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Underneath the Oak Tree

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February 14th, 1972
West Dover, Vermont



“Jensen! Come on!” Danneel was laughing, yanking at his sleeve, and dragging him towards the ski lifts. He rolled his eyes but found himself laughing, allowing her to pull him across the snow.

It was only their second full day, but Jensen couldn’t help but ask himself why he’d never taken a vacation before.

Genevieve had won a long romantic weekend at the Mount Snow Lodge and it didn’t take the girls much pushing to convince Jared and Jensen to join them. Chad had nearly shoved them out the door, promising he’d look after the farm, the kids, and the elder Ackles. It had truly been his grandmother though, her silent raised eyebrow telling him he’d better go on this vacation or he’d regret it.

And she was right.

The girls had been around since Halloween, coming to the farm for movie nights - and Danneel had completely enthralled Jenna who now claimed she wanted to be Dani when she grew up - or convincing the boys, including Chad and occasionally Megan, to join them for a night out dancing.

They were like fire and water and yet, exactly the same in so many ways. Jensen found himself drawn to Danneel, for the first time finding himself close to someone other than his family or Jared. He hadn’t had a friend since… well, since Tom. And that was a lifetime ago. Jared seemed to find the same friendship in Gen, and it was amusing to watch them try to outdo each other - be it in drinking, eating, burping, or how long it took to get ready in the morning.

“Stop it,” Danneel said, nudging Jensen’s arm as the lift started to bring them up the mountain side.

“Stop what?” Jensen asked, turning his head to see her through his rented ski gear. Even with the thick, pink tinted glasses, he could see her roll her eyes.

“Stop thinking! Unless of course you’re thinking of all the ways you’re going to debauch your husband later tonight. If that’s the case, then please, carry on.”

She smiled wide, showing all her teeth, and Jensen found himself smiling back just as wide. “Oh, so you’re saying you want all the sordid details?” he asked, something warm and happy twisting inside of him. He’d never talked about his and Jared’s relationship so candidly, and it felt good.

“Oh no, me and penises do not mix!” Danneel answered, shaking her head quickly, her amber hair falling out from beneath her ski cap. He laughed at the look on her face and accepted the glasses and hat from her to hold while she fixed up her hair.

Even with it being a romantic weekend, no one batted an eye at the two couples spending time together. They did double dates for meals, took up a single table by the fire to play cards or have drinks at night. Sure, people thought the couples were Danneel and him, Gen and Jared, but that was fine by him. Somehow, Danneel had even sweet talked her way into getting them a joined room, the two suites connected by a double door that they kept open during the day and locked at night.

Even out in public, with couples and families all around them, he didn’t have to worry about enjoying time with Jared.

They’d been out on the slopes for the better half of the morning, and Jensen knew Jared could spend the rest of the afternoon out on the mountain, too. He and Gen had that in common, though Danneel didn’t have to try hard to get Jensen inside for a warm cup of coffee.

“We’re going to have to melt their boots out of their skis,” Jensen commented, following Danneel’s gaze down the mountain where a blur of bright pink and purple and solid deep green went curving beneath them.

“Nothing a warm bubble bath can’t fix,” Danneel answered back, turning her head to give him a wink. “I already ordered champagne and bubble mix for both of our rooms. You’re welcome.”

“A bubble bath?” Jensen asked, leaning back into the lift, his skis swinging beneath him. “I don’t know if I’ve had a bubble bath… since I was a kid.”

“What?” Danneel asked, smacking his arm. “You’re telling me you’ve never soaked Jared down, got him like melted butter, and then spread him out on a bed and had your way with him?”

Jensen felt his cheeks flush and he looked down at the mountain, shaking his head. “I mean, we’ve always had Jenna… and then Kaleb and Cameron, little Leigh-Ann-”

“Jensen, if you don’t take a bite out of that man later tonight? I’m going to be disappointed.”

Jensen looked back up at her and she immediately gave him a lewd wink before she was tugging them out of the lift and onto the powder. He laughed back at her, but couldn’t stop his mind from racing through all the things he could do to Jared, wanted to do with him. They had a few more days left of their vacation, no kids, no interruptions…

He jumped as a ball of snow smashed against his chest, a fine spray of cold just barely getting through the top of his scarf against his skin. Danneel was laughing again, the sound loud and carefree as she turned to start down the mountain. Jensen adjusted his scarf higher on his cheeks and then set off after her, though his thoughts were still mostly on Jared.

