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Vile to smile

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“So you are…” The succubus raised one of her eyebrows while taking glances at the paper, then back at the cheshire cat, who wasn’t in a good mood. She fiddled with her hair as she was clearly annoyed and looked like someone who really wished she wasn’t there.

“Beatrix Lance Kent.” The catwoman said in an uninterested tone, with both elbows on the table.

“Yes- Interesting name…”

“Yeah, yeah…”

“Hmmm, despite being a cheshire, you are not the talkative type… This is why you used unauthorized portals to come from the Old World?”

“So it’s called Old World here?” The cheshire’s ears nibbled.

“Yes, but please stay on the topic, and don’t dodge questions.”


“Well, then… Miss Beatrix, before we begin the whole legal stuff, I want to ask something… more personal.”

“Hmm?” The cheshire’s violet-black ears budged.

“How did you create an interdimensional portal? I know what your kind is capable of, but this kind of magic requires an insane amount of mana- As you know, our portals require a hefty amount just to function, and they are managed by multiple mages.

“Hmph- Wonderland has its secrets, but I can tell you this much: It wasn’t only me, the queen was involved too, also others.”

“Ah- that makes sense. A lilim aided you- Still even the demon lord’s daughters have to follow a code…” The succubus sighed. “But in this case, I believe you, as the queen is known for her bratty behavior- Well, I’m satisfied. Now let’s get back to you, and why you are here.”

“Its not free candy, that’s for sure…”

“Please miss, take this more seriously… I’m pretty sure you are aware of that it’s already hard to regulate the influx of our kind… Thousands upon thousands of mamono flooding in. It’s impossible to regulate everything and keep it in order- however, we try our best, and… mamono like you make things difficult-”

Betty’s paws turned into a fist as she snarled. Her temper went through the roof, as it even surprised the poor succubus.

“You are not aware of this, but let me tell you something: There were not hundreds, but THOUSANDS of queues in front of me! Every single portal has a huge ass queue as we cannot even mass enter them! Just like you said: we need highly skilled mages to even make it possible as these things require a ridiculous amount of juice! It sucks mana out of mages so hard even the best ghoul would be ashamed next to it! This even makes things longer, as even they need to rest! Then when I register I got a number, take a wild guess when I would be able to get here!

“I… I don’t know.” The succubus tried to hide behind her papers, but she couldn’t dodge Betty’s anger.

“EIGHT MONTHS! Almost as much as bearing a child! AND even that is not a hundred percent guarantee! I don’t even want to talk about nepotism and shit, I think you guys know it better how some of the higher ups, not only come here, but use them to jump back and forward! This is ridiculous!”

Betty slammed the desk so hard the succubus jumped a little, dropping her pen.

“Look, we know how it is, but…”

“But what?! I was tired of waiting! I left wonderland because this was the so called ‘IT’. What our kind wants! The promised land, every single mamono dreaming of! This was the second chance for those who were left behind! For someone like me! I don’t want to show the way around wonderland forever, so other residents can snatch away every single male! I’m tired of that! Every fucking card got a guy before me!”

Betty’s whole face was red as she barely could breathe in. She let out all her frustration she collected in years and the poor succubus, who worked as a human-mamono relationship matron, took everything. While she felt sorry for the cat, there were certain rules, which couldn’t be just ignored. It would have been a complete disaster if everyone who is capable of such magic was able to hop into this world, not just because some monsters would just outright rape humans, but humanity making such a sudden contact with magic, which was not regulated would also been horrendous for both sides.

“I understand your frustration… but we need to keep things in order.” The succubus interlocked her fingers while gazing at the annoyed, grimacing cheshire. “You have been living with the cupid, right?”

“Right… Why?”

“Beatrix… You didn’t even bother to register your home address either. Every single mamono understands that call: you want to go wild the moment you set foot on this world… but there are some consequences. These… “peacekeepers” like your cupid friend was, are exactly for solving such things. We have ONE chance to make a good impression towards humanity, in this place called Earth.”

“Yeah, yeah go on…”

The succubus sighed again.

“Beatrix, you already playing with that second chance you got. I might be disconnected with what’s happening currently in the Old World, but let me tell you this: this world outright hates single males. The roles are reversed… There are so many lonely depressed men here, who have lost hope or are about to lose it… They never received love, and we can change that! But… if people like you sabotage our progress, everything falls apart, Beatrix.”

“We, huh? I get it now. The cursed sword and me are one of the ‘bad gals’.”

