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The future is uncertain (but I'm certain about you)

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Victoria didn’t know why she was in Forks, Washington. 

Well that was a lie, she kind of knew why. 

James was gone, the idiot. True, they weren’t mates. But he had been a good companion for a time. Until his ego got the best of him. He just had to get too ambitious with his hunting, and now he was dead. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

About just as stupid as Victoria was to be back here, in the middle of nowhere Washington. 

Victoria made her way through the trees, still unsure of why exactly she was here. 

That was until she reached a clearing and froze. 

Not twenty feet away stood the girl.

James’ last target.

She also froze, her heartbeat speeding up as she recognized Victoria.

“What are you doing here?” the girl spit out. Points to her for not shaking in her boots so much that she couldn’t speak.

Victoria decided to pivot. “Bit hard to explain love, what are you doing in the middle of nowhere?”

“Just… walking,” the girl said, scratching at her arm.

“Alone? In the woods?” Victoria asked. 

“Well, I’m going to have a friend meet me soon,” Bella (right, that was her name) lied. Victoria had to give the girl credit. Her heartbeat was the only thing that gave her away.

“Now pet,” Victoria smirked. “We both know that’s not true. But have no fear,” Victoria said motioning with her hands. “I have no urge to drain you dry.”

“You aren’t?”

“No, as a matter of fact, your scent holds little interest to me,” Victoria said, sitting against a tree. Victoria crossed her legs, stretching as Bella stood awkwardly. “Where’s your vampire bodyguard?”

The woman remained silent, not meeting her eyes. 

“So he flew the coop,” Victoria leaned her head back. “Eh, fuck men, am I right?” She smiled at Bella. The woman was studying her curiously. 

“You’re seriously not gonna drain me?”

“I’m not exactly hungry right now,” Victoria motioned to her red eyes. “So what’s the real reason you’re out here?”

“What’s the real reason you’re here?” Bella countered. 

“I told you it’s hard to explain, it’s like-“ Victoria motioned with her hands. “I just had a gut feeling I’ve needed to come back here for a while and I have no idea why.”

“So you traveled here based on a gut feeling.”

“You’d be surprised how far my gut feelings have gotten me,” Victoria said. “It’s the reason I survived the Olympic coven.”

“Aren’t you mad at me?”

“About what? James?” Victoria asked, thrown off by the question.

Bella nodded causing Victoria to sigh.

“Did you tear off his head? No. Did you force him to chase you? No,” Victoria shrugged. “If anything I have a problem with that little boyfriend of yours goading him into a chase, but well he’s not here. Seems we’re both miserable.”

“I’m perfectly fine.”

“Those eye bags under your eyes say differently,” Victoria said. “You look paler, you’ve lost weight, you are anything besides perfectly fine.” 

Bella crossed her arms and scoffed. “Not all of us have the vampire ability to look gorgeous 24/7.”

“I never said you looked ugly,” Victoria motioned with her hand. Bella Swan was many things, but ugly was not one of them. “I said you looked less than perfect at the moment, love. So tell me, Bella Swan, since you keep dodging the question, why are you all the way out here?”

“Closure,” Bella finally said. 

“Ah,” Victoria said. “And have you found this ‘closure?’” 

Bella sighed. “I think? I don’t know.”

“Do you feel better?”

“I guess?” Bella tilted her head. “This is weird, you know that right?”

“What is?”

“You were trying to kill me a few months ago and now we’re discussing my feelings.”

“Welcome to the world of vampires love,” Victoria said.

Bell just shook her head. “So what are you gonna do now?”

“Now?” Victoria paused. The feeling has calmed down, yes. But where would she go now? “I guess I’ll head back up to Canada for a bit, you know sear-“

Victoria’s ears picked up several pairs of feet running at unnatural speeds toward their location. Her gut instinct was to grab Bella and run. And so, as Victoria was prone to doing, she listened. She scooped Bella up in a bridal carry, startling the human. 

