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August Bodies

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When Kevin was first thrown into the light, he was a little miffed, but mostly excited. The light of the Smiling God was so beautiful, glorious and blinding, and he hadn't seen it so close in such a long time....

Then the light receded, and he didn't know where he was, or what he was supposed to do.

Eventually he noticed a blinking red beacon in the distance. Maybe that meant a radio station! Which meant structure, and corporate organization, and work for people like Kevin to do.

He started walking.




Everything was a hot, hazy blur. He was vaguely aware that his mouth was dry, his skin and clothes sticky with sweat. He knew he should be finding ways to be more productive than this...but he couldn't seem to get off the ground.

Until a long shadow fell over him. "Hi there! You're that guy who looks like Cecil, aren't you? What are you doing here?"

Kevin tried to say, "Hello, friend!" What came out was, "Mnuh."

"Maybe I should take you somewhere else." From the out-of-focus shadow, a helpful hand reached for his. "Come with me."

Kevin let himself be helped up. His legs were weak and shaky; he had to lean on the stranger pretty heavily for support. What was wrong with him? Hopefully the stranger — specifically, by the scent, a strange alpha — was taking him to someone or someplace that could fix him!

Although, come to think of it, Kevin didn't even know if this was an authorized Strexcorp employee. Maybe he should demand some credentials....

Oh, but the stranger felt so good. And his touch on Kevin was electric. And something about following his instructions gave Kevin a much-needed energy boost, along with a strange-but-pleasant burst of heat coiling between his thighs.

He stumbled along in the alpha's wake, panting, optimistic.




The strange alpha poured water over Kevin's head, and his senses started to come into focus.

They were sitting in a dark, cool, shadowy place. Some kind of cave, in the side of some kind of big rocky hill. Clear water flowed out of a crevice in the rock and carved a good-sized channel beside them.

"...take off your clothes and get into the stream," the stranger said. Kevin was only half listening, distracted by the realization that the man was gorgeous, even in such terrible lighting. Strong jaw, efficient short haircut, sweet voice, and he smelled like lavender and sweat and market-tested chemical blends.

When Kevin didn't move on his own, the alpha started unbuttoning his shirt. Kevin's heart thumped...other organs surged with desire...and he suddenly figured out what was going on. He was in heat! Even though he wasn't scheduled to have any more children for, oh, at least a year! Had this delicious and desirable man even been through Strex's mandatory screening to find out if he and Kevin were optimal genetic partners?

Praying to the Smiling God for strength, Kevin managed to summon just enough willpower to croak, "W-wait."

"It's okay, it's safe!" said the incredibly hot stranger. "I went through here with a danger meter just the other day, and all the readings were green. Trust me. I'm a scientist! Admittedly, that means I study science, not biology or sexuality...but I can say for a fact that you are overheated. So you'll be happier if you get in this nice cool water."

Less than two sentences in, Kevin's resistance was already exhausted. He let the sexy and authoritative alpha finish pulling off his shirt, and ground his hips against the strong elegant hands undoing his pants. Anyone this stunning would have to be an approved parent under Strex regulations, right? They'd probably want the guy to sire as many babies as possible, with anyone available, even if you weren't in a fully-equipped breeding facility at the time. And Kevin was available! Kevin was totally available.

"Here. See if this helps." The intoxicating stranger grabbed Kevin's hand and pushed it down the front of his Strex-issue briefs; the fabric rubbed against his erection as fingers were massaged around his entrance. (Was the skin supposed to be that dry? Still, the contact felt so good.)

Kevin moaned in appreciation and tried to link their fingers together, tried to guide the strange ones inside him. He wanted so many strange things inside him.

He couldn't fight it when the alpha's firm hand pulled away from his, though, because reaching after it would mean not having anything inside him, and in that moment the thought was unbearable.

The ravishing stranger pushed Kevin down on his back — oh good! — stripped him from shoes to pants to briefs — even better! — then half-lifted, half-shoved him straight into the cold water while he was still dazedly fucking himself on his own hand.

Kevin yelped and sat bolt upright, spluttering, hair dripping. The bed of the stream was hard but smooth, the water rising to just above his waist when he sat up straight. He gaped at the still-pretty-beguiling alpha in shock and confusion. "Wha...?"

"See, doesn't that feel better?" said the stranger cheerfully. "Drink some water, too. You're Kevin, right? My name's Carlos."

"Carlos," echoed Kevin. The name alone felt heavy and sweet on his tongue. He wondered what Carlos's lips would be like, what would happen if he bit, how his blood would taste. "D'you...don't you want to...fuck me?"

"It's okay, I'm fine! A scientist is always fine," said Carlos, sounding all the more alluring for it. "Hey, are you hungry?"

Kevin shuddered. "I am ravenous."

"Okay! I'll go get you some food. Be back in a couple of hours. By this evening, at the latest."