As the sun began to set, the two couples made their way into the warmth of the lodge, the scent of pine, peppermint, and coffee a welcome distraction from their cold fingers and toes. Gen immediately dumped half her gear into Danneel’s arms, then went off to get them all hot chocolate and coffee.

Jared led them all to the fireplace, people moving out of his way - despite him being like an overgrown, excited puppy, Jensen realized that people found him intimidating, which was laughable. Not that he didn’t think his husband couldn’t take care of himself, but Jared wouldn't hurt a fly!

“Thanks, Gen,” Jared said, taking a large cup of hot cocoa, as he sank into one of the far cushions, Jensen between him and Gen, with Danneel taking up the other end. “So what do we want to do for dinner tonight? Do we want to head to that Italian place at the base?”

Jensen felt Danneel’s eyes on him and he resolutely stared into the fireplace, taking a pointed sip of his coffee even though it was still too hot. He waited a minute, Danneel probably elbowing Gen to keep her quiet, and then he cleared his throat. “No, I think we should do some room service tonight.”

“That sounds like an excellent idea,” Danneel said quickly and Jensen just barely bit back his smile. “What do you think, babe? Finger foods?”

“Only if I can eat dessert off you,” Gen answered back, deadpan, before dissolving into giggles. “Well, I’m suddenly starving. I think we’re going to go and order. We’ll see you boys in the morning?”

Jared’s brows were furrowed slightly, but he nodded and pressed his thigh against Jensen’s as he settled back into the seat. When the girls disappeared from sight, he turned his head to look at Jensen.

“That was… weird?”

Jensen just snorted into his coffee, shaking his head. “Girls,” he answered simply, smiling when Jared accepted that as an answer. They warmed up by the fire until families started trickling in from outside, the noise in the foyer getting louder as kids started asking for dinner and couples started pairing off with their glasses of wine.

“Want to head upstairs?” Jensen asked softly and Jared nodded, standing after Jensen and following him to the elevator. They shared a ride with a younger couple and it made Jensen keep his hands to himself. He was dying to lean into Jared, to slide their hands together, and for the first time that weekend, he hated that there were other people at the resort.

Jared had no qualms about it, though, and striked up a conversation with the woman about her gear, wishing them a Happy Valentine’s day as the elevator opened. Jensen opened the door to their room and then remembered his conversation on the lift with Danneel.

“Jay?” he asked as they started slipping off all of their winter gear. “You still cold?”

“A little,” Jared answered with a nod, nearly tripping as he got stuck in his snow pants. Jensen laughed and reached for his arm, steadying him as he freed himself. He looked out into the room and saw the champagne in ice and a bottle of bubble bath mix sitting on the side table. He smiled as he walked over to it, picking up the champagne and handing it to Jared.

“Open this?” he asked, then reached for the bath stuff. “I’m going to get the water going.”

Jared’s eyes widened when he saw what Jensen had in his hands, a smile breaking out over his face. It made something warm and pleasant settle in Jensen’s belly and with renewed confidence that Jared was definitely into the bubble bath idea, he headed straight towards the bathroom.

The bathroom was moderately sized, but the tub made up for it - oversized and deep. He turned on the taps and adjusted the temp, then leaned forward to plug the drain. He added in a healthy dollop of bubble bath mixture and inhaled the soft scent of warm vanilla and cedar. Behind him, he heard the door creak and he turned his head to see Jared leaning against the frame, two flutes of champagne in his hands.

Jensen smiled and stood, slowly walking towards his husband. The air around them was charged already and Jensen’s skin tingled with it. He reached for the glass, wrapping his fingers around Jared’s, but instead of taking it he leaned in, pressing their mouths together.

Jared hummed gently against his lips, his eyes fluttering closed and Jensen was hit once more with how in love with this man he was.

Jensen took both flutes and placed them on the counter, then reached for the belt loops on Jared’s jeans, hauling him forward. Jared was pliant, letting out little gasps and groans as Jensen took his time to undress him, his fingertips running up and down Jared’s skin.

