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Beautiful Carvings

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Beautiful Carvings



Shinichi didn't know who had actually managed to convince him to take part in this madness. He was a homicide detective, often consulted and trusted by the police. Yet somehow his friends (read: Sonoko) had needled him endlessly until he finally caved and gave in. Now he stood, surrounded by a task force that seemed to live to show their incompetence, watching silently and being glared at for taking part in something that - while interesting – didn't really fall in his area of expertise. Not that he had a problem with solving the puzzle for the event or anything like that. It was just... a petty thief. Murderers were just more concerning in Shinichi's eyes.


Well, at least it seemed as if it would be challenging. He would even go so far as to say it could be fun.


Somehow it was all Sonoko's fault. She and her obsession with Kaitou KID and her uncle's competitive streak at besting that irritating, flashy thief. That was the reason why he was not here, instead of his original plans that involved spending his day at home, with a nice cup of coffee and his favorite Sherlock Holmes book. Or that new mystery novel. Some peace and quiet would have been welcome after the horrible week he had so far. It had been a busy week for criminals and Shinichi had really begun to question humanity since he had stumbled into a case each day. And one day had even involved two cases, one that had been a double suicide.


As it was, he would have loved a break, safe at home where normally no murders or crimes occurred. His safe heaven.

But when Sonoko had started, she had played the unfair advantage: Ran.


And Ran could probably get him to cut off his hair and enter monkshood, if she so desired.


So what if it had only taken her to stare at him pleadingly from Sonoko's side, eyes slightly wide and innocent. Since she was like a sister and rarely seemed to want anything from him, he had crumbled in an instant (much to Sonoko's glee as she had crackled when his defenses were utterly destroyed by pleading puppy eyes of a karate master).


Sighing he chanced a glance at the clock and rolled his eyes. Five more minutes until the event started. Shifting from foot to foot he recalled what he knew about the thief, that he had to catch without handing over to the police. No, his 'employer' was Sonoko, so that's where he had to deliver the thief. Fat chance of that. But he would 'try' and fail and that would be that.


Or if he caught him, he was sure as hell not handing him over to the mercies of one Sonoko Suzuki. He was not heartless.


Eying the tables that were placed around the room he frowned. Was that... blinking coming from under them?


Cautiously he stepped back two steps and ducked his head a little. Indeed, a small, white device was stuck under the table. Wide eyed he glanced at the clock, saw that there was only mere 5 seconds remaining and bolted out of the room, that exploded into colours, smoke and other substances just as he crossed the threshold. Wide eyed he turned back and blinked several times at the multi-coloured room, several task force members having the same colour as their surroundings, coughing and waving their hands to dissipate the smoke. Nakamori was cursing up a storm, but no one seemed to be able to move at all, the strange sticky substance making it hard to move around, almost like glue but not really. And coloured in neon colours.


Slightly speechless at the picture of mass destruction of what had a few seconds before been a prestige and spotless hall Shinichi opened and closed his mouth, while his eyes found the white dressed, bowed figure of the thief in the middle of it, not a speck of colour on his white suit that was suddenly not only the cleanliest thing inhabiting the chaos, but also almost radiant in the middle of all those colours.


A surprisingly young voice announced his triumph, holding up the Gem as if expecting to be applauded for his deed, sending Nakamori in a near apoplectic rage, struggling to move towards his target that easily danced out of his reach and disappeared with a swirl of his coat, laughing and racing to what Shinichi supposed would be the roof.


Heart pounding in excitement, Shinichi recalled the fastest way up for himself and set off in a fast sprint, feeling a rush of adrenaline as he begun his own chase. Never mind that he hadn't wanted to be here, he was nevertheless looking forward to match his wit against the elusive phantom thief's.


When he ran up the stairs he could almost see the trail end of the coat swishing around the corners slightly above him. He had to give it to Kid, he was in top form, but then again he had to to dance around the task force with such ease as he displayed.


The door to the rooftop opened with a forceful clang and crashed close again. A few seconds later Shinichi arrived and ripped it open himself, stepping out into the cool night air barely out of breath, his gaze zeroing in on the silhouette that stood on the railing of the roof. A straight pose, with the gem held high above him.


For a split second Shinichi froze at the picture. It seemed ethereal in a way, and he was not sure why he hesitated to break the moment.


“A beautiful night...” Kaitou Kid sighed, back turned to Shinichi but obviously speaking to him as there was no one else he could have been talking to “... for a beautiful gem.”


Fire raced across Shinichi's arm, his eyes widening in realization and disbelieve. He was blind-sided, utterly and completely stunned, almost dizzy at this occurrence. Yes, he had hoped to meet his match, his soul-mate one day. Imagined how they would meet, dreamed up different scenarios, because he was a romantic deep down somewhere. But to find it to be the most elusive Phantom Thief of the century?! Slack-jawed Shinichi reeled to get himself under control, however much he had imagined his first meeting to be, this one has never entered his mind. Just for a short moment he closed his eyes and took a deep breath to collect himself.


When he finally found his voice again and opened his eyes, the rooftop was empty. Only the blue gem glittered faintly under the moonlight.


That night sleep was hard to come by, his fingers tracing over his soul markings over and over.


A beautiful night for a beautiful gem.


Funny how he had never thought the words had been meant literally. Pressing his lips to the marks his mind formed a new resolve. He would catch Kid. Not for Sonoko, or the police, but for himself. It was funny how he had been reluctant before, and now it seemed like the most important thing to do. And he was desperately looking forward to it, for catching Kid was the only way to get his soul-mate.