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“Something is coming,” Victoria said, adjusting her hands. “Trust me.”

Victoria sprinted in the direction of Bella’s house, though she could hear the feet gaining on her. She listened to the house as they got closer, good, Bella’s father would be home. That would keep the supernatural away hopefully.

As she neared the house, the feet seemed to slow down, though they still followed them Victoria deposited Bella on her porch. The human looked a little greener then normal. 

“God I forgot how much I hate that.”

“Sorry, go inside your father should be home.”

“Victoria, what’s going on?” 

“I’m not sure,” Victoria mused. “I need to go.”

“Will I see you again?”

“Perhaps,” Victoria smiled. “Stay safe Swan.”

And with that, Victoria sprinted away. It was only when she reached the outskirts she turned around to see a pack of wolves chasing after her. Great, seems Bella Swan attracted all kinds of trouble


Victoria felt the pull in her gut again a few days later. Victoria tried to resist it. She really did. 

But here she was, standing on Bella’s front porch, feeling a bit excited to see her again.

She knocked once, and Bella opened the door looking as beautiful as always. Victoria was pleased to see no fear on the young woman’s face, only mild annoyance.

“One delivery for the woman of your dreams,” Victoria said, causing Bella to roll her eyes. “How’s it going love?”

“Why are you here again?” Bella asked.

“Someone’s grumpy. Can I come in?”

“I thought the need for an invitation was a myth.”

“It’s still manners,” Victoria said. 

Bella stepped aside, allowing Victoria to enter her kitchen. 

“Why are you here?” Bella asked. 

“I felt the pull again,” Victoria said, not wanting to elaborate. She really didn’t want to think about the reasons the pull went away whenever she saw Bella again. That was a jar she didn’t really want to open. She just had a little crush on the woman, that was all. It didn’t have to be anything deeper then that. “Besides, I get to see your lovely face again.”

Bella sighed, moving to her cabinet. “And you decided you needed to pay me a visit?”

“It’s always nice to see my favorite human,” Victoria said. 

“Do you speak to other humans?”

“Momentarily… before their death.”

“Christ Victoria,” Bella sighed, moving to grab a mug from the top shelf. 

“What? That’s the truth!”

Bella added a teabag to her mug and placed it into the microwave. Victoria blinked, realizing what the human was planning to do.

“I’m sorry, are you making tea ?”


“Without a kettle?”

Bella rolled her eyes. “This is the hill you want to die on? You can’t even drink tea anymore!”

“But the microwave?” Victoria scoffed. “I doubt it could be as good as a kettle.”

“Well you’ll never know, so,” Bella said typing the numbers into the odd machine. “Don’t worry about it.”

Victoria studied Bella quietly as the woman waited for her tea. The late afternoon sun, a rarity in Forks from what Victoria could tell, was peeking through the window. The beams of light were illuminating the traces of red in Bella’s otherwise brown hair. She looked better today. Though the bags were still present but her skin looked less chalky. Her hair also looked washed and brushed. Her brown eyes were staring intently at the microwave, and Victoria couldn’t help but think how beautiful they would look as a lovely shade of red.

“You’re staring,” Bella said, not looking in her direction. 

“I tend to do that,” Victoria said, shifting her position. “So, what’s the plan?”


“Well I don’t suppose you’re going to be here forever right? What’s your plan for the future?” Victoria wasn’t really sure why she cared, but she was curious.

The microwave beeped, and Bella removed the cup.

“I’m not really sure,” Bella admitted.

That was not the response Victoria was expecting.

“I was planning on becoming a vampire and living with Edward’s coven. My whole life, my whole world, rested on Edward, and now he’s gone,” She removed the tea bag. “So…there’s no plan.”

And in that moment, Victoria almost offers a plan. Offers to take Bella away from this place, to give her the eternity she deserved beside Victoria. The words are on the tip of her tongue. To ask if Bella could ever possibly want this life. To ever possibly want her. 

