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Number One Contender For My Heart

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Loki had never been into sports.

He didn’t like watching it, and he definitely didn’t like participating in it. He had been dragged to one football game in his life, and he had ended up absolutely hating it. There was too much screaming, too many stupid and obnoxious people around him, and the game itself had been boring to say the least. It just wasn’t for him.

So when he was asked by his friend Amora if he wanted to attend a pro wrestling event, he was not particularly enthusiastic about it. She was supposed to go with her sister, Lorelei, and they happened to have an extra ticket because one of their friends had bailed on them at the last minute. Amora assured him it could be fun, but Loki told her there was no way in hell he would be going. He didn’t like sports. He didn’t like wrestling. What could possibly make her think that he would enjoy fake wrestling?

Unfortunately for him, he could only refuse Amora for so long. Somehow, she ended up convincing him to come along. She told him that it was actually kind of fun to watch, and that there would be a lot of hot, half-naked men. He could at least join them just for that. She also told him that she had felt the same way about wrestling before the first time she’d watched it, and if she had been able to change her mind, then he could too.

The next Monday, Loki hurried home from work and changed into something a bit more casual than the suit he had been wearing. He had a feeling that the people around him would be wearing sloppy, ugly clothes, so he definitely didn’t feel like he had to dress to impress anyone. Besides, it didn’t matter what he wore, he would still look better than them.

He met up with Amora and Lorelei outside, and together the three of them made their way into the arena. As soon as he began to look around, Loki realized that he was not meant to be there. The place was filled with guys who looked absolutely nothing like him. Most of them looked like they didn’t give a damn about their appearance, and many of them were wearing hideous t-shirts with ugly prints on them. He saw the same shirts several times, and he was beginning to realize that the shirts probably represented their favorite wrestlers. That made sense. Still, Loki had to scrunch his nose as he passed most of them. There were so many bright colors. Pink, blue, red, and even orange. What was wrong with a simple black shirt?

Once they had finally found their seats, Loki realized that they were sitting pretty close to the ring. Very close to the ring, in fact, compared to a lot of other people. He looked around and saw that some people were sitting very high up. What was the point? They couldn’t possibly be seeing anything from up there, could they? If Loki absolutely had to be here, then he wanted to at least be able to tell what was going on. Amora made him sit down next to her, and he brushed his fingers against his own knees as he looked at the many different signs people were holding up. It was difficult for him to read any of them, but he saw someone sitting close to him with a sign that said ‘I came to see the Black Widow’. Loki wasn’t sure who or what that was, and he shook his head as he turned his eyes away. This was bound to be stupid, wasn’t it? If there was a wrestler called Black Widow, then he was scared to find out what the rest of them called themselves.

He did see a lot of American flags, and he wondered if all of them simply happened to be overly patriotic, or if there was someone in the show who had some kind of American theme. He turned to Amora to ask her about it, and she nodded her head and told her they were probably cheering for Captain America. Loki immediately raised his brows at her.

“There is a wrestler named Captain America?”

She nodded her head, and Loki stared at her.

“That’s it,” he said, and pushed himself up. “I’m leaving.” But he didn’t have time to go anywhere before she grabbed his arm and made him sit back down again.

“Calm down, Loki,” she told him. “At least give it a chance. Besides, Captain America is totally your type. He’s blond, and he’s big.”

Loki couldn’t deny that she was right about that. Blond and big was definitely his type, and he supposed that he could stay a little while longer, just to find out if this guy was any good.

There was a tedious amount of waiting around, but then it was finally time for the show to start. Everyone seemed to be getting more excited, and Loki glanced over at Amora right before one of the commentators spoke up, welcoming everyone to Monday Night Raw. Loki had about a second to wonder why it was even called that before some loud music started, and the people around him started screaming. All of them were standing up, and Amora pulled on his arm to make him get up as well.

“That’s him!” she said loudly into his ear as the people with signs held them up, all desperate to get on camera. “That’s Cap!”

