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When Harry Potter Sleeps

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I watch him sleeping beside me.

That sounds eerie.

It's because I can't believe he--Harry bloody Potter--finally confessed to me after months of dancing around, and now is currently sleeping beside me. ME! Draco Malfoy, his archenemy, his school rival, his nemesis and whatever name the wizarding world has whispered about us.

Nowadays he smiles at me (showing his adorable dimple), and says that we will date properly, go to a nice restaurant and then everyone will know that he's truly mine, and I'm truly his.

He's snoring (loudly....), and wow, his eyelashes are rather long for a man who I know doesn't apply any Vanity Charms on himself...

He has his own charm, of course. Like when his beautiful green eyes shine in the light, he babbles and chatters in his flirting attempt (I tried not to swoon, I have an image to maintain), and his wild raven hair looks so perfectly ruffled and his lips...


Watching Harry Potter sleeping is not good for my image. Thank Salazar no one can hear my thoughts, or they will change my House Colours into yellow and black.What a horrible nightmare! Mother will faint, Father will surely disown me and I won't be able to be seen seen in public again!

Oh, do shut up and stop snoring, Potter. Just because you're adorable and handsome and.... Hold on... Did I say that aloud? And why is Harry shaking?

"Harry? Are you awake? ..... Potter?! How dare you laugh at me, 'cease your titter instantly!!" .