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An Offer Beyond Imaginable

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Warning: Discussion on surrogacy and detailed descriptions of accident and injury - more details at the bottom of the story (contains spoilers).


"Just think about it a little. Once it's done, it can't be undone."

Rosalie's words float around in my head. All of her anger and hatred towards me. I thought it was something I'd done, but now I realise it's pure jealousy.

I stare at the beautiful woman beside me, my mouth agape.

"I'm sorry," I manage to mutter, still not fully understanding the situation.

"I warned you the story wasn't pretty. At least it did have a sort of happy ending in Emmett, it's just not the happy ending that I wished for."

Children aren't something that I've ever wanted for myself. Even as a child, I never had visions of a wedding and a husband and children. After the terrible role model Renee was, I don't see how I can ever be a good mother. But now, looking at Rosalie closer, I can see the heartbreak and sorrow in her eyes.

Is this something I can help her with? Do I really want to go through all of that to help someone who's hated me from the moment she set eyes on me?

"Anyway," Rosalie says pushing herself away from the window. "Now you know, and you can make your own decision." She starts to walk away from the room, and I reach to grab her wrist.

We both stare at my hand for several minutes before she clears her voice and goes to pull out of my grasp. Although she could have easily got away, I hold tighter and squeeze my eyes shut.

"Bella?" she asks me, and I realise I've still not spoken. My mind is racing with possibilities and options. Should I speak to Edward first, and get his opinion? No, as much as this would be important to him, he'd never go for it and, just this once, I want to make a decision for myself. Besides, it would be more human experiences, so what has he got to refuse?

Dragging my gaze away from our hands, I look her in the eye and gulp. "I'll do it," I say simply.

From the confusion on her face, I can tell that she's got no idea what I'm talking about. "I'll do it," I repeat not quite knowing what to say.

Her face goes dark and stormy. With a clenched jaw, she manages to grind out, "As I said, it's your choice." Then yanks her arm out of my grasp, almost knocking me off balance.

"Wait," I shout, but it's too late, she's gone.

Barely a second passes when Alice runs into the room. "What happened?" she asks.

"I don't know," I say dumbfounded. How have I messed up so badly and caused an even bigger rift between us both?

Alice looks me up and down, "I'll find her."

The house is then empty.

I slump down into one of the chairs and wrap my arms around my knees. How had I been so stupid? It must have been something they'd considered in the past, thought about and realised wasn't safe. Maybe I've even offended her, rubbed salt in the wound showing that I still had something that she didn't.

Tears start to fall from my eyes. If Edward does ever change me, am I going to end up tearing the family apart?

Realising that it's unlikely anyone will be back soon, and not wanting them to find me having cried myself to sleep, I move down to the garage where my truck is waiting for me. The low rumble comforts me as I twist the key and head off back home.

The day had been nice, but now that evening is approaching, the weather is starting to turn. I wonder what it's like for the others to be hunting in the rain. Does it bother them? Would Alice lose it because of the dirt and mud? The thought of a tiny, angry vampire scolding several grown men makes me giggle to myself. She really did have the entire family wrapped around her little finger.

My thoughts continue to drift as I coast along the road, when, out of nowhere, a semi swings out in front of me and I've got no time to react.

Someone screams.

There's screeches as metal crunches against metal.


I sit, dazed, staring out of the front window.

Dimly, not quite able to focus on it, I see the large vehicle drive off down the road. Whether he was aware of what had happened, I don't know, but he's clearly leaving me here.

Something warm and sticky is running down my side, and I manage to twist my head to look down. Thankfully, there doesn't seem to be much damage, but everything is still rather numb.

I don't have my cell with me. I'd been leaving it behind in rebellion against Edward giving it to me, and now I really wish I'd just listened to him.

I'm on a public road, but it's such a quiet road, I can't help wondering if, at this time in the evening, anyone is going to find me here.

Pushing myself up, I stifle a scream. Moving isn't an option right now.

Remember, remember. I'm trying to think back to all of the first aid sessions I'd been to both with Charlie and Renee as a child but nothing comes to me. My head is full of cotton wool and exhaustion is starting to take over.

As my eyes start to drift close, I catch a whiff of a strong smell of gas.

Despite the pain, my brain starts to work. I need to get out of here. It's not safe to be here if there's gas.

Slower than I'd like, I start to drag myself from the cabin desperately trying to ignore the shoots of agony going up my body.

Inch by inch, I make it out, the door not even needing to be opened given the damage. I've not got the strength to support myself so I just let myself drop out of the chair to the ground.

