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Its Okay to Cry. Crying is a Natural Response to Pain

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Months passed since the kidnapping incident. And during these few months, the city of San Fransokyo has been relatively peaceful. There were no supervillains on the loose and most crimes were handled by the local Police Department.




"Wheelows! How're things on your end?" Hiro had asked via his communicator link on his helmet as he helped an elderly woman get on Baymax.

There was an earthquake the struck the city of San Fransokyo. Big Hero 6 has been rescuing stranded people inside a building.

"One of the kids stranded here was the kidnapped victim from that case months ago. He won't come with me." Gogo replied as the beam that prevented the debris from crushing them started to bend. "C'mon kid Woman Up!" She said to the boy.

The collapsing building was oldest shopping mall in the city. It had existed for a century. The building was located three blocks away from the city's City Hall.

"How're everyone else's?" Hiro asked as he got up on Bamyax and held unto the elder lady. "Baymax, Wings. Fly!" He ordered.

"Everyone's safe here!" Came Fred's reply. He had just landed to a safe place with children in his embrace.

"Let's do it again! Again!" The children excitedly begged for Fred to jump again. Worried parents began to scramble towards Fred's location and carried their offspring away from the disaster scene.

"Finished getting the last o-"Before Honey was about to finish her reply, the building she just in collapsed in on itself.

She gulped her saliva before continuing. "one out of the building."

"Everyone's safe on my end!" Wasabi said as he put down the boy he was carrying.

"Everything's done on my end." Came Tadashi's reply as he retrieved the microbots he used as a support beam.

"White Knight, you're the person near Wheelows go assist her. As for everyone else, make sure that no one gets inside the building." Hiro ordered as he looked at the GPS tracker on his wrist.

"Roget that" Tadashi replied as he got on his hoverboard and hurried to Gogo's direction.

Tadashi saw his friend, still trying to convince the traumatized teen to go with her. "C'mon kid, don't you remember me? I saved you from those scary ladies right?"

The boy's response was to shake his head furiously. The kidnapping really did give him a mental scar.

"Wheelows, I'll take it from here." Tadashi said as he approached his yellow-armored friend.

"Fine, hurry it up." Gogo huffed as he waited at the only exit present in the building.

"Hey kid. It's not safe in here." Tadashi started as he slowly approached the frightened boy.

"H-hey, hey. Ssssh. White Knight's here. I'm gonna take you somewhere safe okay?" Tadashi tried again. "Its gonna be okay."

This made the boy stop moving away, in time for Tadashi to grab him away from a falling beam.

Tadashi looked at Gogo and shouted. "Go! Go! Go! Go!" He ordered as he carried the boy bridal style and ran away from the collapsing building.

Hiro saw the building collapse and it made him panic. "White Knight! Come in White Knight!" Hiro shouted, panicking that he may have lost his brother once again.

"White Knight here, we're okay." Tadashi revealed as he put down the boy he's carrying.




The most our nerdy heroes have been doing were saving people from accidents and from Mother Nature's wrath.

Individually, the heroes have also been doing something they're good at.




"So Tadashi, what do you want to tell us?" Hiro asked his older brother as he gulped a spoonful of rice.

"Well…" Tadashi doesn't quite know yet how to tell his little brother and aunt that he has been offered to be a model for Krei's products. He knows it will help him in his studies and projects because of the schedule's flexibility, not to mention the fact that he can still study even while at work.

"C'mon! We're waiting." Hiro urged his older brother to spill the beans. He thinks that Krei might have heard of Tadashi having a lot of things to catch up and decided to tell Tadashi that his work at Krei would be complete.

"Krei kind of wants me to be his model." Tadashi revealed to his aunt and brother.

Cass looked at her eldest nephew at the revelation.

Hiro on the other hand spat the water he had just drank, soaking his older brother in the process, and replied. "You? a model?" He exclaimed

"I asked the same thing Hiro." Tadashi replied as he the water on his face, courtesy of Hiro, with the sleeve of his blazer.

"Why not?" Cass chimed in. "Maybe you could ask Krei to put up an ad for the café." Cass suggested. "That way you could spend more of your time studying than helping at the café. Heaven knows you need to study a lot to catch up."




Tadashi Hamada agreed to become a model for Krei Tech. An exclusive model for Krei Tech Industries. He modeled for water-proof laptops, developed by the R&D department of the said company.

The posters Tadashi's in is usually him, in only his boxer shorts and differently colored wigs and contact lenses, using a laptop underwater, showcasing the new laptop's waterproof feature.

A TV advertisement was also released showcasing him, fully clothed with the contact lenses and wigs, trapped inside a room and water is steadily rising. The only thing that saved him was a chained and submerged laptop on the floor.

Krei also agreed to advertise Aunt Cass's café, with Tadashi as the café's model.

