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Perhaps in some other world, some other time, Light's demonic blood would have remained dormant and he would have never known the power that was his true birthright. All it took was just one careless bite from a certain Shinigami who got a little too eager to eat an apple which Light held out, arrogantly, in his outstretched hand. Light scolded Ryuk for his carelessness but at the time he couldn't guess the repercussions that it would have—how he had just been infected and how this infection coupled with his heavy notebook usage and, for the first time in his life, seriously lusting after someone was playing havoc with his mind and body, causing an alchemical chain reaction that would culminate on the 28th of February, his eighteenth birthday…


Light held soft raven locks in an iron grip as he forced the man's head down and trailed soft kisses across pale, unmarked skin of his neck and back. The other man writhed wantonly beneath him, his dark, ever-staring eyes were dulled and hooded with lust, but his cries were silent. (Light never heard his voice and his subconscious never supplied him with one.) The teen was just getting to the really interesting part of his dream when he awoke, once again to cold sweat and stained sheets.

The brunet fell back against his pillow with a groan.

It all began about a month ago. Light had listlessly filed into the exam hall just before the doors were closed, blinking against the harsh fluorescent lights that over-lit the room. He strode forward to take his seat, ignoring the other student's usual stares of awe and envy. Yes, he knew he was handsome and was at the top of the class. He didn't need them to remind him of how awesome he was. ( Just imagine if they knew that their God went to school with them...) Light merely (regally) nodded in return of Yamamoto's eager waving before taking his seat. He kept his eyes forward and ignored the staring.

Maybe it was just the paranoia talking but he could swear more people were staring at him lately. He had mixed feelings about that. It was his rightful due as God of the New World to be afforded respect and admiration. However Light doubted that was the intent behind their stares—no doubt their motives were less than pure and in any case he didn't want to attract unwanted attention. And for some reason he was getting asked out much more often than before (Light hadn't thought that was possible) by girls and guys alike. (He'd rather they didn't stare so until after he had finished cleansing the world and they knew him as God and afforded him the proper respect...) But now... he found it unnerving, and he always worried that they somehow knew his secrets.

Perhaps he should date more girls just to keep up appearances because if his father found out he was gay... Light had no doubt that shouting "I AM KIRA" at the top of his lungs to a room full of irritable, doughnut-deprived, cops with loaded guns would be a safer course of action...

Light rested his chin in his hand as he waited, jadedly, for the test to begin. It was beyond irritating. He knew he was the smartest person here. Yet, here he had to prove it again, to jump through all the hoops. But what can you do? (Except show them, of course.) Still, it was annoying and it took away from his time. He could be using it to do something so much more productive...

"And begin!" announced the proctor. Light stared at the blank page for a minute before resignedly picking up his pencil. This was new. Usually his focus was flawless and the answers would come effortlessly but for some reason he'd been feeling kind of distracted lately. Maybe it was the staring... no, it was more than that. It felt like something was crawling in the pit of his stomach. Weird. Maybe he had too much wasabi in his lunch. The teen twirled the pencil in his hand and then focused determinedly on the test before him. He'd wait until the very end of the test to write his name at the top of the sheet. Ever since he picked up the Death Note he always got nervous about writing his own name. He had just begun to run through the questions when he felt a prickling feeling at the nape of his neck like he was being watched... Well of course he was being watched—even though the exam had begun and the other students were in the process of testing, they were still sneaking glances at him or maybe his test paper trying to copy his answers. There was also Ryuk's constant staring but that was to be expected. It was familiar and Light considered it to be harmless. His Shinigami floated in the back of the exam hall—Light had with much patience (and with many apples as incentive) finally trained the monster to respect his personal space, especially when he was working like this. It wasn't his classmate's or Ryuk's staring that was making him nervous; it was a stranger's eyes he felt upon him.

Just then the proctor walked by scolding "Student number 162! Sit properly in your chair."

With a rising sense of foreboding Light slowly turned around to see the source of the disturbance and saw the strange man staring at him.

That stranger. Light only saw him at the exam hall but "Student Number 162" had left quite an impression, he had been haunting his dreams ever since.

It was really beginning to get on his nerves.

Having stalkers was hardly a new phenomenon for Light Yagami. But his being attracted to one of them most definitely was. This was honestly the first time he had ever… lusted after anyone. Light decided he didn't like it. It was stupid, embarrassing, and a waste of time. After all, what were the odds he'd ever see him again? (Perhaps he should have… No. Kira did not have regrets.)