The sudden impact rattles my body and I cry out once again.

"Edward," I whisper through my tears as I continue to pull myself away from the warped hunk of metal. "Please."

I'm barely a few feet from the truck when I see sparks. With renewed vigour, I continue to heave myself away.

It feels like a lifetime, but in reality must have been moments, before the entire vehicle goes up in flames.

The heat washes over me making me cover my face.

Knowing that I'm still too close, I continue to crawl away, all the time praying a silent prayer to anyone who would listen that someone would come and help me.

Finally, I can do no more. My body crashes down to the ground and I can't move anymore.

I stare up at the sky, it not yet dark enough to see any stars, and cry.

Sometime later, I've lost all semblance of time, someone grabs me. I scream and try to pull away with feeble movements.

Around me, people are talking and I can't help being momentarily relieved that I'm not alone. Someone has found me.

The hands that touch my face are cold, or am I just hot? I'm still on my front where I'd been crawling away, and I feel the air move as they bend over to look into my face. They pull my eyelids open, when had I closed them, and I try to fight them, the light from the fire being too bright for my head.

"Bella," a voice so far away says to me. I can't concentrate.

The cold hands then start to feel down my neck and I once again cry out. What are they doing? Can't they see I'm hurt? Just stop touching me.

"Bella, stay awake for me," the far-off voice says again. They sound so sad. I want to reach out to them and reassure them, comfort them, but I can't.

Finally, the hands have stopped running down my body and I let out a shaky sigh of relief. Maybe now they'll let me sleep.

Just as I feel my body drifting away, my shoulder is roughly shaken and someone shouts in my face, "Bella."

My face relaxes as the glow from the fire suddenly disappears and my body starts to shiver. Something is placed over my shoulders and I shy away from its cool temperature. Again, there's mutterings from somewhere.

I try to relax, but the pain in my body is keeping me awake. Every few seconds someone shakes me and says my name. It's just so hard.

This continues for what feels like an eternity. If they aren't going to help me, they could at least leave me be. Bright whaling lights appear and I squint my eyes closed to block them out.

Around me, there are loud voices and fast movements as more people approach me. I just want them to turn out the lights that seem to be shining straight through my eyes into my brain. I try to open my mouth to tell them, but the words just get lost.

People around me are speaking, they touch me, poking at all the parts that are painful and I can't help crying out yet again.

A cold hand takes mine and gently squeezes it. It's not Edward, it's too small.

There's a sharp feeling in the back of my other hand and I try to pull away, but the cold hand grabs my wrist and holds it there. A moment later there's something cold running into my hand and I'm loosely aware that they're giving me some sort of medication.

"Stay calm," the voice says to me again, though I can't quite understand what it's saying.

Another voice comes into the mix. "Bella," it says, this voice scratchy compared to the previous voice. "We're going to move you now. Just stay still and let us do the work."

I don't have time to work out what the voice means when many hands are grabbing me and rolling me over. I scream in pain and terror. The cold hand never leaves mine.

I'm placed on an uncomfortably hard surface and even more tears roll from my eyes.

The air whistles as I'm moved and every stone on the ground feels like a knife in my back as the surface bucks and twists, but still, the hand doesn't leave. I try to squeeze it, thanking whoever it is for staying, but there's barely a movement.

Movements come to a halt and then there's a large jolt as I'm lifted higher and closer to the bright light.

Finally, I realised what was happening. I'm being put in an ambulance.

Everything is so muddled in my head. I know what happened, but do I? Are my thoughts correct?

"Edward," I whisper in utter desperation, wanting him to be here with me, to take away the pain and the anguish.

The hand squeeze and I let the darkness take over me as the entire surroundings start to rattle and shake.

There's a bright light in my eye and I try to bat it away, but my hand doesn't move. Everything is heavy and my head hurts.

Someone around me is talking and I want to know what's happening, but I can't work anything out right now.

Giving up on this hazy existence, I let myself fall back into the empty void.

"Bella," a voice is saying. I've barely twitched my eyelids when someone is harassing me already. It's not as though my alarm has gone off yet, what's the hurry?

"Bella," the voice is more forceful this time and I turn my head to try and escape the noise.

"Bella." This time the voice is different. It's the melodic hum that I'd recognise anywhere. When a cool hand is placed against my cheek, I lean into it and take a deep breath.

I wish I hadn't, because it sends horrific pain through my chest and I cry out trying to curl in on myself.

The cool hands touch my shoulders holding me still and my feeble efforts don't help me move at all.

