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Shichi's Tales of Sex and Doom (and Fluff and Randomness)

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They'd been living together for awhile now. It seemed sensible to start doing it, considering that they had to meet up at all hours on random days to discuss things and neither could ever predict precisely what they'd need before leaving home. After a fortune spent on phones and taxis, a nice four-roomed apartment seemed like the cheaper choice.

Right now, Shippo was starting to wonder whether it was also the wise choice.

Kagome had caught a nasty cold after a long, wet walk home through heavy rain, and that had complicated things. She was in their work room in a cocoon of blankets, her nose running, her eyes drooping, her hair in a mess and the mug of tea that Shippo had made for her untouched. She was browsing the internet for something or other.

"Won't you please, please drink it?" he begged. "It's got lemons and honey and all my well wishes."

"Don't wanna. I want ginger. Ginger drinks. Ginger. Tea doesn't help."

Snappy, annoyed, wanting to have her way and her way only - Shippo wondered whether she was having her period, too. Then he removed that thought from his mind since he really, really didn't want to think it. Maybe she was having pregnancy symptoms without the pregnancy, because she'd kept him at bringing her stuff all morning. But that wasn't a thought he wanted to think, either. "I'll go get ginger, then," he said obligingly. He could handle this. He'd just wait it out.

He made the hot ginger drink and placed it on a small platter for her, wondering if she'd notice. When he went back into the room, she was still clicking away with abandon - but, he noticed, the tea was half-gone. He smiled to himself and placed the new mug next to the old one and made a half-bow. "Kagome-dono is served."

He then turned to leave, but her hand darted and caught his sleeve. "I don't want ginger," she said. "Too spicy. I want rice porridge. Poooorridge."

He blinked at her. Well, if it was porridge she wanted, porridge he'd make. He bowed again and turned to leave, but her hand darted out again and caught his.

"I don't want porridge. Porridge doesn't help." He stifled a sigh. Well, that was fast. "I want to say thanks. So thank you." And she smiled at him mischievously.

"Did you just send me on all these errands to see how much I could take?!"

"Yeah. Well, no. I really did want that stuff. But I wanted to see how you'd react, too." She pulled at his hand and it took him a second to realize she wanted him to bow to her level. He did, bringing their faces close. She kissed him on the cheek. "I mean it. Thank you so much. I was never pampered so much."

He straightened himself and beamed. "Are you sure you don't want that porridge?" he asked.