It wasn't that he was fantasizing about another guy that so disturbed him. Light was well-aware of where his own preferences lay (not that he'd want to make them known. After all, he had an image to maintain.) It was the object of his desires. Why had he become so infatuated with a man that should by all rights disgust him? Well… maybe he might be a perfectly nice guy if he got to know him but still Light's first impression was that the guy was a creep. The unkempt pale, gangly, foreign weirdo had been staring at him all throughout the testing. His newest stalker would be there every day, Light would look over his shoulder to see the same greasy hair, the same wrinkled, baggy white sweater and jeans that he looked like he slept in... assuming he slept at all. And the guy kept getting yelled at for sitting oddly in his desk—no that didn't do it justice—the other man had been sitting with his bare toes wiggling on the surface of his desk. He took his test holding his pencil with the tips of his fingers. He looked like… like a retarded monkey!

Which begged the question—why the hell was he attracted to him?

Well... perhaps it was because the man had such a perfect air of mystery about him? Every time Light had stolen a glance his raven had always worn that same bland, blank expression on his face, betraying nothing of what he was actually thinking (and here Light thought his poker face was good.) And that he could get away with coming to the testing dressed like that actually said a lot. Touhou would never consider letting some crackhead off the street into their school so to get away with this behavior he must be really influential or really smart… or both. Maybe he was someone famous like an actor or teen idol without his makeup or computer enhancements? Actually that made a lot of sense. A celebrity wanting to go to school unmolested might affect such a persona in order to keep a low profile. And his mystery man did kind of look like a rock star. Hell, he could be Hideki Ryuuga for all he knew...

And the other man was confident. That more than anything was probably what had held Light's attention. The other man didn't look away when Light caught him staring. No one had ever dared to hold his gaze before—they all looked away, but not this man. He stared right back. And while Light was loathe to admit it; he had found that incredibly attractive. In the end Light was the first to break their stare off. He had flushed, fidgeted in his seat, and crossed his legs under the desk in an attempt to stay focused on the exam in front of him.

During the final day of testing Light had remained after taking the test to watch his watcher. His stalker always finished only a couple minutes after he did… Or maybe he had finished earlier and was waiting for him? (No… impossible. No one could finish a test faster than him. Well that is to say no one could finish the test faster than him and pass…) His stranger had moved oddly too, when he unfolded himself from his desk. He shuffled along with slumped shoulders—perhaps he had a back problem? Yet despite this (or maybe even because of this?) there was that underlying confidence that Light found so very attractive. The stranger handed in his test without a care and then stretched his arms above his head, loudly popping his back and revealing a tantalizing glimpse of what lay beneath those baggy clothes. Light had openly stared at the taut muscles of the man's stomach. He was lithe but strong, he must work out. Maybe he had a personal trainer? Light's eyes followed the slight curve of the man's hips to where they disappeared into the red rim of his boxers which were peaking out above the rim of those sagging blue jeans.

The raven-haired stranger finished his stretching and just seemed to notice Light's staring. He smiled at him and the God of the New World suddenly found himself weak in the knees. Light had nearly approached the other man at that point, just to say "hi" or something, but had talked himself out of it at the last moment. He hadn't really chickened out. Not him. Not Light Yagami, Kira, the God-To-Be was not the least bit nervous about... asking someone out. (Come to think of it he never really had just asked someone out before—they always came to him.) There were numerous perfectly logical reasons why it would have been a bad idea—there were too many people around, asking a strange man he didn't know out for coffee would probably be seen as gay… and Light was perfectly happy in the closet, really… It wasn't worth the risk of his exposure. And things were just too weird right now. Seriously. He did not need to be in a relationship.

Light lay, still in a half-asleep haze, nestled deep into damp blankets, staring at his ceiling. He needed to get up and change those… Dammit, he wished he was back in his dream! Because now he would have to get up and deal with all the crap of another day. More draining demands on his time, more stress, more boredom, more rude and rotten people, more mind-fuckery courtesy of L... (and no raven-haired beauty waiting for him...) Light yawned and stretched and for the first time became conscious of the odd sensations, the shifting weight on his back and head and his own body awareness snapped into focus...

"Hey Light, are you awake yet?" Ryuk's voice floated in through the wall just before he did. "I know you said those were supposed to last the week but we're kind of out of apples now and I really need one bad—Woah!"

"Ryuk! What the fuck did you do?"

The Shinigami just stood there, stunned speechless as he gawked at his (former) human.