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Arc One: Blackout

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The noise that had drawn him in was the soft whimpers of pain that echoed from the darkness. He had been foolish to follow that sound, but, young and curious as he was, obviously he couldn't resist.

A small light compared to the black that came from the place below. One lone angel, caught in the territory of the damned.

He was now faced with a small boy, quite a bit younger. The demon hissed and whined, facing away on the ground and not quite able to come to terms with the gravity of his situation. The angel was startled and frightful at the sight at first, but slowly he calmed down and watched the other in fascination.

Mercy was a trait in all angels valued greatly, but it could also be their worst flaw; in battle, hesitation was enough to cost a life. But this particular angel had not yet seen the collateral damage of war, and mercy beat very strongly in his heart, typical of the young. With great precaution, he tentatively approached the small, wounded demon.

The demon started violently when he finally noticed the angel, and his big blue eyes went wide with panic. But he could not cry, no, demons could not cry. He gasped instead, and attempted to back away with a snarl.

A single tear fell from the angel's face. His glowing green eyes held nothing but apologies and sorrow for this suffering soul, and he cared not of race or heritage. Bringing a hand up to wipe his face, he slowly knelt by the cornered demon. He was afraid, and his hands shook when he hesitantly reached with his wet hand towards the deepest gash on the demon's chest. Almost immediately the wound began to heal, upon the contact with the angel's tears.

The demon relaxed only slightly, his eyes not holding as much fear. He met eyes with the angel, and that was all the white-winged creature needed to know it was okay. The tears fell freely from his face now, and with both hands, he began to heal the demon.

Once he was finished, his sandals slid slightly on the wet cobblestone as he stood, flexing his beautiful feathered wings. He was going to get ready to leave, when the demon followed suit, and leaned towards the angel with curiosity.

Leaning away, the angel did not know what to make of it. But he didn't let himself be afraid; all the demon was doing was observing him, harmlessly. He even tilted his head a little, iridescent irises flitted over his features, and even the angel couldn't stop himself from doing the same to the other. After all, it wasn't often an angel got to see a demon up close without being attacked, and vice versa.

"Why did you do that?" the demon asked quietly, blinking and meeting eyes with the angel.

The angel took a moment to answer, knowing it was time to go before anything else happened. "Because it was right," he replied, and took off to the golden skies of heaven.