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In Miles’ defense, he’d never exactly had a boyfriend before. He’d certainly never had a sexual partner before. And here he was, a working professional in his mid-30’s, trying to will his arousal away in the middle of the day. It was a learning process.

The whole problem started when he decided to check up on the media coverage of a recent trial while taking a break from his busywork. After scrolling through a couple of articles, he pulled up a video. The Wright law family stood on the courthouse steps, talking with a crowd of journalists. Athena, her features alight with passion, gave a long-winded statement to the press. Apollo cut in every so often with a clarification. Phoenix stood behind them, watching with a look that had become very familiar in the last few years, one of confidence and pride.

Edgeworth watched the short conference once through, and then replayed it, resting his elbows on the desk to lean forward, his chin on his palms. It didn’t take long to realize that his eyes kept drifting back to Phoenix.

Phoenix, who wasn’t talking or doing anything of interest, really. Just standing there, arms crossed, biting his lip gently, his eyes bright and warm. Edgeworth’s stomach squirmed.

This was stupid. Absolute nonsense. He saw the man every goddamn day. They lived together, they shared a bed. Why would a video of Phoenix Wright doing nothing at all give him butterflies? Ridiculous.

And yet…

Edgeworth’s eyes flicked around the room instinctively. He leaned in closer, the light of the screen reflected in his glasses, his cheeks warming. Slowly, he clicked to the search bar and typed in his boyfriend’s name, feeling utterly foolish as he did.

Pages of videos popped up. He glanced at the titles as they passed and opened one at random. It was a candid one-on-one interview for the local news, released not long after Phoenix had started practicing again. He looked energized, his face glowing with hope and enthusiasm, and an undercurrent unwavering conviction. Phoenix talked easily with the interviewer, any stiffness or awkwardness in front of the camera having been smoothed over from years of acting as an entertainer.

The reporter paid Phoenix a compliment, to which he bowed his head in humble acknowledgment as he rubbed his neck and cracked a smile that could melt the coldest of hearts.

Edgeworth could feel his own heart beating, his face flushed scarlet, as he bit his lip and gazed at the image of Phoenix in front of him like a schoolboy with a crush.


But just like that, his mind started to drift. He felt warm and restless, partly shamed by his own reaction and partly consumed with the need to do unspeakable things to the man grinning at him from the computer screen.

The thing of it was, their sex life had begun fairly recently. Above all, it was incredible and thrilling, and brought them closer with each touch. But it was also a little awkward, and sometimes nervewracking. They were still in the process of learning each other, every move carefully planned and somewhat tentative. Edgeworth was a bit unsure of himself and Phoenix was wary of pushing him too fast. So it had been a slow process, intimate and loving, and Edgeworth was just starting to get settled in this new stage of his life.

It had been far, far removed from what he was feeling right now.

It wasn’t as though he’d never done anything like this alone before. It was just that his fantasies had always been more…controlled. His private time was allocated to a specific time and place. It certainly didn’t strike him while he was supposed to be working.

But it was different now, wasn’t it. Now that he knew what the man looked like underneath his clothes. Now that he knew what Phoenix tasted like and the expression he wore upon waking, how that smile could unravel him in an instant; now that he knew how those large calloused hands felt on his skin and inside of him and…

The numbers in the corner of the screen indicated that he should be halfway through his review of the Monroe report by now.

He glanced between the computer, the folder that held his work, and the cellphone sitting on his desk.

There should’ve been no question. He hadn’t gotten where he was by shirking his duties.

Oh, but the ache low in his gut. The need. And the video still playing in the background, Phoenix’s rich voice talking about justice and legal matters, wasn’t helping his predicament in the least. He drummed his fingers on the desk and reached for his phone. Just before he touched it, the screen lit up with a chirp. He jolted in his seat and picked up the phone, scanning the incoming texts.

Phoenix: sorry, gonna be late tonight, I’m swamped :(:(:(
Phoenix: truce has her show at the starlite lounge
Phoenix: any chance you could take care of dinner?

Edgeworth sucked in a deep breath and grumbled, tilting his head to the ceiling.

Miles: That’s fine. I’ll have something ready for you.

The phone chirped a few seconds later.

