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The past and presence of Luthen Rael

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‘Being the galactic wide man of mystery might suit some, even if most prefer, anonymity.’

He was the Axis… the one broken cog in the Empire’s well oiled machinery.

The one who wanted to bring chaos into the supposed order the imperial rule had pressed upon the galaxy. Whether any of them had wanted or not. And mostly, the inhabitants of various planets did not want to have imperials on their shores.

Not any more. The restlessness and resistance growing each passing day.

And so, there was a great, or rather grave responsibility, lying on his shoulders. 

The one specific decision made some fifteen years ago. 

Leaving his past behind, the life as he had known it. Changing it for something different, something dangerous. Not that his life had not been so before. But now, there was a different kind of danger lurking around each and every corner.

But, he was determined to stay on the path he had set on. 

There was no turning back, even if he wanted to. 

Did he want to? Perhaps. But, the cause, always came first. And so, he kept on going, crying havoc while charging against the Empire, from the very shadows. Raising hell, by himself and with his associates. 

The goal? To bring the imperial rule down.


Luthen was having a bad day. 

He was momentarily alone in his shop, contemplating on the very steps which had led to this, fowl mood. 

Something noted by Kleya earlier, just before she had taken off to run a few errands. Clearly not in the mood herself of hanging around the sulking Luthen and thus excusing herself under the guile of having things to do in the city.

Luthen must have stared into the space in front of him for the longest moment. Undisturbed by any customers, as during this hour, hardly any came by.

It was then when spotted a familiar mask on the table.

Something which he himself had cleaned up, fixed any found small fissures he had detected before placing it on display in a glass casing. The honorary place for it to be exact, which was situated almost in the middle of the shop.

It was something very precious too. A priceless artefact. Not exactly for sale. 

But it had drawn many an eye. And if asked, the value of it set so high, none of the customers so far had been able to buy it. Sure, there had been plenty of offers. But so far, it remained where it was. In its very special place.

Luthen kept on staring at the mask.

All other thoughts purged from his mind. 

Or at least, pushed away for later scrutiny and the pending headache fading fast too. Because the more Luthen kept on staring at the artefact, the farther away from the moment his thoughts carried him. 

Right back to the past, tens of years ago to be exact.

And it was Luthen’s own past, which he was travelling back to. In his mind.

To the time, when he had actually been happy. All those years ago…