“I can’t prove you wrong on that… in the Old World we had wars, but here is a different kind of war, not waged with swords and shields… To ensure our future we must be civilized as much as possible. So please… take these into consideration: Register where you live, get a job, obey the laws, be a nice citizen and, for the Demon Lord’s sake, try to stay civilized. The men of this world have seen enough bad things in their life…”

‘As if I didn’t…’ Beatrix shook her head.

“So what it will be? Will you continue this laughable rebel phase, or behave? We have already trouble enough to maintain the rapings, and managing monsterized women. To be frank, we cannot even punish you by sending you or anyone back because it’s already chaotic as it is now. It has been years since they opened and we STILL can’t properly manage it! This is not the Old World Beatrix, please get that through your head…”

“I still don’t get it, why are you doing this? I agreed on Paula’s behalf on registering myself at the closest checkpoint, but now I get lectures for hours about behavior? What am I, a feral ushi-oni?!”

“No, but…”

“Listen to me, your ‘call’ might have been ended since you found a husband, its easy to look down on those who didn’t. For us, who failed at not only in the Old World, but here too… we are desperate!”

The succubus crossed her arms, while her face turned away from the cheshire. She had a hard time arguing with her, since she knew the situation the cat was in, as what she said had truth in it.

“Times might be dire, but that’s not an excuse.”

“How so?!”

“This is for our kind, the mamono. I knew individualistic people like yourself have a hard time thinking about this, but… there are others who are also in your position… please, if you misbehave, you take away that chance from others too, just like that cursed sword friend of yours does. We don’t want her to… explode… to say. The demon lord’s daughters worked way too hard for this, Beatrix. Even the radical faction halt their advances, as you could guess they would gladly take their portion of the cake here, conquering these lands on Earth, yet even they understand the concept!”

Beatrix looked down, however, she didn’t feel shame. She understood this situation, but her misery was greater, than trying to understand how she can affect others.

“We have a huge number of reports of cases even worse than yours… do you know how many work we have to do just smooth our names out? There is no dodging this, Beatrix! One rotten apple can turn the whole basked, and some people in this world, looking exactly for this! If a succubus rapes a man in public, my whole kind will be labeled! Even if I don’t want that, it will happen, as I’m going to be shunned! I hope you understand this… you are an intelligent mamono… you can be reasoned with. You are not an ushi-oni, or a feral hellhound who we would need to beat into submission, so please turn into a better person before it’s too late.”

The cheshire massaged her forehead, as trying to process the information. In her mind was only one thing: she’s one of the few black sheeps, but she thought that the succubus didn’t get a full grasp on it that these kinds of monsters desperately need love too.

“Tell me this then: when will our time come?”

The succubus stood up and walked next to the window.

“The best advice I can give you is that you fix yourself first. Eat better food, don’t drink as much, find a man you like, find a job, and be a honorable citizen who shows example. Then I can guarantee it your time will come.”

‘I have a hard time believing that.’

She thought to herself with a sigh.



“So? How was it?”

The cupid was looking down at the cheshire who was sitting on a chair with an unamused and tired face, gazing at a bottle of booze. She didn’t move since she arrived back at the apartment, as she was still living with Paula, the cupid. While Paula grew as a person since he found a boyfriend, Betty was on a constant downward spiral. Her routine was just waking up, browse the internet while drinking white russians until she gone to sleep in the afternoon. Then wake up again in the evening, and stay awake until five in the morning.

Paula often pointed this out, the cheshire at first was somewhat bothered by it, but as time passed, she just stopped caring. Months have passed as the cat developed heavy internet and alcohol addiction as she herself couldn’t even say what day it was currently.

“What ‘so’? I’m registered… I did what I could…” Beatrix shrugged as she drank from a bottle of vodka.

“Look, Betty, we don’t know each other that much… but I they are right on a few things… This is no way to live, being drunk every day, and just collecting support from the government.”

“Ha? So you want to throw me out? Like everyone does?” The cat pinched the bottle, playing with it, as Paula took this offensively. It was one thing helping a friend in need, but the cat in the recent weeks started to be obnoxious, especially when Paula tried to put her life back on track.

“No… we also had this conversation many times already! You are a monster girl, for lilims’ sake! I even offered you help, that I shoot someone with my bow, who you fancy, and it’ll fall in love with you!”

Paula started to lose her temper, as the cat acted like a spoiled child, not listening at all, just playing with the bottle.

“But that wasn’t right, huh? Listen here, even I had a moral question about using my abilities, but let me tell you this: NOTHING is worse than waiting for the universe to magically align, Betty! Time flies away as less and less guys will be available.”