Phoenix: you’re amazing. Mwah.

Mwah indeed. Well, it wasn’t the end of the world. He was supposed to be working, after all. He wasn’t even sure what he would have done if Phoenix was free.

Phone sex? No, that felt too crass. A quick meetup under the pretense of lunch? That wasn’t what he wanted. Not today, at least. He wanted time. He wanted to see Phoenix spread out in front of him. If this was just about physical release, he could drive home and take care of that himself. He wanted much more.

The glow of the laptop showed Phoenix’s smiling face as another video started playing. Phoenix was such a good person, such a sweet, honest soul with a kind and just heart. He was a fantastic mentor and a loving father and, god, Miles wanted to fuck his brains out.

Oh, well that was new.

Still, he could wait. He’d spent a good portion of his life waiting for Phoenix.

He slammed his laptop shut and pushed it aside.


Two hours later, he was no less tense. He shifted in his seat, fingers crushing the stylus in his hand.

He wanted…god, he wanted Phoenix so badly. It was like a lump lodged in his throat and no matter what he did he couldn’t find a way to distract himself from its presence. He was whittling away at his inbox, but he could feel himself making errors, and he could also feel himself not caring enough to correct them.

Was this what most people felt like in a steady sexual relationship? No wonder the world was rife with chaos.


Another hour passed, and he had successfully talked himself down from driving over to the Wright Anything Agency, throwing Phoenix over his shoulder and carrying him out the door.


At the end of the working day, Edgeworth’s nerves were shot with tension and embarrassment over his behavior. He’d just managed to avoid yelling at Blackquill, of all people. The man who showed him more respect and courtesy than anyone else in the office. He’d been able to hold himself back, but still. It shouldn’t have been necessary.

He pinched the bridge of his nose and rubbed his eyes behind his glasses before stuffing his laptop into his briefcase and stomping out the door.


Edgeworth was pretty sure the clock was mocking him. Most days he struggled to find enough hours to accomplish everything he needed to do. Now the clock’s hands were moving at a glacial pace.

He scolded himself for checking the time yet again when he knew it was pointless. Phoenix would get home when he was ready to, and no sooner.

Grabbing a fistful of his hair, Edgeworth stood at the kitchen counter and cast about for something to do. Anything that would take his mind off his situation. He could check the ingredients for a third time, but he didn’t want to start dinner too early. He tapped his finger against the counter. All he had to do was find something to distract him for the next few hours. Right.

Two long walks with Pess and a whole Steel Samurai movie later, he finally got a text from Phoenix saying he was on the way home. His shoulders relaxed and he gave a sigh of relief and started making dinner.

The pasta was cooked and warm on the stove when the front door opened. Edgeworth perked up in anticipation, discarding his apron absentmindedly on the counter. There was a loud thud from the hallway followed after by a groan. Phoenix came limping into sight, clutching his briefcase in one hand.

“Ugh. Hi honey.” He stumbled over to Edgeworth and pressed a kiss against his cheek before tossing his briefcase onto a stool. He slipped out of his jacket and threw it over the chair. “I have no idea how but I just stubbed my toe and it hurts like a motherfucker.” Phoenix shook his head and laughed, and plopped down into the chair. “Just my luck, huh? Anyway, how was your day?”

Edgeworth was frozen, leaning against the counter, a small blush spreading on his cheeks. “I, well, I – it – um.”

Phoenix cocked his head, hands stilling where he was rolling his sleeves up to the elbow. “Is everything okay?”

Edgeworth just stared at him, lips parted, then gave his shoulders a little shake “Yes, of course, everything’s fine.”

“Get a lot of work done today?”

“Mhmph,” Edgeworth mumbled, clutching his arm and shooting a guilty glance at the floor.

Phoenix blinked and pushed himself off the chair. He walked into Edgeworth’s space and touched his cheek softly. “Miles,” he said, low and gentle. “What is it?”

Edgeworth looked into Phoenix’s eyes and felt a shiver roll through him. He touched the back of Phoenix’s neck and pulled him closer, drawing their foreheads together, their noses touching.

“Phoenix, I want-“

The front door burst open, echoing through the hallway to the kitchen. Phoenix whipped around.