Kevin was not in the greatest shape to keep track of time. The dim light in the cave was unchanging, so he didn't even have the sun to measure by, let alone something reliable like a Strex-brand designer watch. And he fell asleep a couple of times; he could have been out for minutes or hours, for all he knew.

He tried to count how many fizzled, unsatisfying orgasms he had, in case someone came along and made him fill out a time sheet and he needed some kind of numerical quantity for them to evaluate...but he lost track of those too.

As directed, he gulped down water, sometimes by mouthing the rock at the source of the spring. As promised, it helped...sort of. Out in the sun, he must have been too busy being dehydrated to get properly aroused, and that was definitely fixed now. Trouble was, he didn't have any alphas, company-approved or not, to make that arousal mean something.

He drifted through daydreams about his first heat. The one he'd had on schedule, after being summoned to the fertility center, going through the usual last-minute screenings, and switching from heat-suppressing meds to pregnancy-promoting ones....




...where he was lying on a nice soft bed, in a room with three or four other omega employees, all hopeful and excited.

They didn't need clothes, just light sheets, because the air was kept cool enough for the comfort of anyone who was mid-fuck at the time. Two other alphas arrived before the first one who had been matched with Kevin; two of his roommates were writhing and moaning and bucking their hips against efficiently-thrusting cocks while Kevin was still sipping his nutrition-balanced juice and leaving a wet patch all over the mattress.

Finally, an alpha for him arrived! She was wearing a fashionable but moisture-resistant dress — how efficient! — and carrying a package labeled PATENT PENDING — how mysterious! Kevin just about melted when she kissed him.

"Good news for you, you pretty thing," she cooed. "You get to help with product testing! What an honor, right?"

Kevin bounced on his knees. "Yes! What am I testing?"

"You'll find out. Turn over."

The sheet fell away as Kevin rolled over, propped up on his elbows, ass in the air. His alpha ran her fingers along the moisture coating his thighs, drawing it into cool triangle-shaped trails, then pressed something against the wet skin around his entrance — something warm and artificial and ridged.

Tentatively, Kevin rubbed up and down against it. The alpha cooed in approval and pushed the tip inside him. Kevin tried to scoot toward it, to get it in deeper; she gave him a light smack, reminding him who was in charge, but rewarded him with more steady fucking when he begged for it properly.

"Is this f-for helping defective omegas?" he gasped. He'd only heard about those in non-local news stories: people who couldn't safely bear children, but didn't have a benevolent company to sterilize them or keep them on suppressants for the greater good. Their heats must be so awful, poor things.

"Oh, no. Strex has already cornered that market. Cornered it, tied it up, and made it squeal," smirked his alpha, shoving the product even further into him. Further than he'd realized it could go. He was still whimpering with the stimulation when it reached a point where it narrowed, then flared outward; it wasn't the same as a knot, but his body clamped down on the narrow part anyway, holding it firmly inside of him.

Then it started vibrating.

Kevin wailed as he came, biting down on a mouthful of pillow, knees collapsing and hips thrashing against the mattress.

He was still trembling with the aftershocks, the product still buzzing industriously against all sides of his birth canal, when the alpha climbed up onto the bed and relaxed with her legs on either side of his face. If she'd been wearing underwear on the way to the fertility center, it was gone now. He could see the base of her erection tenting her dress, smell the heady scent of an alpha in rut.

She petted Kevin's face. His eyes were glazed; it occurred to him that his tongue was hanging out.

"Such a good boy," cooed the alpha. "So dedicated to serving the company, absolutely quivering to bear lots of healthy followers for the Smiling God. Isn't that right?"

"Mmmh," panted Kevin.

"And we need that! We need lots of good, faithful omegas to carry the next generation. Still haven't built an incubator that can do it — and not for lack of trying!" She laughed. "But alphas? We're so much less involved! Think of how it would streamline the process if alphas could just go into rut once or twice in a lifetime, and the company could bank their sperm and deliver it to multiple omegas over the course of years."

Kevin nuzzled her thigh in appreciation. It didn't matter what she said right now, he would have applauded how smart it was.

"So that's what this invention is. method. I was the alpha who seeded this one, naturally." She held a remote the size of a candy bar against Kevin's hand, guided his thumb to a button. "This one makes it come inside you."

Kevin mashed the button so hard he nearly sprained something —

— but didn't feel hot liquid shooting into him, no, all it did was switch the vibration to some kind of throbbing pulse that made his own arousal start to climb again.

"I lied. It's not that one. You don't get knocked up that easy! Ooh, omegas are such sluts when they're in heat." The alpha giggled. "What ever would you do without a company to keep you in line, Kev? Try to be pregnant all the time?"

Why did she say it like she was teasing? That sounded great. "Yes, please!"

"Push out one baby, and spread your legs right away to beg for someone to give you another?"

