep, but only fear took over his thoughts.

Fear about his new surroundings, fear about his job, and sadness at his loneliness. Moaning, Hoseok opened his eyes and sat up. Drawing a box between his legs, he started to unpack books and binders setting them aside on the ground. Only working freed Hoseok’s mind to not think like that. Instead, he thought of the young man he met in the stairwell. His face so close to his own and how Hoseok’s heart had shot up at the sight of him. Smiling, Hoseok busied himself with thoughts of the man while he ripped the tape on another full box.


That night Hoseok couldn’t sleep. The stars shone through Hoseok’s window lighting his bedroom as bright as the day. The next morning Hoseok would have to wake up to his new life, rush off to his new job, smile on his face.

Unfamiliar people smiling back at him. With time he knew it would be all right. He was good at making people like him, good at making friends out of strangers. But still….

Suddenly, Hoseok jumped up with terror, clutching his sheets close to his beating heart. A loud noise came from his front door. It sounded like someone trying to break in but not quietly. Hoseok cursed his gullibility at believing a place with rent this cheap would be safe. The sound of the beeping passcode lock and it denial sound as the wrong code was entered reached his ears. The intruder then started to bang on the door and curse loudly.

“This is just my shit luck!” Came a loud voice from the hallway. Hoseok, heart still pounding in his chest, tip-toed his way to his door.

The pounding continued as Hoseok squinted through his peephole. The intruder slowly started to kick at the door causing Hoseok to shiver in fear. But all his fear left him with a gasp as through the hole he saw a red face framed by glowing yellow hair. It was the man from before, obviously drunk, kicking at his door in frustration. Suddenly, the kicking stopped as the man escaped Hoseok’s view through the tiny peephole. A full minute passed before Hoseok was able to move again. No sound came from the outside of Hoseok’s door but muffled sniffing. He stepped away from the door slowly shaking his head. He couldn’t let the man stay outside his door all night and beside he seemed like a decent guy. He did help him pick up his fallen clothes off the dirty steps. How much harm could he be?

Holding his breath, Hoseok carefully opened his front door with shaking fingers. The man was sat before Hoseok’s door, face in his hands, his head resting on the door. When Hoseok pulled the door wide the man looked up at him with red cheeks. He could smell the stench of alcohol coming for the man causing Hoseok to ring up his nose in disgust at the strong smell.

“Finally!” The man exclaimed stumbling to his feet walking past Hoseok into the apartment.

“Hey, wait a second…” Hoseok croaked out, but the man seemed to not hear him as he pushed past drunkenly stripping himself of his leather jacket dropping it to the floor. Hoseok looked away quickly blushing at the man’s thin white shirt that clung to his back. In a drunk stumble, the man made his way to Hoseok’s couch flopping down loudly. Within seconds, the man was fast asleep snoring quietly, mouth open in drunken slumber.

Hoseok looked over at him in shock. What kind of guy just waltzed into someone else’s home and falls asleep on their furniture? With a shake of his head, Hoseok walked to stand in front of the sleeping man. He realized that he wouldn’t be able to move him. He wasn’t strong enough for that even if the man did look small. Hoseok cursed himself for opening the door. He hadn’t expected the man to crash on his new sofa. The man twisted and turned in his drunken sleep mumbling incoherently under his breath.

Even in this state, Hoseok admired the man’s attractiveness and the way his tossing caused his shirt to ride up exposing some of the skin on his stomach. Hoseok looked away with a blush grabbing a nearby blanket and draping it over the man’s half-naked body. The man palmed at the blanket gathering it underneath his chin cutely.

Well, He guessed he would just have to let the unwanted visitor stay here for the night. With a heavy heart, Hoseok walked back to his bedroom door, leaving it open, as he climbed back into his warm sheets. By some stroke of luck, He was able to fall asleep if only for a couple more hours, till the morning sun caused him to wake with a start.

Quickly, He jumped out of bed and into the living room, hoping to find the man still asleep smugly on his couch. Hoseok planned to wake the man telling him to find his own home to sleep in next time he goes out drinking, but instead the room was empty.

