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30 Drabbles

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"You need to go outside," John said over his morning coffee. His eyes scanned the newspaper and behind him, in the kitchen, his flatmate cursed as a glass beaker cracked and spilled hot liquid over part of his experiment.

Sherlock dropped a clean towel over the mess, soaking up what it could as he moved the microscope out of the way. "What's the point of 'outside'? I'm working in here." John turned his head to confirm that Sherlock was still wearing his dressing gown.

"Have you showered" he asked. "Anytime, at all this week?"



"I'm working." Avoiding John's eyes, Sherlock dumped the broken glass into the kitchen bin.

John folded the paper and set it on the end table with a sigh. "Well, I've got to get to work too," he said, standing up. "You need to shower today, Sherlock, and dressed. And experience direct sunlight."

Sherlock gestured towards the sitting room in response. "The windows are open."

Ignoring that statement, John held up his coffee mug and said "don't destroy this," before setting it in the kitchen sink. Sherlock had destroyed three mugs so far that week with his experiments, and John really didn't care for going out and buying new ones.

Sherlock said nothing, listening as John headed downstairs. He waited a few minutes after hearing the door close, then abandoned the chemical mess on the kitchen table and ambled into the sitting room. John's laptop sat on the small coffee table, and Sherlock already knew this week's password. With the flat to himself again, he had all day to catch up on his reality programme, and he knew Mrs. Hudson wouldn't give him away.