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30 Drabbles

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And Chell thought the labs had been chilly.

Bright sunshine had been a blessing, for more than one reason. The cool breeze, the first natural air she could ever remember, was delicious. As the sun got closer to the far off horizon, Chell didn't think much of it; she was too busy trying to drag the Weighted Companion Cube behind her and decide on a direction to head towards.

It was a few minutes after the sun set before Chell started to realize it was actually cold - and not cold in the same way the sterile stasis bay had been cold, or the same way the dead air in the rooms at the bottom of the facility had been cold. This was an active sort of cold, which Chell couldn't remember ever experiencing. It wasn't just there, it was biting.

She sat back to rest on the cube, and the chill from the surface seemed to seep through her jumpsuit into her skin. Untying the sleeves from her waist, Chell straightened out the top half of the suit and slipped her arms in, zipping it up her chest. It was constricting and uncomfortable, but provided just enough warmth to be worth it.

That didn't last long. As the sky got darker and she could see more stars appearing, the air got colder and colder. It was almost as if the air itself was clinging to her, trying to draw out what heat it could. She kept walking, the light by the stars plenty enough to see by, especially when, as far as she could tell, there was still nothing around for miles.

By the time the moon rose, Chell had decided to try to sleep for the night. There were no grassy hills or piles of fresh leaves, just bare dirt and the remains of what must have been buildings. The moon seemed to be waning, though it was still almost full, and as she looked up at it, lying in the hollow she'd dug with her frozen fingers, Chell thought to herself that, as usual, whatever was up there didn't seem to be helping much in her predicament.