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   As a kid you would keep bandaids in your pocket all the time. Originally it was because you were clumsy, and was your parents' first lesson in responsibility. As you got older you grew out of that clumsiness, but you kept those bandaids with you for the other kids. Seeing their smiling faces as you applied them to scraped knees or minor cuts is what inspired you to become a doctor.

   When you were old enough you went as far as applying to learn at Greilia's Sabbath. One of the few unmarried men to get in. You had no talent for pharmacomancy, most men didn't, but picked up herbology quickly. Memorized all the herbs, their effects, and how best to apply them, be it ingestion or grinding into salves. Years of study and practice payed off.

   The plan was to go back to your hometown and open an office there. However you learned through the Sabbath that the Demon Lord's Army was short on healers and doctors. Couldn't ignore that calling.


   You're "noble practice" went almost unappreciated. Soldiers got all the glory. You knew why of course, but a little recognition for your efforts would've been nice. No, you were basically the male equivalent of a sexy nurse to these girls. Some of them even called you nurse just to tease. You were also convinced a few got minor injuries intensionally as an excuse to pay the medical tent a visit.

   "Yo, Doc, how's it goin'?"

   This was one of your regulars, a salamander named Enya. It's true the army had a high turnout rate, but there were the radical believers in the cause, as well as the combat enthusiasts who stuck around. Some had found husbands, so while you were outnumbered, you were far from the only male in camp. Most however, like the woman standing in front of you holding her forearm, hadn't been defeated by an available man yet.

   Told her to come on in, she knew the drill. Enya sat down on your examination table as you set aside the requisition forms you'd been filling out and put on a pair of gloves. Walked over to the table and without so much as asking removed her large claw covering the wound. Ooh, nasty gash. Very lucky she hadn't struck a major artery. Gonna need stitches.

   "No way! This one was good, I'll take the scar as a reminder."

   Asked her if she was sure, stitches would heal faster and she could take painkillers.

   "Yup, I'm sure. I want the scar."

   Figures. You were damn proud of your salves, but the herbs needed weren't easy to get out here on the front lines. Removed a jar from your cabinet and unscrewed the lid, the pungent smell filling your nose. Applied the paste to Enya's wound, she winced but remained silent. Wrapped bandages around her arm and told her to come back tomorrow for a check up. Also told her to take it easy out there, despite knowing she would ignore that piece of advice.

   "Will do, Doc!" With a toothy grin and a wave Enya was gone.

   You liked that girl, but damn was she reckless. She was one of the few that didn't flirt with you when she was here. Guessed it was because you weren't her type. Probably looking forward to having her ass whooped out on the battlefield by some powerful Order Paladin. Then she'd come back to your tent to get patched up, only to go right back out there to find her champion and pursue him until he agreed to marry her. The idea irked you for reasons you'd yet to comprehend.


   Enya returned the next day like a good patient. Healing was coming along nicely. The bleeding had stopped, but the wound was still easily agitated. You redressed it and were about to send Enya on her way when she asked a question.

   "Hey Doc, why don'tcha ever eat meals with the rest of us?"

   Didn't really feel like complaining about Enya's comrades and their aggressive flirting, so you just told her you preferred the solitude. It was partially true.

   "Oh. Well we caught a boar today, I was gonna roast it. Come get some when you get hungry."

   Said you'd think about it. By the time dinner rolled around you'd completely forgotten. Just about to unseal some rations when the flap to your tent flew open.

   "Yeah, that's what I thought."

   There was Enya holding a pair of plates loaded with chopped meat. You two ate together that night for the first time. The pork was cooked to perfection, very tender and juicy. Made you wonder when the last time you'd had a freshly prepared meal was.

   Also realized it was the first time Enya had been in there without needing medical attention. She was pretty sociable, must've been that salamander fearlessness. Course you had to bring up work, asking if her injury was feeling any better.

   "Yep, doesn't hurt anymore. Yer medicine really does the trick, Doc."