Hoseok looked towards his couch finding his blanket neatly folded in a perfect square. On top of the blanket was a small note. He moved to pick up the note with cold fingers. In sloppy handwriting the note read, “ Sorry about your couch. It won’t happen again. Min Yoongi. P.S. here’s some money for the stay,” Next to the note was a fold of money less than 5 dollars worth. Hoseok swore under his breath.

The decency of this guy. He couldn’t even face him to apologize in person and that was hardly enough money for a warm place to stay the night. But Hoseok couldn’t think about his anger right now. He had to get ready for his first day of work. Dread filled his stomach when he thought about it. Stepping into that unfamiliar school would take a lot out of him, he knew it. Hoseok swallowed loudly as he crumbed the note tossing it across the room. With a deep breath, he willed all the bad energy out of his body. Today was the first day of his adult life and no one, not even attractive drunk strangers sleeping on his couch, would ruin this for him.


“So this is your desk,” the school office worker flipped her hand towards an empty desk in the corner of the teacher’s lounge. The women sighed and stared down at her phone, which was glued between her fingers. Hoseok arrived at the school office way earlier than he needs to be there. Most of the teachers wouldn’t arrive for another 30 minutes and the students didn’t arrive till the next hour. Coming this early, though, Hoseok planned to prepare himself for the day without having to be in a rush. He also hoped that he could befriend the office worker, but it seemed that wouldn’t be happening anytime soon.

The girl, still not paying attention to Hoseok, began to giggle down at her phone and type furiously. Hoseok sighed, setting his bag on top of his new desk. Finally the girl turned towards him, “yeah I think this is all I need to show you. You can figure everything else out I guess, “ shrugging the girl turned and left the lounge.

Hoseok watched her leave the room with an exhale and began to unpack his binders and books. It wasn’t five minutes after the girl had left that Hoseok hear loud voices from the hallway.

“So I told him ‘ Honey, you can’t just assume I care about what you’re talking about.’”

“No, you didn’t say that did you.”

“Well, no, but I thought about it…”

The two people turned into the lounge laughing loudly.

Hoseok stood up from his chair expectantly. Suddenly, the two men stopped in they’re tracks with frozen faces towards Hoseok.

“Well, well the fresh meat found his way in, huh,” The shorter of the two, raising his eyebrow jokingly.

Hoseok flashed the two a bright smile and moved towards them, “Jung Hoseok,” He extended his hand towards the shorter.

“Kim Taehyung, best math teacher in the district,” He took Hoseok’s hand and pointed towards the man next to him.

“Oh and that’s Seokjin hyung, oldest history teacher in the world,” Seokjin slapped him hard on the shoulder.

“Uh, that’s Mr. Kim Seokjin to you,” He directed at Taehyung, “You can call me hyung,” He smiled down at Hoseok.

“Well, it’s been a while since we’ve had a new teacher, you know budget cuts and all, but I’ll take you under my experienced wing and show you the ropes, man,” Taehyung wrapped his arm around Hoseok’s shoulders.

“Thanks, that would help me a lot.”

“Well, rule one! Don’t show the brats your weakness. Hyung here found that one out the hard way,” Seokjin blushed and rubbed at the back of his neck.

“Yeah, don’t tell them that you’re a huge fan of, I don’t know SNSD or something, they won’t take you seriously for the rest of the year.”

“Noted,” Hoseok nodded in condolence.

“Rule number two, don’t let them look you in the eyes. They may be cute but trust me they’re also deadly.”

Seokjin rolled his eyes at Taehyung, “God, don’t scare the man. You’ll be fine,” With that, Seokjin moved towards his desk gathering together some papers.
By then, other teachers began to come in for the day chatting to each other quietly.

Taehyung looked Hoseok up and down, “Ah yeah, hyung’s right you’ll survive, barely,” Laughing, Taehyung walked towards the door.

“Well, see you at lunch, fresh meat.”

When he was gone, Hoseok shook his head in disbelief. Really, though, country schools hired just about anyone to teach. He took a deep breath reorienting himself. They didn’t seem so bad, he thought to himself. Maybe this wouldn’t be as bad as Hoseok thought.


During lunch hours, Hoseok decided to hang out in the teachers lounge. Maybe he would be able to meet some more of his co-workers. After spending all morning with indifferent and tried teenagers he needed some real human contact. Luck would have it that when Hoseok turned into the lounge, teacher lunch tray in hand, the only two figures in the lounge were Taehyung and Seokjin laughing over their rice and chicken. Hoseok plastered a friendly smile onto his face as he moved towards them.