“Hahh…” Paula grit her teeth, while shaking her head.“What about the guys we played with online? I’m sure at least one of them would absolutely love to meet you or Sharon… At least give it a try, if you don’t go outside…”

“Hmmmh…. fine-”

The cheshire grumbled as her forehead landed on the desk.

“By Eros…”

The cupid sighed, as she scooped up the drunk cheshire.



“Heh, nice one.”

The cheshire made a malicious smile at the laptop’s monitor. The circles under her eyes and her constant drunk state took a toll on her, yet she always found some time to engage in online conversations, while fueling herself with either coffee, energy drinks, or an unholy mixture of alcohol and the two.

Recently, the cursed sword introduced the cat to a certain zipangese throat singing website, it didn’t take her much to get hooked on it, as it immediately raised her attention. Partly due to Betty’s trickster nature, as she loved cheap laughs and too, but mostly because she had nothing better to do in her time. The government gave her aid, and while it wasn’t that much, it was enough for her current lifestyle. She quickly succumbed to the culture of this certain website, and learned about how socially inept people live in this world.

To her surprise, while humans here were more advanced in technology to compensate the lack of magic, they were also more isolated and more individualistic than the ones in the old world. Same goes for religion as next to the Order it was very tame what she saw here. Despite how the world quickly adjusted to mamonokind, she realized that the grass wasn’t as green as she predicted it. She wasn’t the first one who met the same exact fate as her. Still, somehow she resonated more with said males in this world as she was with the ones from where she came from, yet she was still couldn’t make a relationship other than friendship with them. Perhaps she was afraid, or simply she didn’t know how to.

On the other hand, she quickly learned about a particular type of people who are moderating these oriental carpet illustration forums without needing any payment. She immediately latched onto this idea as she found a lot of joy mocking these people, especially the mamono kinds too, who took their job very seriously. Just like how a dynamic IP address works, thus, she continuously reported herself, so such administrator will definitely see her incredibly low quality pictures of cats, false flagging, gaslighting, pretending to be an idiot just to waste someone else’s time. Of course, the entire purpose was to make them angry, as she had a hunch even some mamono took these positions. Especially kikimora’s were prone to do this, and hence they were canine types too, it filled her with incredible joy if she could toy with them. Her favorite way to get on the kikimora’s nerves was to post about a farming supply shop where two hillbilly men sitting in front of the shop mock a person who came from the city.

When she wasn’t too occupied with trolling, she loved to talk about the online video game Sharon, Paula and Linda were playing, even more than playing the game itself. The cheshire often completely lost her sense of time as her online activities didn’t stop even past midnight.

However, today was different. The words of the succubus couldn’t leave her mind, so she contacted the person who was quite infamous for being somewhat similar to her: the cursed sword named Sharon.

The cheshire double clicked on the game to run it as Sharon’s only contact was either by phone number or in game, as she refused to use any kind of social media.

“What do you want?”

‘Heh… cold as usual…’

“I have been into that office, you probably know which one.”

“Yes, I can guess.”

“So… how do you… you know.”

“I know what you want to say already. I’ll only say this once: you are incredibly stupid if you care about this stuff what they say.”

The cheshire’s paws stopped typing, she didn’t know how to respond. On one hand, the cursed sword was right, but her situation was more complex than that. She felt as if both the succubus and Sharon were right to some degree.

Betty bit her upper lips, as she cleared her head. She wanted to push the topic, as she was interested in what the cursed sword has to say about it.

“But, you know how it is, right?”

“What how it is?”

“I think they are somewhat right, not on everything tho…”

“How so?”

‘These one-liners are killing me…’ She thought as she chuckled.

“Don’t say you don’t think they are not at least on some stuff right.”

“I’m saying it right now: They are wrong. End of the story. These assholes can suck on my blade. I know how it is: they fucked with your mind there, just like how they wanted to brainwash me too. The usual burden to society shit, while they try to force everyone to be a good little cog in the machine. As if this whole shit wasn’t about them first, then maybe us. It’s okay to be individualistic and being yourself, don’t fret over that. They told me the same exact shit what you probably heard: behave and good things come to you. My ass. I make my own path and if that is being a loner, then so be it. I’m strong enough to endure, just like I did for hundreds of years so far. Fucking limslop munchers.”

‘Shit, she types so fast…And what the fuck is a limslop?’ The cheshire cat blinked while trying to process the information the cursed sword dumped on her.

“But, we can’t be lonely forever, right?”

