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For All Eternity

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For All Eternity is based on the premise I created in my story First Night, where Isabella Swan, by legally marrying Edward Cullen, is actually married to all the Cullens by virtue of coven tradition. I would recommend reading First Night first in order to better understand the unique coven dynamic I'm trying to portray.

This project will forever be a work-in-progress; each chapter of For all Eternity will be a completed story, vignette, or snapshot focusing on one moment in time after Bella has joined the family. They will not be in any chronological order, and ratings will vary. While each of them will center around either Carlisle or Bella (or both), other characters – and sometimes other pairings – will be involved. Therefore, to clarify further: while all chapters will be from either Carlisle's or Bella's POV, there will not always be a Carlisle/Bella pairing in every chapter. If this is a touchy area for you, please feel free to back away slowly, but consider yourself appropriately warned if you proceed. That said, there will be plenty of Carlisle/Bella to go around since they are my pairing of choice!

Also, please be forewarned that since the entire coven are married to each other, I won't rule out the possibility of scenes involving (or implying) multi-partner love. All of this information will be clearly marked at the top of each chapter. I should also mention (for the sake of the easily squicked) that this coven is not exclusively heterosexual. That all said, this story is not intended to be a sex-fest; it is a story about a devoted family who care very much for each other enduring the everyday trials of life and love. My intention is to present as thorough a picture of the Cullens' lives as possible, as seen through the eyes of my two favorite characters.

For Reference

The only things I have established with certainty at the beginning of this project are that in this universe: 1. Edward & Bella's wedding took place the summer following their graduation from high school. 2. The family have moved to Fairbanks, Alaska, where most of the Cullens will be attending the university there. 3. Carlisle works at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital – ER and Trauma Surgery.

The rest, I'm sure, will fall into place as the characters speak to me.

Please enjoy!