“Oh, look who it is! Decided to eat inside have we? Well, pull up a chair why don’t you?” Hoseok set his tray next to Seokjin’s at the round table in the corner and rolled a chair in front of it.

“How was you first morning from hell?” Taehyung asked leaning in closely to Hoseok’s side. He couldn’t understand why this guy seemed to hate his job so much.

“Not bad really,” Hoseok answered happily taking a bit of his rice.

“See that’s the spirit you need, Taehyung. Think about the good you’re doing in the children’s lives, you know.”

“All I know is that half these small town kid’s don’t give a shit what I teach them as long as I give them good grades and they get to go to parties on the weekends.”

“Man, they’re middle schoolers they ain’t doing any partying on the weekends.”

“Still hyung, in this town I would be surprised if there even was enough people to have a party with. You might have to invite the family cow to have enough bodies,” Taehyung laid his chopsticks down in angry and leaned back in his chair. Seokjin turned to Hoseok who had a questioning expression on his face.

“Taehyung here hates it in this town. You may have not noticed since you just got here, but there’s not really that much to do.”

“How about absolutely fucking nothing,” Taehyung’s eyes grew wider in anger.

“Yeah, but it a good job that pays well and that’s enough for me,” Seokjin bit into a piece of chicken.

“Since it’s your first day and all,” Taehyung relaxed, “ Hyung and I were thinking that we should take you celebrating as friendly co-workers. Maybe show you the only bar this town has.”

Hoseok beamed widely at his new friends, “ Yeah, that sounds great!” Really, maybe this job wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen in Hoseok’s life. Now he was wondering why he was so afraid in the first place.


Hoseok weaved his way through the crowd headed towards Seokjin’s tall self that stood out above the crowd. When he finally reached Taehyung and Seokjin, he was already out of breath and tired from pushing his way through the mass of bodies behind him. Seokjin grinned at him when he made it to their side.

“Good, he made it. Man, for a Monday night this place is too packed for my comfort,” Seokjin wrapped his arm around Hoseok in greeting and Taehyung smirked at him.

“Apparently there’s some kind of show tonight if you can believe it,” Taehyung crossed his arms so not to push into the people around him.

“That’s even better, then. It’s a true celebration now.”

Seokjin laughed, “I like this one, Tae. Always optimist just what this night needs. I’ll go try to get us some drinks,” Seokjin backed away from the two pushing his way towards the bar.

“I can tell you that half of these people must have driven here for this cause hell knows not this many people live in this God forsaken town.”

Hoseok looked around at the mass of excited people around him feeling like he was out of the loop. Whoever is performing tonight must mean a big deal to a lot of people. Really, Hoseok had wanted a semi-quiet night out with Seokjin and Taehyung, maybe drink a little and laugh at their day, this was a little too much. Hoseok contemplated suggesting that they find somewhere else to go when the room suddenly got dark as a spotlight flashed onto the stage. The crowd began to cheer loudly as a man approached a single mic stand underneath the light.

“Welcome, ladies and gentlemen!” The man shouted into the mic, causing the crowd to cheer once again. By then, Seokjin had made his way back to the group holding three beers in his hand. He passed them out as he leaned in.

“Guess the mystery show is starting,” Seokjin looked amused as he took a sip of his drink.

“I don’t really need to introduce the star tonight since we all know why we are here,” This, surprisingly, caused the crowd to whoop and holler even louder.

“No kidding,” Taehyung said, looking at Seokjin and Hoseok curiously.
Hoseok shrugged, eyeing to the stage as the man left and a group of people came out triggering the crowd to go wild.

Hoseok craned his neck around the heads in front of him to see the group of performers. One performer smiled widely at the crowd waving at his audience. The next performer had bright red hair and bounced in place as if calming his nerves before taking his place on stage. And the last man, standing center stage, was wearing an oversized hoodie. The hood was pulled up, but Hoseok could distantly make out his yellow hair sticking out from his snapback and the familiar smirk on the performers face. Hoseok gasped when he realized it was none other than Min Yoongi. The same Min Yoongi who had used his couch like a common stripper last night. Hoseok’s face twisted in rage at the sight of him and his stupid smirking face.

