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Living My Life: Original

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Living My Life: Harry's Beginning

Chapter 1

The New Outlook on Life

Harry Potter, Boy-Who-Lived, Savior of the Wizarding World, and the One-Who-Just-Won't-Die. He has had the worst year of his life with the Ministry bashing him at every corner and his beloved Sirius falling through the veil. That had simply destroyed his well being and well, being forced to stay at the Dursley's once again, only made his bitterness worse. He sat in the car waiting for the long and silent trip from King's Cross to end.

Harry… Harry sat up straighter in the backseat. There it was again. That annoying voice that constantly played every few hours. It started that night when Sirius first fell through.

The problem with the Dursley's was that the threat made by the Order only made things worse. Much worse. The minute that he was home, he drug his trunk up to his room. He took his album, the cloak, the Marauder's Map, and all his books into the loose floorboard. That second he placed the board back down and put his trunk in front of his bed. He sat in his undersized, rotting mattress that sagged from Dudley's weight as a child. This was what it was like for him every year. Stuck in that hell hole to thrive on nothing but stale bread, soiled water, and one bathroom break a day. The floors were dusty and there were stains littering every few feet. That was the way things were.

Vernon burst through the door and drug it right down the stairs with Dudley pulling him by the ears. Petunia turned her back and walked right through the kitchen. Vernon followed her to the backyard where a small fire was burning. Harry fell down the few steps that led to the grass. He glanced around, looking for his so-called 'Guards'. He cursed them to hell and back as Vernon threw his things into the fire. One-by-one, all of it gone. It really didn't matter to Harry, all of it was worth nothing. Just old hand-me downs from Dudley. Everything that was important to him was safely placed under the floorboards in his room.

Harry silently watched the Dursley's as they joyfully snapped his wand and threw it in the fire. What amazed him was the fact that it actually didn't burn, the wood did but not his phoenix feather. The Dursley's wouldn't even touch it, let alone try and relight the fire with it near. It amused him until they brought out Hedwig in her cage. She flapped her wings around in panic. Harry started screaming for them to stop, to not harm her. All three laughed at his cries, only to have Dudley bound and gag him. He sobbed heavily as they pulled the frightened bird from her cage and snap her neck a foot in front of his face. They took a match to her feathers and laid the burning body on the stepping stone directly in front of him. He cried until the Dursley's returned back outside to force him back into the cramped spare room. Harry sobbed and cried until way past the time the Dursley's went to bed. Thoughts ran through his mind until it stopped on a few horrible ones.

Harry stood up from his place on the floor, anger coursing through his veins. His hatred for everything Dursley and Dumbledore only fueled it more. Harry focused his hatred onto the door, most specifically the locks. He raised his hand and whispered Alohamora with as focus as possible. The locks popped open silently and Harry carefully walked out into the hallway. Creeping down the stairs, avoiding the bad steps, Harry stalked out into the backyard. He sat down before the large pile of ashes with the Phoenix feather sitting delicately on top. His anger had clamed considerably by then and only then did her realize that he did wandless magic. He stared at his palm in confusion.

Harry… Take the feather… Harry stood up fast, raising his hands to defend himself.

"Who's there?" He called into the darkness. No one answered his call, but it was met with silence.

Harry… Take the Phoenix feather… Put it on your hand… Harry didn't know what to do, but he glanced over at the feather. If he squinted, he could make out a tiny glow that emanated around it. Harry glanced around and shrugged. It might be stupid, but what did he have to lose? He slowly walked over to the pile of ashes and wood, stopping to stare at it intently.

Take it Harry, I promise nothing bad will happen.

Against his better judgment, Harry picked up the delicate feather and placed it on his right palm. A searing hot pain coursed through his hand and up the arm. Harry silently screamed and then it stopped just as quickly as it came. Harry gripped onto his arm in pain, but then he felt powerful. Like a dam that had just broken. A feeling of warmth and love made his head light. He brought his palm to his face to see what happened to the feather. In its place on the palm was a tattoo image of the exact feather that had been sitting there. The colors and details were exactly the same as what it originally was. He turned his hand over and gasped at the picture that lay covering the entire top of his forearm, extending to the elbow. A phoenix looking perfectly like Fawkes stretched itself along the arm. Its head lay at the center of the top of his hand. The wings spread themselves like a bracelet, wrapping all the way around the wrist. The body ended about an inch from the crevice. Lastly, the tail and its feathers curved around with the rest of the arm. The tips near the elbow were engulfed with flames.

I'm proud of you Harry, but you still have one more thing to do before you leave.

Harry looked up from admiring the tattoo and he glanced around once more.

"What? What do you mean one more thing to do? Leave? Leave to where? I have to stay here, Dumbledore's orders." Harry sighed and shook his head. He was going insane. Like Hermione said to him in his second year, 'It's not normal to hear voices, not even a wizard'. She was right, like usual.