The café's poster is that of Tadashi, shirtless while donning a plain pink apron and aviator shades, holding a stainless spatula with his right hand and a half-eaten donut on his left hand while his face have donut crumbs.

A TV ad was also released for the Lucky Cat Café. It showcased a scene what happens every day at the café. Only this time a Tadashi is seen wearing a suit and bowtie while serving the customers. A scene change then happens and Tadashi, dressed casually, is playing with kids with what seems like a children's birthday party is happening, another cut happens and it showcases a shirtless Tadashi with a yellow wig, wearing the apron he wore in the poster, cooking something.




Meanwhile Honey helped Krei Tech industries in making a new chemical compound that would make an object waterproof. With Krei Tech's funding and the help of the company's R&D department.




"Excuse me but are you Ms. Aiko Melendez?" A man wearing a rather large prescription glasses said as he approached the bubbly woman.

"Yes, that's me!" She exclaimed. "What can I do for you?" She asked.

"I heard you had made some sort of chemical that would make every surface hydrophobic." The man had informed the bubbly girl, who just frowned.

She hadn't created a chemical that could do that. "I'm sorry sir, I'm afraid you're quite mistaken. I didn't create a chemical that would make any surface hydrophobic." Honey admitted.

"Sorry, my bad." The man said as he noticed his mistake. "What I meant to say was you created some chemicals that could make a floor's surface covered in ice." The man corrected himself.

"Yes, I did." Honey smiled in confirmation as she smiled.

"We'd like you to help us in our endeavor." The man asked.

"Let me guess. You want me help you create a chemical compound that would make any surface hydrophobic." Honey offered.

"Yes, that's it." The man confirmed. "Don't worry about the funds, the R & D department of Krei Tech will fund you with this and will receive full credit in the creation of the chemical compound." The man offered.

Honey looked at Gogo, who had just appeared and listened in on the conversation her friend was having with an unknown man, her arms crossed as she leaned on the table with different beakers and testube racks on top, her phone propped on her left, as if she was texting someone.

In actuality, she was recording the whole conversation from the start.

"Eh, Why not take it." Gogo shrugged. "They're offering you full credit on the creation of the chemical compound and you'll be funded with your research." Gogo laid down the pros.

Honey nodded but added something. "I can also use the compound to present it to my teachers."

"I think a signed paper contract should be in order." Gogo voiced out, as she popped the bubble gum balloon she was making.

"Nonsense, aren't we all friends here?" The man rhetorically asked as he dismissed Gogo's suggestion.

Gogo just looked at her female friend and shrugged as she gestured discreetly to her own phone.

"Deal." Honey and the man shook hands.

"Deal" Gogo muttered as she stopped recording the conversation with her phone. She doesn't want any of her friends to be exploited after all.




Gogo on the other hand, was toying with the idea of building a hover car, as she studied the designs Tadashi recorded when he built the hover cart when he was little and the designs of Tadashi's hover board that Hiro built for his older brother.




"Hey Tadashi, could I ask you boys a favor?" Gogo said as he went inside the older Hamada's lab. The Hamada brothers had something that she needs.

They were just making some modifications on Baymax, when Gogo came went inside. Without as much as facing the newcomer Hiro replied. "Yeah. What is it?"

"Well, you see… You… I…" Gogo fumbled over her words as she tried to find the words to convey her thoughts. The hovering idea was Tadashi's idea and she knows that. It all came back to when the older Hamada made the hover cart.

"Woman up Gogo." Tadashi chuckled as he faced the only girl in the room.

"You finally managed to throw those words back at me huh nerd?" Gogo replied as she gave a smile.

"So what do you need?" Tadashi asked once again as he signaled for Hiro to stop and sat on the chair that was just behind him.

Hiro nodded as he stopped working and faced the black haired girl.

"Could I borrow your notes for your hover cart?" Gogo asked bluntly, as she looked into the older Hamada's eyes.

"Sure!" Tadashi replied almost immediately. "Let me just dig around my archives back in my side of our room." Tadashi added and gave a smile.

"Could I also borrow the schematics for your hover boards Hiro?" She asked for permission at the younger Hamada as she looked to him. "I know its Tadashi's joint project with you, but-"

"Sure. I'll just give you the schematics for White Knight's hover board." Hiro said. "The blueprints for our joint project is still in its early drafts, so I can't give you those yet." Hiro cut off Gogo's sentence. "It'll be with Tadashi's notes and blueprints for the hovercart." Hiro finished.

"Thanks guys." Gogo smiled as she left the room.




"If I can just lessen the laser's power and won't burn the fabric." Wasabi muttered to himself as he looked at the contraption that was his project.

"Hey guys! How about instead of an invisible sandwich, why not make a floating sandwich." Fred suggested as he sat on the sofa that's near Tadashi's labspace.

