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Do you love me?

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Deanna's P.O.V


I should probably go to sleep by now, it is late after all. I looked over at the clock, it read 1:30am. "Ugh, just go to sleep Dean." I said to myself considering the fact that I started at a new school tomorrow. No I did not want to go to school and it's not like I even need qualifications, I wasn't exactly planning on having a normal job. I would obviously be going into the family business. I groaned and turned off my bedside lamp, put my head to my pillow, shut my eyes and tried to finally sleep.


Cassie's P.O.V


I stretched my arms above my head, yawning as I woke myself from my peaceful slumber. Monday, the worst day in existence. I just wanted to lie back down and fall asleep again but being as I had school this would not be a valid option.

I put a loose t-shirt on along with some sweatpants, I'd get dressed in a bit. As I walked into the kitchen, the scent of pancakes filled the air putting a smile on my face. "Morning Gabe!" I said cheerily to my younger brother who was sitting with a lollipop in his mouth 'how typical' I thought to myself, Gabe had such a sweet tooth.

I scanned the kitchen and found that Michael was the one making pancakes, and Anna was sat at the table discussing the matter of college with him. They were both leaving in a few weeks, Anna to college and Michael to 'something important' which will leave me alone with Gabe. I don't mind this too much, Anna has always been rather overbearing and Michael is just a bit of a dick and always fights with our other brother Lucifer, this ended when Luci moved out a couple months ago but all the same, Michael frustrates me.

"May I have a pancake Michael?" I ask politely.

"Sure Cas," he replies "so Cassie, Anna and I were thinking about which college you might want to go to, I mean you're not that far off. Where would you like to go?"

"I haven't really given it much thought." I say, taking a bite of my pancake. That was a complete lie though, the thought of college takes up literally half my time and yet I have no idea what I want to do.

"Well we shall talk about it when you get home Cassie, you better get ready though, you don't want to be late to school now, do you?" Anna said.

"Of course not, I'll be down in twenty." I rushed up the stairs, stripped myself of my clothing and jumped into the shower gasping as the hot water hit my body. I washed myself and got out skimming through my closet, trying to find something to go under my tan trench coat. I decided on a loose fitting button up shirt, a pair of black skinny jeans and a cobalt blue tie. I did my tie very neatly as to keep up appearances, then I went to tame the long strands of brown hair which were currently falling into my face. I brushed my hair up into a neat high ponytail, brushed my teeth and went downstairs, ready for school.


Deanna's P.O.V


I woke to Sammy shaking me, this was obviously a bad idea of his as my first reaction was to reach under my pillow for my knife which I then brought up to his throat, still not completely awake.

"Woah, Dean! It's me, Sam!" He yelled, petrified.

I placed the knife back under my pillow, not responding and willing the clock to go back an hour. "You need to get up, we're already late and you have to drive me to school." He whined. "And why do you even need a knife under your pillow anyway?"

"Because Sammy, there are demons and they just love me!" I replied in a sarcastic tone and Sam just glared at me. "Okay fine! Give me ten, okay?"

Sam nodded and exited my room. I didn't have time for a shower and I didn't exactly need one, I'd had one last night so there'd be no point. Instead I just picked out the clothes I'd wear for today; my leather jacket, a tight black t-shirt, my navy bootleg jeans and my boots. I put on a bit of mascara and a touch of lipstick, nothing too bright for school, not that I cared but it's usually a bad idea to get a detention on the first day. I plaited my dark blond hair over my left shoulder and walked downstairs.

When I reached the kitchen I saw Sammy eating salad for breakfast, yeah, salad! Eww! Who actually eats that?!

"What the hell are you eating Sam?"

"It's my morning salad Dean! Would you like some?"

I made my best disgusted face and stated very clearly "I can't live on rabbit food! I'm a warrior!"

"Suit yourself." He said "C'mon then, let's go."

And with that we were out of the door and on our way to our new school.