Music started to play from the speakers on the side of the stage as Yoongi began to rap slowly hushing the room. Hoseok rolled his eyes in frustration. His celebration night was now ruined thanks to the annoying Min Yoongi. God, it can’t get any worst than this.

“Hey, they’re not that bad,” Taehyung decided, nodding his head along with the beat of the song.

Hoseok wasn’t even paying attention to the actual performance because of his inner annoyance. When he looked back to the stage, the red-haired performer was dancing beautifully and the crowd was cheering him on. Well, Hoseok guessed he was pretty good at dancing. The dancer smiled towards the crowd as he removed his shirt slowly throwing it into the audience. All the girls started to scream loudly fighting over the sweaty t-shirt.

Hoseok blushed and looked away. The next song they performed was loud and powerful. The crowd jumped and pushed together to the music while on stage Yoongi and the other performers danced around widely while rapping. Hoseok almost got punched in the face by the elbow of the person next to him. For a weeknight this crowd is to turnt, Hoseok thought as he finished off his drink. There was nothing he could do but watch the rest of the performance, which to his anger, wasn’t as bad a he hoped it would have been.


Once the lights were turned back on and the audience began to shuffle around, some people leaving through the entrance others crowding around the bar cheering as they began their second round of celebrations, Seokjin turned to Hoseok with a smile on his face.

“They were actually really good. We picked a good day to celebrate, huh?” Hoseok shrugged at Seokjin’s comment, maybe a little too prideful to admit that he liked the performance as well.

Hoseok looked to Taehyung who was lost in a trance still starting at the now empty stage.
“That was amazing,” Taehyung drew out each word slowly, which had Seokjin laughing.

“Uh, earth to Tae? Are you alive?” Seokjin waved his empty beer bottle in front of Taehyung’s face to remove him from his trance. Taehyung shook his head slowly, looking at the two of them with wide eyes.

“I have got to meet those guys,” Taehyung grabbed both a protesting Seokjin and Hoseok and dragged them behind him towards a door marked ‘employees only’ stopping in front of the closed off room.

“If we wait here they’ll come out and we can thank them, yeah? I mean that’s what good audience members do anyway,” Taehyung seemed to be talking only to himself, debating his choices.

“God, man we’ll be here all night. We’ll need more drinks,” Seokjin looked to Hoseok rolling his eyes and leaving them as they guarded the door.
“That guy’s borderline alcoholic. I’ve tried to tell him ‘hey, man lay off the drinks it’s not good for your liver’, but does he listen, no he does not,” Hoseok had come to realize that Taehyung tended to ramble when he was nervous. He also tended to look around the room like a lost deer looking for its mother.

Suddenly, it hit Hoseok that if he were to stand here waiting for the performers to come out from the backstage area he would have to face Min Yoongi in all his smug glory. Disgusted, Hoseok frowned violently at the thought. No, he didn’t want to have to deal with that guy not now not ever. Just the sight of him on stage rapping and smiling attractively made Hoseok barf. If only his adoring fans knew what a bastard the guy was they wouldn’t have been cheering so loving for his little group of friends.

At this point, Hoseok had to come up with a way to tell Seokjin and Taehyung as to why he had to leave at this very moment, urgently. There was no way that he could talk Taehyung out of leaving before he met the performers. When Taehyung had he mind set on something he never backed down. Hoseok racked his mind for a way out of his current situation. Maybe if he told them that he forgot to feed his dog, but really Hoseok didn’t have a dog. Seriously, dogs are the perfect excuse to get out of something you don’t what to do. Once there a poor, lonely dog in need of love from you and you only, people will let you out of doing anything without hesitation. Fuck it Hoseok thought, it might work so it was worth a shot.

Just as Hoseok opened his mouth to tell Taehyung about his starving nonexistence dog, the employee only door opened and the red hair dancer emerged laughing loudly at some unheard joke. Taehyung stiffened visibly at the sight of the dancer who stopped in his tracks when he saw Taehyung before him.

“Oh,” The red haired boy’s mouth formed into an excited circle, “See hyung, look what I told you I do have fans lining up to meet me. I’m practically famous already,” Laughing again the boy extended he hand towards Taehyung. Taehyung rapidly shook the dancer’s hand blushing visibly.

