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The world is unjust but it has you, my love

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Zhu Yilong goes back behind the stage after getting an interview. The Golden Rooster trophy is still in his hand. He feels light-headed, and his mind still could not believe what had happened. Winning this award is something he has always dreamed of, and it feels almost unreal

"Long ge, someone is waiting for you in the breakroom, go take your time." His agency says with a mischievous smile. And Zhu Yilong knows who that is, his heart pounding rapidly in his chest as he rushes into the breakroom. 

Opening the door and he sees- 

"Xiao Bai?" 

It was that handsome man standing right there, smiling at him brightly. Zhu Yilong's heart skips a beat and a smile forms on his face. 

"Congratulations Long ge-" 

Zhu Yilong rushes towards and pulls Bai Yu into his arms. For a moment, he finds his voice back, a little shaking, a little emotional as if once again he was back at that glorious moment of receiving this award, he whispers: "I did it." 

Bai Yu smiles, hugging him tighter: "I am so proud of you, love. I know you can do it." 

Zhu Yilong pulls back a little: "Why are you here? I thought you were filming?" 

"Of course, I am here to congratulate my boyfriend!" Bai Yu declares and tilts his head, pressing a kiss on Zhu Yilong's cheek. 

Zhu Yilong's heart immediately softens. He holds Bai Yu's hands, smiling softly at him, his emotions are overwhelming and Bai Yu waits, patiently waiting for him to speak. 

Finally, Zhu Yilong presses a light kiss on Bai Yu's lips and says:" Thank you, Xiao Bai, for coming here. I thanked many people on that stage but I couldn't thank the one that I treasure most, you. Thank you Bai Yu for always being there for me, even when I was at my worse. One day, I promise you, we will be able to hold hands, hug, and kiss without hiding, and one day I will be able to thank you in front of everyone, and show them my love for you. Thank you, Bai Yu. I love you." 

Tears swell at the corner of his eyes. The world is unjust to people like them but he knows that day will come, even when it may be far far away. That is when he could finally admit to the world his love for Bai Yu. 

Bai Yu gently touches Zhu Yilong's face, his eyes are also red. He presses their forehead together, for a moment he was silent. Then Bai Yu pulls back, grinning at Zhu Yilong: "I love you so much, Long ge. I am glad to have you by my side." 

"And I you." He says softly. 

"Come on now, I have already ordered hotpot at home for you! Today we will celebrate til morning!" Bai Yu laughs, making a dramatic gesture as he says. Zhu Yilong chuckles softly at the cuteness of this man. He holds his hand, Bai Yu turns to smile at him and Zhu Yilong smiles back. They have a step toward the brighter future, hoping for that day to come. 

The world is unjust but it has you, my love.