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Room of Requirement

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Derek stares thoughtfully at the fire crackling in the fireplace. 
Awkwardly sitting there on the carpet, while casually drinking his hot chocolate with cream, he reasons on how much he'd like to stay this way forever. 
He loves the rain, to be honest, the incessant rain that pounds on the school, because it's a good scenario for his days locked in this room.

What could be better than that?

The rain has been falling down for the last two days, without stopping for a second, and it's two days already that he's hiding there more than usual, skipping some boring classes. 
And – to be honest, again – he regrets nothing. 
Derek is between Stiles' body – Stiles moves suddenly and slightly in his arms – and the couch and he squeezes a bit more the Ravenclaw who's stretching like a cat. 
"Mmn" Stiles complains, his voice thick with sleep. Then he leans back with his head on Derek's shoulder and Derek seems to wake up just now from his deep thoughts. 
"We could sleep here tonight too" he offers and then he surrounds his legs with his own, as if like this he could give him strength not to fall asleep immediately.

"Mmn" Stiles just mumbles in response, and the other one looks up at the sky.

The Room of Requirement is a miracle for the two of them, they spend all of their time surrounded by golden and scarlet and blue and bronze banners, a fireplace always on, a large bed and a comfortable sofa.

It's like being at home: familiar and intimate, it's like heaven for them.

Derek giggles and "I didn't think that I made you work so hard today" he says ironically, pricking the pride of the boy visibly stunned, but Stiles becomes quite stiff, he puffs out his chest and "shut up" he mutters in response hidden against his neck, which is now moved by pleasant shivers. 
"What do you say, Stiles?" he says calmly, putting away his cup of hot chocolate "we go back to bed?" 
The younger remains silent, maybe he's asleep, maybe he is shocked by a possible ambiguous allusion, but Derek reassures him immediately and "I'm tired too" he clarifies, chuckling to himself.

"Mmn" is yet another confused murmur of the sleepy Ravenclaw, then he slips sideways, lying down, and he takes the other one with him, too tired to get to bed and too attracted by the roaring fire.

Derek gives up, because the idea of sleeping in front of the fireplace with Stiles – who falls asleep just touching the floor – in his arms is just too tempting. 
He lets himself be lulled by Stiles' regular breath, before following him in a dream world.