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Yoongi had woken up with a slightly unpleasant itching in his stomach for the last few days. It was bothersome and annoying, but he didn’t think much about it. Why, only last week, Taehyung and Jungkook had been unfortunate enough to drink something that was, apparently, expired, without realizing it. They had complained about feeling weird for a good chunk of the day, until the elder of the two actually threw up. A quick visit to the hospital, two pills and a good night’s rest later they were back to normal.

So no, even though it seemed to last forever, Yoongi didn’t think much about it. He took some medication, drank warm tea, and went on with his life. Besides, they had a busy and very much important schedule this week. They were to go to Japan, hold a showcase, do a few interviews and photo shoots. Then, two days – or was it three, after coming back, they would go to the Idol Olympics. Then, after everything was done and dandy, they would start preparing for another showcase a few weeks later. All in all, busy, busy, busy.

He barely had time to stress over his health himself, so of course he hadn’t bothered telling the other guys about it. He didn’t even mention it to the managers. And yet, both Namjoon and Jin seemed to somehow pick up on it. They didn’t straight out tell him, probably because they knew how stubborn he was, but they showed it through small gestures. They took his side against the younger ones’ when he opened the window of the car as they headed towards the airport, they offered to carry his bag as soon as they were out of the fan’s sight, and they went ahead and bought him some honey water.

Even as they boarded the plane Jin whispered to him, letting him know that he had pain killers if he needed anything while on the short flight. Yoongi was touched, honestly, though he didn’t show it. Besides, it wasn’t something he couldn’t handle.

“Yeah right,” Namjoon snickered sarcastically under his breath “Weren’t you the one barely able to get out of bed this morning?”

“I did get up though…”

“The same time as Jungkook, yeah. And we all know that isn’t saying much, considering the kid could sleep through the military parade yelling the national anthem at full power…”

“Yes, thank you for that input,” Jungkook begrudgingly mumbled as he went past them to take his seat right next to Hoseok and behind Yoongi and Jin.

“Any time,” Namjoon smirked, already putting his headphones on.

“How long has it been going for anyway?” Jin asked with a hint of suspicion in his voice.

“Two days. It’ll be fine in no time, stop worrying over nothing.” Obviously a dirty lie, as it had actually been getting progressively worse for the past five days. But he was still determined to keep it at bay. He would take a trip to the doctors as soon as they got back from Japan. Until then, he would quietly suffer the mild discomfort of tiny spikes of pain every once in a while. Such as the one that crawled over him halfway through the flight.

Of course he didn’t mention it or show any sign of his inner struggles though, just excused himself to the bathroom, mentally cursing at anything, everything, anyone, and everyone, and took one of the few painkillers he had stacked up in his wallet especially for situations like this. The struggle.

“I want to room with Jungkookie!” Taehyung happily yelled as soon as the manager had mentioned they were only a few short minutes away from the hotel.

“Then I want to stay with Yoongi,” Jimin piped in, equally as excited, jumping up and down in unison with his same age friend, both wearing mischievous smirks while Jungkook was silently judging them from his own seat, right next to them.

“Then I guess we’re gonna be roommates,” Namjoon easily agreed.

“So, no sleep for us then…” Hoseok snickered while Jin didn’t even bother holding in his laughter.

“Hey! Come on, I don’t snore that bad!”

“Yeah,” Hoseok continued, Taehyung dying of suppressed laughter right behind him, “Just like, you know, a tank.”

“Or a battalion,” Yoongi snickered, completely pleased with the reaction the leader provided, spluttering and getting redder and redder by the second. Even the driver struggled not to laugh.

As soon as they reached the hotel, everyone split, going, or, in Yoongi’s case, being dragged to their new, temporary rooms. Jimin had, as soon as the door was closed behind him, started goofing around, moving from one corner of the room to the other, inspecting the TV, the closet, the bed, the other bed, the lamp, the closet, the desk, the door, the window, the view, the bathroom, the towels, the shampoo, the conditioner, the soap, the towels, the tub, the sink… everything. Every now and then, he would also throw a comment to Yoongi who had, in the meanwhile, thrown his luggage to the side and thrown himself on top of the bed, very much content in sinking into the surprisingly comfortable mattress.

“There’s a balcony!”


“Do you think I could jump over to Namjoon’s room?”

“Uh… No?”

