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Sayuri gave him a sad smile when she saw his stunned face. She shifted the clipboard in her hands awkwardly as she repeated herself.

"I'm sorry Hyakuya, but Kimizuki won't be staying with you this week."

"That doesn't make sense," Yuichiro insisted, struggling to mute the anxiety he knew he was radiating. He didn't need a repeat of the sedative shots he'd received during his first heat.

"Shiho was assigned to me last year. No one else in my year has had their alpha switched so quickly."

A flicker of sympathy flashed across the beta's face for a short moment, which only served to confuse Yuichiro further.

His gut feeling was right, then. This wasn't something good.

"You're a special case, Hyakuya," Sayuri said firmly, meeting his eyes.

Yuichiro returned her gaze, but with great difficulty. The calm, authoritative quality in her demeanor was hard to ignore, especially on the days before his heat cycle. Nevertheless, he refused to accept such a change without a suitable explanation.

While cocky and stubborn during the interludes, Shiho Kimizuki was a suitable mating partner, as far as Yuichiro could tell. He'd never been with another alpha before, but Shiho would take him carefully and diligently, making sure that he was comfortable at all times and that no seed was wasted while they knotted.

When Yuichiro panicked during their first heat, Shiho had soothed him and waited until the sedatives had kicked in before touching him.

To switch an alpha could be a traumatic experience if done suddenly. Four days before his heat was sudden enough in Yuichiro's book.

"The Board decided to reassign you to a more experienced alpha. Currently, that is all you need to know."


"That is all," Sayuri cut him off.

Yuichiro remained silent, but the dirty look he shot the beta spoke volumes. Sayuri just laughed.

"Don't worry," she softened, attuned to the frustration he was feeling. "I'm sure everything will turn out for the best."

Sayuri turned to leave his room before pausing at the door to add, "don't forget- a stressed omega is an infertile omega. Treat yourself to something before your heat starts."

"Don’t give me a reason to stress out, then," Yuichiro muttered under his breath, but the beta moderator had already left the room. He fell back onto his bed with a deep sigh.

Ice cream sounded good.




The first thing Yuichiro noticed when the alpha walked into the meeting room was his uniform. Pure white with black and gold decorations, all expertly sewn together and draped over a defined form. The alpha's scent reminded him of the salty caramel chocolate bar Yoichi once let him have a bite of.

Just like any other alpha, this one carried the unmistakable undertone of blood.

"You're a commander," Yuichiro stated as the alpha sat down. Blue eyes blinked back at him in surprise.

"I see you can read the ranks on my shoulder," the alpha remarked, tilting his head. "How unusual. I've never met an omega who took interest in the military."

Yuichiro sat back in his chair and watched the alpha carefully.

It was true that Yoichi never displayed interest when Yuichiro tried to engage his friend in a conversation about the military, but Yuichiro had always held a fascination for the world of uniforms and guns. The beta in his daycare had been an army medic in the Great War before he was injured and had been happy to tell stories of his exploits in the battlefield to whoever would listen.

Yuichiro listened.

He knew his interest was unusual for an omega, but he couldn't help himself.

Yuichiro couldn't tell if this alpha was pleased or not. All he did was look at him with those angelic blue eyes. If he hadn't taken a suppressant pill before this meeting, Yuichiro was pretty sure that those eyes would have had quite the effect on him.

The alpha leaned forward in his chair and grasped Yuichiro's hand, bringing it to his lips in a chaste kiss. The beta moderator cleared his throat from the other side of the room, but the alpha refused to let go.

"My name is Mikaela Shindo," he introduced himself softly, murmuring the words over the back of the omega's hand. "It's an honor to meet you, Yuichiro. I look forward to sampling your blood."

At a loss for words, Yuichiro yanked his hand back, face flushed. Shiho had never spoken to him like that. He felt his heartbeat quicken at the smirk that appeared on the alpha's face.

"That's enough," the beta stood up and walked to the door, gesturing for the alpha to leave. "There'll be enough time for that tomorrow."

"Until then," the alpha stood up and bowed his head at Yuichiro before leaving the room, not before sending him another piercing gaze as he rose.

Yuichiro's legs felt weak as he left the room a few minutes later. He was pretty sure it had nothing to do with his upcoming heat.




His mating quarters were more extravagant than Yuichiro remembered them being.

He'd been locked in the quarters with Shiho three times since his heat cycle had begun at the age of seventeen. The rooms hadn't changed much before during the three month intervals in-between his heats, but the rooms were barely recognizable when he walked into them now.

While the layout was the same, it appeared that all of the furniture had been replaced.

The canopy bed was larger, the floor was carpeted and after a thorough inspection, Yuichiro discovered that all of the cupboards in the kitchenette were full of a variety of quality sweets. He was used to bags of chips and cereal boxes. Even the bathtub was more spacious than before- and was that marble?

Feeling a bit overwhelmed, Yuichiro walked over to the counter and poured himself a cup of water. His throat always felt dry after taking that pill the moderator would give him before being locked away. They said it suppressed the animalistic tendency of marking your partner during your heat and binding them to you, but Yuichiro wasn't absolutely sure why it was something to suppress.

Not being allowed into the rooms without taking the pill stopped Yuichiro from voicing his doubts. By the time he'd take the pill, all he could focus on was his body's need for an alpha's touch.