“Hey daddys!” Trucy said as she strolled past, wheeling her magic trunk behind her.

“How’d the show go, sweetie?” Phoenix said after her.

“Great! They want me back next weekend. I’ll tell you more about it later cause right now I’m starving!”

“I wanna hear everything!” Phoenix said.

Not wanting to continue their rendezvous with Trucy around, Edgeworth went to the stove and double-checked that all the dinnerware was out. “The pasta’s ready to be served,” he said with a small sigh.

“Oh, you go first. I’m gonna check out the drink menu,” Phoenix said as he opened the fridge and bent down to pull out the beverage drawer, his head down and his ass in the air. Edgeworth watched with interest as he spooned pasta into his bowl and added toppings to his usual preference.

After a bout of indecision, Phoenix stood up with a soda in hand. He did a double take and blinked at Edgeworth. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

Edgeworth cocked his head. “Why would you say that?”

“You’re pouring juice on your spaghetti.”

Edgeworth flushed and slammed the lid back onto the bottle. “I-well, yes. Of course. You’re delicious.” He was trying to fix the mess that was his dinner, adding freshly grated parmesan and spices, when he realized what he’d said. “It’s delicious! Is what I meant!”

Phoenix stared at him, brows drawn up, until Trucy passed by to get at her food. Edgeworth laughed nervously and scooped up his bowl, and then quickly sidled between them.

He tried to keep himself in check during dinner. It didn’t help that Phoenix kept glancing at him with concern in his gorgeous eyes.

By the end of dinner Edgeworth felt like a bow pulled taut without release. He helped clear away the dishes from the table, contemplating how to get Phoenix upstairs and in bed in as subtle a way as possible. He was on the verge of thinking up the perfect thing to whisper in Phoenix’s ear when Trucy came up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder.

“Hey, Dad? Do you think we could do that interview tonight?”

“Interview?” Edgeworth asked cautiously.

“You know,” she said, “the one for my sociology class. You said that I could interview you for my assignment.”

“Oh. Right.” He sighed internally. “Of course, dear.”

“I just have to run upstairs and get my notepad,” she said. “I'll be right back!”

He smiled at her as she dashed away and then turned his face to the ceiling and rubbed his temples. “Why tonight? Is someone up there punishing me?” he grumbled to himself. “What did I do that was so horrible?”

A few minutes later they were sitting at a table, Trucy double checking the assignment before setting her phone in the middle of the table. When all was said and done, Edgeworth found that he didn't really mind this distraction as much as the others. After Trucy had gotten all the information she needed, she thanked him and then ran over to his side of the table and gave him a hug around the shoulders and a kiss on the forehead.

“Make sure you get some sleep tonight, dad,” she said. “You look totally drained.”

He grimaced as she released him. “I’m fine, my dear. If you need anything else just let me know.”

“I will, thanks!” She gathered up her things and headed up the stairs to her bedroom.

He leaned back in his chair and sighed, only jolting upright when he registered that the noise in the background was Phoenix watching TV in the living room. His chance had come at last.

Edgeworth made his way to the couch and sat down beside Phoenix. He reached over and took the remote and turned the TV off.

“Hey!” Phoenix exclaimed. “I wanted to see who won the challenge!”

Edgeworth leveled him with a look. Phoenix slumped back into the couch.

With a deep breath, Edgeworth finally got on with it. “Phoenix, I wanted to tell you-“

A loud jingling interrupted him. Slowly, he reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone, glaring daggers at it. Klavier’s image stared back at him. He flicked his thumb across the screen and ignored the call.

“Let’s try that again,” he said sternly. “It’s been a very long day, and all I want-“

The phone rang again. Edgeworth answered without looking at it.

“Gavin,” he growled into the receiver, “you had better have a very, very good reason for calling my personal number this late in the evening.”

Klavier stammered through an uncharacteristically stilted explanation, cowed by his boss’ wrath. And alright, yes, such a major breakthrough in his case was an important reason to call and request resources and he promised Klavier, as politely as he could manage, that he would turn all his attention to it tomorrow, stopping just before he had the chance to shout Klavier down in a very unprofessional manner.

