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Come back to me?

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‘When the higher powers beckon, there is no excuse not to go.’


”I need to go to Coruscant. My cousin…Mon, who lives there, on Coruscant…well, she wants to see me.”

Vel knew it was long over due to report back. Back to their superiors. 

Because even if Cinta did not know, Mon was part of the same cause the both of them were. But it was need to know basis. And it was only by accident Vel knew of her cousin’s involvement in the same rebellion the two of them were in. 

Keeping secrets was never a good thing between lovers. Then again, Vel was under orders.

As her coming back to Ferrix, to Cinta. The reasons flimsy at best and the excuses she had offered to both Mon, but mostly Luthen had become thin at best. And now, her time was up. The cause waited for no one and well, guess, always came first.

“But you’ll be back, right?”

Cinta, albeit being the one to practically order Vel to leave the first time around, had started feeling rather comfortable having Vel around. And so, giving her up was not going to be easy.

Cinta and Vel were lying in bed still, their bodies wrapped together, limb for limb. 

It had been a luxurious few weeks, the two of them had spent on the planet. Despite the Empire’s presence and their mission to get to Cassian Andor, it had been easy breezy for the two love birds. Without nothing much more to do but to wait and observe, the time spent in each others arms was plentiful.

But, as it was, all good things always came to an end. 

And this one was no different. Even if both Vel and Cinta had been making excuses for both of them remaining on Ferrix to wait for Andor to arrive there. As they all still believed he would, as his mother was still planet side. But the two of them were slowly and surely running out of explanations as to why the both of them were needed to be on the lookout for the elusive Andor.

And so, when Mon Mothma had made the request, for seeing her cousin, Vel knew she needed to go back. To see what was going on and why she had been summoned in the first place.

“I will, I promise.”

Vel was smiling. She was after all only too happy to be with Cinta wherever they were. Having been with her girlfriend for the few weeks, just the two of them spending time together was heaven for Vel. Well, guess it was for both of them.

The rebellion, their cause, never really giving the loving couple the time to do anything but to plan, wait and fight. But the time spent on Ferrix was a Force sent. And so, giving it all up was going to be difficult at best.

“I guess you will need to see Luthen too. I am sure he wants an explanation as to why you are still here, with me.”


They both knew it was what was going to happen, once Vel was on Coruscant. The promise Vel had just made, might just end up become broken. Something neither of them could help though, if Luthen ordered Vel to go somewhere else to do something different. As with the cause, no one ever knew their next mission until it was upon.

But, they could both hope, send out small prayers out there to the universe. And take what little time they had together, as a privilege most people in their position did not have.

“I would assume so.”

Vel did not sound too happy about it. But, they had agreed to serve for the cause, both of them had and there was no going back. They were fighting the good fight after all.

There were no further words exchanged, as the two lovers kissed each other. Their love making soon becoming fervent, urgent even. As this might just be the last time they were together, in a longest while.