When Jared was naked, half hard from the attention, Jensen leaned in again and kissed him soundly, then pushed him towards the tub.

Jared went willingly, stepping in through the bubbles and sinking down into the warm water with a groan. Jensen smiled and turned off the tap, then grabbed their champagne, handing Jared both the flutes to hold while he stripped out of his own clothes.

Jared went to sit up but Jensen shook his head, kneeling down beside the tub instead so that he was facing Jared. Leaning against the side of the tub, he accepted his glass back and Jared smiled. “To you,” he said softly, “the man who’s changed my life for the better.”

“To us,” Jensen corrected, clinking their glasses together, “because I wouldn’t be who I am if it weren’t for you.”

“I love you,” Jared said back and Jensen repeated the words before they both took a sip. As Jared settled back into the bubbles, Jensen let his arm fall into the side of the tub, his fingers trailing lightly over Jared’s thigh beneath the water.

“Feels nice,” Jared whispered and Jensen found himself smiling. The room itself was warm, and he shifted to get more comfortable on the floor, content to watch the way Jared’s skin was slick from the bubbles, shiny in the lamplight. He looked beautiful like this, relaxed and content. His eyes were closed, sweat just starting to collect on his throat and the steam from the bath starting to curl his hair.

After seeing Jared like this, he wasn’t sure he’d ever be content just watching him take a shower ever again.

“Sing to me?” Jared asked after a moment, breaking the silence. He opened one eye, watching Jensen’s reaction, and then closed it again with a smile. Jensen nodded and stilled the movement of his fingers as he thought. Then, as he started to sing, he let his touch wander once more.

“Sometimes when I’m down and and all alone, just like a child without a home…” Jensen started singing, slowing down the tempo slightly than Sonny and Cher, “The love you give me keeps me hangin’ on, ooh honey, all I ever need is you.”

Jared reached over, his hand finding Jensen’s beneath the bubbles and holding on tight. He gave a single squeeze and Jensen continued.

“You’re my first love, you’re my last. You’re my future, you’re my past. And lovin’ you is all I ask. Ooh honey-”

“All I ever need is you,” Jared joined him softly and Jensen smiled. They sang the next verse together, Jared opening his eyes to tilt his head to the side and meet Jensen’s gaze. Then, Jensen finished the song with, “Some men search for silver, some for gold… but I have found my treasure in your soul. My honey, all I ever need is you.”

Jared waited a moment, then suddenly leaned forward, yanking open the drain.

“All done?” Jensen asked with a laugh and Jared simply nodded, standing up from the tub and then reaching down for Jensen’s hand. Jensen watched as the leftover bubbles made their way down Jared’s body, his eyes following the same path.

“Yes, because if I don’t get you into bed, like, now? I’m going to be very unhappy.”

Jensen laughed and leaned in, kissing Jared before turning to find a towel. Jared stepped onto the bathmat, his arms coming around Jensen’s shoulders and pulling them flush. Jensen gasped at the heat from Jared’s skin, the hot line of his cock pressing against the cleft of Jensen’s ass. Droplets of water from Jared’s skin rolled down Jensen’s back and thighs, cooling in the air and making him shiver. Jared’s mouth was immediately on the back of Jensen’s neck, leaving open mouthed kisses as he pushed them forward, back into the room.

“I wasn’t done pampering you,” Jensen complained as they reached the bed. Jared left one final lingering kiss on his shoulder before pulling away and flopping himself down on the bed, not caring that he was wet.

“I’m all yours, baby,” Jared said with a smile, spreading out like the most perfect buffet Jensen could imagine.

Jensen chuckled and shook his head, crawling up the bed and leaning down to capture Jared’s mouth with his own. Jared was like putty beneath him, his muscles relaxed from the bath, causing him to melt down into the mattress. Jensen was almost pulled in with him, but he had an idea and that anticipation alone kept him from laying himself over Jared’s body.

“Roll over,” Jensen said and Jared stilled for a moment, searching his eyes before he complied, completely trusting of whatever Jensen wanted to do. Jensen crawled over the back of his thighs and Jared groaned as Jensen’s hardness settled against his ass. Jensen could feel the slight tremor though Jared’s shoulders, the anticipation just bubbling beneath the surface, and as he rolled his hips back into Jensen, it was giving him complete permission.