“Betty, if a simple human male can deal with it, we can too. You have guys here who already accepted it, and live like that. It is how it is. Not all of us are meant to be loved or have a family. Thats the sad reality. Just get used to that shit feeling in your chest, it’ll go away after an hour or so.”

The cheshire cat cringed. The cursed sword hit way too close to her reality, as she did have chest pains when she was really sad.

“Are you saying we’ll die alone?”

“You? No. Me? Yes.”

‘She typed that down with such ease…’

“Then, aren’t you sad because of it?”

“Betty, since Linda got her boyfriend, I felt worse than ever in my whole life even back there. Yet here I am, still alive. Besides, the human world here has done a lot worse to these guys.”

“Are you even alive at this point, Sharon? Just a walking husk unknown to the most important aspect of a mamono, love?”

The cheshire typed it down, but then she deleted it. She knew it would just fuel the fire, but she learned her lesson, as things can go very wrong, and she could end up as Sharon. While she felt bad for the cursed sword being so sour, she had a feeling that it would be the best time to change things.

“Sharon, we are mamono. Can we really live like this?”

“I can.”

‘Dammit, she doesn’t understand this situation? Or what?! Stupid ass cursed sword! Or… she just lost hope...’

Betty contemplated that maybe she was too harsh on her. After all, she has never seen Sharon being happy either, just jaded. It didn’t help either that Sharon was a lot older than she was. Nobody dared to ask about her previous life so far, as Betty had a thought it was probably for the better.

“Do you really think, you are finished? Just like that?”

“Finished? How? Linda got what she wanted, Paula ditto. You’ll eventually too.”

‘She’s so sure about me… I don’t know why, but she really seems to just devalue herself, while giving me hope… Strange woman…’

“But what about you?”

After this message minutes passed, as the usually fast typing Sharon didn’t wrote back for a while. Betty’s paws turned into fists as she thought she might have asked something, which she shouldn’t.

“I’ll be fine.“

Betty knew these words carried no weight at all, as even if it was just some text, the girl she was talking to was more deeply hurt than she ever was.

“I will find a way.”

The cheshire didn’t know why she typed this, as she just gazed at her character’s back silently, as if time froze around her. What exactly did she want to prove to the cursed sword, she had no idea.

“Can’t wait…”

Something within Betty changed by seeing these two words. She felt something she has long forgotten: motivation. She knew it immediately that this was her time to shine as it was a now or never moment. The cursed sword state was miserable, but she still carried a weight.

‘Maybe… I can show her the light from this pit…’

She made a smug smile.

“Good night, or more like morning, ultimate weapon XD.”

“Fuck off.”

She smiled, as she knew that Sharon specifically hated any kind of usage of the letter X and D next to each other. She shut off the laptop with a confident smile on her face.

After all these years, she felt as if her cheshire blood was fired up again, while her smugness returned.



The next day Betty woke up in a state she didn’t felt a long time. Energized, full of life, and despite her being up until four in the morning, she still managed to wake up at eight.

Her entire body was in frenzy, as she had now something to motivate herself, and with it maybe peel off the cursed sword’s hard shell.

“What a beautiful morning! So… Uh… how do I start this again?”

She said to herself as she looked around the kitchen, as if she was searching for a tool to start her journey.

“I… I don’t know what to do now…”

The cheshire was clueless as she looked around again, her motivation might have been high, but she never dealt with such a situation. Still, she had to prove it to herself and the cursed sword she’s capable of getting a man, however what she didn’t know was how to actually get one.

“F-fuck, what do I do now? Let’s see… there are some single males in the guild, right? Those would be the best place to start! I think…”

She quickly opened her laptop, and rushed to log into the online game. Betty didn’t even notice the cupid walking past by her, making coffee.

After a successful login with shaking paws, she was looking at the guild chat window.

‘Shit… this will be harder than I thought…’

She bit her lips as she watched the clock. Usually, most guild members would be active around 6 PM. Betty, however, noticed a few names which seemed familiar to her, as these exact names were active more frequently than others. Still, she never really engaged with a conversation with them, or if she did, it was only small talk at best, and even that was through Sharon or Linda.

“You want some?”

The cheshire jumped from the bed like a cat, with a curved spine.

“No… D-don’t scare me like that!”

“Eh… Betty, I think you are a bigger addict than I am…”

“N-not that I- aah… fuck.” The cheshire rolled her eyes, as she contemplated to tell the cupid about her plan.

“Please, don’t tell anyone this, but… I’m trying to, you know, get a man.”


The cupid just blinked at her while holding a cup of coffee, she nearly splashed over herself when Betty jumped.

