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There was probably a Freudian explanation for that 'fixation' of his, Kaito realized.

Miku very seriously attempted to figure it out once, donning a pair of comically oversized spectacles and a fake plastic pipe for effect. One needed thick glasses and a pipe to figure out why he had such a thing for getting naked in public, apparently. His fascination often came at the expense of others' comfort and sometimes their own privacy, so it was actually one of Miku's more considerate responses to his behavior.

Ultimately, she decided that he was just a pervert. She'd nodded to herself while taking a long pull from her plastic pipe as Luka stood by, stifling a laugh behind her hand in a princess-like manner.

It wasn't his fault. If it was eight o'clock and Miku was getting ready in her room, then that meant it was time for him to get to work as well. Naturally, that meant that he had to strip and burst into her room wearing nothing but his scarf. He didn't know why he did it. There was some kind of irresistible force that made him do it, he reasoned – perhaps it was one of the depraved things that a Master wanted him to do. With how often the desire to run free and naked came to him, he had to believe that it was a popular desire of their producers and fans. So it wasn't his fault at all. He was just indulging them.

Miku had to be accepting of it, given her own track record. She had a slew of embarrassing moments under her belt already. Like... Well, like... Uh...

Unfortunately, the only thing that came to mind were times like when she thought the world was ending after she dropped her pudding and that other time when she and Luka–

Okay, so those weren't really embarrassing moments per se, but thinking about that did inexplicably give him a nosebleed...

She was probably just getting used to it. That made him feel bad, considering. While it was probably obvious that he should feel bad that someone had to 'get used to' something like being flashed, he personally felt worse about the fact that the shock was wearing off. If he was going to do something for their Masters, he wanted to enjoy it too. All the fun was sucked out of flashing the girls if they were just going to get used to it and not care anymore...


That day was a day like any other. Knowing that the girls were awake and getting ready in their rooms, it was his time to make his move.

After Miku forced him out of her room with explosive exasperation, he made his way to Rin's room. She had been waiting for him that time. She crossed her arms, still in her pajamas, and made a point of looking no lower than his face with a stern expression on her own. He sighed, becoming resigned, and excused himself to the hallway.

There were a lot of other lovely ladies he could go bug. He hadn't tried his prank on any of the Utau girls yet... And there were a lot of Utau girls. One of them would surely be surprised!

Still, it just wouldn't be the same as pranking Miku. If it wore off on her, then what was the point anymore? She was his number one. His prime target. The fudge on his ice cream. No one else's embarrassment was as addictive as hers.

On the bright side, there was someone he could vent to who understood what those crazy feelings were like – those crazy, exciting, wacky urges to publicly expose himself.


Resident samurai from Mars.

Fellow pervert.

Kaito usually left Luka to him. She was exclusively purple samurai territory. While Kaito enjoyed a good scandalized scream and a blush, Gakupo was after the more hardcore reactions; the punches, the thrown objects, the kicks to the face. That was all Luka.

Luka's room was right by Miku's but he walked straight past hers with a hastened walk, fearing what may happen if Luka opened her door and stepped out right at the moment he passed by naked. He kept going until he reached the section of cyberspace that their samurai called his own. His quarters had a distinctly ye-olde-Edo feel to them, even from the outside, making it hard to miss.

Suddenly feeling self-conscious, Kaito grabbed the door knob and invited himself in. Immediately closing the door behind him, he rested his back against it with a relieved sigh.

Slowly, he opened his eyes and tried to decide how to react when his eyes fell on Gakupo's dick, just... out there.

Their words jumbled and tripped over each other when they both tried to speak at the same time. They kept at it for a minute like that, both of them a bit more surprised by that turn of events than either of them would have expected. Eventually, Kaito held up a hand to get them to both stop talking.

“I'll go first,” he said. Feeling under-dressed all of a sudden, he covered himself with one of the tails of his scarf and crossed his legs to keep it there. After a little more thought, there was only one thing to say. “Funny meeting you here.”

Gakupo laughed heartily and put his hands on his hips, clearly unashamed of his proud manhood.

Was that how it was for the girls? He'd seen his friend and fellow streaker naked hundreds of times in the past, but something felt very different when he was seeing it under unexpected circumstances. He didn't feel prepared. His face felt hot. His tongue felt dry.

Gakupo was getting closer. Gakupo and his proud manhood were getting closer to him and because he was flat against the door already, there was nowhere left for Kaito to go. He felt frozen in place, like Gakupo's snake had turned him to stone.