Jensen smiled down at him, his hands coming to Jared’s sides and stilling his hips. He knew what Jared wanted, what he’d been hinting at over the past couple of years. After a moment of hesitation, Jensen’s fingertips gripped Jared’s hips harder and he leaned down, pressing further into him to whisper, “Behave.” Jensen moved his hands over the solid planes of Jared’s back, all the way up to his shoulders. “I’m going to give you a massage first.”

He emphasized the last word, giving Jared what he was asking for, and Jared groaned again, immediately relaxing beneath him and moving his arms beneath his head and the pillow. Jensen took his time, working his fingers deep into Jared’s muscles, his cock twitching against Jared with each groan he elicited. He was convinced half of them were for his own benefit, could see the smirk Jared gave each time it happened.

As Jensen moved down Jared’s body, he slid down between his legs, kissing Jared’s pinkened skin from where he’d worked it over. He let his teeth and tongue do the talking, kissed the dimples of Jared’s spine, sunk his teeth into each of Jared’s cheeks.

Over the decade they’d been together, Jensen had found himself worried less and less about what God would think of him, finding himself angry at the idea that any part of this - his relationship with the most beautiful man in the world, the love he could see between Genevieve and Danneel - was sinful. There just wasn’t a world in which Jensen believed this was wrong anymore.

If doubt ever started to creep in, Jared would be there to soothe it away. Patient and kind and loving, even on the days Jensen deserved it the least. And hell if Jensen wouldn’t spend the rest of his life showing Jared how important that was, how important he was.

Jensen spread Jared’s legs slowly, Jared shifting so he was laying more on his left hip, his right leg sliding up higher on the bed and exposing him to Jensen. Jensen pressed in close, kissing the crease of Jared’s thigh, reveling in the sound Jared made.

With gentle, purposeful fingers, he traced the contours of Jared’s balls, pressing his thumb against his perineum and leaning forward to kiss his skin again.

“Is this my happy ending?” Jared breathed out, his voice pitched low and thick with arousal. Jensen slid his hands up to cup Jared’s ass, spreading his cheeks slightly before he blew a cold burst of air against his hole. Jared made a choked sound, any teasing remark he had left suddenly swallowed, and Jensen couldn’t help but smirk.

Jared was practically holding his breath, his head buried in the pillow, toes digging into the mattress behind him. And Jensen, he could never truly deny Jared anything. He let his eyes move up Jared’s body again, feasting on the sight before him, and was suddenly hit with the overwhelming urge to devour him.

Jensen leaned forward, pressing his tongue against Jared’s hole, dragging it up through the crack of his ass. Jared gasped, his head flying up at the sensation, and Jensen froze, still perched over his hips.

“Was that okay?” he asked and Jared turned his head slightly, looking over his shoulder with wide eyes.

“I… think so? Do it again?”

Jensen nodded and leaned back down, moving his tongue slowly over Jared’s skin. He felt Jared shiver, a deep groan leaving his throat as he collapsed back against the mattress, canting his hips back just as Jensen was about to ask again.

He took better hold of Jared’s cheeks, pulling him further apart, and resumed his exploration. It was both the dirtiest and most intimate thing Jensen had ever done, and he found himself lost in the sensation of Jared’s puckered flesh fluttering against his tongue, the clean-warm-musky taste of him, and the sound that fell from Jared’s mouth.

With each pass of his tongue, Jensen got bolder, wanting to go deeper. He slid the tip of his tongue against Jared’s entrance and pushed, and Jared rewarded him with a high pitched whine that went straight through Jensen’s body.

“More,” Jared gasped, and Jensen pushed his tongue further, Jared’s body responding and loosening around him. He slid a finger inside with his tongue, then licked around Jared’s rim as he slowly stretched him open. When he had three fingers twisting inside of Jared’s body, Jared rocking back against him, he leaned down to leave open mouthed kisses on the back of Jared’s thighs.

“Jensen, I swear-” Jared breathed out and Jensen chuckled against his skin. Slowly, he withdrew his fingers, groaning at the way Jared’s body tried to pull him back in.