You're not going insane. I promise. Trust me, when you are safely away from here, I will explain everything. Do it for Sirius, your parents, Cedric and all those others who did not deserve to die. And IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT!

"You're right! It's not my fault. It's Dumbledore's and Voldemort's! I may have made a stupid mistake, but it was never my fault. What do I need to do?" Harry stood up and looked to the sky. "I promise you this Sirius, I'll get you out of there if it is the last thing I do!"

Good, good. Now go over to the pile of ashes where Hedwig was. I hope this works. You have to do the rest. I cannot say anymore. If it is meant to be, then it is good.

Harry walked over to the pile of ashes that once was Hedwig. He fell to his knees and thought of everything that she had done for him. Starting when Hagrid first gave her to him. She was the most beautiful thing in the world to him. His first friend. The tears came back in full force. He placed his right hand on the pile, it falling through to hit the stone at the bottom. Harry leaned over his hand, the tears falling onto the phoenix tattoo. All of them ran off the phoenix and into the ashes where it started to glow. He cried for his fallen companion, vowing to never love another creature as much as he did her. His sobbing stopped as the pile of ashes burst into flames. The phoenix song rang through the backyard, encompassing Harry in its soothing properties. He stared as the flames died down to reveal a white bird with black and gold tail feathers. The bird cocked its head to the side and flew over to the crying boy. He reached out a hand to pet her and she flew up to his shoulder, giving his ear a loving nip.

"Hedwig? Is that you?" The white bird trilled gleefully and launched herself into the sky. He watched in amazement at the beautiful creature that previously was his owl. "How? I though I lost you."

Hedwig flew to her companion and cocked her head to the side once again. Still kneeling down, Harry moved to stand up but stopped when Hedwig landed on his back. The sudden weight threw him forward. He tried to get up, but gave up when she pecked him in the head. He was startled when she ripped the back of his shirt to reveal his shoulder blades. Harry bit his lip when Hedwig ran a sharp talon down the back of both blades. He turned his head to see what she was doing. The scrawny boy watched in fascination as Hedwig pulled white feather from her left wing. She carefully placed it on the wound of his left shoulder. He turned his head to the right to see her do the same thing. Hedwig bent forward over the blood covered feathers to cry tears all the way to the bottom of the scratch. She did the same thing with the other shoulder blade. Flying off his back, Hedwig observed Harry as he squirmed in pain from the new addition.

Harry gasped in the air as his back burst with excruciating pain. His face scrunched together to keep himself from yelling out. It stopped after a few minutes. He gripped the cold grass beneath him before looking up to see Hedwig cocking her head from side to side. The boy stood shakily, before teetering backwards from the sudden weight on his back. He sat up again, but this time he glanced to see what it was that caused him to fall back. He almost fainted at the sight that met his eyes. Large, white wings protruded from the cuts where Hedwig scratched. They were pure white until the tip where it was a scattered color of either gold or black. He tested them out carefully before pulling one over to examine. He looked up at Hedwig who trilled excitedly.

"You did this? How?" He watched as she glided down to his shoulder where she perched proudly.

My Harry, you have been given the gift of being turned half-phoenix, half-human. It is a gift for bringing me back. You love for me as an owl granted the possibility for us to bond as  Animus Familiarus . This is why I can talk to you, but it is only temporary until we have completed the bonding process. I have to touch you in order for you to hear me. With the bond, we can talk to each other through the minds.

"So, you mean that I brought you back to life as a phoenix because of my love for you?"

Yes. The  Animus Familiarus  is a ritual that requires the ashes of the dead creature, the pure tears of a loved one, and the power of another phoenix. You were able to complete this ritual because of the feather that had bound itself to you through placing it on your wand hand. I am grateful to being able to finally talk to you. I have waited so long to have this conversation. I knew immediately when we met that I was destined to be your  Animus Familiarus . Don't ask how I knew because even I don't know that answer. Now, since we have completed the first part of the bonding, we need to finish it. Also, to gather those who have been lost. The greater good has told me that you have a few more things to do before you fight Voldemort.

"What do I need to do? What happened to the voice?"

I am here… It is getting harder to talk to you… Go, gather you things and call Dobby. Bond with him and Winky. I'll give you the rest of the directions when that is finished. Go! There are only a few more days before we run out of time!

"Okay, I'll hurry. Hedwig, can you take me up to my room so I can get everything done faster?" She trilled and Harry pulled in his wings just as they disappeared into the room upstairs. Harry gathered all of his things from under the floorboard and placed them on the bed. He looked down at his bare chest and chewed on his lip in thought.

"Technically I no longer have a wand. The problem is whether or not it is considered wandless magic or not. Hmm…"

It is wandless. When your wand was burned, all that was left was the feather. Tracking charms are placed on the wood and not on the core. If they were, then everyone's magic would be traced. The core was absorbed by your magic and was replaced by a focus in your palm.