   That was good to know. Ate the rest of your meal enjoying small talk.

   Enya started eating dinner with you regularly. Made you wonder how much socializing you'd actually done since studying to become a doctor. Too busy with your lessons you supposed. It was refreshing, and it helped that you already had a good rapport with her. Before you knew it you were looking forward to spending the evenings with your scaly friend. In hindsight, it might not've been the best idea for an army doctor to become so close with one of his cares.


   "Doc, we got an emergency here!"

Into your tent hurried two lizard girls, a makeshift stretcher between them. And on the stretcher lay Enya, unconscious, leg missing at the thigh.

   It wasn't easy but you remained professional, told the girls to lay her on your examination-now-operating table, and you pulled on your gloves as fast as possible. In your head you kept repeating to yourself that you've been here before, you've dealt with these kind of situations, there was no reason to panic.

   They'd done a good job of tying up the wound, one was keeping pressure on Enya's thigh now. The other had a claw to her neck, monitoring her heartbeat. However on closer examination the blood wasn't coagulating.

   You recalled learning that salamanders could regrow limbs, but the wound should have at least closed by now. Asked the lizard girls if they knew if the Order was using poison on their weapons nowadays.

   "Don't know. If they are this is the first time we've seen it."

   Couldn't rule out the possibility of some kind of blood thinner then. From your cabinet you produced a powder that would do exactly the opposite. Mixed it with water and handed it to the girl at Enya's neck. Told the lizard girl to make sure she swallowed as much as possible, while you took some of your salve and began spreading it over the wound, praying this wouldn't have any negative effects on her regrowth.

   Enya must have regained consciousness briefly from the new pain and having a foreign substance poured down her throat. You barely avoided a kick to the head before the other lizard girl got ahold of Enya's leg. She was out again a second later. You quickly bandaged up the wound before she could wake up and risk losing more blood.

   You wished the girls could've stuck around, but you knew they were needed more on the battlefield. Before they left they helped you tie thick leather straps around Enya's remaining limbs, and one around her waist for good measure. Nothing to do now but wait.


   It was agonizing. You tried sitting down, but your mind began to wander. Got to feeling envious of the Order's doctors and clerics. The most they had to deal with was the odd venom, maybe a lewd curse or two. Probably didn't have to see many fatal or near fatal injuries like this because the Demon Army didn't use lethal weaponry.

   The more you thought the angrier you got, so you took to pacing. Checked Enya's heart rate every other minute, the wound every thirty. By the second hour the bleeding had stopped. You tried not to celebrate too early, she wasn't out of the woods yet.

   Rummaged through your rations for any nuts, grains, and dried or jarred meats you might have. If or when she awoke she'd need the iron.

   Thank the Demon Lord Enya did wake up the next day. You don't even remember sitting back down at your desk, much less falling asleep. Got jolted awake by Enya's voice.

   "Doc, hey doc. Ya 'wake? Mind untying me?"

   She was surprisingly calm, and you couldn't keep the relieved smile off your face as you worked to loosen the straps.

   "Whatsa matter Doc, didn't think losing a leg would be enough to beat me, did ya?"


    Unsurprisingly, the process to regrow an appendage was slow.

   "Believe it or not, this ain't the first time I lost a limb. Was an arm last time. Shoulda seen the guy who took it, big brute of a man..." you tuned out the rest.

   She spent the following few days in your tent just so you could be sure her condition was stable. The whole time she talked your ear off, mostly regaling you with stories of the foes she'd defeated or been defeated by. Didn't have the heart to tell her you really weren't interested. You were just happy for her company.

   Despite not being able to walk without the use of crutches, she was in good spirits, which was a huge burden off your shoulders. She could get around camp just fine by herself, and could've spent her time anywhere, could've even gone home if she wanted. But she chose to spend her recovery with you. Told you it was mostly out of boredom, her friends were all in the field, you were the only one left she got along with.