"Someone. You. Yes! I could hold on to the one baby and let you fuck another into me." Kevin didn't offend her by bringing up other alphas, but he sure was imagining them, taking turns. If it was an omega baby in his arms, that would even give it a head start on learning its place in the world. Heck, if it was an alpha baby, the lesson would work too. People like me belong on the cocks of people like you. On command. As often as possible.

The adult alpha with him now hiked up her dress and rubbed her erection against Kevin's cheek. Her skin was hot, sweat-scented, and enticingly soft. "Well, I'm in rut now, but the most important hole you need filled is already you'd better take care of this with your mouth, right? Suck on it until you're swallowing my come, and you can have it in the other end, too."

Kevin's tongue was running along her shaft before she'd finished the sentence.

He'd always assumed this was too unproductive to be part of the Smiling God's plan. That if some alphas and beta males had a fetish, it was up to them to pray it away. A few simple words from this one, though, and he couldn't remember why he'd been so dismissive — couldn't figure out what else he'd thought his mouth was supposed to be for.

The alpha thrust in and out over his tongue, in rhythm with the humming pulse of the artificial cock filling his birth canal....

...then shoved all the way in, squishing Kevin's nose against the curve of her stomach, making him choke and gasp on the length of her. His reflexes were too good to gag — one of the side benefits of radio training — but tears sprang to his eyes as he struggled for breath.

Strong hands gripped his skull and held him in place while the knot started to swell behind his teeth.

"Don't bite," she ordered. "Take it, be a good boy, take it all, and don't bite."

Kevin gurgled in an affirmative sort of way. The base of the cock in his throat swelled further, pressing against his tongue and the roof of his mouth, until he couldn't have scraped his teeth against it unless he tried to pull off. Saliva flowed out of the corners of his mouth and ran down his chin.

"What a good employee you are, Kev," purred the alpha. "What a team player."

The praise plus the tears made Kevin's vision blur again. He couldn't see — couldn't hear anything except his alpha's pleased voice and the wet sounds of other omegas being fucked — and, all of a sudden, couldn't feel anything except come pumping into him twice over, spit-roasted by a single alpha with perfect coordination. His whole world was swallowing and sucking and whimpering and dripping.

He choked a lot. He gulped it down. He came, again, so hard he nearly blacked out.

His alpha switched off the vibration on the product, and rolled over into a position where he could safely collapse with her cock still swollen in his mouth. His chin was dripping. She rubbed it, laughed, told him what an eager little cocksleeve he must be to drool all over her, and petted his hair until her knot went down.




"Hey again! Are you awake?"

Kevin started. He wasn't in Desert Bluffs, definitely not in the soft comfort of the breeding facility, or the efficient cradling of the birthing center. He was in the desert, sitting in an underground spring, and he was freezing.

"Sorry that took so long. I know I said a few hours, but then I found this really fascinating shell — you should see it; the way it spirals is so scientific! — and the time kind of got away from me." It was Carlos, with a cloth-wrapped bundle under one arm and a couple more hoisted over his shoulders. "So it has been a day or three. But I brought food. And clothing, too! I thought you might want some clothes that didn't have sauce all over them."

Teeth chattering, stomach cramping with hunger, Kevin could only follow about half of what the alpha was saying. He didn't try to parse the rest, just focused on following directions. There was a light, warm cloth that made for a comfortable wrap; a thicker quilted piece that Carlos laid across the rock so they could sit; and a checkered bundle that turned out to be full of roasted vegetables and something cheesy.

Kevin wanted to talk to his nutritionist. His instincts said there wasn't nearly enough meat here to be healthy. But it was a gift, so he didn't voice his complaints to Carlos, just ate what he had slowly and steadily.

Carlos ate too, just bits and pieces, in between telling Kevin how he'd been studying the different consistencies of sand on different sides of the mountain. At some point he leaned over and sniffed. "Hey, you aren't in heat any more, are you? It isn't just the stream washing the pheromones away."

"I am not in heat," agreed Kevin. "But...without my medication, it might start up again at any time. Without warning!"

"Well, that's not so bad, is it? You can just be patient and push through the next one, too."

The very idea of doing this again, of coping with nothing more than his own fist and a lot of cold water, made Kevin start to...not smile. "I don't want to! Can't you help me? Strexcorp had people who would help me!"

"The ones who invented your medication, you mean?" Carlos frowned over a forkful of roasted squash. "I don't know, that's not really my I said, I study science...oh! What if I invent a device that will keep you stimulated until your next heat ends?"

Kevin thought about the Strex products for defective omegas. About the one that had been used on him, that had been efficient and effective even before he knew it would get him pregnant. "I suppose it couldn't hurt to try that. Although I'm not supposed to be using equipment that isn't a product of Strexcorp, or one of Strexcorp's subsidiaries...and you don't have any way to get it stamped with a Seal of Quality Assurance out here...."

"Great!" said Carlos brightly. "So, I'll let you know as soon as I've finished building it. I cannot wait to see how this works."