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Shichi's Tales of Sex and Doom (and Fluff and Randomness)

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Kagome was in no mood to talk to Eri right now, and not about this.

"So you didn't want Hojo, who was entirely in love with you and you had to run off with Mr. Possessive, who finally did prove himself to you and then you dump him and come and live with this guy, who's nobody we know and how can we even figure out whether he isn't some sort of really weird scoundrel who is only waiting to do something absolutely horrible to you while you're asleep and kill you for no reason or something like that and then you just go off and not date him, no, move in with him directly and he's your boss, too, and job relationships never work!!!"

"So your basic problem is that I'm dating a co-worker?"


Kagome half-listened to the rant getting longer, explaining Kagome's stupidity from a series of points of view which the offender would probably have found interesting had she not found her sudoku game much more so at just that moment.

"I'm not dating him," she said at last. "We just live together."

Eri paused in utter shock, then went into a new rant. It was impossible for them to just be friends! What would people say? Was he gay? Was she gay? Did Kagome realize that this ruined all her chances to have a relationship with any guy? What was she thinking?!

Kagome moved on to a new sudoku, then, when she finished that one, too, explained to Eri that things were ok just now. She was happy. She had a nice house, a nice house-mate, a good job, a great male friend, three great female friends and she was just... happy. When she'd need something else, she'd move out.

"But it's getting late!" Eri cried in despair. "Soon you'll be a... a... Christmas Cake!" And who, oh, who, would want an old girl, eh?... Kagome didn't bother to say that she didn't plan on getting married before 25, peer pressure be damned. She was just fine, but to say so would be to pour oil on fire.

Later, when she left, Shippo dropped by her room and said he'd heard the two of them screaming their heads off from his own room. She gave him a small smile and said she was fine. Then he asked if she'd meant what she said about staying single for awhile, just for the heck of it. Kagome laughed and nodded, made a joke about how he'd still be stuck with her for awhile and how he should be grateful she wasn't bringing home all sorts of strange young men that her friends wanted to hook her up with. When he left, rather abruptly, too, she went back to her sudoku game and wondered why that had felt like a lie.