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Kink Meme Fills

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The whip skimmed across her backside, and she gasped. That delicious fusion of pain and pleasure, she knew it well and she knew her lover would give it anytime she asked. Maya arched her back, clutching the sheets of the bed she knelt before.

"Mm...yes. More, please!" she cried. "My inner goddess is doing a tango in delight!"

The whip clattered to the ground. Maya craned her neck to glance over her shoulder and the look on Franziska's face said more than any variation of are you kidding me ever could.


"Put your foolish clothes on, you foolish fool." Franziska grabbed for her own skirt and blouse before throwing Maya's outfit at her.


"Only a foolish fool would quote anything from that horrid fool series! I know you spirit mediums aren't famous for your dirty talk, but this is just beyond forgiveness!" A pause. "For one whole day."

"Aw, come on! Can't we just forget I said that?" But Maya knew her girlfriend too well, and if she said she wasn't in the mood anymore, she really wasn't in the mood anymore. She sighed, dressing slowly, not bothering with her panties.

"I'm really sorry," she muttered. Franziska sighed.

"Because I believe you truly are, we'll do this again tomorrow. Only this time, perhaps I should focus on your back." Maya giggled sheepishly.

"I appreciate that."

She went home to bathe and put some salve on the marks. At least she didn't have to work tomorrow.