He put the phone on the coffee table and rubbed his face. “Okay,” he whispered. “No more distractions. Phoenix-“

A muffled song rang out from Phoenix’s pants. He took the phone out of his pocket and answered as Edgeworth stared at him dumbfounded.

“Hey, Athena, I’m kinda busy…wait, really? Well that’s interesting. Follow that lead as far as you can…”

Edgeworth seethed silently while Phoenix wrapped up his call, pretty sure that he must have smoke coming out of his ears by now.

The second Phoenix was done, and before he could even apologize, Edgeworth put his hand out. Phoenix stared at it for a moment and then handed the phone over. Edgeworth took it, grabbed his own phone from the table, and tossed them across the room, where they bounced and landed on the soft carpet.

With so many impediments, he’d been able to rethink his approach. The time for talking had passed. Without a moment of hesitation, he reached over and deftly pulled Phoenix into his lap.

Phoenix gripped Edgeworth’s arms to steady himself. “Whoa there. I forget how strong you are sometimes.” He blushed a little bit, glancing at Edgeworth through his eyelashes. “Which is kind of weird if you think about it. You sit at a desk all day and I’ve never seen you work out. It must be genetic.” He gave Edgeworth’s bicep a little squeeze and kept babbling. “It’s pretty hot. Was your dad this muscular? Not that I think your dad was hot. I mean, not that I think your dad wasn’t hot, but-“

Edgeworth took Phoenix’s red face in both his hands. “Shut. Up.” He pressed a fierce kiss against Phoenix’s lips. Phoenix mumbled into it uselessly and then relaxed against him.

Rather than waste any more time, Edgeworth grabbed Phoenix’s tie and started to remove it, then unbuttoned his collar down to where his chest hair started to peek through. He kissed Phoenix’s chest, grasping at his hand before pulling the back of Phoenix’s shirt up and running his fingers underneath it. Phoenix coughed and huffed out a laugh.

“Wow, you’re really into it today,” he said breathlessly.

Edgeworth gripped Phoenix by the waist and pulled him closer until they were flush against each other, Phoenix shifting in his lap. Phoenix kissed him hard and pressed him into the couch, and Edgeworth cupped his ass through his pants and gave it a squeeze. Phoenix moaned into his mouth and deepened the kiss.

“Hey guys, I just- oh, what, okay.”

They stilled immediately and looked at where Trucy was frozen in the middle of the room.

Her face went red and she waved her hands in front of her. “Sorry, ah, sorry I didn’t mean, I, uh, okay. I’ll go. Away.” It seemed to take a moment for her feet to unstick from the ground, and then she was off like a gazelle.

Phoenix and Edgeworth stayed where they were for several more moments before turning to each other, wide eyed and open mouthed. Phoenix covered his mouth and gave a sharp laugh.

“Well, it was going to happen sooner or later,” he said softly. Before Edgeworth could respond, Phoenix dismounted from his lap and stood up. “I should probably go apologize to her.” He leaned down and kissed Edgeworth high on the cheek. “I’ll meet you upstairs.” With a subtle wink, he left the room.

Edgeworth sat there, mouth still open, for several minutes before forcing himself to get up, say goodnight to Pess and head for the bedroom.


From the hallway, he could see Phoenix in the bedroom grabbing a towel from the closet before heading in the direction the en-suite bathroom, like he always did when he was about to shower.

“Oh no you don’t,” Edgeworth muttered under his breath, rushing into the bedroom. He grabbed Phoenix’s waist from behind and pressed himself against Phoenix’s back.

“Whoa, hey! I was just gonna take a quick shower first,” Phoenix protested.

“No,” Edgeworth’s voice rumbled against his ear, chin nestled in the crook of Phoenix’s shoulder.

“But I’ve been working half the day! You’re usually the one who tells me I smell.”

Edgeworth nosed the back of his hair. “Smells fine. You smell like you.”

“And that’s good?” Phoenix asked. Before he could say anything else, Edgeworth slid a hand down the front of his pants. “Hello!” Phoenix yelped, his back straight in an instant.

Edgeworth palmed him slowly and Phoenix’s head rolled back against Edgeworth’s shoulder. “Shit, Miles…”

Leaning forward, Edgeworth bit down softly on the flesh of his earlobe. Phoenix let out a shaky breath when Edgeworth pulled away.