"Stay still, you're alright." There's the melodic voice again.

Wanting to see his beauty, I crack my eyes open and immediately slam them closed hiding from the light.

I feel the air move and a faint click as someone turns the light off and I start to relax. Once again wrestling my eyes open, I look up and see the worried face of Edward.

Unable to say anything in sheer exhaustion, I just give him a slight smile and close my eyes again.

"Take it steady," he tells me, once again stroking my cheek. I let my head fall into his palm and I resist the urge to wince in pain as I hit his incredibly hard skin.

Giving myself a few moments to just breathe, I start to take stock of everything around me. There's a faint beeping which I realise must be me, my heart. That means I must be in a hospital. Wrenching my eyes back open, I gaze around, everything blurry.

I hear as my heart rate starts to accelerate as I look around the room. "You're in the hospital, Bella." Edward's smooth voice explains. "You were in an accident."

Turning to look at him again, I stare at him in confusion.

Looking away from him and back to my body, I see that I'm laying in a bed, with a tube coming out of my arm. Other than that, there doesn't seem to be anything amiss. Realising that there must have been some giant mix-up, I try to sit up and wince.

Edward just chuckles at me. "I did say to stay still."

"What," I try to croak out but from his confused expression I realised I've made no sense.

Licking my lips, desperately trying to make them work, I try again. "What happened?" My voice is raspy, as though I've just run a marathon.

He reaches over to the bedside and picks up a small glass of water and a straw. Without asking, he holds it up to my lips and I take several gulps. The cool water soothes my throat and helps to clear my head.

"Don't worry about that for now. Carlisle will explain everything soon. He's just speaking to Charlie." He looks down and I can see the anguish on his face. "I thought I'd lost you."

"No, I'm right here," I mutter, still not fully clear on the situation.

Thankfully, I don't have to wait long because several moments later Carlisle walks in, followed by Charlie.

"Bells," Charlie says immediately rushing over to me and pushing Edward aside. "You're awake. How long have you been awake? Are you in any pain? Do you need anything?"

He's speaking so quickly that I can't understand anything and trying to process his words is making my head hurt. It must have shown on my face because Carlisle steps in.

"I think Bella needs some space Charlie," he says gently guiding him to the chair near the bed. Once he's situated, he returns to the foot of my bed and addresses me. "How are you feeling?"

"Confused," I say trying to focus on his face.

"I'm not surprised. Let's start with pain. Are you feeling any pain?"

I stop and think about his words. Am I in pain? Mentally, I run my mind around my body. Everything feels reasonably normal except my ribs and head. Again, he must have noticed my wince because he goes over to the tube and injects something into it.

"It's just some painkillers," he explains putting the syringe in a small bin. "They'll kick in soon. Before they do, can you remember what happened?"

Closing my eyes to help me concentrate, I cast my mind back over everything I remember, it's not much. "I was at your house?" I ask with trepidation, looking up at Carlisle desperate for him to confirm that I remember. "And I left?"

"Yes," this time Edward says.

I turn my head to look at him, "But you weren't there." He shakes his head. "I think I was talking to Rosalie, or maybe Alice?"

"That's what we've been told," Carlisle says. "Can you remember anything else?"

Thinking hard, I try to remember. "There's a bright light, and then nothing. A cold hand, but not you."

"Can you remember what the bright light looked like?" Charlie asks rather forcefully. I try to cast my mind back to it, but I can't remember anything else.

"We need to give her some time," Carlisle says placing a hand on my arm. "Don't push it yet. Are you alright to continue talking for a brief while?"

My body is becoming wearier, but I nod anyway.

"Alright, but you must tell me if you need a break. Rosalie brought you in by ambulance a few hours ago. We've done a few scans and checks, and luckily there are no serious injuries." I let out a whoosh of air I hadn't realised I'd been holding. "You've got a bad concussion, but no sign of any brain injury. Your chest will be sore from a broken rib and several cuts from the windows breaking, but overall you got off incredibly lucky."

Edward squeezes my hand in comfort and I send a weak smile up to him.

"You'll need to stay here overnight, but tomorrow you can do home so long as you promise to take it easy and someone is there to keep an eye on you." Carlisle turns to address Charlie, "She'd be more than welcome at our house whilst you're at work."

I don't know if Charlie replies because I'm slipping back into a warm sleep.

There are noises as people around me start to leave and the bed dips slightly as Edward perches on the end of it. He brings my hand up to his lips and kisses my fingers gently. I focus all my efforts on squeezing his hand. "Sleep, I'll still be here when you wake."