Out on stage came a blond man, just like Amora had promised him. His shorts had the American flag on them, which instantly made Loki roll his eyes and wonder how he was supposed to find him attractive when he was wearing that. He had paired the shorts with blue boots and kneepads, and Loki shook his head at Amora because she had really missed the mark with this one. Sure, he looked pretty good, but those shorts just completely cancelled out the rest of him. As he stepped into the ring, the crowd began to chant “USA! USA!” and Loki wondered why had decided to come. He wasn’t exactly ashamed of being American, but this was just ridiculous, and he judged every single person around him.

Captain America stepped into the ring and started talking about things that Loki didn’t care about. As far as he understood, someone had done something bad, and this Cap person was angry about it. He wanted justice, and he wanted it now. And then another song hit, and another wrestler came out. Were they finally about to start fighting? Not that Loki was excited about that either, but at least he wouldn’t have to listen to them. As soon as the match began, the two wrestlers started throwing each other around. The crowd seemed incredibly excited about almost every single move they made. Loki had to admit, some of the moves looked quite complicated, but he still didn’t understand what was so great about all of this. Maybe he could watch one match, but any more than that? No, he didn’t get it.

As the show went on, Loki decided that at least some of the wrestlers looked pretty good. He was sure they were still stupid as fuck, because why would anyone sign up for something like this if they weren’t an absolute idiot, but at least they were nice to look at. They also tended to be shirtless quite a bit, which he considered a plus. But that was about the only thing he liked. He didn’t pay much attention to the interviews, or the commentators. He glanced at his watch, and wondered how many more matches he would have to sit through. There had already been four. Surely, they couldn’t have many more than that? He was interrupted when another song hit, and this time a woman came out on stage. She had curly red hair, and the words on the monitor behind her informed Loki that this was the Black Widow the guy a couple of seats away from him had apparently been waiting for.

It seemed like it was time for two women to fight now, or ‘Divas’, as the ring announcer called them. Loki wondered why none of the men were called a diva. Some of them had certainly looked like that label would fit them perfectly.

The women definitely seemed to know some pretty complicated moves, and even though Loki didn’t swing that way he could still admit that they looked really good. He didn’t get to admire them for long, though, before the match was suddenly over after Black Widow had done some intricate move to get her opponent to tap. Loki blinked, and glanced down at his watch. How many minutes had that been? A lot of the other matches felt like they had dragged on forever, but this one could not have been more than five minutes. He almost wanted to ask Amora why that was, but he assumed it had something to do with them being women. Maybe they didn’t have the strength to go on any longer?

After that match, and after both women had left the ring, there was a bit of a break. The commentators were talking about some kind of event that was coming up while some generic music was playing, and Loki decided he didn’t need to listen to that, which was why he reached for his phone. Before he had time to pull it out, Amora leaned closer and asked him if he was enjoying the show so far. Loki gave her an unimpressed look, his lips pressed tightly together and his eyebrows raised.

“Not exactly,” he informed her. “Is this all they do? Just pretend to fight each other? It’s stupid. I don’t even understand why-“

But he didn’t get to finish his complaint before he was interrupted by an incredibly loud crack of thunder, and suddenly everyone around him was screaming louder than they had the entire show. Loki looked around as they all stood up, still shouting uncontrollably as the entire arena went dark. There were several quick flashes of light, and then the music started up. It was an instrumental track this time. It sounded epic, and… almost powerful. He could feel the drums and the beat vibrating in his chest. He couldn’t really focus on that, though. No, what he focused on was the man who had just come out, standing there on the stage. He had long, blond hair, and was hiding his body underneath a red cape. As soon as he threw that off, people cheered even louder, and Loki understood why. The man was tanned, had arms about the size of Loki’s head, and was wearing some kind of dark blue leathery outfit which covered almost his entire body except for those arms.  

‘Thor’ was the name being shown behind him, and Loki stood up, watching with slightly wider than usual eyes as Thor slowly began to make his way down the ramp. The people close to the ramp were all reaching out for him, probably hoping that he would high-five them, but Thor did no such thing. He kept his arms by his sides as he strutted past them, the music still booming throughout the arena as he moved up the steps and into the ring. He took a quick look around at the crowd before he hurried forward and climbed the ropes, stretching one of his muscular arms above his head as the audience screamed for him. Loki followed his every move, tilting his head to the side as he wondered where they had been hiding this guy. He clearly should have been involved in every fucking match.