“I...I just wanted to tell you that, uh, it was a really good show,” Taehyung stuttered out quickly, which caused the dancer to smirk.

“You're cute,” he said as Taehyung turned a darker shade of red scanning the boy’s face.

“Really?” Taehyung smiled widely. The dancer seemed clearly affected by Taehyung’s grin as he looked away swiftly.

“Gross Jiminie, don’t seduce your one and only fan,” The familiar voice reached Hoseok’s ears and made his stomach drop. Behind the Jimin kid, Yoongi emerged stupid gummy smile and all. He slapped Jimin on the back hard as Jimin rubbed at his hurt shoulder still staring at Taehyung. Hoseok really did not want to be there. He knew any moment now that his presence would be known and he didn’t want to go through the awkwardness that was bound to happen.

Maybe it was the alcohol getting to him, but Hoseok held his ground stupidly when his brain was telling him to run, run far away and never look back. It happened just as Hoseok imagined, when Yoongi’s dumb good-looking face finally rested on Hoseok’s, his eyebrows shot up. There was a drawn out silence among the group as Hoseok and Yoongi stared at each other until Jimin, looking back and forth between to two like he was at a tennis match, spoke up questioningly.

“Hyung, do you know this guy?” Jimin started, staring at Hoseok too. Finally, as if a spell was broken, Yoongi looked over at Jimin sheepishly.

“Uh yeah, he’s kind of my neighbor,” Yoongi gazed down in embarrassment.

“Kind of your neighbor?!” Taehyung choked out loudly and gave Hoseok an angry glare, “why didn’t you say anything before!”

Before Hoseok could defend himself and make it known that although the two of them might be neighbors they weren’t on the friendliest of terms, Yoongi looked to Taehyung with a weak smile.

“Well, we don’t really know each other that well,” Hoseok chuckled in his mind. Yeah, ‘we don’t know each other that well’ was a great thing to say to the guy whose couch you bummed off of last night.

“Sorry, but I never introduced myself, you know, properly,” Yoongi looked at Hoseok with apology written on his face. This guy could act all regretful, but Hoseok wasn’t buying it.

“I’m Min Yoongi,” The blonde haired boy stretched his palm out to Hoseok.

“Jung Hoseok,” He took Yoongi’s hand, ignoring how soft it felt to the touch, and gave Yoongi a plastered on fake grin.

By this time, Seokjin had returned holding three more drinks under his arm and was shocked when he saw the performers.

“If I would have know you guys would come out so early I would have gotten you all drinks,” Seokjin laughed not at all phased like Taehyung was by meeting semi-semi famous people.

“Ah man no worries, Yoongi here gets free drinks anyway being as it's part of his jobs to make them and all,” Yoongi shot Jimin an annoying glare.

“Oh, you work as a bartender here?” Seokjin asked as he handed Taehyung his drink.

“Yeah, on the weekends,” Yoongi’s face fell on Hoseok’s as he said this then he quickly looked away.

“Got to make money some way hyung am I right, what with you-“

“Ok, Jimin I thinks its time that you get home. It’s past your bedtime,” Yoongi glared at Jimin. Embarrassed, Jimin glanced around at the group shaking his head, “I’m not that young hyung, honestly.”

“Really now?” Yoongi’s facial expression caused Jimin to hold his tongue in fear of what the older would do to him if he spoke up again.

Seokjin smirked, “Ah, to be young and carefree,” Clearly he was slightly buzzed. He tsked as he looked down at his watch and looked up with wide eyes when he saw the time.

“Shit. It is really late and we have work tomorrow how about calling it a night?” Taehyung looked noticeably sad at the prospect of leaving for the night. Next to him, Jimin spoke up hurriedly.

“Where do you guys work?” He looked to Taehyung for an answer, who muttered unconfidently under his breath, “at the middle school in town.”

Jimin’s face lit up at this, “That’s cool! You get to teach young minds and all that shit,” His happiness at Taehyung’s answer had Taehyung grinning back at him.

“We’ll have to meet again some other time,” Seokjin sadly told the performers as he pushed Hoseok and Taehyung towards the door.

“Yeah, see you around,” Yoongi said softly, watching as Hoseok and the trio made their way out of the bar and into the night air.