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Second Wedding and Beyond

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Clarisse smooths the skirt of her wedding gown as she looks in the mirror. She and Joseph are renewing their wedding vows today in a big, white wedding ceremony. This day will never be the day they celebrate their wedding anniversary. It will always be the day that Clarisse spontaneously proposed in the church that they will remember and celebrate: the perfect moment free from all the stress of waiting to make sure everything would go according to plan. That stress is welling up in Clarisse now. Focus, she thinks, Joseph is at the church right now waiting for you. Clarisse hears the door click open behind her and her granddaughter, Mia, walks in in her lovely, magenta bridesmaids dress. Clarisse whirls around in her wedding dress and asks, “What do you think?”


“You look resplendent, grandma. Joe is going to be floored. What do you think of your bridesmaids’ dress choice?” Mia asks as she gives her grandmother a gentle hug trying not to crush her dress.


“I think they’re beautiful and I think I’m insane. What was I thinking deciding to do this? This is so stressful and Joseph is so nervous that he thought he was going to be sick before he left. He’s not very good at this type of thing. He’s probably pacing that church making everyone around him nervous. I must be nuts. This is not what we wanted. I should be on honeymoon on a tropical beach with a mai tai.” Clarisse says pacing the room with her hand on her forehead.


“Too late now.” Mia says as she sits her grandmother down and helps to put her tiara and veil on. “There, you’re ready. Shall I tell Sebastian that we’re ready?”


Clarisse sighs and says, “Yes, of course, I’ll be down in a moment. Heaven forbid that we make Joseph wait any longer he’ll start having anxiety attacks.” She takes one last look in the mirror, blots her lipstick and walks down the stairs. She climbs into the carriage and closes her eyes as she waits for it to begin to move. She hates this part with the waving and the smiling. She just wants to get to the church and reassure Joseph.


“Relax, Clarisse. You look like your smile is pasted on. People are going to think you don’t want to get married.” Sebastian chuckles.


“I don’t want to put this much pressure on Joseph. We’re both struggling to cope with all this and I’ve been royal for more than forty years! I just want to go on honeymoon and get out of here for a while. He’s going to need your support. Can you go talk to Joseph before you walk me down the aisle?” Clarisse asks as she turns towards Sebastian slightly.


“Of course I’ll talk to him. I don’t want him to pass out in there.” Sebastian says as he helps Clarisse out of the carriage.


Clarisse smiles and waves to the crowd, talks to a few people and then walks into the church. She just wants this part to be over with so they can have the party and leave on honeymoon. She’s just worried because Mia planned her honeymoon and hasn’t told her where she’s going yet.