“Don’t move,” Jensen ordered, watching Jared shiver in place, his fingers clenching the bedsheet beside his head. He held fast, however, only his eyes moving as they watched Jensen round the side of the bed and pull open the bedside drawer. He removed the small jar of Vaseline and made his way slowly back to the end of the bed.

When he was finally out of Jared’s sight, Jared gave a frustrated sigh and Jensen took pity on him, reaching down to touch his calf. He slid his hand up the back of Jared’s leg as he climbed back between his knees, leaning into him as he opened the jar.

He made quick work of making sure Jared was lubricated, then himself, before he closed the jar and dropped it to the mattress beside him. Then he slid his hands around Jared’s hips, pulling slightly. Jared responded perfectly, canting his hips up at just the right angle, a soft sigh of contentment crossing his lips.

Jensen almost teased him, almost asked if he was ready, but every part of him was screaming with need. The need to be as one with Jared, in every way they knew how.

Jensen stretched himself over Jared’s body, sliding a hand between them to guide himself into Jared’s waiting body. He wasn’t sure which one of them groaned, all he knew was that this is what heaven must feel like.

Jared was warm and tight, surrounding him completely. Though he was the one sliding inside of Jared’s body, he’d never felt so full. He slid his arm up, easily finding Jared’s hand, and Jared held on just as tight. Every moment with Jared was always perfect, but there was something locking into place, something that completed them, that Jensen hadn’t even known was missing.

Jensen moved in and out of Jared’s body slowly, focused more on drawing the soft sounds from him, the press of their bodies together, the way each time Jensen was flush against Jared’s body, Jared’s hand tightened around his own.

“I love you,” Jensen whispered, pressing his lips to the side of Jared’s throat. “So much.”

“Jensen, I-” Jared let out a soft moan, pushing back into Jensen, “touch me, please.”

Jensen shifted them slightly, releasing Jared’s hand to slip beneath his body instead. He wrapped his hand around Jared’s thick, heavy cock, Jared groaning at the contact and sliding his hand down with him, wrapping over Jensen’s around himself.

They moved together, each push and pull bringing them both closer to the edge. “Jensen!” Jared gasped before spilling over their joined hands, his body suddenly taut, the pressure around Jensen’s own hardness making his eyes roll back into his head.

He worked Jared through his orgasm, his own hips losing their rhythm as he chased his own release. When he came, it was with Jared’s name on his lips, and he swore he could fly.

Jensen rolled to the side slightly, pulling Jared with him, not ready for them to separate. He curled himself around Jared’s back, pressing his forehead into the center of Jared’s shoulders as he tried to catch his breath. Jared hummed softly, reaching back for Jensen’s arm and wrapping it around his chest, holding on just as tight.

“I love you, too,” Jared said after a moment, his thumb tracing soft circled into Jensen’s arm. “Thank you.”

“For what?” Jensen asked, letting his eyes fall closed. “For making love to you?”

“No,” Jared chuckled, nudging him gently with his elbow, “for taking us on this vacation… for being my husband. For being an amazing father and partner. For just… for being you.”

Jensen smiled against Jared’s skin and then cleared his throat, squeezing gently so Jared knew he was joking. “God, you’re such a sap. No chick-flick moments.”

“Shut up,” Jared snorted, twisting in Jensen’s arms. He met Jensen’s gaze, his eyes shining in the room’s light, then leaned up for a kiss. “Since you’re being so romantic, I demand dinner in bed.”

“Oh yeah?” Jensen asked, kissing him again. “What if I’m all romantic-ed out?”

“Hmmm…” Jared said, twisting his mouth like he was thinking. “Guess I’ll have to go find myself another attractive husband on the mountain then.”

“Chicken or steak?”

Jared laughed and snuggled against his chest. “Steak. It’s Valentine’s Day.”

“Go get in the shower, I’ll order room service,” Jensen said, reluctantly pulling away. Jared gave a small pout, then his entire face lit up.

“Are you going to join me after?”

“Of course, baby,” Jensen answered, letting himself watch Jared saunter off, completely naked and glowing, before he reached for the room’s phone.