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30 Drabbles

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“It’s just one night,” Hannah pouted, crossing her arms as she leaned up against the railing.

“Are you serious?” the Doctor whined, twiddling a few more of the TARDIS controls as he looked at his companion with his best impression of puppy dog eyes. “You wouldn’t rather visit a paradise planet? With diamond coral reefs?”

“Kataa Floko will still be there when I’m finished,” she sighed. “When was the last time I’ve been home?”

“Your television programme will still be waiting for you after we visit Kataa Floko, Hannah. Time machine, remember? I can jump us back to whenever that show airs and we can watch it. After Kataa Floko.”

“It’s just one night!” Hannah said again, uncrossing her arms out of exasperation. “We’ve been running around, fighting weird aliens for… for a long time. Can’t I have one night in, watch something on TV with a friend?”

The Doctor did his best to look hurt.

“An earth friend - oh, you know what I mean! You can watch it with us - though, knowing my friend, she’ll probably make you watch all the previous episodes too.” Hannah paused a moment to think. “Might be two nights.”

Without telling her, the Doctor had already begun to set the controls for the time and location his companion had requested, but now he stopped. “More episodes?! This was supposed to be a quick stop!”

“Well, there are three episodes to catch up on.” Hannah looked thoughtfully away, avoiding his gaze. “Will take all night as it is….”

“How is some television programme more interesting than a paradise planet?!”

“Oh you wouldn’t understand. It’s a really good show. And my friend’s waited almost two years for the new episodes, I want to be able to say I didn’t have to wait as long - thanks to your old girl.” Hannah pat the side of the TARDIS control console, but delicately, afraid of hitting something important.

“Only I get to call her that,” the Doctor mumbled to himself. He twiddled another dial. Finally, he sighed and said “OK,” before hitting a switch to send the blue box flying. Hannah grinned as she steadied herself on the railing again. “But just one night!”

“Thank you!” Hannah said as the TARDIS set down on the suburban American street corner. She gave the Doctor a quick hug before rushing to the door, where her friend was already waiting. The Doctor took a moment before following. A TV marathon wasn’t exactly his ideal way to spend an evening.