"Good, so then I won't get caught." Harry waved his hand over a scrap of the sheet, transfiguring it into a harness that he could strap to his wings to keep them in place. He then used another piece of sheet scrap to turn it into a clean cotton shirt. It perfectly matched his eyes, making them seem even more beautiful. He used the final strip to make a pair of semi tight black jeans. The side of the left leg had a white phoenix on it. Harry whistled at his attire, but knew that it wouldn't hold for too long.

"Dobby, Winky. I need a favor." Both elves popped into the room and Dobby went ballistic. Harry put both of his hands on the bouncing elf's shoulders to calm him down. He stopped when Winky slapped him in the back of the head.

"What does Master Harry Potter Sir want?" Winky's attire was horrendous, with it being torn and dirty.

"I know this might seem bad, but I was wondering if you want to work for me?" Dobby sunk to his knees and cried. Winky had the same reaction.

"Wes are not worthy for such a kind Master." Both cried.

"Dobby, Winky, you both are very kind to me over the years and I want to return the favor by asking you to bond with me. The only thing is that I want you to call me Harry, not Master, and wear decent clothes. That's all I ask. Is this okay with you?" Both of the elves ran at Harry to hug him. Both nodded and agreed with his conditions.

"Alright, what do I have to do?" Dobby took Harry's wand hand to cut, but gasped at the tattoo. Both of the elves bowed again and mumbled about him being a powerful wizard. Harry pulled both up to stand and knelt down before them. He took his hand and placed it in Dobby's. The elf nearly collapsed, but managed to keep upright. Taking a knife, Dobby cut horizontally across the center of his palm. It went directly through the feather. Dobby then cut both his and Winky's hand the same way. Dobby placed his palm over top of Harry's. He chanted in his native tongue before being encompassed in a green light. Winky repeated the process, only to be covered with the same green light. Harry silently watched as a green light flowed over his own body. He relished in the feeling before opening his eyes again. Before him stood to human looking elves. They gaped at Harry before staring at each other.

They both looked completely different from what they were. Both stood about the height of the average eleven year old. They had smooth skin that looked exactly like a human. They had long hair that was a different color. Dobby had pitch-black while Winky had beautiful blonde. Their ears were human except for being pointed. Their eyes were an emerald green that shone slightly in the darkness. Their attire was what made them look extremely graceful. Winky wore a long emerald green dress that had a white phoenix flying from the bottom to the top. She had her hair pulled back on the sides in braids. Her clip that held the two braids back was a red phoenix. Dobby had on an emerald green tunic with a white shirt underneath. His pants were a black that had a white phoenix flying up the side. His hair was held at the base of his neck by a red phoenix clip.

"You are a very powerful wizard, Harry." Dobby bowed to him. He seemed surprised by the perfect English he spoke. "We are glad to have bonded with you. In the history of the Elvin kind, you are the first to have achieved this higher bond in thousands of years. It is said that the only other elves that were turned by a wizard, was by Merlin himself. You are an honor to serve."

"Your welcome. I must admit this is not what I imagined." Harry raised his eyebrows in surprise, but calmed his features after thinking. "I need a favor from both of you. Is it okay if you take all of these belongings to Gryffindor Tower, the sixth year's dorm please. I'm going to stay at the Leaky Cauldron for tonight, but I need to keep these safe until I visit Gringotts."

"We are proud to do anything for you. Please excuse us as we should be heading back to Hogwarts. Shall we inform the Headmaster that we are no longer working for Hogwarts?" Winky curtsied at Harry before popping out with his belongings. Harry turned to Dobby.

"Yes and No. Wait until I have found a secure location before telling him. Also, wait for me in the tower. I wish to wait before you go into the kitchens." Dobby nodded and bowed before he popped out. Harry walked out of the room without a backwards glance. He crept down the stairs and stepped out onto the front stoop. He patted Hedwig, who was invisible but still on his shoulder.

Hedwig, can you tell me who is here guarding me?

It is that man who has the werewolf problems and the one who is always drunk. The drunken one is currently asleep. The Werewolf man has suddenly sat up straight and is staring at you curiously. What are you going to do?

His name is Moony, or Remus Lupin. If he is under an invisibility cloak, I'm going to take it.

He is, lucky you.

Sarcasm really doesn't become you Hedwig.

Yeah. Yeah. Just get this over with. It's cold out here.

Where is he?

Under the tree. Be careful

Harry…You have to hurry… Damn! He was running out of time. He turned to the tree and grinned mischievously. Harry stretched out his wand arm and pointed his finger at Lupin.

"Accio Invisibility Cloak." The cloak flew off the hidden man and into Harry's awaiting hand. Remus Lupin appeared before Harry with his mouth hanging open. Harry ran over to the man and gave him a hug. "Sorry Moony, there is no time to explain. I promise everything is fine. Hedwig, you know what to do."

The white phoenix on Harry's shoulder appeared before the stunned man and flew up to hover above Harry's head. Using one arm to hold onto Remus, Harry latched onto Hedwig's tail to be flashed away.