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Cartoon Treasure Island

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Our story starts along an island with the blue ocean waves crashing with forests and a hidden location hiding treasure. 

"I was K'Nuckles's first mate that voyage," a young voice narrated as there was a chorus singing during the opening sequence. "Three days east of Tortola in the Caribie. K'Nuckles knew an island. That's where we buried the treasure... Gold and blood, they were K'Nuckles's trademarks... He'd leave both behind him that day."

Chorus: Shiver my timbers
Shiver my soul
Yo ho, heave ho

There are men whose hearts are black as coal
Yo ho, heave ho
And they sailed their ship 'cross the ocean blue

A bloodthirsty captain
And a cut-throat crew
It's as dark a tale as was ever told

Of lust and treasure and the love of gold
Shiver my timbers
Shiver my sides

Yo ho, heave ho
There are hungers as strong as the winds and tides
Yo ho, heave ho

And those buccaneers
Drown their sins in rum
The devil himself would have to call them scum

Every man aboard would have killed his mate
For a bag of guineas
Or a piece of eight

A piece of eight
A five, six, seven, eight

"Oh, aye," the narrator continued. "15 men were ashore went ashore that day... And only K'Nuckles, his own self, returned..."

The scene melts away as it's revealed a young boy with pale white skin with freckles, glowing green eyes with a pale coal-black coat, green pants, with black boots and a pirate's cap was narrating, he may have been young, but he was a pirate. He was Youngblood. "Oh, aye," he continued. "And then old K'Nuckles... Up and died afore they could get back to that cursed island and dig up the treasure... No one knows to this day who has old K'Nuckles's map..." He finished with a smile. "Now, isn't that a story worth the hearing?"

Everyone in the restaurant glanced at the young pirate, very bored and irritated.

"It was," Professor Utonium spoke up dully. "The first dozen of times we heard it!"

"I'll drink to that." Homer Simpson nodded in agreement.

"But who has the map now, huh?" Youngblood prompted them. "Some black-hearted, squid-suckin' buccaneer? Or maybe it's our very own Ed Hill."

There was the boy Ed, he was rather tall, had yellow skin with fuzzy black hair, wearing a green jacket with a red and white striped undershirt, blue pants, and black shoes. He was standing with his girlfriend Dee Dee, who dressed like a ballerina with a pink tutu, white tights, pink slippers, and had her golden hair in pigtails and had shiny blue eyes.

"Eh, Ed?" Youngblood prompted the boy.

"If I had it, my girlfriend, friends, and their girlfriends wouldn't be serving you rum, Mr. Youngblood." Ed replied.

"That's right." Dee Dee nodded in agreement.

There was a short boy with pink skin, three black hairs spouting out his head with a short-sleeved yellow shirt with purple fringe and a red stripe in the middle with blue jeans and red sneakers. His name is Edwin "Eddy" Sampson. "We'd be out searching for that treasure, sailing the seven seas on a five year mission, boldly going where no man has gone before."

The girl next to him who had ginger hair in pigtails, a golden earring on her right ear, and had on a short-sleeved red top showing her belly with a matching skirt with white socks and red and white sneakers named Michelene "Mike" Mavinsky, giggled at him. "Say, that's pretty catchy, Eddy." She told her boyfriend. 

"Huh, not us." a boy who was rather tall, wearing a red short-sleeved shirt with purple shorts, long red socks and blue shoes with a black hat with white streaks that almost appeared to be hair replied. His name is Eddward "Double D" Marion Vincent. 

"If we had that treasure map, we'd be trading it for a decent meal." His girlfriend added. She was Chinese-American with brown almond eyes, long black hair with a red streak in it, a short-sleeved green top showing her belly with red fringe with a dragonfly on her shirt, blue jeans, and brown shoes. Her name is Juniper "June" Lee. 

Double D looked down to the remains of Youngblood's leftovers. "Say, guys, you think he's gonna eat this?"

"Aye!" Youngblood spoke like the pirate he pretended to be, though was serious about his profession. "Beware of bull man. He's the one to fear!"

"Right..." Dee Dee rolled her eyes.

"Don't worry, Captain, we'll watch for him." Ed promised.

"Yeah, Double D and I will watch for him, if he's delivering a pizza." June chuckled, a little hungry.

"Even old K'Nuckles feared him," Youngblood remarked to their jokes. "If he comes pokin' 'round here, you run for me, whippety-quick!"

"If we see him, we'll tell ya." Mike informed.

"Yeah, sure, one leg, two heads, couple of dozen noses," Eddy added. "If anything weird happens--"

"It'll be nay joking matter, pink boy and pigtails," Youngblood glared at them. "The boy king brings death..."

"Time!" the sharp voice of an old woman known as Granny called. She was an Scottish woman with silver white hair in a bun, glasses, a white long-sleeved top with a pendent around her neck, black boot shoes, and a purple skirt, she was also a caretaker for The Eds and their girlfriends, since they were all orphans. "It's closing time! You pay your bills and then you shove off! Go on, out you go!" She shoved the patrons out the door as it was now closing time. 