The guys on commentary, whom Loki had barely been listening to before this point, were saying something about Thor finally being back, and Loki turned confused eyes to Amora.

“What does that mean?” he asked, and looked over at Thor, watching as he jumped back down onto the mat.

“Why are they saying he’s back?”

Amora shrugged without giving him as much of a glance. “He’s been gone for a couple of months. There was some kind of injury involved. He hurt his arm. But he’s back now, and let me be the first to say that he’s looking better than ever.”

Loki silently agreed with her, even though he had no idea what Thor had looked like before. He certainly didn’t look like an injured man now, though, and he assumed that Thor was in good shape. He had to be, right? With those fucking muscles.

Since he had been so busy focusing on Thor, he hadn’t noticed that another wrestler had made his way into the ring. He only noticed it when Thor turned to look at him, a small smirk on his lips as he gazed at his opponent. He was about a head shorter than Thor, and Loki figured that he was about to get his ass kicked. There was no way Thor would lose to this guy, right? Scripted or not, that just wasn’t believable.

Loki’s body was thrumming as he watched the two of them, and Amora actually had to tug on his wrist to make him sit back down again. He glanced over at the big monitors, and finally caught a good look at Thor’s face. His eyes looked incredibly blue, even from a distance, and he was half convinced that they must have done something to them. Thor must have been wearing contacts or something. Maybe that was part of his character? Thor was still watching his opponent with an intense look on his face, and Loki could have sworn he heard someone shouting ‘Thor will kill you!’ and then clapping his hands together five times after that.

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall,” the ring announcer began, looking between the two wrestlers. She went on to announce their weights and where they were from, but Loki wasn’t paying attention to anything but Thor. He wasn’t even paying attention to what the audience was screaming. The only thing he cared about was that Thor looked like an animal. A big, bloodthirsty animal who was just waiting to attack its prey. He was even pacing back and forth on his side of the ring, never taking his eyes off the other wrestler.

Loki was only snapped out of his thoughts when the bell rang, and he immediately straightened up a bit so that he would be able to see better. As soon as they were allowed to start moving, the two wrestlers began to circle each other, and the smaller one seemed to do everything he could to jump out of Thor’s way. That only lasted a couple of seconds before Thor managed to grab onto him and hold him in some sort of headlock. They were standing pretty still for a moment, and then Thor pushed him away, only to pull him back so that he could lift him up and throw him over his shoulder. It looked like a pretty hard fall, and the other guy remained on the mat for a couple of seconds, but as Thor walked closer, he somehow managed to get his legs up and kick him away. Thor backed off, resting against the ropes and taking another moment to glance around as the crowd continued to cheer.

The other man stumbled over to the ropes, holding on to them as he attempted to presumably get his strength back. Thor rushed forward and used his arm to push him over to the ropes, and Loki raised his eyebrows as he quickly followed him out of the ring. He stalked over to him and quickly grabbed him by the waist, easily lifting him up and throwing him against the barricade this time.

The rest of the match was much the same. Thor was dominating pretty much the entire thing. The other guy never even stood a chance. Sure, he managed to get some kicks in, but Thor quickly bounced back again, and only seemed to get more dangerous the more frustrated he got.

Loki thought it was absolutely fascinating to watch him. Even though he was big, clearly a lot bigger than the other guy, he was still relatively fast. He had noticed from watching some of the other big guys that they tended to be a little slower, but Thor had no trouble keeping up with his opponent, who - whenever he wasn’t getting beaten up by Thor - was trying his best to stay in the air as much as possible. He jumped from the ropes several times, but it didn’t seem to do him much good. At some point he threw himself at Thor, who managed to catch him midair, and he held on to him as the crowd screamed once more. There was another smirk on his face before he threw the guy over his shoulder. He wiped his forehead with the back of his hand, and Loki found himself wishing that Thor had been wearing a little less. Surely this whole thing would have looked even better if he had been shirtless?

