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Not all is what it seems on Ferrix

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‘The plan? The plan was to capture Cassian Andor and then to terminate him. But now? Perhaps, there are other options to pursue for the cause?’


They were in place, just at the homestead of Maarva Andor’s.

Cinta and Vel had taken their separate ways to reach the house. 

Having yet again spotted the suspicious looking man, an imperial spy as they had deduced him to be. Standing there, in his clearly favoured place just around the corner of the hotel.

This, person having been too obvious since the first time they had spotted him there standing in the specific shadowy nook between the streets. Each and every day, always in the same place. He really should have chosen alternate places for his spying to be more effective and less obvious.

There really was no doubt of what this, observers, business there was.

Cinta and Vel were situated at the opposite sides of the structure, having found the most perfect corners in the shadows for them to operate.

The small devices in place, where they would be able to listen into the conversation going on inside of the building.

“I’m in position.”

Vel acknowledged to Cinta.

“I am too.”

“Roger that.”

And then, their private comms channel then vent silent.

As Vel and Cinta sharing a private comms channel between them, so to be able to share information with each other in real time if they needed to during their own spy mission.

As soon as Vel had managed to tune in the right frequency, getting a clear reading, she could hear the two distinct voices from the inside. One being that of Maarva Andor, the other a female friend for hers they had spotted often there as well.

“The time to act, is now!”

It was Maarva’s voice, the tone carrying loud and clear into Vel’s headset.


“We cannot. It’s too soon.”

The other voice commented in a more hushed tone.


“There is no time like the present. They are going to hang him! I just got the news!”

Maarva sounded panicked almost.

But they both heard it, Cinta and Vel both having a clear reading of what was said inside.

“Salman Paak!”

The two listeners whispered in almost perfect unison through their private comms.

As having yet to determine the fate of the two interrogates detained by the imperials, Cinta and Vel now had verification of the fate of Paak’s. Which was not good. He was going to be killed.

Continuing again to listen into what was said.

“We, need to stop that from happening. Or are you really that callous and letting one of our own die?”

There was a low murmur, the words not clear, most likely Maarva’s friend trying to counter something to Maarva, perhaps assure her of whatever.

“Bix, they still have Bix Caleen captive.”

The other woman then said more audibly.

“We should try to rescue her. Salman Paak has already forfeit his life.”

“No! Not on my watch! I will not have another good person die. Not again!”

Maarva sounded totally adamant in her wanting to save both their people. Even if it might not be possible.

“But we don’t have the manpower. The weapons alone are…”

The friend of Maarva’s was clearly trying to get the idea off of Maarva’s head. But failing miserably. As Maarva was on the defensive, cutting her friend off mid sentence.

“No, we do things my way or not at all!”

“Fine, fine! Fine! I will agree to do what you want, but… only if the others agree as well.”

“They will. Trust me. They will.”

Maarva sounded pretty sure of herself. Then again, it was becoming quite clear that she, Maarva Andor, was indeed the leader of this, group of rebels? Insurgents on Ferrix. If not the head leader, then at least, someone with great influence, having once being the magistrate of the region.

Vel and Cinta could only listen to the conversation going on. 

As clearly, there was more than led on to Maarva Andor. A surprise for sure, her being part of a resistance movement on Ferrix. Something which the spies of the rebellion, at least Luthen’s fraction, were not privy to.

Vel and Cinta continued to listen for a moment longer as the argument slowly subsided. 

And after a short while, the friend left. Cinta and Vel made themselves scarce too, as hanging around on the streets was never a good thing to do with the Empire’s eyes everywhere.




The two met at the hotel, where they were able to talk more freely. The streets never being safe for most conversations.

“Are you thinking what I am thinking?”

Vel asked her eyes darting over Cinta’s.

“That Maarva is part of their underground movement, here on Ferrix.”

Cinta was on the same frequency, clearly, with Vel.



“We need to inform Luthen.”

“Yeah, we just might have found ourselves a new ally here.”