   You showed her how to grind and mix herbs for your medicines, and other minor tasks she could do while sitting. Her big claws were more suited to slashing and swinging weapons, less so for this kind of delicate work, but she was getting the hang of it. Jokingly said at this rate you should get her to be your assistant.

   "Ha ha, c'mon Doc, do ya really see me doing this long term?"

   A twinge of sadness crept into your heart at her words. No, you guessed not.

   Watching Enya's leg regrow was certainly a highlight in your medical career. Basically like watching a limb grow from a fetal state to adulthood over the course of several months. You'd seen diagrams of the process at the Sabbath, but this was the first time you got to witness it first hand. Took the opportunity to sketch it daily, and wrote down every detail in your medical journal. The constant poking and prodding caused your friend much embarrassment.


   Enya's time in the medical tent came to an end far too quickly. She was eager to get back out there, and you were glad she was back to full health. But the day she didn't hobble into your tent first thing in the morning was a lonely one. You spent most of it thinking about her, out on the battlefield, likely ruining your hard work. It'd bothered you before, but that day you were especially on edge.

   Evening came sooner than you expected, so when the flap of your tent opened you were on your feet assuming the worst. But it was only your dinner date with a couple plates of food.

   The next few days were filled with the same. You couldn't get her out of your mind. Only felt at ease after she'd come back from a long day of fighting and you could see with your own eyes that she was fine.

   Five days after her discharge Enya walked in with a new injury. Slash across her stomach, nothing serious, in fact the wound had closed by the time she arived.

   "Must've spent too much time on my ass, I guess! Got lazy, still not back in the swing of things," she said smiling, yet shaking her head in disappointment.

   You'd been annoyed at her negligence before, but today you were furious. Don't know what came over you, but you let her have it. Chastised her for not being careful enough, saying if this had been half an inch deeper her life would have been in danger. She argued back of course.

   "What's the big deal, Doc?! I've been hurt way worse than this!"

   Dinner that night was awkward. Enya made an effort to lighten the mood, but you just couldn't get into it. After some consideration, you decided to break the news, something you'd been thinking about lately.

   "Yer quittin'?!" She stared at you open mouthed.


   "But we need a doctor!"

   Told her a new one would be sent for one from Greilia, even if it was just a temporary assignment while they looked for a suitable replacement.

   "But... but I don't want another doctor!"

   And you didn't want to see her get hurt anymore.

   "Seeing hurt people's yer job!"

   No, putting your hands together and leaning forward in your chair you reiterated that you didn't want to see HER get hurt anymore. That gave Enya pause.

   "Wh-what are ya sayin', Doc?" Her eyes felt like they were piercing right into your soul.

   You weren't sure how to answer, and looked down out of shame. After a moment of silence Enya stood up and left. Sitting there, eyes downcast, your elbows on your knees, you chuckled to yourself. You could stare death in the face, and did so regularly in your position, without flinching. But you didn't have the courage to confess your feelings to her.


   Left a week later. Many of the regulars saw you off, a few lamenting the loss of their camp eye candy. Enya wasn't among them. That was heartbreaking, but probably for the best. You kept reminding yourself that she wanted a badass warrior dude who could beat her up if he desired, not some nerdy doctor who'd barely ever touched a sword.

   Decided to go back to your original plan, start up a practice in your hometown. It was a small farming community, so while there were accidents, it was rarely anything major. Definitely far enough away from the Order territories, so no likelihood of seeing any wounded soldiers. The more you thought about it the more you realized how sick of war you were anyways.

   Your parents were happy to see you. Hadn't had the time to visit them much in the army. Actually the whole town threw a little get-together to celebrate your return. Apparently a rumor had spread that you saved the life of one of the Demon Lord's daughters or something, and you'd kind of become a local hero. You denied the allegations, but couldn't help feeling happy for finally receiving some recognition. Plus the notoriety helped draw attention to your new office.

   Never expected to see that salamander again. Guess you didn't know her as well as you thought.

   "Hey Doc, cozy little office ya got here!" Enya's face peered around the door, grinning from ear to finned ear.

