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The Weapon

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‘Love can live embedded inside even the coldest of hearts… And letting that feeling out, even for a spell, can be good for the soul.’


The horrors of war, will grow stone cold even the most loving of hearts.

The bloodshed, friends and loved ones lost, the enemy always one step ahead, or so it seems when desperation takes over in the heat of the battle. Nothing else remaining in the solemn soldier’s head, except that feeling, of hate.

The same old tune being played each passing day. 

Never really knowing whether your own number will be on display. That very moment, when death is entering the game and dying is inevitable, no matter how much and how hard the soldier have been taught to slay.

But then once again, as if by some divine miracle, the soldier manages to survive, because being among the selected few. Manufactured simply to be, the ultimate weapon. The very best killing machine, who cannot possibly die. Well, at least not during this fight.

And so, the soldier will go on. 

Staying as broken as before but none the less, still quite strong. 

The perfect soldier for the war. The weapon, the opponent did not anticipate to go against. And so, the ego and boldness for them becoming their undoing, as the super human weapon, keeps pressing on.