“I’m serious!”

“Uh… Betty, just sitting idly in a hub city is not exactly the best way to approach this matter…”

“I damn mean it! I… ah, I’ll tell you, you are a messenger of Eros after all.”

“Hmm~ more like former, but go on…”

“I want to talk to a guy here, in game, in our guild, but-”

“You don’t know how to begin… ah yeah, I remember that feeling.”

“You do?!”

“Hah, of course! You were the one who pushed me to the right path before, remember?”

“I dunno, I just said you should go after that guy you loved…”

“Yep, and that was what I needed! Now, I’m gonna help you! That is… after I get back home! Shit, I’m gonna be late… Bye!” The cupid quickly changed her clothes, as she rushed towards the door to put her shoes on.

“W-wait, don’t just leave me here! I need you!” The cheshire pointed at the laptop with shaking paws.

“Ah, you’ll be fine! Or you can come with me!”

“N-nah, I’ll be just in the way… besides, I dunno, the gym seems like… too foreign.”

“Okay… sorry, but I need to go now, good luck!”


The cheshire waved as the cupid bursted out from the door, leaving the cat alone. Betty looked at the text box as if it eagerly awaited her input.

‘Should I do it now? Paula only comes back late… Ah… fuck! What do I do?!

The girl held her head with her paws.

‘Wait… why am I so freaked out? It’s not even a date! Nor a conversation! It’s just… a greeting to fellow guildmates, right? Wait, what if it’s too late? I mean… I logged in a while ago, so… it can be inappropriate, right? Maybe this timing is not right, as only a few of them are online, and they would think I’m some weirdo anyway, haha~

‘Demon lord… It’s like I forgot how to open a conversation… Why am I so damn nervous? It’s just a chit-chat, nothing serious!’

“Right, I can do this without Paula! I am my own cat! I mean woman…”

She took a deep breath and began to type.

“Hey guys, anyone wanna run some dungeons?”

No one typed back to her. The cheshire got a slight annoyance on her face, as she bobbed her head.

“Well, I’m not that known… but-”

She waited for minutes, idling in a capital city with her character, but she received no reply.

“Can’t expect the best, eh? Oh well, can’t say I wasn’t prepared for this, but still, it kind of hurts.”

Betty rubbed her nose, then crossed her arms, gazing at the monitor.

“Maybe they are just shy? Maybe… I should have used a different tone, like ‘Please, can you help me with the dungeon?’ Hmm… I should have been more like a damsel in distress, or… eh, maybe I just overthink this. Still- None of them takes it…”

She clicked her tongue, still waiting for a reply, while she hopped around with her character.

“Ah, fuck this-”

Betty angrily began to play the game as she was just farming various materials to get her mind off.

“Its fine. Really. Totally.”

She grumbled, as time passed by clearing solo content and farming. She didn’t even stood up from her place, just played for hours.

“Hey, I’m home.” Paula stepped into the apartment, putting down a bag.


“You are still playing, I see, any advancements?” She asked while putting her shoes down, as the cat shrugged.

“Nothing really, I still can’t get the item I wanted, it never drops, damnit! You won’t join?”

“Nah, not today. I’ll have a date.”

“Oh~” Betty let out a sigh. While she was happy for Paula, she still felt bad because it reminded me of her situation, just when she could forget about it.

“So, did you have any progress in your ‘love quest’?”

“I’m afraid not… wait, maybe I should visit a bar or something, there SHOULD be lonely men, no?’

Her spirit rose up as she quickly walked into the bathroom, fixing her messy hair.

“That’ll do!”

She happily hurried towards the main door, as Paula just blinked at her.

“Huh, you are in high spirits.” The cupid’s voice made her stop.

“Yes, I’ll try to be positive!”

“You’ll go out drinking, right?”

“Tsk… not like that. I’ll try to… get to pick up someone there!”

“Well, good luck with that.” The cupid chuckled.

“Why are you laughing?!”

“It’s not that I’m laughing at you… Betty, the lonely men who were out in public are mostly already taken in this area…”

“No way…”

“Yep. I’m just telling you the truth.”

The cupid shrugged while she sat down on the sofa, texting with her man.

“That can’t be! Bars were always the lonesome guy’s refuge to-”

“Times changed.” Paula looked up from her phone. “I’m happy you want to go out to find a man, but you are definitely not going to find a guy there. Besides, I know you enough to know that you’ll use this as an alibi to drink and drink even more…”

The cheshire got slightly annoyed at her friend’s remark.

“How the fuck are you so sure?!”