But the hurt on Bella’s face keeps her from doing so. 

Instead, Victoria gives her what she hopes is a winning smile. “Eh, cheer up poppet, you’ll be fine. You’ve escaped a bloodthirsty vampire, you can handle anything.”

“Lot of confidence in me.”

“It’s a gut feeling.”

“Yes you’ve mentioned your gut before. How does that work exactly?” Bella sat down at the kitchen table across from Victoria. 

“Trying to figure out the best way to get rid of me?”

“Are you always this paranoid?” Bella countered.

“I wouldn’t be this far without being paranoid,” Victoria said. And though she meant the sentence to come off light, it comes off more bitter then she intended. 

Bella shifts in her a chair a bit but doesn’t comment on the statement. 

“Should I be on the lookout for your shifter friends?”

“They know you’re a friend,” Bella said. “They’re not thrilled about it of course. But as long as you stay off their lands-”

“Believe me, I have no urge to be turned into a Victoria casserole,” Victoria said, holding up a hand. 

“So does that mean you’ll be visiting again soon?”

“Unless you don’t want me to,” Victoria said, trying to play it casually. “Your call Swan.”

“I’m not chasing you off just yet,” Bella said.

“Great,” Victoria said, standing up upon hearing a car pull up in the driveway. “Seems your father is home. I’ll see you soon love.”


And that’s how it began. Every few days, Victoria felt the pull, drawing her to Bella, and so she went. No matter what, somehow when Victoria needed her, she was always at her home.  Sometimes Bella was doing homework, other times she was cleaning the house, and sometimes she would even cook. 

“Try it,” Bella said offering her a spoon, laughing as Victoria wrinkled her nose. 

“Absolutely not,” Victoria scoffed. They were about two months into this arrangement, and Victoria was loving every second of it. Something about being around Bella made her feel more… alive. And Bella began looking more alive as well. The bags under her eyes nearly disappeared and she began to gain a little bit of weight back. She smiled more often, and in that way that reached her eyes. The first time she had laughed, Victoria had known she would do anything to hear it again. The small crush Victoria had on Bella had blossomed into something more. And while Victoria still would not open the jar of what all of this could mean, she knew that losing Bella now would ruin her.

“Oh come on, aren’t you curious?” Bella asked, going back to mixing the soup. 

“It’s going to taste like dirt.”

“Are you saying my cooking is bad?”

“I’m sure your cooking is amazing poppet, I’m saying I’d throw it back up. Sensitive stomach and all that,” Victoria replied. Christ did she love Bella’s smile, and her laugh, and her wit. 

“Yes you and your diet,” Bella rolled her eyes. They had tried to stay away from the “Victoria eats humans” conversation as much as possible. Victoria knew Bella didn’t approve, but she did let Victoria into her house. So she couldn’t be too worried about it. To be fair, Victoria never hunted in Forks. And while she could say that was for safety’s sake, it was also out of fear she might accidentally kill someone Bella liked. 

“It does look good, I think,” Victoria said. 

“You’re British, beans on toast looks good to you.”

Victoria had a response, but then her ears picked up on the Chief’s car approaching. 

Bella glanced up. “You have to go?”

Victoria nodded. They had agreed it best that Charlie not know about Victoria. Charlie knew everyone in town, and would find it weird to see a stranger in his house he had not heard about. “But I’ll be back.”

“Sure you don’t want any to go?” Bella asked.

“You’re insufferable,” Victoria said.

Bella kissed Victoria on the cheek, startling the vampire. There had been casual touches. A held hand here, a hug that time where she had stayed away a whole week because of unforeseen circumstances, but never anything like this. Bella’s brown eyes met her red ones. “Stay safe?”

Victoria smiled at her, trying to ignore the rising panic at being so close to this woman who seemed to have enchanted her. “I always do.”


“What are your plans for the future?” Bella asked. 

