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Kink Meme Fills

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When he thinks about it, his life was pretty perfect until that trial in the 4th grade. Two loving parents, a faithful dog, friends right down the block. Okay, so he didn't have brothers or sisters, but that was just one little thing.

Maybe it was a coincidence, but a month after the trial, he overheard his parents fighting. "I'm done with this, Jonathan! You don't trust me, that means you don't love me!" "Fine, then, Lisa, if that's the way you want it!"

He didn't listen any further, running to Edgeworth's house in tears. They called Larry over and of course he cried even before he knew what was going on. Mr. Edgeworth made tea and sat them down, calmed Phoenix and listened to the whole story. "I'm sure they're just venting. Sometimes people who love each other fight, and they'll be okay once they get it out of their system."

When he drove Phoenix home, they found his parents on the porch swing making out like teenagers. They never had another big blow-up after that.

After Edgeworth moved, Larry started hanging out at the Wright house more. "So you won't get lonely." Larry was almost like a brother, so much that the Butz family even offered to move both families into one big house together. The boys loved the idea, but it never happened. Too expensive, and they couldn't agree on a house.

He found out in junior high that Edgeworth was living in Germany and studying to become a prosecutor. But why, didn't he want to be a defense lawyer? His life was nothing but work and cases, aside from his adoptive little sister and the man raising him he had no time for other people. Even his old friends.

I'm only allowed to write this letter to explain, the paper said. I apologize for causing you to worry, Phoenix.

He and Larry clung to each other even more after that. They never tried to find a third friend; once the trio was broken, it could only be mended by the original third. Maybe someday Edgeworth would come back. Maybe he'd remember them and forget all about being a prosecutor.

Maybe someday things would be back to normal.

During his junior year of high school, Badger the dog started getting on in years and it showed. His health declined so rapidly that shortly before Christmas the family decided it was time to let go. Larry was the first person Phoenix told, and they both wished Edgeworth could be there. They hadn't heard from him in years.

Larry wasn't allowed into the room when they put Badger down, so Phoenix went with his mother to comfort her while Larry and Dad stayed in the waiting room. It was over fast, and that night the boys stayed up, made popcorn and laughed about all the escapades they'd had with Badger.

Phoenix never got another dog after that.

It wasn't as painful parting ways with Larry when they got accepted to different colleges. They'd still be in the same state at least. "And if one of us hates their school he can transfer!" Larry joked. They never did, but they kept in touch and hung out during break times.

Neither of them saw Edgeworth again until Phoenix's fourth court case.