“I have been there… and done that…” The cupid sighed. “This clubbing stuff is a thing of the past. What you’ll actually find there are lonely mamonos, with the same exact intention of drinking their sorrows away… just like how man used the do that before the portals opened.”

The cheshire was grabbing the doorknob trying to figure out her next move.

“Are you saying I shouldn’t go then?”

“It’s up to you, but like I said, don’t expect much.”

“Ah… whatever.”

She released the doorknob as her ears flopped down. With a sigh, she walked back, and opened her laptop again, to visit her favorite snowman building club forum.

“Hmm, you are there again?”

“Yea- why?”

“Betty, maybe you should get a guy from there, no?”

Time itself stopped for the cheshire as the idea overloaded her mind.

“I’II… I mean, I dunno about that one…”

“Why? Are they THAT bad?”

“No, it’s not them, it’s just… it feels weird to think about them romantically when they are, you know…”

“Ah, so you are afraid they’ll get mad or something, as they are your friends?”

“Yep, I go there to get my.. Uh, heh… daily dose.”

“One try can’t hurt, right?”


The cheshire’s bit her lower lip as she looked away. This might end up being the best, but also the worst thing she ever done.

“Well, I’m going, good luck with your date.”

“Heh… good luck on YOUR date, Paula…”

The cupid with a blank expression stood up, then chuckled and waved to the cheshire as she left the apartment. On the road, her mind couldn’t get off from the cheshire.

‘If this keeps going on, I might need to pull some strings…’



“Okay, let’s do this… I have to try to not sound so desperate. Not to funpost either… but be serious, yet also not overdo it. I’ll just add one guy from one of these threads, then we play some games and chat… that’s how relationships start! Or at least I think so…”

She smiled while adding a contact she saw on the said forum. Betty was happy since she noticed that man also was into the same videogame she played, thus she was in a familiar space. In her mind she already had planned about how she and he will quest then later raid together, albeit she didn’t even know how he looked like.

“Huh, what’s this message?”

“Are you that cheshire girl?”


‘This is it… Here we go!’ She smiled at the monitor.

“I’m sorry, but I already got added by a minotaur girl, and I don’t want to be an ass to her… I hope you understand. Sorry.”

Betty stopped breathing.

“No fucking way… this cannot be!”

“You are joking right?” She typed down in the message box.

“I’m sorry, look, she added me first…”

‘Stupid beef, but- ah maybe I hesitated way too much… Damnit!’

She just gazed at the monitor, not knowing what to do.

“I hope you find luck too, Goodbye.”

Betty’s paw squeezed her mouse. That feeling Sharon talked about came back to her.

‘What if… these girls are just better than me? That’s why I cannot find a guy. Even in our guild…’ Betty, without any movement, just stared forward towards the empty wall.

‘This is not different from wonderland either… maybe I’m just not loveable…’

‘It’s… tiring. I’m so tired.’

She put her elbows on the desk and buried her face into her furry palms.



Betty’s whole week was miserable. She was tired, sad, and lonely. The energy and enthusiasm she had before was lost. Months passed, as her situation didn’t improve even a bit.

She also received a letter from the government that she’s can now legally live in Paula’s apartment, and also she can remain in this world as long as she wants to, but she didn’t care about that anymore. Betty didn’t engage in any conversation with her friend group either, just silently continued to play games. He aimed for mostly soloable content, as she didn’t feel confident at all to even play with others.

Today was a raid day for them, and even if she cringed at the idea to play with others, after organization and whatnot, they managed to clear a few bosses but on one they got stuck. This boss required more coordination than others, so it was expected from the fresh recruits to fail as they learn. However, her opinion was different on this matter, as she saw herself as a newbie too, yet she vastly overperformed them.

“Lets call it a night.”

“Linda’s right, I’m tired too. Good night guys GG.

“Yep GG.”


The cat frowned as she read the text appearing. She really didn’t like what she saw, as in her goal oriented mind she already expected the weapon to be obtained today.

“GG? Really? My ass was gg!”

She cringed as she swung a bottle of vodka.

“This is the thirteenth run and he still can’t get it right. Fucking moron!” She grumbled, but she didn’t type anything, just left the raid.

“Betty, you are starting to sound like Sharon…” Paula said it from the couch, raising one of her eyebrows on the cat.

“But I’m right! We had so many runs and this idiot still fucks it up! When I started, I was never this bad! What the fuck?!”

“You are unfortunately right about that… people are different, you know, also he just barely started playing… give him a chance…”

Paula repressed the urge to say that the said newbie probably doesn’t have as much time as the cheshire has to play the game every day, but she knew that would only fuel the fire.

