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Just to See You Again

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Stiles does research on Derek Hale before accepting the job offer, as he always does. He’s finishing his B.A (as is Stiles), he’s not on any sports team (although he looks the part) and he is also intimidatingly good looking. So much so that Stiles is sort of shocked that no one has commissioned him to write this guy before.

What Stiles finds quickly is that Derek doesn’t seem to have any close friends. People who have interacted with him describe him as awkward, stilted, quiet, distrusting and at worst, unlikeable.

One girl Stiles speaks to in his research realizes who he is, says she follows his blog and incorporates so much of his writing tips into her own fiction writing. She tells him that whoever commissioned him to write to Derek Hale does not realize how virginal Derek Hale is and/or is trying to be mean to Derek. She even advises him to not go through with accepting the commission.

Stiles is shocked by this, stammers something out about how handsome Derek is, how he can’t possibly be virginal, but the girl shakes her head, laughs and tells him that Derek can hardly carry on a conversation about the weather, much less undress another person.

When Stiles returns to his work table, he’s uncertain. He can write non-explicit love letters, he’s quite good at that - his love letters are the height of romance, especially to virginal readers and he knows it. He feels uneasy about accepting the job, though. No one gave him any lovely information to work with; without lovely things to say about a person, it’s pretty difficult to put together a love letter.

His anonymous customer attached a photo of Derek to their emailed request, which Stiles stares at for over ten minutes before stubbornly deciding to take the job.

He looks down at his notepad, unhelpful notes from references jotted down in a rush and he reviews:

o Spends 4 hrs in the gym daily

o Never seen w/ anyone

o owns a reportedly ‘douchey’ camaro

o Sarah: went to hs w/ him, says he hasn't dated since freshman year of hs, has always been strange

o Has trouble maintaining eye contact

o No pictures available of him smiling or looking directly at the camera

o Interests outside of math and engineering unknown

o Robert: ‘he’s sort of a jerk. seems stuck up to me.’

o Rebecca: ‘always has his nose in a book.’

o ‘loner’ is a recurring theme

o Doesn't discuss family

o Allegedly used physical aggression to remove someone from his dorm room after an altercation

o Has declined invitations to social events multiple times - isn't asked out anymore by classmates

o Refuses to work in groups or pairs

o Poor conversationalist

o Generally disliked

Stiles looks up from his list, sets his hands on the keyboard and replies to the email,

Hello Anonymous,

I’m willing to take this job on, but only if you tell me why you want me to write to him in particular.

Stiles’ phone beeps with a new email only 3 minutes later.


I know what you’ve probably heard about him.

Everyone deserves to feel loved. To feel wanted. He visits cemeteries a lot. When I let my mind wander, I sometimes think that he believes he is a ghost. Maybe he likes it that way. But I really want him to believe for even a few seconds that someone out there loves him deeply and I think that if anyone could write words strong enough to move him, it’d be you.

Stiles nods at his screen, accepts the job, takes out fresh parchment and uncaps a new pen.

Just one letter.

He has to manage to write one letter to what appears to be the most disliked person on campus and then he makes fifty bucks and can fund his coffee supply for the next two weeks.

Just one letter.