“Well you’re no fun…” Jimin pouted, attempting to be cute. However, Yoongi barely paid him enough attention. Thankfully for the still-too-energetic dancer, a knock on the door and a very bored Taehyung lifted his mood back up.

“Let’s play! Jungkookire fell asleep while I was talking to him!”

“The nerve…” Yoongi offhandedly remarked, barely even trying to hide a smirk. He was on his phone, attempting to connect to the unpleasantly bad wifi, so he didn’t really pay attention to the kind of revenge Taehyung had planned out for his comment.

Now, having one of the mischievous duo plant themselves on top of him was nothing new, unfortunately. Usually, he would complain and protest until the other either got off or he pushed him away, whichever came first. However, this time, the sudden weight that landed on top of him, right where his stomach had been hurting, threw a spike of pain through his body that was so unbelievably painful, the fact that he hadn’t screamed his lungs out was a miracle.

He blacked out, he must have, because next thing he knew, he was on his side, clutching his abdomen for dear life, biting the shit out of his bottom lip and on the verge of tears. God, did it hurt. Taehyung was beside him, obviously shaken, hands hovering over him, wanting to help somehow, but too scared to touch him. Jimin was right in front of him, kneeling besides the bed, trying to figure out what was wrong, asking questions that Yoongi couldn’t hear.

When the younger notices the tears starting to fall, along with the uneven breathing, he immediately ducks for his phone and calls Namjoon, barely managing to pass on a coherent message, mumbling and spluttering into the receiver.

Not even thirty seconds later, the leader stumbled into the room, the manager, confused and obviously unaware of what was going on, right behind him. Namjoon must have seen him on the hall and dragged him along.

“Shit! What happened?”

By this point, the pain, much to Yoongi’s displeasure had not only not decreased, but quite the opposite, it went worse with every passing moment. Through his still somewhat hazy mind, he could hear Taehyung and Jimin quickly tell the leader what happened, while a big hand pressed firmly on his forehead, probably looking for a fever or something and then moved, gently, to his abdomen. It took barely a poke for the pain to spike up again and Yoongi didn’t really care about manners, as he grunted out a string of curses.

 “Ok, Yoongi, I know it hurts, but can you stand?” Hobeom’s voice rang through his head and the rapper only shook his head in response. He was sure he couldn’t even roll on his other side. “Damn… Namjoon, go get the door. Yoongi, this is probably going to be really painful, but I need you to try and bear it with me ok?”

A short moment later, he felt hand sneaking beneath him and, oh Lord, he knew exactly what was going to happen and he was not ready. He bit onto his lower lip again, nails digging into his hands in an attempt to keep his mind focused on anything but his stomach as he was lifted up in the manager’s arms.

As soon as he was up, a barely audible whimper managed to pass through his lips. He heard a gasp and felt soft fingers trying to peel his own hands off because, apparently, he was clenching so hard he was close to getting blood.

“It’s ok, we’ll move fast, alright?” The manager whispered as he started moving.

Yoongi was sure he either fainted or blanked out, or something, because next thing he knew, he was sitting on a hospital bed, Namjoon next to him with clear concern in his eyes and a doctor looking more than a bit worried after she figured out the exact spot where the pain was coming from.

“It’s the appendix, isn’t it?” Namjoon asked, gently playing with Yoongi’s fingers in an attempt to keep him (and himself, probably) calm. The doctor nodded as Hobeom looked over at the pale boy.

“We’re getting you a plane back home tonight”

“A what!?” Were it not for the pain, Yoongi would have literally jumped out of the bed “But-!”

“No buts, you’re already in way worse of a condition than I thought. They’re looking for a plane right now and they’ll text me with the details. If we’re lucky, we’ll get you back to Korea tonight.”

“But…” He knew there was nothing to say, he knew he was in deep shit, but he couldn’t help the disappointment building up in his gut.

“Yoongi…” he sounded exhausted “You need an operation, ASAP. There is no ‘but.’ Hell, you should have told me, or the boys, that you were hurting. What if we never found out and it got to the point of no return? Do you know how dangerous that is?”

He remained quiet, welcoming Namjoon’s hand as a distraction, not wanting, or knowing what to say. His cousin had gone without the operation for a long time and he’d seen the huge scar. No, he didn’t want one and yes, it was for the best that he go and fix it now, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t be frustrated and sad for having to walk away from their schedule.

