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My Dear, Theodosia

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Laid on their shared bed, Burr whispered sweet nothings into his girlfriend, Theodosia’s ear. With every phrase, every word he muttered, he felt himself falling more and more in love with her.

Theodosia was the woman in Burr’s fantasies even before they had met. A woman with intelligence and wit had always been someone of his deepest desires. A woman who was never afraid to state her opinion and point out his flaws - brutally, and eloquently, honest. Burr considered himself the luckiest man in the world to be able to look into that woman’s eyes before he went to sleep.

Theodosia’s brilliant, deep-set, hazel eyes fluttered closed. Burr couldn’t help but continue to stare at her face. Gently, he caressed her soft cheeks, permanently rosy, with his thumb. He admired her long eyelashes, her delicate nose, her alluring lips. Ever so softly, his hand reached down to Theodosia’s stomach, more swollen than he had remembered. Delicately, lovingly, he rubbed her stomach in circular motions and began singing a lilting lullaby.

Aaron Burr simply couldn’t believe that he was having a child with the most beautiful woman, in his eyes. Surely, that child would be the most beautiful daughter.

As Burr’s lullaby came to a close, Theodosia’s eyes slowly opened again, immediately looking into Burr’s brown eyes. “You have the most angelic voice,” Theodosia muttered, kissing Burr on the nose. Burr felt his face heat up slightly - even when it was from the one he trusted the most, he couldn’t take a compliment. His lips curved into a genuine, amiable smile.

“You have the most angelic face,” he replied, “and I cannot think of a single name on this Earth to name our daughter besides Theodosia. She will be much too beautiful for any other name.”

They laid still for a moment, the only sound being their slow, relaxed breathing. Theodosia leaned in, briefly placing her lips onto Burr’s. Just long enough so that he could feel the warmth of her skin. Just long enough that the taste of her raspberry lip balm lingered in his mouth for a few moments. Burr’s eyes were fixed on his lover’s lips. Kind, divine lips; lips that he simply loved to stare at as Theodosia talked and laughed; lips that he loved to kiss. He always wanted more than just a teasing peck from them.

“May I kiss you, my dear?”

“You don’t have to ask.”

Warmly, Burr pressed his lips to Theodosia’s, taking in the taste of her lip balm, the scent of a chocolate perfume. He tenderly ran a hand through her long hair, smiling as he felt his lover’s hand on his cheek. As he kissed her harder, he let his free hand curl around Theodosia, pulling her closer. Abruptly, Theodosia pulled away.

Burr’s breath returned to normal - he didn’t realise he was holding it through the kiss. “It’s late, Aaron. We should go to sleep if we want to wake up on time tomorrow.” Burr tilted his head. “On time for what?” Theodosia chuckled. She slowly turned to the bedside table and checked the time on her phone. “It’s 1am. I have a meeting with my midwife. You have work at eight,” she explained, momentarily looking at Burr’s lips. She lightly kissed him on his forehead.

“I love you so much, Theodosia. I can’t wait to see this beautiful child of ours,” Burr whispered, completely ignoring Theodosia’s remark. She just laughed. “I can’t wait either. I’ve had constant pelvis pain for weeks now,” she joked, before wincing in pain. “She’s kicking.”

Burr began to gently rub Theodosia’s stomach again. He knew it wouldn’t do anything - it was simply a form of comfort. “I think we disturbed her sleep,” he whispered, smiling down at Theodosia’s stomach. When he looked back up at her, her eyes were closed once again. “I won’t disturb yours any longer, my dear.” He muttered, kissing Theodosia on the forehead, and letting his own eyes shut.