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30 Drabbles

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I believe you are incorrect, Rose had typed into the laptop. The Squiddles are in fact just a bright manifestation of a darker underlying theme. She picked up her pen again to doodle as she waited for the next response. The once brightly colored poster was now covered in darker shadings and symbols, but it wasn't done yet.

GG: what??
GG: no!!!!
GG: the squiddles are adorable!!! :D

Rose laughed, putting her pen down. Be that as it may, I am sure there is a dark message the show is trying to promote. The cute exterior layer is just a cover. Which seemed ironic, now that Rose thought about it, since she was covering the Squiddles poster in a more literal layer of dark. The black penmarks had almost washed out the purple of the foremost Squiddle, and a few Zoologically Dubious creatures that she had doodled on the bottom corners were now beginning to creep into the main image.

GG: what do you mean?
GG: the squiddles teach about teamwork and trust and love!!!
GG: youre just being cynical rose

She considered that. Perhaps she was reading too much into it; Rose knew she had a tendency to do that. Not that she'd ever admit it. Instead, she decided to try another tactic.

What about those ghost shrimp? she asked, referencing a few side characters who had shown up in a recent episode. The ghost shrimp were near-invisible, with blank, hollow eyes, and Rose didn't believe that even Jade could see them without shuddering involuntarily.

GG: ...
GG: what about them?

A sigh. Rose's poster enhancements weren't going to be complete anytime soon. Didn't they seem inherently grim? I thought their intrinsic value was obvious.

GG: they were kind of weird :\

Because they were meant to convey the theme that not all is as it seems to be. There is the primary layer of what we see, Rose continued typing, trying to think of the best example she could use, and that's the image behind the ghost shrimp. Then there are the shrimp eyes and mouths, which clue us in to something not being right, even if we can't quite see it.

She smiled at her own analogy, and went back to doodling on the poster, adding a pair of hollow ghost shrimp eyes to the bottom, along with a ghost shrimp mouth. It looked appropriately grim and dark, she thought to herself.

GG: youre definitely thinking too much into this rose
GG: ghost shrimp dont represent anything!
GG: except maybe how hard things are without friendship! ;)

Rose shook her head and sighed again. She stared at the screen, pen held in the air, before finally smiling. There was just no way to get to some people. I'm glad we're friends, Jade. You're wonderful to talk to.

GG: :D