“Okay, what the hell is going on? You’ve never acted like this before,” Phoenix said, voice rough, turning to wrap his arms around Edgeworth’s shoulders.

Edgeworth tightened their embrace and breathed against Phoenix’s ear. “I couldn’t stop thinking about you. All day. What a good man you are. How clever and devious you can be. How fucking fantastic you look in that waistcoat.”

“Oh my,” Phoenix said softly. He fanned himself with his hand. “If you keep talking like that you’re gonna give me the vapors.”

“Getting through the day was like walking through concrete. I want you so bad I can’t even think.”

Phoenix studied him, his cheeks brightening. “No, seriously, I’m starting to feel light-headed.”

Edgeworth took his hands and kissed every fingertip slowly, one by one, staring Phoenix in the eyes. Phoenix’s mouth opened and closed, the flush on his face and neck spreading further with every kiss. Finally, he thumbed the back of Phoenix’s neck and pulled him in for a deep kiss.

“I love you,” Edgeworth said hoarsely, his forehead leaning off the side of Phoenix’s.

“Yeah, I’m getting that,” Phoenix whispered.

In a matter of seconds Edgeworth had walked them to the bed and lifted Phoenix onto it effortlessly. Edgeworth climbed on after, straddling Phoenix’s waist as he looked up in reverence. Edgeworth ran a hand through his hair and began to remove his glasses.

“No!” Phoenix shouted suddenly, reaching up towards him. “Leave them on this time. Please.”

Edgeworth froze for a moment, eyes narrowed at Phoenix. “Why?”

Phoenix scoffed. “Like you don’t know…” he mumbled, turning his head to the side.

Edgeworth coughed and blushed lightly. “If you insist.” He shook his head and started unbuttoning his shirt.

Pushing himself onto his elbows, Phoenix sat up. “Hey, I should be doing that.” He tried to grasp Edgeworth’s collar but found his hand caught. Edgeworth pressed a kiss to his knuckles.

“Let me do it my way, Phoenix. At least for tonight.”

Phoenix’s breath hitched. He gave a small nod and sank back down against the sheets. “Okay.”

Edgeworth released his hand and finished unbuttoning his shirt. Then he moved on to Phoenix, making slow work of it, mesmerized by the heave of his chest. He pulled the shirt off and tossed it aside, kissing Phoenix’s neck and jaw until he was flushed and canting his hips upwards.

He pulled away, hands on either side of Phoenix’s head, hovering above him. They locked eyes for a moment, neither one wanting to look away. Edgeworth pushed himself back onto his knees and pulled his undershirt over his head, letting it fall behind him. He looked Phoenix up and down, from the bead of sweat rolling from his forehead to the sizable bulge in his pants. Edgeworth leaned forward and pushed Phoenix’s undershirt up to his arms, revealing a thatch of dark chest hair. He let a groan fall from his lips and his cock twitched in his pants.

“Miles,” Phoenix whispered. Edgeworth shifted forward and slowly, firmly raked his fingers down Phoenix’s chest to the curve of his hips. Phoenix moaned and arched into it, his hands digging into the sheets. Edgeworth did it once more before leaning down to kiss Phoenix’s lips, then his chin, his throat, his chest, trailing down from his stomach. He then pressed a firm kiss against the line of Phoenix’s dick through his pants.

“Nngh,” Phoenix said, gripping the bed so hard his knuckles were white. “Okay, I know I said I’d do what you wanted, but can we please get to the no-pants part?”

Kneeling between Phoenix’s legs, Edgeworth bent down and undid his buckle, and pulled the zipper down slowly. He wrapped his hands around Phoenix’s thighs and drew him closer, eliciting an undignified yelp from his ridiculous boyfriend. Then, instead of finally freeing his dick from its cotton confinement, Edgeworth licked the thin fabric and sucked at the dampness already there, keeping a steady eye on Phoenix’s face.

“Oh god!” Phoenix said with a gasp. “That wasn’t what I meant, but holy shit.”

Edgeworth teased him through his briefs until Phoenix was whimpering and writhing. Then suddenly he pulled away and slipped off the bed.