“Rest for now,” the doctor quietly added. “If the pain comes back again, I’ll get you a painkiller.”

Namjoon returned to the hotel a full four hour later, without Yoongi.

“How is he…?” Taehyung asked, obviously still a bit shaken about the entire situation.

“Why aren’t you two asleep?”

Taehyung bit his lip, glancing at Jimin who was half awake, half sleeping, resting his head on his shoulder and mumbling something akin to “We were worried.”

Namjoon just shook his head, ushering them back into their rooms and out of the hallway “He’s… fine. His appendix was hurting for a while, but he didn’t say anything. They got him a plane ticket in two hours, so they dropped me off and picked up someone to go back with him.”

“So… he’s getting a surgery? When?”

“Tonight, if he’s lucky. Otherwise, I guess in the morning. Don’t worry too much ok? He’ll be fine. It’s a really easy surgery. He promised to call once he’s out anyway. No go and sleep. We’re supposed to go out early tomorrow.” With that, he went away to his own room, offering the same explanation to an equally sleepy Jin, before falling asleep.

Around noon, Hobeom came over, as the boys were eating, and told them that Yoongi was out of surgery, but fast asleep for, probably, quite a while, and inside a clean room, so they’ll probably get to talk to him in approximately a day or two, so the wound can heal properly.

It actually took a full four days to get to hear the elder’s grumpy voice again, just as they were all beginning to get bored, waiting for their plane.

“It’s Yoongi!” Jin’s happy voice immediately caught their attention, and all of them crowded around the huge couch, completely ignoring the managers’ disapproving glances.

“Hello? Yoongi?”

<<Yeah… Why are you so loud… Where are you?>>

“What do you mean loud, isn’t it just your volume that is too high?” Jin giggled, holding the phone out so that all of them could hear properly “How are you feeling?”

<<Like shit. I hate it here. It smells like medicine. I’m bored as hell too. I had a tube stuck in me for days and this hospital food is making me miss it a lot. Why can’t they just feed me with that forever, it’s so much easier. Why chew…>>

Jimin and Jungkook barely contained their laughter, while Jin silently shook his head “Stop complaining and eat what they give you. It’s healthy”

<<I doubt it. You should see how it looks. This is the stuff of nightmares. I swear peas aren’t supposed to be this green, ok?>>

“Whatever you say…”

“Hyung…?” Tae gently pulled the phone over so he could talk properly “Uh… I’m sorry for jumping on you that time so…”

They heard a soft laugh, followed by a grunt <<That hurt… Don’t worry about that now. Apparently, that was actually good. So, thanks for hurrying up the healing process>>

“Come on, the gate is opening,” Hobeom called, motioning for them all to gather their stuff.

“We have to go now, but we’re free for the rest of today, so we’ll come visit later.”

<<Ugh, please don’t>>

“Don’t worry, we’ve seen you worse.”

<<I doubt it… I have, what… at least three tubes stuck in me and I can barely move, and I want to take a shower, but I can’t, so my hair’s all gl->>

“Yes, yes, we know. We’re still coming over, so instead of complaining, why don’t you send me a list of things you want and we’ll bring them over, if you’re allowed to, of course.”


Jin smiled gently, following the rest to the desk, getting ready to board. “Cheer up, at least it’s over with, right?”

<<Yeah… Have a safe flight>>

“We will.”

True to Jin’s words, as soon as they left their bags at the dorm and grabbed a few things for Yoongi, including a bear Taehyung and Jimin spontaneously decided to buy because “it looks like him,” they all got in the car and went over to the hospital. They quietly greeted Yoongi’s mother who told them to take their time and that he was probably asleep now after the doctor gave him some pills, before going to the cafeteria, and then went inside the small room.

Indeed, Yoongi was fast asleep, looking a bit too tired and a bit too pale, with more than just three tubes stuck to him and at least three monitors beeping in the otherwise quiet room. They contemplated waking him up, but Jin, Namjoon and Hoseok decided to just sit down and let the youngsters repeatedly poke him.

“Mom, go away…”

“Who are you calling mom?” Jimin giggled, watching the elder slowly wake up, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

“What…? Jimin…?”

“In the flesh!”

It took another two minutes for Yoongi to be completely awake, apparently, another side effect from one drug or another, making him a bit dizzy. “When did you guys get here? What time is it?”

“It’s eight. Here, we got you some of the things you asked for,” Jin answered, lifting a small bag fille with a few shirts and things to help pass the time away.