“Whatever.” She closed the laptop and stretched her limbs.

“So… any progress?”

“Huh? Why do you ask that? You could see that we barely made any.”

“Not that, dumbo. I talk about the other thing.”

“What, other thing?”

“Uh… you forgot?!”

The cheshire scratched her head.

“Oh yeah, about that… Meh, I dunno…”

“Hmph… you didn’t, it’s just that you gave up, didn’t you?”

“Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t. It doesn’t matter.” The cheshire shrugged.

“Doesn’t matter? Betty, do you hear yourself?! You are a mamono! I’m a little worried about you…”

“Ah… nonsense. The time will come, why force it? I tried, and it didn’t work out.”

“What did I tell you about waiting? I mean, you said it yourself back then to just do the thing! Just because you failed, it doesn’t mean you have to give up!”

“Hmm… that was back then…” Betty swung the bottle again. “Not every tale has a happy ending, Paula.”

The cupid shook her head, while she closed her laptop too.

“I’m dirt tired, I’ll go to sleep… good night Betty.”

“Yeah, good night.”

The cheshire was left alone in the apartment as only some light from the lamps outside came into the apartment. She stood up, walked closer to the curtains, then pushed them away so she can get into the balcony.

“Maybe some fresh air will help…”

She opened the door, then leaned onto the rail. Below her were kids playing despite being 10PM. On some level, she couldn’t help but feel jealousy, as she played with the idea of she herself having kids.

“They are cute, aren’t they?”

The cupid walked next to her, as the cheshire jumped a little.

“Oh, fuck… please stop doing this.”

“Eheh…” The cupid smirked at Betty, then turned back to the kids. “You can feel it, don’t you?”

“Of course… Despite my best to press it down, drink away the sorrows and these thoughts, I’m still a monster girl.” The cheshire let out a huge sigh.

“It’s hard to ignore it, isn’t it? As years go by, the question comes up again and again, until your brain just cannot think about anything else but to have sex and a family. This is what our kind is about Betty, its not even stupid, but rather offensive when you go against it. Not only for Eros herself, but rather for everything we stand for…”

The cheshire’s ears dropped down as she bit her lips.

“Yes, but… Argh, I dunno what do! It’s not like I snatch away a guy either, because I don’t want that! So difficult!”

“Don’t lose hope, I know that, you think it’s easy for me to talk about this, but I was in this spot before. Hah, you know my own old teammates told me I’m on a watchlist because I’m that unloveable… They feared I became a threat to mamonokind in this world too… You need to be tough and strong willed. Even if everything seems to go against you.”

“Yeah, yeah… I heard this stuff already. Shouldn’t you be sleeping now?”

“It leaves a bad taste in my mouth if I know that you are here being alone and all…”

“I see… thanks, I guess. I’ll try again.”

“That's the spirit! Also, you should sleep too, alkie memecat.”

“Tsk. Big words… I will sooner have kids than you acceptable DPS!”

“Hrrrrgh…” the cupid grumbled. “Good to see you in high spirits again, I sure I don’t have to uplift your depressed femcel ass again.” She grinned at the cat.

“Go to sleep, wagie, you can’t be tired. Miss Nuki needs her new car.” She laughed at the cupid, as both smirked at each other.

“Heh… faggot neetcat.”



“Limslop consoomer.”

“Tendie autist.”

They both laughed at each other's insult all night, to their neighbors’ despise.



“You are not scraping the bottom of the meter this time. Nice job I guess.”

“Please Sharon, I got my dose from the freeloading kusoneet cat.”

“Heh, so I’m kusoneet now…?”

“Now?” The cupid looked at the cat with a smirk, as they both smiled.

“I think we’ll need to have some conversation with this new guy… I mean, we did do okay, but its clear he’s a deadweight here.”

“Well, you are right about that… Wait… what if YOU showed him how to do some deeps?”

The cheshire’s head slowly turned at Paula, who was playing the same game next to her.

“You look at me as if I cursed your whole family tree… You are good at this, you got this.”

“B-but Sharon is better.”

“Sharon is more autistic than you are, also she wouldn’t even talk to someone who is so bad at the game. Not to mention she’s melee, and you two are ranged.”

“Fair points…”

The cheshire gulped as she looked at the text message box, while getting that familiar feeling of anxiety.

“Okay, fuck it, let’s do it.”

“New guy, don’t worry about your performance. I’ll show you how it’s done and teach you some tricks and give out tips about dpsing.”