Phoenix’s head fell back onto the pillow with a soft thud. “You’re a sadist,” he gasped. “Miles Edgeworth is a sadist. I can’t believe this.” His lips curled into a small, elated grin. “Oh wait, yes I can.”

Edgeworth just smiled to himself as he searched for the lube in the dresser drawer. He sat on the edge of the bed and slipped out of his pants and underwear in one go, leaving only his socks and their strappy garters. Phoenix watched curiously as he moved across the bed and reclaimed his spot over Phoenix’s lap.

He put a finger to Phoenix’s lips to hush his babbling before it began. “I love you,” he said softly, and pulled Phoenix into a crushing kiss.

When Phoenix could breath again, gazing up at Edgeworth with those big, soft eyes, he said “I love you too,” low and breathy.

Edgeworth reached back and pulled Phoenix’s underwear down around his thighs. Phoenix sighed with relief.

“God, finally.”

Edgeworth poured some of the lube into his palm and stroked it onto Phoenix’s cock.

“Oh!” Phoenix said, followed by a thick groan. “Oh.”

After applying more lube to his fingers, Edgeworth found a comfortable position on his knees worked a finger inside himself.

Phoenix watched in wonder, entranced by the sight, and then shook his head. “You’re not even gonna let me do that?” he asked, a hint of a pout on his face.

Edgeworth considered him with slight tilt of the head. He made a sound low in his throat and grabbed Phoenix’s hand. He slicked Phoenix’s fingers with lube and, keeping as much of a grip on it as he could, guided Phoenix’s hand right where he wanted it.

It was slippery work, but Edgeworth managed to get Phoenix’s finger inside him, pushing hard against it until he was nearly riding it.

“Shit,” Phoenix rasped as he let Edgeworth use him.

Edgeworth moved from one finger to three, grunting at the stretch until they were sheathed inside of him, while he struggled to keep his grip on Phoenix’s hand. Phoenix started moving his fingers, taking guidance from Edgeworth’s hold on him. They stayed like that, Phoenix spreading his fingers and thrusting them slowly until Edgeworth finally released his hand and let Phoenix take over, rolling his hips and moaning softly. He looked down at Phoenix, his glasses just a little crooked, a deep flush spreading across his broad chest, his face haloed by the lights overhead.

Phoenix gave a short laugh. Edgeworth quirked an eyebrow at him.

“Do you have any idea how gorgeous you are?” Phoenix murmured.

Edgeworth stilled, his face growing brighter, and waited for Phoenix to remove his fingers, mumbling something softly under his breath. Before Phoenix could say anything else, Edgeworth had gripped his cock and was sinking down onto it.

Phoenix took a deep, unsteady breath and just watched as Edgeworth settled onto his lap, eyes closed and brows drawn up. Edgeworth lifted his hips suddenly and slammed them back down, making them both cry out. It was more than either of them had anticipated, and Edgeworth stayed in his lap until both of them had evened out their breath. Biting his lip, Edgeworth shifted forward slowly and then back again, sliding along Phoenix’s cock.

For several minutes he just settled into a languid pattern, looking down at Phoenix and bouncing on his cock in short, slow thrusts. Finally Phoenix couldn’t stand it anymore and with no little effort he bent his knees and dug his heels into the bed. Edgeworth didn’t make a move to stop him, he just took a moment to lean back against Phoenix’s thighs.

Phoenix grabbed Edgeworth’s waist to steady him and thrust up into him, fully engulfed in the tight heat of his body. Edgeworth shouted in pleasure and grasped at Phoenix’s hands with his own, holding on and meeting Phoenix’s thrusts, encouraging him as though he wasn’t already buried as deep as he could possibly be.

He kept it up as long as he could, then dropped his hips back down and let Edgeworth rock slowly against him until his strength returned and he reached for Edgeworth again.

They did this over and over again until they were both sweating as they rode their adrenaline, Edgeworth clutching Phoenix’s arms while Phoenix pistoned into him, his glasses now completely askew, his cock flushed a deep scarlet and straining against his stomach. Phoenix twisted one hand from his grip and stroked down his abdomen, now glistening with sweat.

“Can I?” he managed to say.

Edgeworth slowed them down and rode him a few more moments, hands braced on his sides, before nodding.