“Funny meeting you here, too,” the samurai said, his voice a husky purr that sent chills down Kaito's spine. It wasn't a bad kind of chill so much, but... What was he taking that tone for? That was weird.

“D-did they want us to have a yaoi scene this time? Where's the jazzy background music? I wandered into a weird new video right now, right?”

Gakupo lowered his eyes and gave him an amused smirk.

Right?” Kaito repeated, his confusion mounting.

“Calm down. You're overreacting,” Gakupo said with what sounded like his regular tone of voice. Every tone he had was a sexy one but at least his regular speaking voice was the one Kaito was used to. Still, he was starting to get worried that the scarf wouldn't be able to hide his growing predicament. He could've sworn that Gakupo's voice didn't normally have that sort of effect on him. It was just a fluke. A coincidence. A physiological reaction after seeing him naked when he least expected it.

“O-overreacting...” Kaito repeated to himself, shifting his thighs where he could feel the scarf straining.

“What is it you came here for?” Gakupo asked, shifting his weight from one foot to the other, looking completely natural even though he was standing around naked.

It was his room, after all. He was allowed to feel at home. Kaito just didn't expect him to look that relaxed, considering the circumstances...

“Ah-” His words halted and he had to stop to remind himself of why he was even there in the first place. “Oh. Miku. She's getting bored with my streaking. I thought you would... understand. I thought you might... h-have some tips. Or suggestions. S-Something like that.”

Was he staring?

“You're staring, Kaito-san.”

Oh, so he was.

Politely, he brought his eyes back up to Gakupo's face, but it felt awkward when they were standing so close to each other. It forced Kaito to stare directly into his eyes and he could feel the embarrassed flush of his cheeks that resulted.

“Did I come at a bad time? I just thought you might understand, since we both have a thing for... that kind of thing. Er- This kind of thing.”

He was going to die of embarrassment. He couldn't believe that he'd gotten himself caught in one of his own traps.

Gakupo raised one of his elegant eyebrows and gave him a look that felt seductive. “What is... 'this' kind of thing, exactly? It feels different today, doesn't it?”

What was going on anymore? If they weren't in the beginning of a yaoi video, then had he stumbled into a different dimension where Gakupo was determined to seduce him? It couldn't have just been his imagination. Gakupo was definitely looking at him differently than he normally would. And why was his own heart beating so strongly?

If that was what it was like to get flashed, then...

Maybe it... wasn't so bad?

No, no, that couldn't have been right.

Still, the unexplainable feeling he was experiencing had to have a meaning. He'd always wondered why he enjoyed streaking so much. He always enjoyed the shocked looks on his targets' faces, and their embarrassment gave him a thrill, but a part of him just wanted to be free – to feel comfortable with himself and hopefully find someone else who felt comfortable with him. As much as he loved the reactions of the people who thought he was weird, he wanted to find someone who accepted his weirdness.

Maybe it wasn't so strange, after all.

That whole time, he was really just looking for someone who understood him.

He already had someone like that right there beside him all along.

Just when he was feeling prepared to give the strangest, most awkward confession of his life, Gakupo suddenly laughed and put a hand on his shoulder. There was something sobering about feeling his friend's hand on his shoulder as they both stood naked. Especially when he had a boner.

“You know I'm just messing with you, right?”

Kaito leveled his eyes at him and turned around, putting a hand on the door knob.

“I'm leaving.”

“Wait a minute,” Gakupo said quickly, sounding frightened that he was really going to leave. Kaito spared a small glance behind himself at him. Did he really think he was going to stand around with a boner in his room? He sure wasn't. Not unless Gakupo planned to do something about it, maybe... That seemed like a fitting revenge on the person who'd caused him such emotional distress.

“I came at a bad time. I'll come back later after I, um, take care of some things,” Kaito said.

The grin that Gakupo gave him in response made him look away and he stared at the door knob he was still holding. Indeed, for the moment, he was going to go 'handle' that problem of his, but he was still interested in discussing some things with Gakupo later. All jokes aside, he had a feeling that they had more in common than either of them realized.

Gakupo gave him a pat on the back and his fingers lingered a little too long, sliding their way down his back as he lifted his hand away.

“I'll be waiting, my friend.”

The mysterious smile he was given made Kaito wonder if Gakupo had read his mind. He didn't want to think that he'd figured out something ahead of him. It would have explained a lot, though.

For the first time, as he left Gakupo's room and headed into the hallway with naught but his scarf to shield him, Kaito felt too exposed.