True to his word, he's still there every time I'm woken. It's frustrating to continually have my sleep interrupted by their excessive and ridiculous questions, but Edward takes my grief every time without complaint.

Finally, many hours later and after having had more checks than anyone should ever be exposed to and going through a mountain of paperwork, I'm leaning on Edward and slowly making my way out to his car.

Charlie had returned to work on my instruction, but he's planning to visit me later on at the Cullen's. It was clear he wasn't happy about it, but there is nothing he can do and I can tell that he was pleased to be avoiding my wrath. Apparently, Edward is now good for something in his mind.

I'd been offered a wheelchair for the short trip, but I'm determined to make my way out myself. It's only a short walk, and besides, when I get back, I know I'll never be allowed to walk anywhere alone again.

Over the course of the day, snippets of the event had been coming back to me, but the details are still hazy. I've been assured that it's just the shock, but it's still frustrating to not remember.

Letting Edward help me more than I'd liked, I sit down in the car and let him move my legs inside.

Even the strong painkillers that the daytime doctor had prescribed weren't covering the pain much.

I must have fallen asleep yet again on the drive home because when I wake up, I'm lying in what is clearly the bed in Edward's room. Turning my head, I see him sitting next to the bed.

"Good morning," I say, stretching slightly. A movement which I regret when pain once again shoots through my chest.

"It's still evening, you've only slept for a few hours." He snakes his arm around my shoulders and helps me to sit up. I'm still in my clothes, though they're rather rumpled. "Esme has made you some soup downstairs. Do you feel up to eating?"

I nod my head, ignoring the ache in my neck and try to stand up. Edward only lets me wobble once before he's scooping me up in his arms and carrying me over to the bathroom. Out of all of the Cullens, he's always been most aware of my human needs, and I place a small kiss on the corner of his mouth in thanks as he places me gently on the floor.

He kisses me back, just as softly. "Shout when you're done." Then he's gone.

I reach for the sink, leaning on it heavily and gasp as I look at myself in the mirror. There are small cuts all over my face and a rather large bruise that's already purple on my forehead. No wonder he's so worried, I look like death.

Deciding not to look at myself any longer, I quickly carry out the essentials and hobble over to the door. "Edward," I say opening it and he's already there waiting.

I smile at him and don't complain as he again lifts me up, this time taking me downstairs.

As he settles me onto one of the chairs in the dining room, I see a figure in the other doorway, hovering.

Edward tenses and starts to whisper something too quiet and fast for me to hear.

When he turns the lights on, I see that it's Rosalie, looking concerned. "Hi Rosalie," I say friendly, worried about her reaction after the talk we'd had.

"May I?" she asks, directing the question towards Edward.

He immediately responds with a no, but I gesture towards one of the chairs. "If you can cope with the smell of human food, feel free," I send a look at Edward.

She and Edward both sit down, the silence tense.

Esme apparently doesn't notice as she dances in and places a warm bowl of vegetable soup in front of me. "If you want anything else, let me know. I'm just next door cleaning up."

I smile up at her and she sends a warning glare at her two children before leaving.

Blowing on the soup so as not to burn myself, I place the spoonful in my mouth and nearly moan in pleasure. For someone who didn't eat, her food really is incredible.

After I finish nearly the entire bowl, I place the spoon down gingerly and look up at the two vampires who had been watching me intently.

With a deep breath, that aches my sore ribs, I blurt out, "Thank you, Rosalie." Her face suddenly changes from mild disgust to confusion. "Carlisle said you took me to the hospital, thank you."

Her mouth gapes open like a fish, and I can see Edward resisting the urge to snarl at whatever is going through her mind. "There's no need to thank me," she says, "It's my fault. I should never have upset you so before driving. I…" she trails off searching for words. "I hadn't fully understood your intent during our last conversation."

I nod, "I'm sorry for having offended you. It wasn't my-" she cuts me off.

"You didn't offend me. When I realised what you were offering. I never thought I could never damn a child to this existence, or watch them die, but for you to offer. Despite the way I've treated you… I'm sorry." Her words at the end were so quiet I had to strain to hear them.

From there, our relationship started to grow, this time for the positive. I'd never say we became best of friends, but there was definitely an understanding.

The End

I've got another exciting, prewritten 25-chapter story coming next week!

Summary: When Bella returns from Italy, shaken and still struggling to pull her life back together, the Cullens have to band together to save Bella. Fighting to overcome the internal struggles, the external struggles rage rampant.