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Living The Good Life

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The alarm clock rung.
Thorin Oakensheild groaned and fumbled around for the source of the cruel sound, in his desperation he managed to knock it and a few others things onto the wooden floor boards.
He growled in annoyance when the clock continued to sing as if daring him to get up and shut it off.

"NO!" He thought " i won't give it what it wants!"

He squashed his head between a pillow and tried to go back to sleep, but the clock persisted and eventually he got out of bed and began smashing it with an atlas.

Presently he heard a soft knock at the door. 'Cold callers' he muttered and ignored it, continuing his destruction of the still screaming alarm clock.

They knocked again, louder.

Letting out a huff of annoyance he went to go and answer it.

Thorin fumbled with the lock for a bit and reluctantly opened the door. Before him he saw a quite short, slim elf with very long blonde hair. The elf was carrying a large pink suitcase marked T.G.

"Is this room 14?" Said the stranger.

"Err, um oh yes." Thorin stuttered slightly dumbstruck by the figure in his doorway.

"Oh good then you were expecting me." With that the pretty young elf entered the appartment.

"Which room is mine?" He asked casually.

Thorin made a confused face.

"You did know I was coming, right?" Said the new elf "I'm your new room mate. I thought you were told"

Suddenly Thorin recalled why he set his alarm clock and glanced at his hand. Sure enough there written was 'New room mate tomoz. Set alarm for seven.' He sighed in exasperation. Why did he have to forget everything.

"I'm Thranduil Greenleaf." Said the new comer hesitantly.

Thorin looked up. "Oh, yes.. um, I'm Thorin Oakensheild.i, i mean there...uh, i. .That one is your room." He silently cursed himself while vaguely gesturing towards the spare room.

Thranduil smiled his thanks and went to unpack.

A few minutes later he stuck his head out of the door. "What on earth is that weird mutated sound?"

suddenly Thorin remembered the clock was still going.

"I'll get it."

Thranduil followed Thorin into his room and raised an elegant eyebrow at the bashed up, still ringing, clock. Thorin started to pound it with the atlas again but before he could completely kill it Thranduil reached down and switched the off button with a delicate finger.

Thorin looked up at Thranduil like he was a God. "How did you do that?" He breathed.

Thranduil, looking bemused, directed Thorin to the on, off switch.

Thorin really did feel stupid today.


The next day Thorin didn't set the alarm clock and woke up a bit later. He had 3 classes today and he decided he would try to do a bit of homework in the evening.

He could smell eggs and here someone singing in the kitchen.

he got dressed and went into the small cooking area where he saw Thranduil with a frying pan singing in some foreign language he couldn't understand. He was good singer despite Thorin not understanding a word that was spoken.

"I made you breakfast!" Smiled the elf.

Thorin smiled back.

"Thank you" he said politly as he was served his eggs. He got up to make himself a coffee and of course knocked his fork off the table in the process. Thranduil reacted fast and caught the fork before it could touch the floor, placing it gently back on the table.

Thorin laughed in disbelief.

"Nice one!" He praised.

The elf beamed back and quickly stopped Thorin from spilling his coffee by tipping his cup up.

Thorin sat back down at the table without any more accidents.

After he had eaten he messily comed his hair out with his fingers.

"No. Don't do it like that! Wait a sec, i can fix it for you." Laughed Thranduil running into his new room and returning with a hair brush.

Thranduil gently began brushing out the dwarfs wild locks, the elfs delicate hands making the experience completely painless. At last Thranduil was finnished and Thorin thanked him before heading out the door.