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"I can't stand you when you're drunk!" yelled Steve. They were having another argument. God knows how this one started, but they were, and it was pointless, and it hurt.

"I can't stand you when you're sober!" retorted Tony. 'Because if you're drunk maybe I could tell you things that you won't remember. Things that I don't want you to remember.'

"I'm always sober!"

"That's not my fault!"

"I hate you!" 'Of course you do.'

"I hate you more!" 'No I don't.'

Tony turned on his heel and stormed into the lab, locking the doors behind him.

'I'm such an idiot. He really does hate me. If I had a chance to begin with I've blown it now.' Tony dryly chuckled. 'Of course I didn't stand a chance. He's not into guys. I still sleep with girls, even if I'm gay.' There. He admitted it to himself, after all this time. He'd known of course, that he was into the same sex. He'd only ever told two people. Although it hadn't been telling, not exactly. Y/n had known he was into men for a long time, Pepper knew now too.'

One time at a bar, he didn't want any chicks hitting on him anymore. No, that wasn't true. He didn't want that one brunette to hit on him anymore. He'd gone up to y/n and asked her if she could look like a dude, since he needed to get a girl off his back. It hadn't been the first time they'd kissed. The first time they were around 14, they both knew that they didn't like each other like that after that kiss. Now, when they kissed there was no awkwardness after, it was something they both did to get people off their backs. Y/n had turned into a dude. She(?) had turned into a teenager version of something similar to Captain America, just to torture him. Y/n had looked like a jock, and had been taller than Tony, and fuck, she was hot. After they made out in front of the unwanted brunette to make a point, they had left the bar.

Y/n, back to normal, had bluntly stated "You're into dudes." Tony had simply agreed, they left it at that. She never treated him differently after that. The only thing that changed was that when they watched movies together, or were in public she'd openly state how hot some guys were, or she'd tease him about talking hot guys as well as girls.

Tony never told anyone that he was bi. He never needed to. He would have some one night stands with guys. Not now that he lived at the tower, but he had in the past. The real reason he broke up with Pepper was because she realized he was into guys. Not because she didn't accept that he was bi, but because she was the first to realize that he wasn't bi.

Tony was gay. The whole break up with Pepper was fake. Fake except for the breaking up part.

Y/n knew the real reason behind the breakup as soon as he'd told her. She was always good at reading him.

He could never tell any of the others. Tasha wouldn't care, Clint didn't need to know, Bruce would be fine either way, but he'd tell the others. No matter what, he couldn't tell Steve. Not only couldn't he tell Steve because he liked him in that way, he couldn't tell him because Steve was old fashioned. Steve was probably anti-gay, just because of how he grew up. Steve, perfect, beautiful Steve, was as straight as they come.


'How long have I been in here?' There were at least half a dozen new, unfinished projects scattered around. The only difference between these and the other unfinished ones, was that he couldn't focus on them, rather than prioritizing other projects over them. 'Time for a break.'

Tony left the lab to find the tower dark and deserted. 'Maybe Steve's still up. I should try to apologize, even if he'll still hate me.' He walked to the place he knew Steve would be if he was still awake, the training room.'

Making his way out of the elevator, he saw that there was light shining out from under the door. 'He's still here.' Coming closer to the room he heard the sound of water. 'He must've finished his workout already, maybe I should wait in the training room until he's done?' Tony walked to the door, which slid open almost soundlessly.

"Oh." Tony said, in a small voice. Everything was drained from him, every last bit of hope he had when he saw what lay in front of him. It was a punching bag. A very beat up punching bag. He could tell it had been one of the new ones. Now it looked as if it was twenty years old, and was torn, leaking sand in several places. The worst part? There was a picture of him, of Tony, taped to it.

"Oh." 'So that's how much you hate me.'


He hadn't left the lab in days. He'd locked it, there was no way anyone could go through the door, and JARVIS had instructions to only allow Tony to override it, or to let someone open it if his, or another life depended on it. 'Because I'm working on how selfish I am, you told me to maybe try to fix that.'

"You can't hide in here forever To." 'Shit, y/n can teleport, forgot.' Tony mumbled something incoherent as a response. "I know you're moping about him. Why don't you tell me? It's easier than me having to figure it out by going through camera footage."

"Fine." Tony managed to say. 'Why do I let her do this to me? It's not like talking will change anything. Then again, it's not like it'll change anything. Did that make sense? Fuck, I might need human company.'

Tony went on to explain their latest argument, and what had happened when he went to the training room. Then he dejectedly sank onto a couch that he had recently put in his lab. 'It's almost like saying he hates me out loud makes it more true.'

"I bet you he doesn't hate you." Y/n said, sitting down beside him with a small smirk growing on her face.

"I bet he does." Then, noticing her expression. "What are you up to now?"

"Nothing." 'Right.' After a pointed look from Tony she simply said, "Not telling." 'This'll be the death of me. "I won't kill you, don't worry." Y/n said, then got up and teleported out. 'Did I say that out loud or is she even better at reading me than I thought? Fuck, is she telepathic? No. She can't be.'


Tony left the lab. He wasn't happy, but staying in the lab wasn't a much better option, he was getting absolutely nothing done, and it was driving him nuts. 'Is it because I'm love-sick? Love-sick for a man that is too good for me, and will never like me back?'

"To." Came y/n's voice in a sing-song, teasing sort of way. "Come with me." Tony turned around to face her, only to be grabbed by the wrist and dragged off, god-knows-where.

Turns out, god-knows-where was her room. Which had a TV in it. 'When did she get a TV?'

"JARVIS play the footage please. With audio." Y/n said, and an image appeared on the screen. It was the training room. Tony could see the punching bag. Is this some kind of sick joke?' He saw himself enter and stand there for at least ten minutes then leave.

"Please play the footage of half an hour before this clip JARVIS." Y/n said. JARVIS complied.

'She can't be making me watch this. She can't be making me watch Steve beat up the Tony-Punching bag.' "Why are you doing this to me?" Tony turned his face away from the screen. "I don't want to watch Steve beat up a punching bag with my face on it."

"You won't have to. Just watch." 'What is she on about?' "Please?" Tony turned to face the screen again. Steve had just put up the picture of Tony on the punching bag.