"Less weird than the invisible sandwich but still." Gogo began.

"Its not Science." Gogo, Wasabi and Honey finished in unison.

"Oh c'mon! If people can float why can't sandwiches! Just imagine your hands totally free as you eat your sandwich, wouldn't that be cool!" Fred argued as he stood up and walked up towards Wasabi's workplace.


"Fred!" Wasabi groaned as he picked up the tools that had fallen to the ground. "Way to ruin the order!"




While Wasabi is busying himself by toying with the idea of using lasers to penetrate and destroy germs microscopically but won't destroy the thing or skin the germs are on and Fred continued on to become SFIT's mascot while attending to his English major classes, all the while suggesting ideas for future techs, no matter how they're not "science" as the team always tells him.




Hiro gets an interesting shift. He's back botfighting again. This time, with his older brother's approval. The reason? Botfighting is now a sport, just like e-sports but more on robotics rather than video games. Same rules still apply, betting in botfighting is still illegal also lethal types of bots are disqualified.

Megabot was also disqualified. Apparently someone submitted a footage of megabot's days and megabot was just too meticulously created that it was considered overpowered by everyone.




"I agree, it's no wonder that you were always getting surrounded by people bigger than you because of that." Tadashi smiled as he watched his little brother create another small robot, but, far less agile than megabot was.

Hiro only pouted as a response.

Hiro's new bot drew inspiration from Baymax. The inflatable design would surely deflect any blunt object it encounters while its cloth-like carbon fiber outer layer is for its armor and is perfect for the prevention of deflation once a sharp object comes into contact with the new bot.

The botfights work similarly to how martial arts competition works but scores are counted with the number of knockdowns the fighting robots experienced and knockouts are equivalent to Ring Outs.

One small thrust of the gray robot was powerful enough to send the other bot outside the ring. "RING OUT! WINNER HIRO HAMADA AND HIS BOT, OHSOY!" the referee announced.




Aunt Cass has expanded the café, with the profit she earned after Krei Tech's generous gift of advertising the café. It now caters more customers than before. Tadashi and Hiro still helped her occasionally, much to the customers' satisfaction. In addition to that, Lucky Cat has hired female and male employees to help in the Café's operations.




"Boys these are Mr. Alfred Pots and Edna Wilson. Starting next week they're gonna be helping me and by extension you two, in operating the café's business." Cass said as she gestured to the two other people inside the café.

The man, Alfred, has blond hair, sky blue eyes and a fair complexion. He's wearing a rather fitting plain green shirt that highlights his upper body muscles, a dark blue sleeveless vest, brownish jeans and shoes with the colors red, blue and white on it.

The woman, Edna, has brown hair, obsidian eyes and a tanned complexion. She's also wearing a tight plain green shirt that shows off her upper feminine assets, despite her bust being just average, a dark blue sleeveless vest, brownish jeans and shoes with the colors red, blue and white on it.

"Yes Hiro, they're not your babysitters, we already got one that's perfect for you." Cass said as she gestured to her oldest nephew.

"Hey, I'm Tadashi Hamada and the pouting child is my little brother Hiro." Tadashi introduced himself and his brother to the new employees of the café. "Looking forward to working with you." He shoot their hands as he smiled.

"The clothes they're wearing is the official Lucky Cat Café uniforms. So I expect you boys to wear them when helping out alright?" She then retrieved two bags that were on the counter and gave them to the brothers. "Naturally I have mine too." She said as she gestured at the neatly placed articles of clothing that's on the table.




Abigail still works for Krei but would occasionally model with Tadashi. A lot safer than her previous job as a test pilot, much to her father's delight. She still visits Professor Callaghan from time to time.

Callaghan has been sentenced to life imprisonment for attempted murder and theft, with chances of pardon. The charges of Arson and Manslaughter was dropped since there were no evidences that would connect him to the fire and Tadashi's eventual supposed demise.








"Why? Why? Why didn't anyone tell me about this?!" the braided girl sobbed uncontrollably on the chest of a boy who has black hair.

"Let it all out neesan, cry it out." The black haired boy hugged his older sister tightly with his right arm and his left hand drew comforting circles on the older female's back as they sat on the floor.

"It isn't fair Itsuki! Why wasn't I informed? Why didn't they at least informed me of his death?! Wait that means…" She looked at her little brother, realization on her red-eyes.

"Little Hiro's all alone now! Ms. Hamada lost her nephew! Oh my god! I need to get to San Fransokyo immediately!" She untangled herself from her little brother's embrace and hurriedly stood up but was stopped when her little brother held her left hand.

"Calm down Sophia! You're acting irrationally again!" Itsuki called out.

"But, but, but!" Sophia just grunted and took a deep breath as she tried to visibly calm herself.

She just sniffled and listened to her little brother.