They were sitting in Bella’s backyard, enjoying the sunshine. Victoria was keeping an ear out for any humans approaching, but liked the warmth. She loved these conversations with Bella. She loved all their conversations. The lighter ones where Bella would tell her about the stupid drama between her friends or Victoria would tell her stories of the places she had visited. The slightly heavier ones where they discussed Bella’s family and Victoria’s human past. But she loved the hypothetical ones the best. The ones where Bella would ask her the most random questions, and Victoria would answer. Usually it would cause a playful argument that would end in Victoria smirking and Bella scowling at her. But only for a little bit. Bella Swan couldn’t seem to stay angry at her for long.

“Hmm?” Victoria asked, feeling a bit drowsy. 

“I asked what your plans are for the future?” she said.

Victoria paused. She hadn’t really thought about her future much. A lot of Victoria’s gift involved living in the present. What Victoria did know is she couldn’t picture a future without Bella in it. Perhaps this is where Victoria should say something romantic like “wherever you go, I’ll follow.”

Instead, Victoria shrugged. “Spend time with you, I’d hope.”

“Not the near future, like… twenty years from now.”

Victoria wanted to say her answer wouldn’t change. As long as Bella allowed her to be by her side, she would be. Instead, she shrugged. “Probably doing the same things. Unless humanity manages to get itself blown up. Then we’re all screwed huh?”

“You have all of eternity and you have no plans for it?” Bella asked.

“Most of my life has been spent on surviving, even my human years. Especially my human years. And then it’s surviving the Volturi, avoiding bigger covens, making sure to hunt without getting caught, constantly having to be on the move…”

“You wouldn’t have to deal with all of that if you ate animals.”

“I wouldn’t have to worry about being caught as much, and I wouldn’t have to move as much, but my control would be worse,” Victoria noted. “That’s what happens with vegetarians they don’t tell you about. They’re always five seconds away from snapping. Blood has ten times the effect on them then it does a vampire who consumes it normally. It’s why the Volturi advises against it.”


Victoria nodded, 

“What about Carlisle? He works in a hospital,” Bella asks. 

“He’s better then most,” Victoria said. “I don’t know how he does it. But I do know that he would have been more tolerant a lot quicker if he had stuck to human blood.”

Bella went silent for a moment. Victoria glanced over at them. Bella’s eyes seemed far off. 

“I’m sorry,” Victoria said quietly, though she wasn’t sure what she was apologizing for. 

“You’re just telling me the truth,” Bella said. 

Victoria reached out her hand, and Bella took it quietly. 

“I’ll ask… and perhaps, it’s ridiculous for me to assume,” Victoria said, her voice quiet as she spoke, feeling anxious about what she wanted to say. “If you wish for me to plan for you to join me in the future. As… a vampire, I mean.”

Bella blinked, returning to herself as she turned to look at Victoria. “You want to change me?”

“I have… I mean,” Victoria coughed. “I may have grown a bit fond of you… or whatever. So it could be nice… if you wanted it.”

“You’re giving me a choice?”

“Of course!” Victoria said, feeling a bit offended. “Did you just expect me to come into your room one night and change you in your sleep? I’ll have you know Miss Swan that I am nothing but a lady.”

That caused Bella to smile. “Of course, how could I have forgotten?" Her expression turned slightly melancholic. "Edward didn’t want to give me a choice.”

“Well, it’s yours to make,” Victoria said, hugging her legs to her chest. “You have a family and-”

“I want to.”

“What?” Victoria was surprised by the quickness of the response. 

“I want you to change me… not right now. But after graduation. And I want you to teach me all about being a vampire. And once I master my control, I want you to take me to all of the places that you tell me about.”

Victoria smiled, feeling her whole chest light up as Bella beamed back on her. “I think I can make that happen love.”

“Good,” Bella said, leaning into her side. “You’re not getting rid of me now, you know that right?”

“Who said I wanted to?” Victoria asked quietly, kissing her on the top of her head.