The cupid gazed at her monitor, then she looked back at the cheshire, while she burst out of laughter.

“Hah- That sounded VERY erotic, Betty, poor guy must be blushing like no tomorrow.”

“Shut up…”

"Look, she texted back to you!”


“An ‘Okay’? only?”

‘Wait… what if he’s from… there too? It’s worth a try. Maybe I could have an easier time to talk to him…’

“Hey dude, let’s go to the training dummies, okay?”


The cheshire saw the guy’s ingame character putting hopping on a mount.

‘Now or never. If he doesn’t catch it… I swear I’ll snatch away someone on the street!’ The cheshire thought.

“Well, well, well, look at the raid slacker and his fancy new mount.”

“So this is where I'll see Betty's tips and tricks. This mount is just from an old content raid...”

The cheshire chuckled.

“Well, pardon me, mister legendary shoes…”

“Heh, I got this from defeating another murderhobo.”

“Hah, got it by pvping? If I pulled you off from your legendary item, would you die in pvp?”

“It would be pretty painful to play without them.”

“Still, getting an orange from that is an impressive feat. You are a big shot.”

“For you.”

The cheshire giggled to herself while reading his messages.

“What the fuck did you guys mean by this?” Paule asked as she looked dumbfounded at the laughing cat.

“Nothing…” Betty chuckled. “You wouldn’t get it.”

“Oh, so it’s like an inner culture thing…”

“Pretty much, but look, Sharon typed something too.”

“Lets see… ‘kys newfags’. Hah… She’s mad because we talk about this stuff outside of that place.”

“Ah, so it’s like that… But you seem to be happier, Betty.”


“Yeah, I mean you go to bed at two AM instead of five in the morning lately too, you and your fur don’t smell of booze, and you washed your bathrobe. I’m proud of you, as you are definitely improving. Slowly, but steadily.”

The cheshire blushed as she looked away from the cupid, then she chuckled.

“Maybe this actually fits me.”

“Hmm? How so?”

“You know, I always guided people in Wonderland, and now I can guide a guy here… Maybe I have a savior complex or something…”

“Who knows, maybe this guy actually needs your help.” ‘Not only in game too…’ The cupid added to herself, as she joyfully watched the happy cheshire, texting with the man.



The night came as both the cupid and the cheshire played all day long with their guild. The cheshire decided to go to bed early as the cupid advised, so she can correct her sleep schedule. Paula actually planned to bring the cheshire to the gym if she manages to wake up, and do some light exercises since she had some extra calories to burn on her, with the snacks and alcohol.

Paula retreated to her room as she sat down on her bed, then pulled up her phone, then pressed the icon, which had a blank image next to Sharon’s name.

‘Can’t wait to tell her about this! Damn, but you really should put on a profile pic at least…’

“Sharon! It’s working11!! These tqo are into each other!11!! Betty was so cute when she tored to hide it that, she was texting with him undtr the blankett. You are a lige savr!”

“ok. good.”

‘Really, an ‘ok’ and ‘good’ only? Ah fuck, I made so many typos… Just text back already!’

The cupid happily flailed her legs, awaiting more response from the cursed sword as she knew another couple was blooming because of her and Sharon.

“Are you drunk again?”

“fuck noi’m just happy!1!”

‘Come on, you can be proud of yourself, you dumb cursed sword. You are a better cupid than I am! You saved lives, Linda and Betty found happiness because of you!’ The cupid thought, while shaking her head.

“Without yuo Betty wouls never meet with him, did yuo relly pull this guy of from that palace?”

“I just saw him in a thread, where he posted a depressed greentext shit about how much he wants a cheshire girlfriend, as no one loves him, yadda-yadda the usual depressed normalfag bullshit, the same what our kind does about not having a boyfriend. You did the rest, like recruiting him, and making sure they talk to each other."

‘Thats kinda sad, but eh… she doesn't even realize how much she helped with this…’

“Thank you again… I hope one day you will fall in love too. I’m more than glad to help you anytime you need.”

The cursed sword sighed as she cracked her knuckles, then circled around with her head.

“Ok, I’m going to sleep now. good night.” She typed down, as she logged off.

“Why the fuck am I even doing this? Hah… killing yourself because you’ll never find a dumbass memecat. Now you got one… The cupid can't even type, she's so excited... hah. So stupid...”

The cursed sword stretched her arms, then rubbed her eyes.

“More couples, eh- hmph. I wonder what another person’s warmth is like…”

The cursed sword cleared her long jet black hair out of her vision with a sigh, and turned off her computer.