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Laughs to heal the soul

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Wednesday hadn't even realised what affect Xavier was having on her until she laughed for the first time ever. It didn't much sound like a laugh and in fact most people probably wouldn't class it as one but in her head, Wednesday knew.

And it seems that Xavier knew too if the soft smile that graced his lips was anything to go by. It even might have been cute if she hadn't been the cause of it.

She vowed never to do it again, especially since Xavier derived pleasure from it, what could be pleasurable about seeing someone else be happy? It made her want to gouge her eyes out.

But she couldn't stop, it was never a massive belly laugh or a giggle or even a chuff but she found herself laughing quite often after it happened the first time. Of course it didn't escape her notice that she only seemed to laugh in the presence of one Xavier Thorpe but she elected to ignore that detail for her own sake.

What's more embarrassing is that she hadn't even been able to stop it from happening in public. Enid had been shocked the first time she heard the little, almost strangled, noise coming from Wednesday and Bianca had made a massive deal of Wednesday not finding Xavier funny only for her to turn around and laugh, multiple times , at his jokes and drawings in their carnivorous herbology class. Undermining Bianca like that, no matter how unintentional it was this time, had rocked the twos already unsteady frenemy relationship and placed Wednesday firmly back in Bianca's bad books.

The worst part though? Xavier found her dilemma amusing. Like this could ever be fun. Her Grandmother would have her head if she knew her favourite grandchild was "turning soft". No matter how much she glared at or straight up ignored Xavier, his amusement never wavered. And it only multiplied tenfold after they started dating (Wednesday hated that word but seeing as they were boyfriend and girlfriend (two more words she hated) it seemed the most fitting description of their relationship).

After they started dating, besides Bianca disliking her even more if that was possible, Xavier tried his hardest to make her laugh. Anything he could think of: drawings, jokes, pranks, nothing was off limits and she found herself enjoying it. And then loathing herself for enjoying it.

It all came to a head in the middle of October, Wednesday's favourite month. The couple was hanging out in Xavier's art shed that had thankfully been stripped of any and all signs of Tyler AKA the monster but Wednesday refused to let Xavier throw away any art of herself. She said it was to embarrass him but they both knew it was her own way of encouraging him and giving her permission to be his Muse. And oh boy was she. Most of his art pieces nowadays incorporate Wednesday in some way, he had even gotten in trouble at school because one of his murals featured her quite prominently.

Wednesday was playing her cello, which had unofficially been moved into the shed, because Xavier claimed it helped him paint which Wednesday thinks is a bold face lie as he is actually less productive with her around. Still, she would never do him the favour of leaving, she would never admit it but she liked the times they spent together, him painting, her playing the cello and the two just existing together.

Xavier was telling her a story about his Father's Las Vegas residency over Wednesday's quiet cello playing and Wednesday was captivated. If he didn't prefer his brushes and charcoal Wednesday wagers that Xavier could have made a magnificent writer, he had such a way with words even by Wednesday's standards.

He had gotten to the part in the story where his Father had accidentally released a  vengeful spirit backstage at one of his shows when he heard his favourite noise. Wednesday's laugh was by no means attractive and the squawkiness of it was harpy-like but it fit Wednesday so well that to Xavier it was the most perfect noise there could ever be.

"I love your laugh," slipped out before he could stop himself.

The soft cello music stopped, but not abruptly which is a good sign. Wednesday cleared her throat and tried going back to playing but couldn't quite get a rhythm back.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable, I know you aren't the biggest fan of people pointing that stuff out but it is true. Your laugh is probably, no definitely, my favourite sound on the planet and I won't apologise for that," Xavier said. Yes it may have been easier to just apologise and move on but Wednesday valued honesty over everything else and to deny it would be a lie.

"Need I remind you what the conditions of our relationship were?" Wednesday asked

"I believe your exact words were: no pet names, no physical affection, which you later amended to maximum 2 physical touches every date, and the last one, which you stressed was most important, was to never say I love you. You said it made you nauseous and that you would break every bone in my hand five times over if I so much as thought the words," he replied, looking softly at his girlfriend. She certainly was cooky, that was maybe the only thing Xavier and Tyler will ever agree on.

"Yes well… that sounded oddly like something that might have broken one of them."

"Pray tell Wednesday, which rule have I so carelessly broken? Tell me so I can amend it immediately," he teased.

Wednesday sighed, "are you going to make me say it?"

"Oh absolutely."

"Well then I guess it's your lucky day then, you get away with it. For now," Wednesday said before turning back to her cello.

She saw Xavier poke his tongue out at her before he too went back to his artwork. Wednesday laughed at his Childish tendency that has happened throughout their relationship. When she spotted the same smile on his face that appeared the first time he heard her laugh, her cheeks tinged with the faintest shade of red. 

Maybe she should review those relationship rules after all.