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Spies like Us

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‘There is just something to be said about spies! What it is? Well, that is classified, naturally! Because, you know, secret undercover spying mission and all that!’


“Our mission, is to get to the station, meet up with our contact, assess what they have is valid, buy the intel and get out. Simple, as that!”

Rex was explaining the mission at hand.


Rex was in the middle of the meeting for his senior staff. 

Or what he considered that, with the select group of people currently occupying the space to represent the mission details. The senior staff combined mostly of trusted clones and two nat-borns having become a part of the cause.

There was no one on the base Rex did not trust. But, command structure was the one thing he was still adamantly holding onto even if it was a group of volunteers who had joined this fraction of the rebellion which Rex had put together and was the solid leader of.

And so, the ones present were the leads of the smaller groups. Each of them running ops around the galaxy for the rebel cause. 

There had been no objections, for the most part anyway, to have this kind of setup in place. After all, it was mostly clones on the base and so, it was nothing unusual for them. The nat-borns having fallen to the same structure rather easily too.

Naturally, the atmosphere was more relaxed. And everyone was entitled to their opinions and comments, not to mention feedback. But, the final say so was always Rex’s and his team of commanding officers.


“I am not totally sold on you two going at it alone.”

Hunter voiced his concerns, not comfortable in letting the two go out there without much in backup.

“It will be fine, Hunter. We know the contact and our backup will be on the station with us. Gregor and Crosshair will keep an eye on the surroundings.”

Echo reminded the Sergeant then.


After all, having too many of the clones appearing in one place at the same time was never good. Especially since they were still supposed to be serving the Empire. Well, most of them did even if more and more of their kin were rescued each passing day from the clutches of the imperials.

So, going in with minimal force, all of them disguised, was what they had agreed upon to avoid detection and the real cause these specific clones were working for.


“Well, I would be a lot more at ease if you took a few more of those commandos and Wrecker with you too.”

“Gregor and Crosshair will be enough. We don’t want to tip the enemy’s hand as we know they will be watching. The chatter on the holo net is, that news of this, intel, got out and the imps are searching for the ones trying to sell it.”

Rex could understand Hunter’s concern of course. But, they needed be inconspicuous. That was the risk they were willing to take to get this intel.

“Don’t worry Hunter, Cross and myself have trained for this. We’ll be there, watching every move around Rex and Echo and pull them out at the first sign of trouble.”

Gregor chuckled a little, getting a glare from Crosshair. But Gregor wasn’t wrong either. The two of them had trained and honed their skills to match each other’s and they were now on fact the perfect assault team of two.

“Well, not the first sign. But you get what I mean.”

It was as if Gregor was reading Crosshair’s mind as clearly, the snipers expression softened as soon as Gregor corrected his statement.

Clearly, the two having become close after working together for a while now, this particular mission having been in the planning for some time too.

Hunter turned to look at Crosshair, waiting for any counter argument from him.

“What he said.”

Was all Hunter got from Cross though, somewhat of a surprise for sure.

“Fine, fine! I yield to the majority’s decision!”

Hunter raised his hands in mock surrender.

There were a few chuckles from the floor as clearly, even if sounding serious, Hunter had only brought up his concerns just because. And he too, had to laugh a bit in the end.

“Good, then we are in agreement. The four of us will leave first light tomorrow morning.”

Rex had completed the recapping of their agreement to all. Not that he really needed to, as all of them there, working with him, were talented and trained people. All of them. And so, the meeting was adjourned.