The six kids got out of Granny's way so she could handle the customers and get them out to their homes. 

"Drunk again, aren't you?" Granny glanced at Barney Gumble.

Barney shrugged, let out a noisy belch, then went off with everyone else. 

"Kids, look at the state of this place!" Granny called in dismay. "How comes it gets to be a pigsty, huh?"

"Pigsty?" Porky Pig, Priscilla Pig, Spanky Ham, and Hamton J. Pig glared at the woman.

"No offence meant, sirs," Granny smiled apologetically. "No offence meant..."

"Here's to you, kids!" Youngblood paid for his drinks with extra money before heading off with the others. 

"Time!" Granny called out.

"I'm away to my room." Youngblood said before going off.

The three boys and three girls gathered around the table. 

"Thank you, Mr. Youngblood!" Ed and Dee Dee grinned, gratefully.

"Thank you, Youngblood!" Mike and Eddy added.

"Don't forget to come back tomorrow," Granny told the final people leaving. "For our lunchtime special: Roasted, suckling..." She then looked to see Porky's daughter was still there. "Potatoes, young miss, potatoes." 

"All right!" Priscilla beamed, then went to catch up with her father.

Granny smiled, then shut the door and looked to her six children who lived here and stayed behind. "All right, kids, when you're finished here, you can go and clean up in the kitchen... I left some table scraps in there for your supper."

The three boys and three girls looked to each other in approval.

"Oh, yes, and kids..." Granny started out sweetly, then nearly yelled at them. "LAST NIGHT YOU FORGOT TO PUT OUT THE LANTERN! If you forget again, there'll be no table scraps for a WEEK!"

"You girls clean up, we'll handle this." Eddy told the girls.

"Oh, and we're gonna clean because we're girls?" June raised an eyebrow at him.

"Oh, no, we just thought it might be easier on you lovely ladies..." Double D smiled nervously.

"Adventure, ho!" Ed blurted out.

Dee Dee rolled her blue eyes. "Alright, but next time, we get the lantern and you boys clean up!"

The Eds went outside while Mike, June, and Dee Dee would do some cleaning for Muriel. 

"Man, who would want a lantern at a time like this?" Eddy grumbled.

"Eh, let's put it out," Double D shrugged. "I don't wanna miss out on the table scraps."

"Table scraps, yum yum!" Ed added.

While the girls cleaned with Muriel, the Eds stood on top of each other to take care of the lantern as promised. Eddy groaned as he was at the bottom and was getting stepped on. 

"Come on, you guys are stepping on my ear!" Double D cried as he carried Ed and Eddy above his shoulders.

"Steady... Steady..." Ed said as he carried them.

"Whoa!" Eddy was nearly losing his balance. 

They all then fell on top of each other in slight dismay.

"I hate my life." Ed frowned.

"I hate your life too, Ed." Eddy replied.

"If I had a life, I'd hate it." Double D grumbled.

The girls came out to check on the boys.

"We saw you guys fall, are you okay?" June asked, a little worried.

Ed stood up, still down in the dumps. "I should just run off to sea like my father did," he said, then took Dee Dee's hands. "We should both go... He was my age when he wound up a first mate."

"Ed, you're just gonna run off to the sea and leave everybody?" Double D spoke up, a little worried about the sound of that idea.

"Who's everybody?" Ed scoffed. "We're all orphans, we got no family..."

"Hey, ya got us!" Mike spoke up, putting an arm around Eddy. "And we're all family!"

"Got it?" Eddy added to that.

"Well, we don't exactly look alike." June shrugged.

"Okay, all right, so we're all different," Eddy shrugged. "Monobrow, Sockhead, and me are cul-de-sac kids, June's Chinese, Mike's from New York, and Dee Dee's a ballerina, so... Whatever."

"We're still family." Double D had to admit that Eddy had a valid point.

"Yeah." the rest of them agreed.

"But Ed wishes his life was more like Captain Youngblood's adventures," Dee Dee informed, being his girlfriend, she knew a lot about Ed's wishes. "Sailing the high seas and searching for buried treasure."

"Right," Ed nodded to her with a dreamy smile. "Discovering lost islands and weird civilizations. Navagating with my father's old compass to wherever the wind may take us."

"Off to Zanzibar to meet the Zanzibarbarians!" Eddy added.

"Here they go again." Double D and June rolled their eyes.

"Yes, to the southwest," Dee Dee pointed as Ed took out his late father's compass. "Pirate Galleons!"

"To the southeast," Mike did what Eddy did, feeling the adrenaline of a real adventure. "Multi-Armed Zanzibanian shark women and their exploding wigs of death!"

"TO THE NORTHWEST, DIRTY DISHES!" Granny called from inside the diner/living area.

"How does she do that?" Eddy looked to the others, a little startled, but no one knew.

"Might as well start." Ed shrugged.

"Ed and I will wash." Dee Dee volunteered.

"Oh yeah, June and I will dry." Double D also volunteered.

"Mike and I will break." Eddy sighed, volunteering.