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A/B/O: Adventures in Fake Science.

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A Friendly Greeting

Hello. I see you are interested in unifying a/b/o worlds with logic. Well, I can not promise that everything herein will be utterly logical, this is a/b/o we're talking about, but I do promise that at least the process for which I arrive at conclusions will be logical. Mostly. But a good many of the behaviours, concepts, and cultural views that a/b/o tropes create can actually be explained beyond 'for porn!'. Surprising, I know.

Clearly I will be biased upon fics I've read, fics I've read the descriptions for, fics I've heard about, and fics I've wrote. But I will make best efforts to make the information within this work as generic as possible. While I have laid out in detail various things I think make the most sense I've also taken the time to present some other options as well. Of course, you can disregard everything within this work (half the fun of shared world building is giving it your own spin), but you can also flagrantly borrow from this work as well. If you like a concept or idea I fully encourage you to use it. 



Once upon a time I saw the a/b/o tag and was like " the hell is there a tag for stories about blood types?" And then I clicked on it. " not blood types." After that I was sort of 'eah' about a/b/o verses and then one day I was drinking and through a discussion on tumblr somehow (alcohol) ended up writing an a/b/o fic which started off purely as a joke and then it evolved into a story where people don't really have all that much sex (and when they do it's scary or horrible or embarrassing) which is like the anti-thesis of a/b/o fics but it made me start thinking about a/b/o verses.

So I thought about a/b/o verses and I read a bunch of a/b/o fics and started developing Opinions.

And that is what this fics is: My opinion on how a/b/o works and how it could have gotten to be the way it is (you know, besides we wrote it that way). If you decide that your opinion on how a/b/o works does not align with my opinion on how a/b/o works that's cool. This is a weird shared AU and I'm not the a/b/o AU police.


Data Collection

This work was put together by extrapolating upon tropes common in a/b/o worlds and mentions of background characters. The background characters are important because almost all fics have an alpha/omega couple as the protagonists. All those brief mentions of so and so getting married, having kids, etc actually help us to figure out what is going on not only socially in the story but also genetically and culturally.

Another thing to keep in consideration, this work was written with verses in mind that break down population to mostly betas, some alphas, and few omegas. There are other versions of a/b/o worlds (mostly alphas or sterile betas, are a few of the other versions I've seen frequently) and I will do what I can to try to bash those over the head with science too but they will mostly be covered in a few appendixes at the end.


The Contents

What will this work contain? There will be a breakdown on sex determination, I go over my preferred method in detail but in later chapters I cover some other options. There will be an explanation as to how X/Y and A/B/O sex determination actually work together instead of being decided separately. Don't forget the wild conjecture about alpha, beta, and omega anatomy and the guesswork about a/b/o evolutionary history.

Interspersed throughout you will find the occasional opinion and pitch for things I think you should totally do because they would make a/b/o a better AU. Mostly this will probably be write more female alphas with dicks but hey, who knows, sometimes I meander.


The First of Many Wild Assumptions

I'm assuming that if you've clicked on this that you are familiar with the concept of a/b/o and tropes commonly found in a/b/o fics.

If your are not familiar with any of that you are probably in for a wild and confusing ride.