   Asked her what the hell she was doing here as she stepped inside.

   "I, uh, dropped out of the army too."

   You couldn't believe it. Why? She loved combat.

   "I um," she looked down, her red face turning even redder, "C'mon, don't make me say it."

   Say what? She brought her head back up, eyes met yours.

   "Well... I missed ya."


   Enya insisted on making herself useful around the office. You told her she didn't have to help out, she could find a different job if she was going to stay. She wouldn't hear it. Already knew how to mix herbs, but you thought it would also be a good idea to show her how to set broken bones, change bandages, and other tasks that weren't general surgery. Pretty soon you had a fairly competent nurse working under you.

   You could tell being cooped up in the office all day was a real bore for her. So, on days when you weren't busy you encouraged Enya to go hunting, both for food and for herbs for your practice. That definitely lifted her spirits.

   Her first "emergency" came around a few months after she'd settled in. A woman came in with a little boy who had fallen out of a tree and broke his arm. You could see the panic arising in Enya's face, but you calmly told her to fetch the materials needed to make a splint and sling. She obeyed without question.

   While she was out you proceeded to gather the appropriate pain killers for the crying boy, he was going to need them. You'd just gotten the bone back into place when Enya returned with her supplies. Told her you were going to hold the arm and supports in place, while she wrapped the straps around them, not too tight, or she might cut off circulation. She was very nervous, and her claws were shaking, but she powered through it.

   When it was over and you were saying your goodbyes, you knelt down to hug the boy and whisper something in his ear. He grinned at you and nodded his head. Then he rushed over to Enya, who'd been standing back, still a little shaken by the ordeal.

   He wrapped his good arm around Enya's leg and said "thank you miss sally-mander!"

   The look of embarrassment on Enya's face was priceless as she patted the little boy's head with her oversized claw, "y-yer welcome."

   Asked your nurse if she was alright after the boy and his mother had gone. Enya's response was to march up, put her claws around you, and unleash her stress and grief into your shoulder. You rubbed the back of her head, telling her she did a good job holding it in that long.

   "Is this what it felt like watchin' me come in all banged up?" She asked after her sobs had subsided.

   Yeah, pretty much. Except you'd seen tons of injuries before, so you at least had the experience.

   "Sorry... I-I kept imaginin' it was our kid who was hurt, and..."

   Your kid, huh? Did she think about that a lot?

   "M-maybe," over her shoulder you could see a warm glow. Huh. Started to ask if she was aware her tail was on fire, but before you could finish you were knocked on your ass, Enya straddling you. The tears were practically gone, replaced by an almost predatory expression you'd never seen before.

   "Well Doc, I'm thinkin' 'bout them now." Couldn't deny you were happy at this new development, but for the first time you actually felt a little afraid of the salamander in your lap.


   Enya picked you up and threw you over her shoulder before proceeding to the private room in the back of your office. There she unceremoniously dropped you on the bed.

   "Alright, let's start this 'examination.'"

   Nurse play, you chuckled, really? Guess you just considered yourself lucky she had the patience enough for any kind of foreplay, and didn't literally rip your pants off the first chance she got.

   "Mmm, I found somethin' swollen down here," she said placing her large claw on your groin, before fiddling with your belt and buttons.

   "Oh my goodness," she feigned surprise after she'd pulled down your underwear, "did ya get stung by a hornet?!" She placed a clawed finger to her chin and looked to the ceiling, putting on a puzzled expression "hmm, what would Doc do in this situation?

   "I got it!" She said after a moment, then she leaned over your crotch, eyes locking with your own, making sure you were paying close attention, "he'd apply a salve to relieve the swellin'," she said before letting her mouth hang open, her long tongue drop out, and with it a large drop of drool falling right on your dick.

   "Now I just have to rub the salve into the affected area," she took your penis gently into her claw and began slowly motioning up and down. The softness of her claw left a lot to be desired by, but there was no denying the warmth. Sadly it wasn't enough to get you off, and a look of impatient frustration was creeping into Enya's face. She managed to keep the act up.