Thor stepped back and waited for the guy to get up again, and there was an excited murmur going through the crowd, as if they knew exactly what was about to happen. Once the guy had stumbled back onto his feet, Thor simply waited for him to turn around before he moved forward and lifted him back up again. Immediately, a lot of people were on their feet, and Loki glanced around him as he wondered what they were waiting for this time. But then he realized, because a moment later Thor had thrown the guy down once again. It had happened so fast that Loki had almost missed it, and he cursed himself for not paying attention. Even more people stood up as Thor went for the cover, holding the guy’s shoulders down as he waited for the referee to count by hitting the mat. One, two, three, and it was over. The bell rang again, and Thor immediately pushed himself up, a big smile on his face as he raised his fist into the air. It was almost a bit strange to suddenly see him looking so excited, and Loki slowly tilted his head to the side, unable to stop himself from licking his lips when Thor ran his fingers through his wet hair to push it out of his face.

“Here is your winner… Thor!” the ring announcer called out, and the crowd cheered loudly as Thor’s music started up. Thor climbed back onto the ropes and posed once again as he smiled at the crowd, and Loki glanced over at the monitors just to get a better look at him. Thor stood there for a long moment before he jumped back down and stepped closer to the announce table, holding his hand out as if he expected them to give him something.

Loki frowned lightly, wondering if he was looking for some sort of reward, and quickly decided that he would be more than willing to give it to him. A second later, he noticed that Thor was handed a microphone, and he realized that he was about to hear Thor speak. For some reason, he found that he was incredibly excited about that. Going by the groans and grunts Thor had made while he’d been wrestling, he was sure he was going to love his voice.

Thor stepped back into the middle of the ring again, which was now empty since his opponent had chosen to roll out of it. He held the microphone up, and the crowd cheered, eagerly waiting to hear whatever he was about to say. Thor waited a long moment before he spoke, either to create some tension or to tease the lot of them because he must have known they were all on the edge of their seats.

“I’m back,” he finally said, and the audience cheered again, a lot of them chanting his name, but Loki was barely able to concentrate on any of that. No, all he could focus on was how deep Thor’s voice had been. It had been deep, and rough, and he had also sounded a little out of breath. As he sat there, Loki couldn’t help but wonder what that deep voice would sound like whispered into his ear.

Thor moved out of the ring as some other song began to play, and the commentators began to speak once more about how exciting it was that Thor was back, and what an incredible match it had been. This time, Loki noticed that Thor made sure to high-five a couple of people on his way out, mostly focusing on the kids, and he shook his head as he watched him leave.

“Are you okay, Loki?” Amora asked, and Loki slowly turned his eyes away from the stage.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“You’re looking a little flushed.” She gave him a knowing smile, and Loki looked away.  

“It’s just a little hot in here,” he muttered and rubbed his hand against his throat.

“Sure it is,” she said, and he threw a quick glare at her.


So that was the first time he saw Thor. But it was far from the last time. As soon as he got back home that night, he grabbed his laptop and put it on his desk. Once he had made himself a cup of tea, he sat down and did a quick search for ‘Thor WWE’. Of course, he got a lot of different results. First, he visited Wikipedia, where he found out how old he was, and that Thor was actually his real name. Apparently he’d used other names while wrestling in the past, which didn’t make any sense to Loki because if you had a name like Thor, why not use it? Good thing he had come to his senses.

He also found out that Thor had been born in Sweden, which Loki supposed explained the blond hair and the blue eyes. He had moved to America with his parents at the age of five. He was an only child, and his parents had not been particularly happy about him deciding to become a wrestler. Still, he’d started out training with friends in school before he’d moved on to independent wrestling, slowly but surely making a name for himself. And now he’d been with the WWE for three years. He was one of the most popular wrestlers they had, and was on his way to possibly becoming the face of the company, despite the fact that he’d only held one championship.  