“Also!” Jungkook happily piped in, bringing the white teddy, now supporting a black bandana, forward and gently placing it on the covers. “We got you a souvenir!”

Yoongi stared at the bear for a good few moments before slowly smiling. “Why a teddy?”

“It looks like you!” Taehyung added “It even has a bandana, see?”

A slight chuckle escaped the elder, before he gripped his side and scowled. “I should really stop doing that… Thank you.”

“By the way,” Namjoon suddenly remembered, a good hour into them playing around and trying their best to lift up Yoongi’s obviously sour mood, “Since you’ll probably still be in here, I was thinking we could get a camera and snap some pictures for you. From the Olympics thing I mean.”

“Oh…” To be fair, Yoongi had completely forgotten about those. “Thanks.” He was never one to enjoy any kind of extra movement, but he had actually been looking forward to the Olympics. It was a chance to see some other idols, even some friends, maybe, get to do something different for a change. His disappointment must have shown, but right before Jimin could say anything, the nurse came in and asked them all to leave, visiting hours having actually finished at least thirty minutes ago.

“We’ll come again, ok? Meanwhile, you rest up well and good so you can get out of here faster.”

“Yeah, sure. See you later.”

When the Games finally did begin, the same day Yoongi was moved to a more relaxed room, he spent the entire day looking at the TV. He watched the rest of the guys running around, and playing with the fans and it was only then that he noticed Taehyung and Jimin hadn’t just borrowed the bear, but they even attached a name tag on it.

Even though it hurt, Yoongi still laughed his ass off at that. His friends were, honestly, too cute (not that he’d ever say that to them though).

It took another five days for Yoongi to be discharged, wire still holding him together. He wasn’t allowed to do any kind of movement other than walking and sitting, he needed to eat a certain diet for a while and he was told he’d be dizzy and probably sleepy a lot. Sure enough, he slept more than usual, not even noticing when the rest of the guys would leave the house, no matter how loud they were. The food wasn’t that bad, but it was always soup or juices or nothing solid, and it was just really unpleasant. The pain from the surgery went away as soon as the doctor removed the wire, however, so one good thing did come from the whole ordeal.

“I want to participate.”

Bang PD looked up from his laptop, face blank. “No.”

Yoongi barely controlled himself from snorting, “Please, let me perform as well.”


“Please allow me to take part in the show.”

“Yoongi…” the man sighted, running a hand over his face. He was sure the rapper would come to him for this, and he really did want to let him take part, but the doctors said to make no extreme movements for another two months at least and barely one and a few days had passed. “I know how much you want to participate-“

“No you don’t…” the younger muttered under his breath, but Bang Shiuk pretended not to hear that.

“-but you are still not fully healed.”

“Yes I am!”

“No, you’re not. Last week, you got dizzy just from standing up.”

“That’s blood pressure, nothing uncommon.”

“The doctors said two months.”

“That said two months as an extreme. I’m fine, I ran the other day, I can eat actual food now, I even gained some weight back! Please, please, let me take part in the show!”

They remained silent for a few minutes, eyes glued on each other, determination in both of them.

“I have rules for you,” Bang PD suddenly declared with a heavy sigh.


“You’ll practice less than the rest. You have to continue eating what the doctor told you two. You are not allowed to stay up later than ten. If you ever get dizzy, you will stop practice immediately. If you ever feel like puking, light headed, sick or any kind of pain in your abdomen, you stop practicing. Understood?”

It took Yoongi another second or two to finally process what was happening, a smile persistently tugging at the corner of his lips. “Yes sir.”

He never really had an episode during practice. He listened to Bang PD and the doctors religiously, not practicing more than half an hour without a break, always going to bed early, eating all the poor excuses of food quietly. He even went to an extra check up, just in case.

Not to mention, most of the guys were always keeping an eye on him, making sure he has an extra coat when they left the house, checking that his food is as hot as it should be, that he always has a full bottle of water, that he drinks his herbal tea before bed, that he doesn’t force himself too much, that he doesn’t carry heavy things.

It was touching, really. Not to mention, as soon as the fans had found out about the situation and his surgery, they all started tweeting and sending him encouraging messages.

And even as their little concert ended, he was always flooded with care and affection, to the point he actually, for a second, considered shedding a tear.

No, he didn’t. But the thought matters.