   "Oh no, the swellin' just ain't goin' down! It looks like I'll just have to SUCK out the poison." She let her tongue fall out again, coiling it around you, before lowering her head and taking you all the way to the back of her throat. If her claw was warm, her mouth was hot, and much softer. You were tensing up, ready to cum after just a few strokes. Enya noticed, and released you from her mouth, but kept her tongue around you, continuing her pumping motions, while smiling and staring directly into your eyes. In no time you were shooting rope after rope onto her face. She giggled before uncoiling her tongue and lapping your semen off herself.

   "There, all better?"

   Breathing heavily you let your head fall back on the bed but managed an affirmation.

   "Hey Do-oc," you heard her say seductively, as she pulled herself up to your eye level, "we've finished with yer treatment, but don't ya think it's time I got a few 'injections' for myself?"

   'A few?' Oh boy.

   "Doc, please. I got real banged up, I need some of yer 'medicine.'" Enya took your penis in her big claw and began rubbing it again. You were hard in seconds. Deciding to go along with the play you asked her were she was hurt.

   Enya grinned. "Right here, Doc," she slid her free claw down the front of her pants, "I got this itch here that just won't go away. I'm sure you've got a 'salve' for it, don'tcha?"

   Yeah, you told her you've got just the one, but she'll need to take her pants off so you could examine the affected area yourself.

   Enya stood up and walked a few feet. Facing away from you she undid her belt, and slowly bent over, taking her pants and underwear down with her. Her tail, however, remained perfectly straight, obstructing the view between her legs. Catching you staring, she gave an amused smile.

   You got up off the bed, Enya stood up again fully as well, but didn't turn around. Standing behind her, you reached around, placing a hand on her well toned abs. Could feel her wince at your touch, like so often before, but this time it was from a sense of giddy excitement rather than pain. Slowly, gently, you let your fingers slide downward until they found the place that needed 'treatment.'

   Enya gasped when you found your target, and you pulled your hand away, allowing you both to gaze at the amount of warm fluids covering your fingers. You chuckled and said you weren't sure she needed any more 'salve' here.

   "Doc, I can't hold on anymore," she moaned, before spinning around and practically throwing you back down on the bed.

   All sense of foreplay had been thrown out the window. The second you entered Enya, you lost yourself in the heat of her body. You both rutted like animals late into the night, alternating between cowgirl, doggy style, and mating press. Eventually, after cumming one last out of who-knows-how-many times, you both passed out in each others arms.


   You were the first to awaken the next morning. After admiring Enya's sleeping face for a few minutes you climbed out of bed seeking coffee. Returned with two cups, the smell soon awakening your sleeping lover.

   You sat in each other's embrace, making small talk and sipping coffee.

   "So Doc," she paused, "got any... names ya like?"

   Said you weren't sure. Honestly, you'd never really thought you'd be in this situation.

   "How 'bout Vesta? That was my grandma's name. I really liked her."

   Vesta, yeah, you liked the sound of that.

   "Really?" She locked eyes with you, flames practically dancing in hers, "Grandma Vesta was a soldier too! She taught me a lot! I just know she'd be honored to share her name with our daughter! Maybe our Vesta will grow up to be a great sold-"

   You cut her off saying no way in hell were you letting your daughter join the army.


   "Thanks Doctor, you're a real lifesaver!" You'd just showed your latest patient out the door, and after closing it you asked your nurse if you had any more appointments today.

   "Nope, that's the last one," Enya stood up from her desk, one claw on her gravid stomach, "which means we've got the rest of the day to ourselves."

   She tried putting her arms up on your shoulders, but you guided her back to her chair, saying you really wished she'd take it easy in her condition.

   "Ya know, yer really cute when yer worried," she practically pulled you down with her, "it's gettin' me thinkin' about baby names again."

   Said you were being serious.

   Enya just grinned, "C'mon Doc, ya should know by now taking it easy ain't my thing."