As much as Loki thought it was interesting to know more about Thor, that really wasn’t what he was looking for at the moment, and he quickly left Wikipedia for Youtube. He searched for the same thing, and licked his lips as he scrolled through the results. There were so many things to choose from. There were entire matches, which tended to last at least ten minutes, and also shorter videos like promos, interviews, or things that happened backstage. He even found a top five list of Thor’s most badass moment, and Loki couldn’t help himself. He just had to click that one. He leaned closer to his laptop as he watched, his cup of tea forgotten as Thor threw someone through a table, jumped from a ladder and landed on a bunch of other wrestlers, and fought someone on top of a big steel cage. He even had a moment where he wasn’t even wrestling. It looked like something happening backstage. Loki didn’t really understand what was going on, but it looked like two other wrestlers were arguing, only for Thor to show up and basically stare at them until they were both so damn scared they had to leave. Well, he certainly looked very powerful. Loki couldn’t blame them from leaving, even if he didn’t think that he would have left. He probably would have just dared Thor to come closer. He could throw him through a table any day.

Loki finally took a big sip of his tea, and decided that he wanted to see Thor in action again. He picked a random match that wasn’t too long, and crossed his arms over his chest as he watched it. He honestly didn’t give a fuck about anything else that was going on, and he definitely wasn’t paying attention to anything the commentators were saying. The only thing he cared about was Thor. The almost animalistic look on his face at times, along with the grunts he was making… Loki wondered if this could be considered porn. Either way, it was making him want to touch himself. But he didn’t want to seem like some horny teenager. Not that anyone would know, but Loki had a feeling that he would be judging himself if he touched himself while looking at some videos of a stupid wrestler.

Finally, he found a video that apparently showed Thor getting hurt. He could remember what Amora had mentioned, that he had been gone for a couple of months, and he wondered if this was the moment where his accident had happened. Since he figured that he couldn’t possibly find this kind of thing to be hot, he clicked on the video.

Oh, how wrong he had been.

In the video, Thor was fighting some wrestler that actually looked bigger than him. Not necessarily more muscly, just bigger. The two of them were really going at it. There were chairs involved, and tables as well, and they seemed to have no problem using those things to hurt each other. At some point, Thor was thrown against a ladder by the other wrestler, and you could clearly see his arm bending the wrong way. Loki grimaced, and assumed that would be enough to stop the match, but it kept going. In fact, it kept going for another three minutes. Thor didn’t even seem to notice that he’d hurt his arm. He was clearly trying to use it a little less as he moved the other guy around, but other than that? Other than that, he barely showed any signs of pain, not until the other guy had finally managed to hold him down long enough for the referee to count to three. So Thor’s last match had been a loss for him. No wonder he’d looked so happy to be back earlier. He was probably in the mood for revenge. Loki assumed as much, at least. He didn’t really know how these things worked. Did they have aborted storylines just like on TV? Or would Thor pick up from where he’d left off?

Loki quickly decided that he didn’t care. Or that he shouldn’t care. Why was he getting so worked up over this? It was just a wrestler. Sure, he was hot, and blond, and very big, but that didn’t mean anything. It was still stupid. The whole thing was stupid.

He glanced down at his watch and realized he should have been in bed hours ago. His tea had gone cold, and he put his laptop away again before he headed into the kitchen to pour it out. This was it. No more Thor. He was not going to let himself get dragged into this, no matter what Amora told him. Wrestling really wasn’t for him. It seemed stupid, and ridiculous, and there was no reason for him to keep thinking about it. And by it, he meant Thor. He could always find hot guys somewhere else.

While heading into his bedroom, Loki did his absolute best not to think about Thor. He did not think about his smile, or his voice, or those damn arms. He did not think about what it would have been like to be pinned down by Thor. He did not wonder what Thor looked like underneath that costume. He especially did not wonder if the rest of him was as big as his arms, or what Thor would look like naked. Or what he would look like naked after a match, his whole body covered in a sheen of sweat, that animalistic look still evident in his eyes as he...

When Loki finally couldn’t stand it anymore, he muttered a quiet curse as he wrapped a trembling hand around his erection. As he started stroking himself, he decided that the next time he saw Amora, he was definitely going to yell at her. Or thank her.