The door opened in the background and closed, followed by the distinctive sound of the system locking it from the outside.

Nobody was allowed to walk in on a mating couple, and the couple wasn't allowed to leave until their heat cycle was over. All in the name of undisturbed procreation, of course.

The alpha's scent proceeded him, wafting through the quarters and making Yuichiro's mouth water. He set down his glass in the sink, but before he could turn around and approach the other man, a pair of arms circled his waist and pulled him against the alpha's chest.

"Did you find the special sweets I ordered? I made sure they're your favorite," Mikaela breathed against his ear, tracing it gently with his tongue. Yuichiro gasped.

The alpha chuckled throatily.

"Like that, don't you? There's more from where that came from," he promised, scenting him with a deep inhale. "You smell absolutely delectable."

Yuichiro exhaled shakily and turned around in Mikaela's embrace, meeting his eyes with a shy smile.

"You ordered the sweets especially for me?"

Now that he thought about it, it made sense that his new alpha would have more money than his previous one. Mikaela was a commander, which could hardly be compared to Shiho's lower rank as an officer.

Still, having extra cash didn't mean that it had to be spent on an omega. Yuichiro would have to submit to him regardless of fancy gifts. 

Blue eyes met his once more, sending a shock of heat through his body.

"Yes, I did. The happier you are, the sweeter you will taste."

Yuichiro nodded.

He was still excited to have a large selection of sweets at his disposal, but he'd been stupid to hope for even a moment that they'd been given to him for purely unselfish reasons.

Nobody did anything without a reason, after all, and this breathtaking alpha was no exception.

Sensing the flicker of disappointment, Mikaela brushed his gloved hand against Yuichiro's cheek and looked down at him tenderly.

"I plan on making you enjoy this as much as I will," he swore, pressing a kiss to his temple. "By the time I'm done with you, you'll forget that there was ever a time in which I wasn't a presence in your life."

The last remark made Yuichiro take a step back out of the alpha's embrace.

"You don't mind that I mated with another?" he asked, regarding the other man cautiously. 

If there was one word to describe an alpha, it was pride. For a commander of such high ranking as Mikaela, it was unthinkable that he'd agree to be assigned to a previously mated omega.

Mikaela frowned.

"I wouldn't be here if I did, would I?" he countered, stepping forward and looming over the omega. "Are you questioning my judgement?"

Yuichiro could feel his heart beating quickly in his chest. His body called out to him to apologize, to do everything in his power to eliminate the danger of a displeased alpha.

Despite his natural instincts, Yuichiro refused to cower into a corner and submit to someone he didn't trust. Who tried to intimidate him so.

All he'd done was try to make sure that the alpha truly wanted him despite his history- was that something to be punished for?

"Maybe I am," he snapped back, folding his arms across his chest and trying to look more assertive than he felt. "What are you gonna do 'bout it?"

The alpha looked at him blankly for what felt like eternity. Yuichiro was starting to lose his nerve when he was lifted off of his feet and carried over Mikaela's shoulder into the main room. He cried out in indignation as he was dropped down on the bed, only to be trapped beneath the alpha's strong form as he climbed above him.

"You're a feisty little omega. I like that," the alpha smirked, baring his fangs.

"I'm going to enjoy pleasuring you to submission."

Mikaela lowered his mouth to Yuichiro's shoulder, peppering the milky expanse with small nips and kisses as far as the fabric allowed. Yuichiro sighed and tilted his head to the side, exposing his neck to the alpha.

He could try to pose a challenge to Mikaela during their coupling if he was in the state of mind to do so, but it was dangerous to interfere with an alpha's feeding.

Besides- he owed this to the alpha. Mikaela was entitled to his blood.

All omega and beta children quaked in fear at the stories of the time before the Board.

There'd been a time when the alphas dominated the land, when chaos ruled and blood was easily shed. The alphas didn't take pills to control their base needs and nothing could be accomplished while all they did was rut, feed and fight.

Thankfully, the betas led a revolt and took control after years of struggling against the small, but strong alpha minority. They invented the pills to curb the animalistic tendencies in both the alphas and omegas, and regulated their heats in an orderly fashion.

The alphas for the past fifty year had been sent to the military to monitor the violence in their nature. As compensation for guarding the rest of society, they were provided with omegas to mate and feed off of under supervision.

The Board made sure that everyone got what they needed to survive- nothing more, nothing less. Efficiency was the key.

Yuichiro shuddered to think what his fate might've been had he lived back then. His life expectancy wouldn't have been very long.

He snapped into focus as he heard Mikaela growl. He looked up in time to see the alpha's blue eyes turn red before leaning down and piercing his skin with his fangs.

Yuichiro's eyes glazed over, swearing under his breath as he wrapped his arms and legs around the alpha's form, bringing them closer. His body heated up at once.


He'd missed this feeling of being completely overtaken. The pheromones in the air coupled with the lightheadedness he was beginning to feel was intoxicating. Heat coursed through his veins and he keened, bucking his hips up against the alpha's groin.

Mikaela pulled out of his neck slowly, licking over the puncture wounds with his tongue. When his eyes found Yuichiro's, they were blue once more. Only now they were hazed with lust.

"You taste just as good as you look," he said a little breathlessly, grinding his hips down against Yuichiro's and drawing out a loud moan. "Allow me to show you my appreciation."

Mikaela's touch felt nothing like Kimizuki's.