Phoenix gave his balls a light squeeze and stroked him from base to tip. Edgeworth let out an obscenely loud moan and started moving faster, Phoenix matching his pace until he stilled, his thighs and torso shaking as he came with a gasp over Phoenix’s chest. He panted and groaned, his body still shaking and his muscles spasming, when his glasses finally slipped from the bridge of his nose. Phoenix was able to snatch them up in one hand before anything could happen to them.

“Wow,” he said, holding the glasses up, still in a daze from watching his boyfriend writhe in ecstasy. “They’re troopers, aren’t they. I’m surprised they stayed on as long as they did.”

Pushing Phoenix’s hands out of the way, Edgeworth slid forward until their chests were touching. “Do be quiet, Wright,” he growled, his voice tinged with playful affection, as he tightened his thighs around Phoenix’s sides started fucking himself on Phoenix’s cock.

Though not quite as athletic as before, he still managed an impressive pace. Phoenix groaned and sighed into his neck, fingers grasping at his strong back as he used what energy he had left to push back into him. Wrapped up in each other, they shook and cursed, Edgeworth biting and kissing Phoenix’s neck until his teeth scraped the underside of his jaw and Phoenix was gone.

They collapsed in a sweaty heap, covered with body fluids and bruises. Phoenix’s pants had somehow fallen down to his ankles somewhere along the way, and he kicked them off onto the floor. Edgeworth stretched over to turn off the lights, Phoenix reaching a hand out to pull him back the moment the darkness fell. They fell asleep like that, limbs entwined, Phoenix holding Edgeworth’s glasses loosely in his hand.


Waking up the morning after was blissful. Despite their aches and the impending workload of the day, neither of them had ever been so relaxed. They kissed softly and shot each other shy grins every time they touched. And if Trucy noticed them being overly affectionate in the hallway, well, she didn’t say anything.

In fact, it wasn’t until breakfast that Edgeworth noticed that Trucy was being unusually quiet. He had a rather good guess as to why.

“Trucy, about last night,” he started, setting down his toast.

“Last night?” Trucy repeated, an edge of panic in her voice.

“In the living room,” Edgeworth said.

Trucy sighed and shook her head. “No, no, that was my fault. I shouldn’t have walked in there all unannounced like that.”

Phoenix chuckled and Edgeworth shot him a look, stern but gentle. “Trucy, you clearly weren’t the one at fault. We shouldn’t have been so brazen when we knew you could have walked in. And we’re sorry. We’ll be more careful in the future.”

“I get it, but…I just don’t want you guys to feel bad! I mean, you’re making up for lost time.”

Phoenix grinned at Edgeworth. “We do have a lot of time to make up.”

Edgeworth crossed his arms but gave a small smile in spite of himself.

Trucy was quiet for another minute until finally she cleared her throat. “There is just one little thing,” she said, her voice small and her face bright red.

“What is it, my dear?” Edgeworth asked.

She wrung her hands in her lap. “…do you think you could close your bedroom door next time?”

Phoenix and Edgeworth stared at her blankly, and then at each other, as her words slowly sank in. The spoon in Phoenix’s hand clattered to the table just as their mouths fell open in shock.

“I-it’s just…it’s kinda loud. I mean. The sound carries down the hallway. Y’know.” She focused intensely on the grain of the table.

Phoenix made a sound that didn’t match any known human language. Edgeworth looked like his head was about to disengage from his body and explode into the atmosphere.

“Okay, well, I’m gonna get ready for school,” she said as fast as she could, pushing away from the table and disappearing in a blur.

When he could finally move, Phoenix clapped his hands over his mouth. “Oh my baby my sweet baby girl I’m so sorry,” he said under his breath.

Edgeworth gave a little murmur and nodded.

“That may have been the last time we ever have sex.”

Edgeworth nodded again. “Mm.”

Phoenix was silent for a minute or so, staring at the ground with hollow eyes. Eventually he straightened his back and glanced up again. “At least we went out with a bang,” he said softly. He gave a limp shrug and looked to Edgeworth with a half-hearted lop-sided smile.

Edgeworth made a small sound of defeat and let his weary head drop down into the cold embrace of the kitchen table.